Love them more every day! One year post op!!

Hello! I have really enjoyed reading reviews on...

Hello! I have really enjoyed reading reviews on here for the last couple of months. So, now that I have scheduled my BA, I thought I would share my story. :-)

I am 38yrs old with two teen daughters (that I breastfed). I have said since they were toddlers that I wanted to get a "boob job" to fix what breast feeding did to me. When I turned 30 I got a tattoo and decided that I would get boobs when I turn 40. Well, I am not 40 yet, but tired of waiting :-).

I am 5'3" and 118lbs with "barely B" boobs. I get lots of compliments on my butt, but am very self conscience about my (lack of) boobs. My butt is kinda big, so want to get boobs big enough to balance with my butt.

I scheduled 3 consultations back in July- all referred by friend. I liked the 1st one,and liked that he spent about an hour explaining details of surgery and possible problems. But, then I went to the 2nd consult and felt much more confident in the dr and staff. I ended up canceling the 3rd consult. After a week or two of talking it over with boyfriend, I called to schedule surgery. The dr was avail late Aug, but I scheduled it for 25Sept because that is when I am on vacation from work. I feel like I am waiting FOREVER! I am excited and anxious! I spend lots of time on here reading other's story's... Just makes me more anxious!

Oh yea, I plan to get high profile silcone under...

Oh yea, I plan to get high profile silcone under muscle 425cc.... or 425cc and 400cc due to chest uneven.

Glad you consulted with a couple docs. I went to Tijuana which was a big adventure, I posted all the details in my blog, but I understand sbout wanting to be balanced. This site is great to ask questions of others so don't be shy! blessings
Yes, I followed your Tijuana adventure... You and others have REALLY helped me to better understand the process and know what to expect- knowing everybody is different. This site has been GREAT!

Hey luv~ I know exactly what you mean about having a big butt...Lol I too have a large one and always felt self conscious because the top did not match. Since my BA I feel "balanced" & beautiful!!! Look forward to seeing the post op piks. Thanks for sharing your story:-)

I am Sssooo happy to FINALLY have boobs!!! My...

I am Sssooo happy to FINALLY have boobs!!! My surgery was yesterday , but I slept all day so couldn't update on here. My boyfriend has been a huge help! He is the best. He woke me to give me meds. I slept in a recliner all night because I didn't want to get up off the ced-- Don't want to use my arms. I went for my follow-up. Dr said that I looking good. Today I am feeling pretty good.. Still sore, but I was prepared for much worse. Hardest part is just sitting around.. I feel like I could go back to busy, but would hate to over do it!
Dr ended up using 450cc on both sides. I LOVE them so far.
I will post pics soon.

Hiya luv~ Congrats on the new ta ta's!!! I look forward to seeing the post op piks & wish you a speedy recovery :))
How did surgery go and how are you feeling? I am going to need your 411 on what to expect so make sure to take good notes for me ;)
hi luv, hows my recovery buddy doing??? im doing well! The firsr day was a breeze. a little bit more sore today but i just took a pain pill a few minutes ago so hopefully ill get back to the 2-3 on the painscale! drop me a note and let me know how everything went!

So far so good. I am feeling much better than I...

So far so good. I am feeling much better than I expeced to. I have not had any pain meds since yesterday morning. I do feel like they are tight, but not real pain. The black sprots bra that I got is very tight!! Dr said he wants me to wear a good supportive sports bra, but I bought another today that isn't as tight... will try sleeping in new white one and see how that feels. Again, over all I feel great. Hardest part is not over doing it... My boyfriend has been great!! He wont let me do much at all! It is not easy to let others do for me, but really it is nice. Even my daughters are helping me- to keep me from over-doing it. I am very happy with my new additions... just anxious to see how they look once they fall into place. They are both still high and under my arm.
I took new pics today...but don't see much change from yesterday. To me they feel like they are getting bigger...but maybe that is just me.
I did step on the scale today... as I always have. I am hoping that the boobs weigh about 3lbs! Otherwise it is from lack of walking around that I have gained weight. I know 3 lbs is not much.... but I am used to my weight always being the same- give or take 1/2lb or so. Either way.... totally worth it!! Love them!
Swelling maxes out at day 3 and pain medications slow digestive processes, so it's no wonder you're carrying a little bit of extra "weight" right now. The good news is it'll subside before you know it and you'll be very close to your usual weight. Anyway, congratulations on your new boobs and keep us posted on your recovery! :)

