Done with Kids, and Now Its Tummy Tuck Time!

I am 24 years old, and a mother of 2. I am going...

I am 24 years old, and a mother of 2. I am going in for a T/T April, 16th. I am very confident in my doctor. He takes his time in explaining everything to me. When ever I have any questions I email him, and get a reply back within 24 hours. His staff has been so helpful also. They are so nice, and by my second visit to his office they already knew, and remembered my name. I have heard such good things about this doctor, and thats why I have been willing to drive 3 hours to go see him.

I m charging my camera right now, and will post before photo's later on today.

You will be just fine just had my susgery on yesterday. Came home from the hosital today! Pian not so bad at all good luck and keep me posted!
Congrats! I can't wait to see your results. :)
I have been trying to post pics on here but for some reason i can't. Do I have to wait a while for them to show up?

It's April 8th, and 8 days till my surgery. I am...

It's April 8th, and 8 days till my surgery. I am getting very nervous as my surgery date gets closer and closer. I have been on you tube looking at before and after tummy tuck surgeries. I've seen alot of good results. A hand ful of bad ones, but more good then bad. Looking at all these videos is making me think; "what do I want out of this surgery." I'm a very realistic person. I'm not hoping for some miracle. But I really am hopeing for a few things. One of the things is a low tummy tuck scar. I'm 24, and I want to look good in my low rise jeans. ;) And second I want a flat tummy. Thats all. I'm not worried about my stretch marks. They don't bother me at all. I honestly would not mind a flat tummy, and stretch marks for days. No one but my husband is going to see me naked anyways. And thats really all I want. Going back to how nervous I am...I'm very nervous because I don't know what to expect after the surgery. Like, the pain, and what will my body be going through.  Okay, Okay that is the end of my rant.

Hi Girls, I'm having my tummy tuck in five days on April 15! I'm very nervous and happy all at the same time! I'll keep you girls in my prayers and pray all goes well for all of us. We're all going to look GREAT!

Good luck and check out the Mommy makeover section. there are other people who have had TTs and they post what is going on with them (i.e. swelling, dicomfort, etc.). We will be having surgery around the same time...I'm having mine on April 19th :o)


Its 5 days till my surgery, and I'm getting more...

Its 5 days till my surgery, and I'm getting more and more excited. I went to the store and got a few things. Please let me know if I need to get a few more things. I got a few books, a few button up dresses, and sweat pants. A pair of slippers, a bunch og gatorade to keep mu electrolites up, and keep me hydraited. I also got low rise undies so I dont irritate my scar. And a bikini bottom. My doc told me to wear a bikini bottom to my surgery so he knows how low I want my scar. Is there anything else that I should get?

Thank you for all the advice. I am so ready for my surgery!
Books are great, but I couldn't read after my TT mostly because of the drugs, and not being able to concentrate, make sure you have movies to watch! Also, depending on where your sleeping, recliner V.S. bed, make sure you have ample amounts of plump pillows! Make sure that you change your sheets that morning so if you are sleeping in your bed you won't have to fuss with wanted nice clean sheets after your surgery. Don't forget to have lots of pre-cut fresh veggies and fruits if you can tolerate them, they are packed full of necessary antioxidants that your body will love you for in recovery! Snacks, healthy snack, when you take your pain meds you will need to have a little snack so your tummy doesn't upset. Bending over is a huge problem after surgery, so make sure to have slip on shoes ... face wipes to wash your face, anything to prevent you from having to lean any further forward than you have to, your back will hurt enough. After your surgery, try standing up as straight as possible as soon as possible, it will be uncomfortable, but it will be good for you. GOOD LCUK!!!!

My surgery is tomorrow, and I could not be more...

My surgery is tomorrow, and I could not be more excited! I'm a little nervous....more excited then nervous though. I just can't wait for this surgery to be over with. I'm so anxious to see my results! I'm trying ot keep myself busy, so I don't think about the surgery, but I can't help it! That's all I can think about. Wish me luck, and pray for me that everything goes well with this surgery!

I am thinking of you as I was at one week the day you went in. Since you are so young I worry about how you will manage when your kids are around. I also hope you have help as I am sure you will need to be a mom soon to your kids. You look to be in good shape and are young so this should help. I am finding it a hard process but not as young as you.I also can't wait to see your photos after.

Its been three days since my surgery, and these...

