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So far so good. I am really swollen and sore but I...

So far so good. I am really swollen and sore but I can already see that I am smaller where it counts.

I am now about 2 weeks post op and I can REALLY...

I am now about 2 weeks post op and I can REALLY see the beginning of my new body. The pain is way better and manageable with Extra Strength Tylenol. I still have a LOT of swelling to go down but I am very happy with the results so far.. NO MORE LOVE HANDLES! :D

I will update again with more photos of all views when I am 1 month post op :)

If anyone has any questions I would love to chat about it and help you.

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For the most part, I'm happy. There wasn't as much as I thought removed from my abs, and it seems like I have a random roll of fat on my lower back. But I have a waaayyy more flattering shape. It was about 4200 total
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Sarah how did yours turn out and around how much was it
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I just went to the office yesterday to pick up the hand massager. Something happened to the ventilation system which is why the office is closed. I wouldn't worry, the staff is amazing. Especially the girl named Jessica. They took amazing care of me :)
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Yea that is what they told me. I have Jessica's personal cell phone number and just called her this week. I was supposed to hear from the anesthesiologist and haven't. I called the Jessica and she told me that they would call me on Sunday and would call Monday with my surgery time. I am so ridiculously nervous and scared.
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I am seeing Doctor Alani next week for a tummy tuck and I am so nervous. Something is going on at the office at it has me a bit apprehensive about the entire process.
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Your photos look great! Even with the swelling I can definitely see a difference already. Yay! :)

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Thank you for your help, and thank you for the compliments! I will take more after my 1 month and post them here as well :)
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Hi SarahDanielle -- Thanks for sharing your experience so far. How are you feeling today? Is the swelling going down yet?

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I am doing way better. Its almost 2 weeks post op, still REALLY swollen, but the pain has gone down a lot. Trying to figure out how to post photos on here so I can document and show people what I went through..
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Apparently swelling can last quite a while. It's good to hear you're doing better, at least. Are you doing any massaging or anything for the swelling?

To post photos, click the "Update" link at the top of your review, then scroll to the section titled "Photos (optional)". Once you save your update, it'll take about 12-24 hours for your update to appear online. Hope this helps!

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I am post op 11 days from regular lipo of arms, i/o thighs, abdomen upper and lower and flanks. I will create an account soon as this blog has been so helpful to me. On day three I looked tiny when we finally removed my garments for the first time. But now at day 11 I appear more swollen all over. Do you know of anyone on this blog who I can connect with who can give me a historical rendition of their swelling going down? I'm a nationally known consumer advocate and I'm on tv alot, so I am really trying to figure out how to manage my clothing and sizing for the next 6 months as the swelling goes down. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Kate -- Hope you're doing a bit better. A few blogs come to mind that have documented swelling really well. Hope these help:

From what I've seen, lipo is kind of like an injury... you might look good right away, but in a few days all of the bruising and swelling will set in, especially once you remove the compression garment (which is keeping the swelling down). Eventually it will subside, but it can be pretty depressing at first.

I look forward to reading your blog and hope everything turns out well for you. :)

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