lookin' good girl. I wish you a speedy recovery! (They will begin the take on a much prettier shape after a few weeks.) Patience is a Virtue LOL

I had my one week post op today. He said looks...

I had my one week post op today. He said looks good. I told him I am feeling good and LOVE them! He told me to wear sports bra at all times for one more week :-(. But after that wear whatever I want. He told me to start massaging them. Said to gently but firmly push them down... Shouldn't hurt. He also said to massage the breast several times a day in a circular motion.. Without pushing them toward my under-arm. Wasn't near as painfull as I expected, but everyday I hurt less than the day before. He said my next visit is in 2 months! Yay! All is going great!!

Well, I am two weeks post op. I have been back to...

Well, I am two weeks post op. I have been back to work for one week. Every day I notice them hurting less and less. I am soooo glad I did it!! They are still high and have a lot of fluffing to do...but I love them!! Already such an improvement!! Other than heavy lifting, I am back to "normal". Just looking forward to see them drop and soften!!
What size did you get? I can't see that on your profile...thanks!
450cc hp under
Hiya luv~ you look great! I totally understand how you feel about wanting them to drop and fluff. LOL It took approx 3 months before mine finally obtained a pretty shape. are you having any numbness or nipple sensitivity issues?? Mine have a very different sensation since surgery.

Today is 4 weeks post op. I don't update often...

Today is 4 weeks post op. I don't update often because not a lot of change. They are dropping... Right side very slowly! I do love how they are fluffing! They are still very hard when I wake up, but soften up easily when I massage them. I love that they are big enough to make me feel sexy when I am naked or trying to dress sexy, but not so big that everybody knows right away that I had a boob job. I can show them off, or cover them if I want. My coworkers have not noticed, only know if I told them.... I had to ask for help first few days back to work, so told some. The ones I told looked at my chest and said "really?" They are so used to me in super padded bras that they can't tell!! I was concerned pre-op about the size i chose ... too big... or too small. I LOVE my boobs! So glad to finally have boobs! A little bigger would be ok, but very glad didn't go smaller!! Really, anything is an improvement!! I hope everybody is as happy with their choice as I am!
Are you strapping yours? I had my BA yesterday and our breast types were very similar to begin with and our post-op breasts are also quite similar so I was just curious!
I only wore the strap 2 days. Then wore a very supportive sports bra for 2 weeks (24hrs a day). I sooo wanted to go braless, but followed dr orders... Paid too much to mess it up!! After one week I started massage. My right took longer to soften, but heard is cuz I'm right handed. I love the results so far! Good luck to you!!
You look good! They turned out really nice!

I SSSSOOOO love my boobs!! My BA was almost...

