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I'm spending my last day in my old mommy body in...

I'm spending my last day in my old mommy body in my pj's at home alone. It's quite and gives me time to think and pack. I'm having a standard TT and anchor BL. If I said I wasn't scared I'd be lying. Not so much of the surgery or recovery, but of the WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG! I had a fight with my 17 yr old son last night over the stupidest thing. His bank account. I plan on hugging him right and saying I'm sorry when he gets home from work. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am tomorrow. Surgery is at 7AM. I have a fantastic doctor I picked 6 months ago. He and his staff have made me feel completely at ease and that I will be on good hands. I've filled all my meds and purchased all items I'll need. Ugh! Waiting is hard. No sleep for me tonight.
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated. You must be so relieved to be on the other side!
Yeah I'm glad I did it but these darn drains are horrible. I get them out in a week.
Best wishes for a safe surgery. Nerves are totally normal, you'll do fine. I was nervous over the anesthesia, but it was a total breeze. Keep us posted.

Ahhh made it.

I've been home since Wednesday. It was rough at first because everything is sore. NEVER EVER accidentally pull your drains. OUCH.I haven't had much drainage which I hear is good. My swelling is too bad. I can't believe I have NORMAL size boobs that are perky. My TT incision looks great. No scabing or oozing. Got to take a shower today and it was FANTASTIC! My poor hair could stand to be washed better but hey I'll take what I can get. Haven't pooped yet which I read a lot happens. But talk about gassy...geez. My son laughs because it just sneaks out while doing what I call the tummy tuck shuffle. Walking seems pretty easy it's just the getting up from wherever you sitting/lying down. My doctor called early to check on me. He must be subhuman because I doubt this poor man sleeps but somehow keeps going. I'm so glad I chose him.

4 days post op

Ugh! This morning was rough. I had a bad night because of constipation. It puts pressure on your incisions and drains which makes it painful to move. I took my prescribed poo meds plus Phillips colon caps with no luck. So I drank a bottle of liquid magnesium something or other. Tasted like sour sprite. Then the bubbly gut kicked in. With about 6 hours I was like Niagara falls of poo. TMI I know but this is what you have to look forward to. After all was said and done I went to bed. But I woke up this morning still bubbly gut and nausea. I POOPED some more ( best feeling ever) then showered and took my Celebrex. All that excitement ( so fun ) I had to take a nap. My drains are still draining but slowing down. I felt so much better after my nap. My son...My Angel of a son has been so helpful. He has done everything for me since my husband has to work. He even cleaned house to rid the smell as if someone had explosive diarrhea. He has made sure I take my meds and that I stay hunched over. I so owe this kid big time. I wore him out now he's taking a nap. I think by tomorrow I should be even better. Moving around is so much easier. But don't and I repeat DON'T cough after a tummy tuck. It hurt like nothing I've ever experienced before. I haven't really looked at myself yet but I do know that I like my smaller perky boobs. They are swollen so I hope they don't get too small. My doctor also sent me a lovely flower arrangement. It's so pretty.

Hungry but not hungry

I've literally been eating soup and veggies. I'd love a cheese burger but food seems blah right now. I also noticed I can only finish half or less of what I eat. I better have lost weight by now. I also can't wait to sleep upstairs in my own bed. Our guest room is nice but nothing beats your own room.

Neck pain

I noticed that having my breasts lifted and reduced has aleved my neck and headache pain. It's amazing how much pain you suffer until it's taken away. So happy I did this.

Dont cough

Coughing, sneezing, and laughing are no no's. It's like your insides want to fall out if you do. I also noticed that when you have a tummy tuck your hoohaa looks ...well better. Seems's hard to explain but I guess having kids causes it to go puffy and south. Not it seems... Better looking. It's weird but I like it. The tape on my breasts are sooooo itchy. Can't wait to get it off. And of course the dreaded drains. I HATE MY DRAINS!!! My swelling has gone down and my husband says my incision look pretty good. Oh and I finally got to shave my legs. It isn't perfect but anything is better than the yeti hair I had growing. Waiting on when I can shave my nether region because it ain't pretty.
My ps told me I'll have drains for 2-3 weeks! Ugh! But I'll do anything to get a flat belly again
Geez. I hope I get mine out by Wednesday. I'm pretty sure my right one will but the left not so sure. My 20 yr old son just saw them. Thought he was going to pass Thank god my 17 yr old son is tough as nails . He's been an awesome nurse maid. I so owe this kid big time.
Hahaha, there's always one in the house with a weak stomach! Sounds like you have 2 great kids! Good job! Now you'll have your body back too, life is good :)

Drains and aggrivation

Aren't drains wonderful. I know they serve a purpose BUT they are so aggravating. Ugh!!!

