30 Year Old Mom to 3 Wonderful Kids and Recently Dropped 50lbs - Southlake, TX

Im 30 have 3 wonderful kids ages 8,5,&2.I work go...

Im 30 have 3 wonderful kids ages 8,5,&2.I work go to school and have an awesome husband. My who life I've been small. now that I've also lost 50lbs i wanna really enjoy summer and be have more up top not too big though. But I've had great support this far from hubby and have a consultation with Dr. Mason in south lake TX on March 3rd!

head spinning

13 days till consultation idk what to expect. the Dr office asked if o thought id need a lift? I didn't know what to say. im 34a what's to lift? i wanna go with saline but over muscle. however from what I've read most saline goes under muscle so it'll look right.

waiting game

well i saw Dr.Mason and he is wonderful! staff all very friendly too! so set surgery for April 3rd im goin with silicon. originally i wanted saline but my lack of breast tissue makes me weary of rippling. Got my mammogram set for next week and pre-op on March 18th! now hurry up and wait


heres some ideas i got and actually the painted girl is my sis in law lol

soooooo close

Oh my day its nearly B DAY lol! Im getting nervous/excited hope I picked right size everything I read is conflicting. Some women that Got 375cc ended up with 36c some 36 d or dd. I know bras vary by maker but geeze ! I did let my dr & nurse know I wanted full c possibly small d so they gave me a few options to try on that would get me close if not there. I am 5'2 117 lbs I workout 4-6 days a week (just depends on how much homework I got lol) so im not just skinny I got some muscle ;). I just didn't wanna look gross and all boob little head stickin out.

pics finally

Pics before of me and in a week ill have my boobies!

count down

5 days left am I nervous not yet. I am however anxious about the iv yes im terrified of them! And the dang breathing tube just freaks me out. I know theyll put it in and take out before I wake up but still ewww. Im still worried I didnt pick the right size! I guess its my personality but I gotta know things and I gotta know that the 375cc I picked is gonna take my 34A to a full C if not a small D of course depending on bra maker too. Ugh but other than that im ready got my prescriptions picked up my hotel room booked and bag packed and sitters lined out for my kids!

sleep please

I have to be up in 5.5 hrs and I cant sleep lol. You wait wait wait wait and wait for the big day and bam! Now its here ill do my best to keep yall updated thank yall for all the kind words and well wishes!

24 post

Well not exactly 24 post op but I feel better than wheb I first left the surgery center very very sore though lol. I like them so far but I know theyll change so im excited! I have post op appointment today with Dr . mason. If you are in Texas go see this man! His staff are all super nice very understanding and treat you like a friend not just another patient. He took time to know some things about me like I have 3 kids and love the Texas Rangers :) . Im still sleepy from pain meds so ill get back on herr later and let you Know better derails


Well I asked for 375 but I ended up with 440. Dr. Mason felt the bigger one would give me more of the full C I was wanting. I cant sleep too well but who can sitting up? I can shower today yay!

let it burn

Ok so since they have to cut nerves in order to so this procedure you feel a burning sensation thats the nerves reconnecting is what my dr said so ok thats good news that what im feeling is normal. Ive needed pain meds constantly every 4 hrs bc of burning not so much the pain been trying to drink tobs if water to flush out all the sedatives they put in me. Oh and need to remember every once in a while take a few deep breaths . When you're in pain you tend to take shallow breaths and this can lead to pneumonia. Anyways so far so good today I just wanna sleep maybe because Thurs and fri I didn't sleep well

sorry ladies

So im day um.....5 post lol and im behind im sorry I feel great over all my left breast hurts more than right not horrible pain just....hmm best way I can describe it as those whom have had children will get this but it feels like when I was engorged with milk ya that super full and sensitive to the touch feeling thats exactly how my left breast feels maybe bc im left handed?? Not really sure lol but I have 10day follow up on 16th so I can address concerns then to dr.mason. ive been back to work for 2 days no prob and back to studying lol kinda liked the few days off but semester is nearly over so ya!

1 week!

Wow already one week cant believe it. Every day ia improving still have pain in my left side though. Not too much to tell oh I did change bras so I could wash the one from dr. Its a 36c sports bra :)

update and happy

Well girls I'm so happy with my surgery. I know ive said it before ive had nothing but positive feedback from co workers and those who have a ba complement on how great a job dr.mason did. I went out with some friends last night to painting with a twist if yall havent done it go its soo fun! Ya its a painting class abd its byob I dont drink but my friends had a few glasses of wine. Anyways I was worried I would have doubts but I dont I love my size!

11 days

Woo! To those who havent had it done promise you every day you'll feel more and more better im still a little sore but not by much I have my 10 day (well its a little past 10) on wed to go over scar care.but im 100% glad my dr put in bigger than I picked out!!!


I have boobs when I lay down! !! They used to disappear now they're still there heck ya!!!! Lol

6 weeks post

Well its almost 6 weeks post and I went to vs to get measured. I know dr said wont know real size till 3 months after buuuuut I couldnt wait. So got measured and they have me as a 34 D which is frigging awesome so glad my dr put the bigger implants in. So ya 34 a to 34 d is huge for me and Im not complaining. I statted working out again at gym felt so good to work out again but took it easy even though I hated going light on the weights but I don't wanna mess anything up.

7days and 35 days post

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Mason very kind and personal and knowledgeable

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Thats an incredible difference. You look great
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They look great! :)
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Thanks for your update. You can really see in your recent picture the dropping and fluffing that has taken place the past month. You look great!
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Yay!!!! So glad to hear from you!!!! I haven't gotten measured yet but I'm also wearing a D!!! :) you know I was kinda sad about my size until I found out I was a D
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HAHA! It does feel good to always know they will be there now
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Yay!!!! I loved that too it's so exciting, my left is a little sensitive, did you have that? I'm 14 days post op today can't believe how fast it's going
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Yes I noticed one side more sensitive than the other first it was my left I thought maybe bc im left handed so im using it more?? But now im 25 days post that feeling is gone
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Mine us my left but I'm right handed weird lol. Oh good there is hope lol :)
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Ya its hard not to worry you dont want anything to go wrong after all the $ you've spent lol
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No kidding huh. I go tomorrow for my 3 week follow up.
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You look great!!
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The best feeling is definately when you lay down and they are perfect as ever... they look great :)
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Thank you
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Looking good! LOL! I feel ya... i have when i lay down too!
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Thank you I know I don't get sad laying down now lol
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Looking good officermom!
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Thanks!! I am super happy cant wait till I can wear a real bra so I can wear tank tops
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YAY for boobies when you lay down!
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My left side was my troubled side too! Hope u feel better :)
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Thank you each day is getting better
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Yes, I have heard that about breathing. In fact, check out Nikki_2104. She just posted an article about breathing from the Oprah magazine.
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You are Look great! I Love the size you got. Very natural yet you can maek them POP if you want to! ;) lol That''s what I wanted/got too. You wouldn't even know I got a BA unless I wanted to wear a push up bra &/or tight clothes. =)
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Thank you I worry about looking too big but so far swelling and all I am very happy
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Yeah once the swelling goes down you'll be a victim of "boob greed" like the rest of us! Lol You'll miss it Big Time!
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