I SSSSOOOO love my boobs!! My BA was almost 2months ago, and already I feel like they belong . I do spend a lot more time looking in mirror lately! I do not think they are much bigger than my old boobs with super push up bra... But do feel like I look better!! I am so much more confident!!
Hi luv, love the update (lol). The new pics are smokin'. My bewbs feel like they've always been a part of me.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Giving thanks for my new...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Giving thanks for my new boobs and the confidence they have given me! I am also thankful for this web site that has been soo helpful to me... I was so much better prepared! Gobble till ya Wobble!!
Luvmy, I agree go larger, if your paying the money who the heck cares.... funny story!! I was in Mexico for 13 nights before having my surgery. All the women at pool, I picked out who had implants and who did not. It's not hard to tell who is fake and or whom is real. Go big. I looked at it this way. If I'm paying $6500. I want to see $6500 worth of boobies. lol I was flat not even a a bump. I went 550cc UHP. I love them, they are so soft and fluffy now. My husband was actually feeling them the other day not to be rude, but he was so afraid to touch them for almost 7 weeks. I'm not kidding now they look normal and soft he feels better. He says I did not want to hurt you. They just looked painful, and I couldn't tell you that because I read all the do's and don't for husbands that have wives going thru BA. Awww how sweet was that. but really go big I tell everyone that.
My boyfriend was same way just after surgery- wouldn't touch them. Finally when I showed him that he wouldn't hurt me, he loves to help me keep them played with! :)
You look awesome!! Congrats!! Its nice to read such positive updates! :)

I am 10days short of 3months post op. I feel back...

I am 10days short of 3months post op. I feel back to "normal". I still love to look at my boobs every chance I get! I never used to enjoy looking in the mirror before! I LOVE my boobs!! I love that they are not so big that others notice them right away, but look huge when I want them to.
I had a post-op on 12/5.... PS. was very happy with them. He said some patients come back at 6mo, but I don't need to come back till 1year!
I love my boobs! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself! Couldn't be happier!
Wow luv , your results are SOOO NATURAL! Congrats!! It's obvious you picked an excellent PS:-)
Thanks!! I'm so happy!!
Hi luv, I'm glad to hear you love your decision to get boobs. I'm right there with you...lovin' mine every day. What size bra did the 450cc put you into?

Added a pic of pillow boyfriend got me. I see...

Added a pic of pillow boyfriend got me. I see many ladies wishing they could sleep on belly... With this you can! Not first few weeks, but I like it and I don't sleep on tummy... Is good for intimate moments :) sorry if TMI.
That pillow is great! Would you mind sharing the manufacturer? By the way you look great!!!
Thanks! He got it for me before surgery, so packaging gone. But, I do have the pillowcase package... Guessing same brand. DESCANSA breast pillow. He got the large/xlrg. He ordered it on Internet. Hope that helps! Merry Christmas !!
Hey luv, that pillow is hillarious. I've actually had no trouble sleeping in my stomach since week 6 (I think). Have a great Christmas & New Year!

Merry Christmas!! Today is 3mo post op! Love them!!!

Merry Christmas!! Today is 3mo post op! Love them!!!
Love that pillow!!!!
By the way they look amazing..
Thank you for sharing. About what size bra do you wear? I am a mother of 4 and will be 40 this year. I have put weight on to have the 34B/C breast but I hate my weight. however if I loose the weight my breast go down. I hate that too. So I want to get really big breast but most everyone I have found settles for a DD, me my self want a DDD at least.

I have been bad to update, sorry! I planned to...

I have been bad to update, sorry! I planned to take poolside photos on my cruise in March, but weather sucked so didn't get to wear my new swimsuit & show off my new boobs. I have changed jobs, and activity level dropped, so have gained about 10lbs. That might help the girls, but either way... I LOVE THEM!!! I am so happy that I was finally able to do this!! I couldn't be happier!! I feel much more confident in how I look!! Even if all in my head, it works! I hope everyone can be as happy with their new boobs as I am!!!
Thank you!!
Thanks for posting! Dr. H just did my BA last Thursday!
Yay!! I hope you are as happy as I am with his work!! I couldn't be happier!!

1 year and couldn't be happier!!

I had my one year checkup this week. Dr said that I look great and asked if I had concerns. I don't, so he said see ya in 2yrs (unless I want/need to come in sooner). Yay!!! I love my boobs! This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!! I feel so much better about the way I look. Even with a little weight gain, I am thrilled about how I look when trying on clothes... Even swimwear!!

One year post op!!! 450cc hp silicone

Happy boobiversary
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I have had 2 friends who have had him do their BA- one several years ago and one a couple of months ago.

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