Sick of being inside.

It's day 5. I've gotten out once to take a short car ride. Now I know how coupes up dogs feel. I had 1 visitor my sweet neighbor. She brought us dinner the day I got home. None of my husband family (and there's a lot) have visited. It hurts and makes me angry at the same time. I have no extended family so it would have been nice. I know it's not the meds making me feel this way because I haven't taken any in 2 days. Maybe I'm just a scary person I don't know. But regardless it still hurts because I'm only human.


How the heck do I keep my binder from riding up. I'm constantly adjusting it because it keeps moving. I stuffed socks in between the top of binder and my boobs. It was rubbing the incisions from my breasts lift and making it sore. Any suggestions?

My helper

I know I'm rambling but I'm BORED! I got yelled at for trying to do a tiny bit of house cleaning. My shadow (Nibbles) has been following me everywhere. Even she would meow at me for being up.

Just want to clean.

I just want to clean my house. My family has been great at keeping up but I've been a housewife for 20 yrs. No one can clean it the way I like it cleaned. Rest rest and more rest is the only way ill get back to my house cleaning.
I want it all!!! I want a bbl and the mm!!! I know I first need to get the bbl then the mm. I hate being 28 with boobs looking down and a belly that looks like the world globe:( Please post pics!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your story!!!!
I haven't the guts to post pics. Sorry. But I will say do your research before you pick a doctor. A great doctor makes all the difference in the world.


I feel nauseous today. I think I'm a little dehydrated. Eating is still not something I've been doing. I drink Boost to fill in the gaps. I'm sure that's why I'm tired from lack of nutrition. Sleeping was awful last night. Couldn't get comfortable for anything. My drains are slowing down more so that's good.


Don't ever accidentally bump your nipples. OUCH! But at least I know they still have sensation. My father in law saw me hunched over and couldn't stop laughing. He said IM 66 YEARS OLD AND DONT WALK LIKE THAT YET. Made me laugh which is hard to do.

No help

So my lazy 20 yr old son was supposed to babysit me today. I wake up and of course he's still snoozing. Never checkedon me or did the house chores. I got so mad I made him leave to work and ended up doing house work myself. Now I've probably screwed myself from getting my drains out because I'm swelling due to moving around to much. I wanted to cry but didn't because I know I put myself in this position. I have so called family all around but can only seem to get help from 1 son and my husband. People can seem so caring as long as you have something to offer. But as soon as your not needed no one even knows you exist. I must be a horrible person because only horrible people get treated this way. I just wanted to do something nice for myself and health and move on.
Ok, Take a deep breath! First of all you are pretty helpless right now which can be extremely aggravating! I completely understand how you feel about others seeming like they care until you actually need help. Especially if they don't agree with your surgery. You will get through this and just remember how badly you wanted this for yourself! Don't worry about the swelling. It's reminding you to take it easy. Appreciate the help that you do have from your husband and son and don't give the other family members another thought. Positive thoughts only! Don't let other people dictate your happiness! I'm 2.5 months away from my mommy makeover so I'm here to listen!
Thank you. I needed to hear that. It's amazing how judgmental people get when you choose to do something nice for yourself. Especially when you can afford it from hard work and saving. I get to see my Dr tomorrow so I'm sure I'll feel better afterwards. You will love your new body when you get it done. Just keep in mind it's a rough recovery. But so worth it. Keep me posted on your journey.
Hope you are having a smooth recovery!!! Try to relax... And take it easy,ay not be the same but I remember when I had my first c-section, it was hell!!