Its been three days since my surgery, and these three days flew by so fast! It flew by because with all the drugs I'm on I can't remember the last two days lol! Okay, before I start telling you how mu tummy tuck went I just want to let you know I am still on some meds, so if this doesnt make sense I apologize. When I got to the hospitlalthe put an IV in me, and then I took a preganncy test. The doc, nurse, and anesthsiologist came in and explained to me hte hwole procedure. The last thins I remember is the Anesthisologist saying "I'm giving you something to take the edge off" and thats all I remember. I'mnot sure how long my sugery lasted, but  think it might have been 4 hours or more.I woke up and that took me a long time!  was so sleepy, and my throat was so  sore from having the tubedown there. I was also extemely thirsty. But i was to out of it to drink, let alone eat. I went home the same day as my surgery. I saw the doc the very next day. That's when I got to see my tumy for the first time. and OMG i looks so good! The scar I have is not from hip to hip. It's a little longer then that. Wich I don't mind because I had some serious love handles lol! I have three drains in. Two of my drains fill up quick, and one of htem not so much. I also think that he had to make a new belly button for me but I'm not 100% sure. I'll find out tomorrow when I see my doc. The worst part about this surgery is that it hurts the most when you sit down, and stand up. But walking does not hurt we a all. I also bought a cane from wal mart to help me walk. I only uses to help me ou of the chair, and if I'm walking outside. OH YEAH! The very very worst part of my surgery came last night. I had the worst stomache pains of my life! I had the worse gas pains of my life! It was so bad that twhen my gas moved i could see my tummy move also. It looked like when your baby kicks you when you are pregant. I took some tums, that did not work. So I took  a nice long walk, and i felt so much better after that. It was embarrasin walking around and farting lol. But every day I feel better, and better. Just make sure you dont skip your pain meds. I set my alarm on my cel phone to let me know when i take my pill. The worst was that I forgot to set the alarm and I woke up at 3 am in so much pain, But with everyday I feel better. Just don't over walk, you'll feel it the next day. And make sure you have family over to help you. My husbands family (3 of them) came down to help out. They are such life savers. I could not fo this with out them. Oh, and for some reason I have bruises on the sid of my but and thighs, and bruising under my boobs. Weird. If you have any questions just let me know and I'll answer them. I almost forgot. You are going to get ful so easily after a tummy tuck. so I suggest that you eat filling things like pasta oatmeal things tlike that. But make sure you eat becuase those pills wll mes up your tummy so bad.

I had an appointmente today. I had my...

I had an appointmente today. I had my dressings changed, and the the staple i had taken out. The staple coming out pinched for about a second. I also had the sutures around my new belly button taken out. This did not hurt at all. All I felt was tugging. One out of three drains does not have anything in it at all for the past 30 hours or so. My last two are still filling up. But they are slowing down drastically, I am hoping by that by my next appointment that all my drains will be out. I have not been swolen at all, and thats with not having a compresion garment for the first four days. I have been wearing my binder all day today, and it is the most uncomfortable thing EVER! Especially because I still have the worst gas pains of my life. I'm not kidding, the only pain that is worse then the gas paini have right now is labor pain. I have been taking ducolax, gas ex, tums, and citricel. But the only thing that works is walking, and magnesium citrate. I only drank hald a bottle and about 40 min, later I had a BM and it was not bad at all. I'm also getting tingles all over my tummy. Its the same feeling that you get when your foot falls asleep. Most of my tummy is still numb though. But it does not bother me. Also, my new belly button looks so much like a real belly button! Its actually cuter then my old one lol! I'm not sure if you would consider my T/T an extended or not. My scar goes past my hips, but only but 1/2 an inch or so.  But like I said earlier the worst pain is the gas pain, And I don't think that I'm swollen, If I am, I can't tell. I'm sorry if my messege bounces from one subject to the other and it mispelled, but I'm still taking the meds pretty regulary. My scar is not bad at all. I had this feeling that I was going to look like frankenstien but its healing very nicely. My scar is very low, lower then expected and is healing fast. It's still taped up but once its not I will post more pictures. All in all everyday gets a little better. If you ahve any questions just let me know. I'll post more picures as time goes on.

Woow ur pics look great ! Those are impressive for the day of surgery, u don't look too swollen!

Today is day...uh...11 after surgery and I feel...

Today is day...uh...11 after surgery and I feel the best I have felt. And thats because I finally got my drains out today. Having the drains out really make the world of difference. I have less pain with out the pain, and I am less uncomfortable. I'm still swollen, but that does not bother me. I'm also standing straighter, but I am still hunched over quite a bit. I am not taking my pain pills too much anymore. The worst part is my abs tightening for a few min. It's more painful then tightening, its more of a cramp. They cramp up and stay cramped for a about 5 min. I'm walking a little more, and my appitite is much better. I'm not as stiff either. My scar is still taped up, but when he changes the tape today, I noticed that I ahave a VERY thin sscar. And its closing nicely.And is so low. I didn't think I could have a scar so low. OH YEAH! I also tooka shower! My first shower in 11 days. Yes! 11 DAYS! It felt so good to wash. I couldn't shave my legs.....but that's what husbands are for! J/K. But honestly I love my new stomache, even though I know this is not the finale result. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

wow you look awesome ...i mean i wasn't aloud to get out of bed for 24hrs after my TT, but i think that was just the docs. rules for the first 24hrs......but you look awesome already...congrats!!!
I'm so jealous. I just had a baby 4 months ago and I'm waiting to save enough money to do a tummy tuck. Congratulations!
you look GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Kasden

So far, yes I would recommend this surgeon. He is very kind, and so is his staff. I will add more abou my surgeon and his staff once I get the surgery done. My doc is the best doc I have ever had. I was so druggrd up that I kept asking him the same questions over, and over and he did not mind. Or at elast he did not show that he was.And his staff, are so friendly, and paitent and from my second appt with him his staff remembered my name.

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