****Boobies at Last**** 38 Years, 5'11" 165 Lbs, Athletic Build, 450 CC Mentor Silicone Round Smooth Under Muscle, Mod + profile

I have been considering breast augmentation for at...

I have been considering breast augmentation for at least 10 years. I have always had small breasts 36 a (now 36 b) and after I gave birth to my 12 year old son I lost a lot of volume on top (didn't breast feed and boobs basically blew up right after birth and then deflated 2 weeks later). I am super active and workout a lot. But I am also very careful and like to understand the in and outs of everything before I get myself into it. Soooo I am super nervous as I finally scheduled my BA for 7/28!!! As I have very wide hips and quite a curvy body (except for breasts), I was looking for a natural look that compliments my large, yet athletic frame (especially my size 8/10 booty!). Decided to do silicone unders, Mentor moderate profile and doctor said that I should do 450 cc to achieve the look I want (will have 500 available in the OP just in case the 450 don't look right). I have been stressing about size and shape and outcome quite a bit? Is that normal? It seems as most ladies that are tall get at least 450 cc or more (and most of it looks natural) but my surgeon also said that anything over 400 cc is considered a large implant, yet it fits on some women like me (he said he only does 450 cc implant every 6 month or so). Super confused....ahhhhh. I even considered cancelling the procedure this morning. Is this normal?
Hi...and welcome to the forum. I have had boobs now for 1 year. I'm 5'8 and I got 450cc mentor mod plus silicone under so you can check out my profile. If you want a natural look then you will love that size. If however you want a fuller look then a slightly larger implant may suit you more. Being tall the ccs do get "eaten up" so to speak. I was expecting mine to look way bigger after comparing myself to others but my doc failed to tell me that they look bigger if you are shorter and narrower shoulders. I love having boobs and they look very natural but I've had a hard time coming to grips with the size as I wanted them bigger. Check out my profile and see what suits you...I hope it helps hugs shelly xoxo
As an extra note. ..my surgeon was conservative too. He told my husband he mostly uses 300 and thats all that alot of surgeons will use. So we both left the consult thinking I was going to be massive choosing 500cc. I then downgraded to 450cc as I and hubby were worried. Come time after the op with me in tears because they were too small the doc tells me I could have gone to 650cc to get the look I wanted. ...talk about me being angry!!!
Psss...post some pics of your wish boobs for me to look at...I swear I'm an expert now at picking what size boobs they are after a year of being on this site. A year ago I had no idea lol!! Hugs Shelly xoxo

Wish Pics

This is my ultimate wish pic...maybe just a tad higher/fuller on top.
Hi hon I had surgery today being 16 July at 7am I was out by ten in recovery x I'm 58" 41 mum of five with an Aussie size 9 clothes x I've gone 520cc high profile unders as I want big lol u can't creaky tell much in my pic righ now. But will keep u posted xx I hope u go through with it x I've been wanting this since 15 x strait in done all my research and no doubts xx good luck hon
Hi Tinka - hope that you are healing quickly :)

Surgery Day Prep

Hello Everyone! Since I am a planner, I already started writing a "things to have after surgery" list LOL. So I read a lot about Arnica Montana (which I take after my Botox injections and it works wonders) and also this Bromelian? What is that exactly and how do you ladies feel about turmeric against inflammation? In tips/suggestions are welcome :) Thanks!
Mmm very tight I can handle that but very sore x my bum is numb from laying in the one spot lol x I can't wait until they look like boobs xx
Hi girl..yep I understand now your predicament. You like me..if I wanted hp I would have to go to 650cc at least. At least if you go 490cc you're still going to have some good boob...realistically its half a litre of gel on our gel chests so its got to make some changes lol! What size would you have to go up to to get mod plus? One site that you might be interested in is south florida plastic surgery with dr. Revis. It shows some larger implants and its interesting to see that some don't look big at all on us taller girls. Xoxo
Shelly I honestly really like your size, they look awesome on your body, even without clothes. Are u considering a revision at all? I would be happy to have my new editions look like yours :) I will take a peek at the website you recommended. And I looked up the moderate plus...would need to do 600-650 cc YIKES!!! Lol...something tells me you are seriously considering that size. Is your partner happy with your current look?

Impatiently waiting

Ok so after quite a few up and downs last weekend ("What in the world am I doing?", "Is size gonna be too big/small?", "Can I trust the PS".....etc etc etc), I finally feel a little better (probably just temporarily) LOL. Every time I am questioning my decision, I call the girl that used to be my PS' right hand and she ensured me over and over again that he is the BEST. She is a friend from the gym and when I told her a couple of months ago that I am contemplating BA, she said you have to go to this guy; although, she doesn't work for him anymore. Little did she know, I was already getting my Botox from there anyways so I went ahead and also did a BA consult with him. I guess you can look at before and after pics and feel comfortable with the doc but to hear from a former employee (she is a doc herself) that he is amazing, that is like the ultimate assurance, right? I mean she was there assisting him in the OR. After talking much with girls on here and doing my research, I also feel comfortable with the size we agreed on (450-500 CC). Although, at first I thought 450 CC is gonna be huge and then I thought, based on my height, it maybe too small. It is super confusing but I will just trust the outcome and try not too worry too much. I actually find it super helpful to share these feelings with people on here as I thought I was the only person going crazy over this before I discovered this website.