See the Dr today

I'm 8 days post op. Going in for my checkup. Hopefully I get these stupid drains out. I was hurting so bad last night I broke down and took a pain pill. Now I'm plugged up again which causes my stomach to push out which hurts my drains. I can't win. My boobs are beyond itchy. I was told to take benadryl but it will consitpate me as well. The things we ladies go through just to impress not men but each other. LOL. I'm surprised im not more swollen than I should be after cleaning house yesterday. My 20 yr old is about as helpful as well a 20 yr old guy would be. Not very. I HATE having to do his thinking for him. Ok I know I'm ranting but I'm anxious to 1 get out of this house and 2 make sure I'm healing properly.
Just wondering how you are healing? Hope you're well!
I'm doing great. I've healed beautifully and I'm really happy with my smaller boobs and flat stomach. Best decision ever.

6 weeks out.

Ok so i'm 6 weeks out and LOVE my results. I can even put my clothes back on with room to spare. I've lost 6 or 7 lbs since the surgery. My boobs are FANTASTIC! My stomach looks good and flat. I still get swollen if Im too active. Thats to be expected though. I had no complications and my body has healed up wonderfully. Only question is .....why didn't i do this sooner. Dr B , his wife Dr V and his staff have a fan for life. I tell everyone about them that's interested in getting work done.
Please post pics if even in a swim suit Pretty please really interested in this doctor
Hi! Glad to hear you're doing well! Omg, I'm still 45 days pre op, lol I'm dying!
It will be here before u know it Hang in there Happy journey :)

Itchy itchy itchy

I know itching is a sign of healing BUT itchy nipples in public is so annoying. And its a deep down itch that you can't itch. UGH!!!
Just wondering how you were doing? Hope all is well!
Thanks for sharing! You've raised some concerns I've had (my surgery in 8/28)... My husband is cautiously supportive. He will make a great care giver, but I will have to ASK for everything, he doesn't anticipate. He also is skeeved out by the thought of the drains, as am I. Oh great. My 15 YO son will have started school and my older son will already be back at college. My husband travels a lot. Since we can only plan on him being home 5 days, should I ask the PS office for recommendations on home care or will I be able to manage by then? Thx for the advise!
5 days you'll be fine on your owm. Be strong. You will need your greatest help the first 3-4 days, depending on what pain meds you get. Prep now, eat high protein, stay hydrated, dbl up on your multivits and vitc, take MOM or miralax 3 days prior, hydrate WELL 2 days prior, and always eata little something- even soup and crackers- w your pain meds to avoid nausea. The drains are not that bad- annoying when tugged on. When you pee, just note the amount for your log and then squirt it into the toilet. You gotta pee anyway, it's not a big deal. I got them out later than most at 1.5wks and didn't even feel him pull them out. You'll be in pain PO but you will have to force yourself to move in order to heal... so now, move everything you need down to your level, get a little step stool to reach dishes, dbl stock tp/towels?etc... just think of whatever you do daily and imagine doing it hunched over in pain. Then make adjustments you need... You can do it! :)

14 weeks post op

I LOVE my results. My body has healed up nicely. My scars look good to me but my Dr wants them flatter and lighter. I can't use the silicon strips or creams because they all caused itchy rash skin. I've been using coconut oil and Waxalene faithfully with good results. I am getting use to my much smaller boobs. I went from a over flowing 36 DD to a smaller 36 D. Everyday I go through my closet I have been finding clothes I put a side because my chest or stomach wouldn't fit. It's like Christmas every time I rediscover an old article of clothing. Buying new clothes has been challenging because old habits of reaching for larger sizes are hard to break. I can JUMP, RUN, BEND OVER with no boob problems now. I never realized how much my chest effected my life until I had the surgery. Dr Bogdan has done such a pronominal job that my sister in law is getting her mommy make over with him in December. My other sister in law is saving up to have him do one on her as well. This man and his team are my favorite people ever!!! Perky boobs at my age 39 (cough cough) are the best gift I ever gave myself.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He seems to be the best of the best around here.Scratch that he is the best. He makes you feel completely comfortable and informed about your procedure. His work looks fantastic. I know I made the right choice with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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