Should I Get Butt Implants and Am I Too Skinny for Butt Augmentation? - Southfield, MI

I am a Graduating Senior in High school. I am 5"11...

I am a Graduating Senior in High school. I am 5"11 160-169lbs. I use to have a big but booty but as i got taller the skinnier i became and the flatter my butt became. I live in Southfield Michigan and i will be moving to Bowling Green State university. I want to know all of my options of things i can do where i can go and how much they will cost. the summer is coming up and i want my old body back. I have tried researching natural ways of getting my booty back but nothing seems to work. Squats only lift and don't add the size unless you do them with weights but that could take months. Are there any shots i could get i know of one where you have to go back every 18 months or so to get redone. I don't have many options I dont have much fat on me to do an augmentation. help me.


Can someone please tell me what is the price range for butt implants?
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I live in Michigan,, I've been looking for a doc that can do my butt injects I dream of a nice round juicy full well lifted sexy butt.. What doctor is you going to? Yea a doc that don't charge a lot
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Hey London43, please please share some pics!!!
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