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I was nervous about going through with surgery! I...

I was nervous about going through with surgery! I was told by my dr and his interns that I wouldnt need my pain meds, maybe just for the first day and that i should be back to normal within few days... needless to say my experience wasnt that easy!

The day of the surgery I was uncomfortable and could not sleep. I am a nose breather so it was extremely difficult to breathe out of my mouth. It also dried my mouth and would wake up every 20 min. I had to take vicodin every 4 hours for the first week because of the discomfort. Also lost 12lbs that week, I recommend eating soft foods!

Its been 5 weeks post op and I am happy I did it! I look younger and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!

I love it! Who performed your surgery?
Your results are great you must be real happy. When could you start breathing out your nose? I'm a nose breather too, and I can't breathe through my nose only mouth. I had the same surgery as you septo/rhino. What day would you say you could at least breathe out your nose a little bit to where you were happy to getting better? Day 3, 4? By the way It's my first day and my nose feels like its oozing like making pop corn i know that it sounds weird but its making all these bubbly noises and dripping blood its been like this for 10 hours so far. But It doesn't seem dangerous so I haven't done anything about it. I only changed my dressing like 5x in 10 hours. Which I heard go to the emergency if you need more then 4 dressings in 1 hour. Anything crunchy like cereal with almond milk seems good but it makes my nose start bleeding a bit more so i think i gotta eat SOFT FOODS :/ I cant wait till this is over and I GET MY CAST OFF My pain isnt so bad and I got meds for that anyway.
Hello, I would say by day 6 or 7 is when I was actually was able to have any breathing through my nose. It was completely blocked the first few days and thats from swelling, so let it heal, dont play with it, its not all blood in there. I used q tips dipped in peroxide to help loosen the blood just around the tip and that really helped, don't stick it up your nose though, it can worsen the healing. I changed my dressings every few hours but it was not heavy bleeding, i just felt gross. I could not eat anything but applesauce, yogurt, soups and oatmeal the first 4 to 5 days and thats not only because its nearly impossible to eat anything else but because it can cause a stitches to loosen. Don't worry in 2 weeks you will feel so much better. My pain was at its peak by the second day, then it was more facial pressure than anything. BTW when you get your cast off you will see results but keep in mind its still going to be swollen, so its not the final results, its been 4 months and its still going down in size. :)
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