Breast Implants and Lift Jan 22nd -Southlake, TX

Im a 28 year old mother of a 7 month old and 2 and...

Im a 28 year old mother of a 7 month old and 2 and half year old. Before pregnancy I was a 32C, Im now droopy 34B. I grew up in Florida near the beach where a lot of women have breast implants and always wanted that kind of look. Now that were done having children Im ready to get my new boobs! I have gone to 2 consultations with Dr. Rumalla and know he is the doctor for me! I thought that I just needed implants but he informed I need a full lift as well. At first I was very upset because I didnt want all the scars, but after taking a closer look at my breast I agree with needing a lift. I also have
A symmetry that Im hoping gets corrected. Im going with 375 silicone Implants. Not sure what profile, he didnt say. At my pre op apt. I'm going to ask if we can go with high profile because I want upper pole fullness. Im really nervous but very excited! I will update on my whole journey since reading others has helped me.

Implants and lift Jan. 22nd, Wondering about size.....

So my pre op apt. is a week away! I'm starting to wonder if I should go with 400cc instead of 375cc. I know its not that big of difference. I want to end up with at least a small D, but not much bigger (I'm a 34B right now). I really hope that he will let me go with the high profile because I want that round upper pole effect. The silicone implants he uses is the gel (gummy bear) anyone else have these or getting them. Im going to post some wish boob pics.

wish boobs

Went to my pre op apt!!

Well he said no to the high profile implants because of my measurements. He said to go with the moderate plus. He all so said to go with the 375 instead of 400. Im trusting my surgeon knows best, but I'm still nervous that they wont be big enough. He said my breast right now weigh about 250cc, so plus 375. I just hope I'm a true D cup!

Having my surgery tomorrow!!

I'm super excited!! Been holding my 7 month old all day, since I wont be picking him up for 2 weeks :(
I will update as soon as I feel well enough to sit at my computer! Keep me in your prayers :)

Yay for Boodies!! Day after surgery!

All went well with my surgery. I had a full anchor lift and 375cc silicone gel Mentor (gummy bears). Surgery went well, had to pee in a cup to make sure I wasn’t pregnant, but I knew I was since I got my period the day before. Which totally sucked, but at least I’m getting over it all at once. Anyway they put a IV in me with fluids, then marked my chest and brought me back for surgery. Once I was on the table I was out! Woke up in the recovery room. I was in a lot of pain when I got up and kept asking the nurse to get my husband. He wasn’t allowed in more than a min because there was another lady recovering as well.
Got home and pretty much napped at all day. I kept up on my pain medicine all day. I really wasn’t in too much pain except for after surgery. I even helped my husband serve dinner and watched my husband do the bed time routine with our boys. I slept in a recliner and slept all nigh except with alarm when off to take my medicine. I'm in a lot less pain then I thought I would be in. If you guys have had kids the best way to describe it is my boobs feel extremely engorged with sharp pain here and there. I go to my post op today! Hopefully he gives me a sneak peek since they are wrapped in bandages. I will keep you posted!!

Day after surgery pics!

2 days post surgery

Sorry for all the miss spelling and grammer in my last post. I was out of it from all the pain meds. I got to shower today! Tried not to get my chest wet but I really want to get these markings off. Im in some pain today, its mostly my back and my left swollen boob. I think the muscle relaxers help more than the pain meds. All in all though the pain is still not that bad. I would do it over again LOL

5 Days post op

Feeling better everyday! Still sleeping in a recliner, which I kind of like LOL. He did a reduction on my left boob since it was bigger. It is still swollen and not dropping as fast as my right. Hope they even up soon!

Loving them!

3 weeks post op and feel great!! Still have glue on, but no rush to get off. Pretty much back to normal life except for sleeping still inclined. My recovery has been a breeze, way easier then I could have imagined. I will post more pics when the glue comes off!

5 weeks out and loving my boobies!

Posting pics with out glue!

3 months and love them

They feel like there a part of me now. I feel so beautiful naked, scars and all. Even though the scars have faded a lot! Money well spent :)
Vishnu Rumalla, MD

I cant say enough about Dr. Rumalla! I went in expecting just to get implants but found out I need a full lift. I was very scared about the scars and healing process. His nurse was so nice and showed me how well hers scars had faded over time and assured me that mine would do the same. I was still sceptical at first but after doing some research I relized that I definitely needed a lift. We picked out 375cc silicone implants, but at the last minute I was worried that they wouldnt be big enough. Dr. Rumalla assured me that they would be a perfect size. Well he couldnt have been anymore right. The size is perfect and the scars are fading so nice! I feel so beautiful naked now that I dont even notice the scars. I was well worth every penny and I would recommend him to anyone that wants amazing results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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They look great! I am considering this doctor, so it's good to see some work! Thanks!
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Angel u have a beautiful body , amazing results;-)
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They look great!! Looks like they have dropped a lot since your last pictures! Still waiting for mine to drop so that my nipples are higher on the breast mound, but I already love mine too!! Congrats!
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It's amazing how much they change isn't it!
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They look wonderful.
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My glue came off really early. You look great.
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Hi. I just wanted to check in and see how your healing process is coming along.
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Great!! I love them, i'm still spitting stitches though. I will post pics. How are you?
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I'm glad to hear that you're loving them! Do you have to see your PS when you split stitches? Also, do you have a good post OP sports bra that you would recommend? I'm doing well, just anxious for my surgery. I see so many ladies with awesome results and I'm ready for my turn. :)
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Yes I do they just snip them, its not a big deal. I wore my post op bra in till I was cleared to wear a regular bra. When is your surgery?
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My surgery isn't until June 5th. I scheduled it for the summer so that my niece will be out of school and will be able to come help me with my kids.
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Great idea. You really can't do much with your arms. I wonder how mom's with little ones do this.
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I'm not sure how moms manage to care for their kids in the first couple of weeks after surgery. I wish my husband would have been able to take more time off of work, but he'll only be off for a week at the very most. After reading lots of reviews it seems like most PS recommend a full two weeks of rest and not too much activity. My two year old is a handful so I'll definitely need help that second week.
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Be really careful with your self! You should not be picking up that baby in week three of recovery. They say no more than 10 pounds in week three and 4 so you need to really be careful.
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Oh wow. I didn't know the strict restrictions lasted so long. Good to know, thanks! My niece will be here for a whole month, so I won't be alone with my kids for at least a month. I will just have to rely on her for more than I planned. I hate being a burden on anyone, so this will be a challenge for sure.
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I didn't pick my 2 year old up till 4 weeks. I had my niece stay with me for a month.
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You look great! Thank you so much for your review. Your wish boobs are the ones that I am wishing for too! Do you feel like your implants are still dropping to create a more round look?
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Yeah for sure! I will take a pic this week. They have changed a lot.
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Awesome! You are giving me lots of hope that my results will turn out nicely. My surgery isn't until June and I'm so anxious to get it over with!
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Looks great! Isn't it amazing how they keep changing? Week by week it's like looking at new breast in the mirror!! Yay!
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I know! I love them better each week!! Yours look great!
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Thank you!!
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Looks good! I had a BL with BA - 700cc Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Gel Silicone implants. Mine look sooooo creepy right now.... Ugh, and I have this fat on the side of my arms underneath my arm pits. Looks hideous. I am sure it is b/c I am swollen. My surgery was 2/26. So not even one week out. Can't wait to hear more about your progress and to see more pics! I do have hope!!! :)
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They look great for just having surgery! They will be awesome in a couple months
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Thank you. :)
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