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I have been debating getting either CoolSculpt or...

I have been debating getting either CoolSculpt or Vanquish for quite some time, and after reading a great number of the reviews on this site, I am finally going for it. I am beyond nervous as to what to expect but am also very excited. I normally don't carry weight in my stomach area, but after losing my thyroid I put weight on and have been carrying extra in my abdomen. I work out 4-5 times a week, and eat healthy, but just need some help in this area so my clothes fit and feel better! (would love to do it with my thighs too eventually). I would have done Lipo but need to stick to something non-invasive at this juncture. I would be thrilled to loose 2 inches! Will report back with results!
I can't wait to hear how this goes for you.   It stinks that our bodies change so much as we get older.  I have the triple crown going against me now.  I turned 50, take estrogen and thyroid meds...ARGH!
Have to work twice as hard now to keep it up.  

I would love to try this on my thighs.
Me too! After this round, I think I am either going to do Vanquish or Venus on my thighs. Hoping my body respond favorably to Vanquish!

Update after first treatment

I am so glad I decided to try Vanquish. I had my first treatment on Saturday, and there was absolutely no pain. It felt like I was sun bathing- just a nice warm feeling. At one point there was a tiny hot spot near my hip bone, but they just adjusted the paddle and I had no problems after that. They took out the spacer a few minutes into the treatment too. Really looking forward to seeing the results over time. The biggest thing you can do for yourself is drink a TON of water! Before, during and after for a few days!!! Will post pics when I have a before and after shot- and I have 5 more treatments to go!
I went to this same place. I should have used the $2,000 towards the Smart Lipo procedure that I'm now investigating. Vanquish is good for 2 inch loss with some tightening mostly around your sides and above hip bones. Less effective around the belly button area in my opinion. Good luck to you!
Thank you! Today is my 4th session and so far, I haven't noticed any change. We'll see. Hopefully I will see a change in the upcoming weeks?
sorry I did 10 total tx sessions and only lost two inches...no change around belly button area at all...most change along sides and above hipbones. Will work with more diet pills from Dr. Nagler in Livonia, exercise, probiotics/supplements to reduce as much weight as possible, meanwhile researching vaser high def lipo vs. smart lipo. I will schedule procedure for Jan 2015 to allow for healing before next summer. I cannot tolerate the tummy bulge anymore.
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