Immature Decision to Get Implants...removing Them 10 Years Later - Southfield, MI

Well here's some background... I got submuscular...

Well here's some background...

I got submuscular saline breast implants a few days after I turned 19. This decision was one I stumbled upon very lightly, and in large part due to my body image issues. I thought, "well if I don't like it, it can be undone". Obviously I was very immature. My body had not yet fully developed either. The first two years were fine, as my body stayed the same and I hadn't gained much weight. However, I did not anticipate the psychological effect it would have on me down the road. I only thought, "well Britney Spears looks good, that's what I want" (this was in the I'm a Slave for You days, so cut me some slack) Totally immature mistake.

Now it's been almost 10 years later, and I wish I could undo the bad decision I made back then. I definitely look more weighty with implants (I'm 5'3 and 140 pounds). My shoulders and back hurt every single day. My massage therapist said it has a lot to do with how heavy my breasts are and they're pulling my posture forward. And over the last few years, my right breast has begun drooping. Not only is it absolutely terrible for me to look at it, but it's uncomfortable. No bras fit well. I hate buying clothes because nothing looks right.

I've decided to get the implants removed and possibly lifted to correct the issue, and am currently searching for the right surgeon. I'll be going in very soon for a few consultations to see what exactly needs to be done. I just wish I would have found a site like this back then so I could have made a rational and informed decision.


You should come to Scottsdale Arizona...consult with Dr. Shaun Parson. He is amazing! Finding the right surgeon is everything!!!!!
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Implants can be an expensive life lesson for ladies who don't end of liking them, but like Happy and Holistic says, you are learning it fairly young and I bet you will feel so much lighter and look so much slimmer once they are out. Please keep us updated! We are here for you.
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You know what CapriciousN - look at it this way - you are 29 years old and wised up! Some of us didn't get to this place until much much later in life! Don't beat yourself up too hard. You are educating yourself on making the next step to live a life implant free and healthy!
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more aware

Well I have a consultation in two weeks. I'm definitely looking forward to it & hoping the doctor doesnt try to talk me out of completely removing them. I'm pretty resolved on what I want. I've been very aware of how my body functions lately, and I realized another problem I have with the implants is how they feel when I lay down. I havent been able to lay on my stomach since I got them. I took a picture because I've never thought about how they look & was sadden. My right breast implant falls to the side, and my left one doesnt move. Hoping I'll feel more relieved after my consultation.


Dr. Meger in Phoenix did for me exactly what you need! He's so awesome!!! I've never felt better, and lighter! Everyone asked me if i had lost weight, it was just the implants that made me look bigger. You won't look back :)
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You should never feel that someone can talk you into something. You are wiser than you think as you are coming here and educating yourself about the possible removal. Sit down and write the pros and cons of having them and not having them. In addition, your intuition will never steer you wrong. QUIET your mind and LISTEN. Thank you for sharing where you are right now.
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