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I had my second Clearlift Laser procedure one week...

I had my second Clearlift Laser procedure one week ago. When they say there is no downtime, and no pain they mean it. It is actually a pleasant warm feeling while you are having it done. The only thing I am telling people to watch out for is that it can break off your eyebrows (which happened to me my first treatment), but the second time she avoided the eyebrow area and I had no problem.

I see a very subtle result as far as softening of fine lines, tightening of jowls, and general improvement of the texture of my skin. I have had a few people comment on my skin looking nice lately, and that hasn't happened in a while, so I think it is doing something.

Most people feel no pain, no gain. With this treatment it is the exact opposite. Don't look for a miracle. Look for some brightening, and subtle refreshing of the skin.


Thanks for sharing your story with us.  How many total treatments are you doing?

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I am aiming for 5, but I could stop at four if I get result I want, which is just a little firming of the neck, jowls, and anything else will be a bonus. It such a pleasant and easy treatment you could go every month, but too much of anything is never any good. I assume I will go for maintenance treatments after I am done with my initial series. My friend who is going with me is having retinol peels after each one of her treatments because she has more lines than I do, and she is having very visible results.

Nice, it sounds like you have found a really good place to go which is so important.  I bet your friend is seeing amazing results, I did a series of microdermabrasion and facials with chemical peels a few years ago and the results were remarkable, although short lived.  But the peels seemed to really boost everything else that I was doing.  Thanks for sharing!

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