33y/o, No Children Yet, Looking Forward to BBL but EXTREMELY Nervous...anyone Doing BBL in January Timeframe TX

About me...I am 5'8, 195 lbs, a lot of which is...

About me...I am 5'8, 195 lbs, a lot of which is muscle but def have mid section and back fat. I've thought about this surgery off and on very casually for the past couple years. Recently I've become obsessed with the idea of it. I recently found a ps that I feel comfy with in the DFW Metroplex, and I plan to let him perform my sx. I expect to have a nice round drool worthy backside (lol) but nothing cartoonish. I want to shoot for 1100ccs each cheek just due to anticipated volume loss.
I as well am w/o children at 34. Heavy midsection but a semi flat backside. Im scheduled for jan 16 in NYC. I'M NERVOUS and excited at the same time
It is right around the corner. The time sure is flying by with. I have to get my iron checked again since it was a 9 back in august. I've been taking pure absorb in oj everyday. Have you gotten your levels checked?
And his are you going about time off from with?

2nd Consultation went well today

I've been doing my research and decided I needed to meet with Dr O again to feel at ease. After reading about a lot of ladies' journeys, it really helped me develop a list of pertinent criteria to inquire about.

I asked about his training in the area of bbl's and how he is staying abreast...answer is he has attended the latest fat grafting forums with the exception of the last one held in Brazil and he's always being proactive about sharpening his skills.

He's never had to give anyone a blood tranny.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no max amount of lipo'd fat that can be taken out in Tx as there is on Miami/other places. Therefore, I can gain weight to get more results and know that it will be getting sucked out when it's all said and done. He said that I would need to put on 10-15 lbs to get what I'm looking for, but I have an okay amount to work with as is. I keep telling Dr O that I think there's more fat than what he's thinking. He says he can put 800-1000 cc's in each cheek (this is after the contouring of my hips). I would like a solid 1100 cc's, especially knowing that I will lose about 30% of what's being injected.

I saw the garment provided with surgery and the lipo foam. The garment went all the way down to the ankles. I asked if this garment were necessary since I'm not getting thighs lipo'd, and Dr O said yes. It should reduce potential for swelling and clotting.

He also sells vitamin packages which is cool so I'm not on the hint for a bunch of stuff and spending unnecessarily.

I wanted to know his vision for what I am currently working with so I requested that he draw it on a sheet of paper. He was descriptive with his words but I needed a visual. I'm sure I was pretty annoying but he didn't seem to mind. His vision wasn't as dramatic as what I have in mind, but I know it's due to me not having a ton of fat. That too can be changed!!

$8900 is an investment but at least I will have piece of mind knowing that I'm in good hands, nice facility, and a top Tx hospital. I feel confident about Dr O. I think I'm ready to take the next step and send my down payment.

One of the things I am a little nervous about is that my hormones have been all over the place. My MD says he thinks my progesterone may be low, so they drew blood and I should know sometime this week. I've had some anxiety, restlessness, and lots of fatigue. These are all symptoms of low p. Dr O says if it turns out that this is the case, he would want to talk with my MD and have me stop taking the progesterone 3 weeks prior to surgery because it can make you clot.

We shall see! The journey is getting more real each day!
now it is getting ready time... book your flight as early as possible, buy supplies and save for the surgery exciting!!!!!:) i am following your journey closely
Your going to look amazing! Now it's saving money and buying supplies time :)
Good luck it's seems that you have a lot of trust and confidence In your PS that he will deliver....


This is what 28% body fat looks like

Decided to go with Fisher.

So I started paying down to get the recovery house deal where vanity has a floor rented out at the extended stay. I've heard mixed reviews on this. Hopefully it was the best decision. Still looking like November timeframe.
What part of Nov are u going to see Fisher I'm going to Hasan on 11/5. I am looking for a sx buddy and I want to follow ur journey.
That's my ideal timeframe, beginning of November. I haven't booked my date just yet but should be doing so pretty soon. I need to put another payment down before I'm able to get it locked in. But I would love to follow your journey as well. If timing is right maybe even be buds lol.
Yaaaayy!! So what made you switch to Fisher?

Fisher paid in full! Surgery scheduled for Dec 8..

It is official. It is no turning back, bbl is paid in full! I was so nervous walking up to the bank to make my final payment. Originally I wanted a date in Nov but nothing was available:( however, I had Jessica put me on standby for week 2 of Nov. She spent a lot of time with me on the phone today going over things. One of which I learned is they are no longer using the extended stay. My cousin is coming along and I was counting on the 2nd bed in the room. She told me to request a room with 2 beds when coordinating my RH stay. I thing the RH will be better since there will be a nurse there at all times. Plus I heard not so good things about the hotel. Deep breath!! We shall see!
Good luck on the new you, but really check out the reviews on the RH. Not good.
Oh no what do you mean?! I can't even remember the name of it to look up reviews. Haven't received the rest of my stuff from Jessica yet.
Best Wishes on your upcoming sx :)

Anyone know of a good RH?

Just trying to review my options since I've heard some bad things about the vanity RH.

Anyone have a date with Dr Jonathan Fisher for the 2nd week of Nov they would like to swap for my Dec 8th date?

This was what I originally had in mind because of my job and because of the guest I have coming along. She's already asked for days off in Nov and I would hate to have her change. Thanks in advance!
I am scheduled for Jan 12 and looking to switch to December..please let me know if you are willing to switch with me. Thank you.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep my date because the person going with me already took off those days. If by chance something happens where I absolutely have to switch I can let you know.
I'm from Tarrant County myself and have been planning to go way out of state... I'd love to stay closer to home...I know of a doc in Houston, but really don't want to go that far? Thought you might have some insight and why the switch

Getting prepared for this bbl 5 weeks away!!

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get time off from work. I planned to get short term disability/medical leave. But Dr Fisher said if my job asks detailed questions for the time off, he has to tell then it's for a BBL! I can't have that. How are you guys going about getting time off??
I told them i am having cyst removed from unmentionable areas of my body. So when i return and im sitting on a donut they will understand i removed from anus.
My doc said that they don't have to put the type of procedure down but I also haven't received my paperwork back from them yet.
Are you with fisher?
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