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Ok, I am currently at my consultation with Dr....

Ok, I am currently at my consultation with Dr. Obaide. The office is very gorgeous. Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about me.I am 27 years old, no children but my stomach looks as if I have had at least so sad and im starting to feel miserable. I am 5"10 and I weight 202. I have came down from 240 and I have been able to keep that off for about 4 years now. I just cant seem to get below that plus I need some ASS!!!! here I am. My mom and twin sis are against this but who cares?...cuz I dont....I do want to thank all the BBL sistas who have been actively positing their experiences. Trust me this has helped me with my decision....

Pissed but looking at the bright side!

So I am very upset, although I have not selected a doctore nor have I placed a deposit down with anyone, I HAVE LOST MY JOB!!! this sucks now becauze EVERYTHING will have to be prolonged but maybe its for the best. I am a positive thinker and I know this is just a minnie road block to this ASS im trying to run to lol. Ok I have really been researching this BBL stuff and I noticed that everyones process is very diffefent. I also realize the expenses that can be associated with this whole procedure. I currently reside im Dallas, Tx and good surgeons are limited, well let me rephrase that, the before and after pics I have seen are just not that eye catching. So I do want to be local just in case I need to run back for any reason Post op but I need to seesome results from my Dtown people who used a local Dr. Please let mw know! Oh yea and I love this site it allows me to put everything into perspective...
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

After speaking with Dr. O, he stated I have enough fat in my flanks and upper back to get a nice size butt!!....thats sad news but also good news knowing I can now get rid of this sh×+*! He also recommended a TT becuase of the extra skin that would be left....He was very imformative and his staff was very nice and helpful.....

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Im sorry to hear about your job. That really sucks. Im sure things will get better. Im working in (Arlington TX) and even tho Im working its still hard for me to save. Im going to Dr C in Houston. Its only a 4 hour drive for me so I guess it wont be that bad. I couldnt really find anyone ( based off their before and after pix) inthe DFW area that did as good as Dr C....
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@Blackbeauty. Ive decided to have the bbl and tt. I would like to have this.journey with someone instead of private and alone. Im sorry you lost your job and a friemd of mine she wenr with her vousin and they spilt the rooming and helped each other out throughout healing. I havent decided on Cortez or Obaid bit you can schedule and we can find ways to save tohether. Keep your head up..even though you dont have a job alot of us work check to check and its like we are broke as well. Message me. Its not over and all of us are in this together to encourage one another just like we do our patients, clients and customers on a daily basis at work.
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Do what makes u happy Chica will be following ur journey. Get more than one consultation and from here choose the one that u fel can give u the results u looking for
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Go for it!
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Welcome! We all are here to gather and/or share info. I wish you the best on your journey!
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