Just ordered Arnica Montana and Bromelain for after surgery :) yeah, the day is getting closer!
Oh I will go thru with it :) post-op next WED! Happy healing girlfriend!

Flaaaaaaaat!!! ;)

Flaaaaaaat!!!! ;)

When I was doing research too that is when I started considering larger after my initial consult with my PA at 275 to 300cc. She said yesterday yeah that is way to conservative, bUT when I went in that's what I thought I wanted given I was probably not going to do it. I felt so much better after meeting with her yesterday and going over sizing again. Given the look I want with based on my measurements, wish pictures and desire she said on me personally anything larger than 400cc would be too much. It is so dependent on what you want as an end result, your lifestyle and I think the surgeons experience. I don't have a lot of Brest tissue nor fat at the top so something large is going to be very evident as "fake" even under the muscle. As long as you communicate EXACTLY what you want to your PS and you feel that your both on the same page I think they have the eye to envision what will work. I will tell you I asked about losing CC's under the muscle and my PS said after having hers done3 yrs ago she doesn't believe that there is a noticeable different on size when you do this. Keep us updated and I'll "try" to do a decent job of tracking my progress:0) this site has been so helpful and I love to be able to see each and everyone's progress and thoughts as we go on this crazy journey of boob mania!
Good Point Shelly! I would say do it if you want them bigger. It seems as if your previous doc may not be the right man to do the surgery...maybe too conservative? I would consult with a view peeps and decide then :) u are doing the right thing.

More before pics

How long now hon x
Still another month for me :)

Activity after Surgery

Hello Everyone - so there is one topic that I am extremely nervous about and it relates to not being able to workout for a while after BA (not that I probably feel like it). I don't think that there has been a week in the last 10 years that I didn't hit the gym or ran. Working out is my medicine and stress reducer! What am I gonna do if I can't??? I guess I am also worried about how my body will change in the 6 weeks. Not sure if I would really gain weight (probably will lose muscle) but I probably will lose tone (I worked soooo hard on shaping my butt/legs :( ). My doc said it would be cool to walk right away and start with cardio at week 3 and back to full activity at week 6. So I would be interested to know what are some of the changes you active ladies noticed after the surgery, during recovery? Did your body change a lot? Did you gain/lose weight? How did it feel once you went back into the gym? Please help :)
Hey ichtcurious! Your before pics look a lot like my pre-BA body, except that you have more fullness and breast tissue, but the shape is very similar. :) Congrats on making the decision to move forward w/ BA, I know there's so much to consider and prepare for!! I relate to your nervousness about downtime after surgery, not being able to workout. 6 weeks does seem like a long time, but I think if you're mindful of your eating habits and continue to get up and moving in some manner (even just slow walking at first), you'll find that it won't take much effort to get back to your same level of fitness once you're cleared to resume. Since you asked, I'll weigh in about my experience...changes I've noticed during recovery...but I am only just past the 2 week mark and my doctor allows light cardio at this point, as well as other exercises that don't directly affect the chest muscles. Walking was manageable starting maybe 4-5 days out, but it wasn't easy or comfortable - I felt soreness, wasn't able to go very fast, and tired out rather quickly. I also overdid it one day and really paid for it the next, so that was kind of frustrating because mentally, I wanted to get up and back to normal, but physically, I could not. Even 10 days out, I was trying to walk more regularly and could make it about 4 miles, but still not at a fast pace, and anything other than walking was out of the question, I just didn't feel capable (residual pain and soreness). However, at about day 12, I really was feeling worlds better and was able to do fast walks up to 6 miles, also went to the gym at the 2 week mark and that felt great, but I'd lost a lot of strength and tired easily. So just be realistic that you wouldn't probably be *able* to do much anyway for that first 3 weeks, even if your doctor allowed it. But thankfully, it's all temporary and will pass by pretty quickly. Give yourself time to heal without feeling guilty, because it will just mean you're able to recover more quickly and resume with vigor once you're cleared! If you've always been active, your muscles will bounce back, don't worry! My body has lost a little tone and looks a bit softer than before, but so far I haven't gained weight (with the exception of swelling right after surgery, which happens to all of us and for me, lasted 10 days), and in the big scheme of things, 6 weeks is the blink of an eye. ;) I do understand that worry, though, of falling out of your normal routine...and fear of spiraling downward after all the effort to keep things on track. Just keep your eye on the prize, you'll be back to your old self before you know it!! :)
Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such detailed feedback :) it's much appreciated. I think you are so correct by suggesting to take the time to heal. I will try my best to deal with the lack of activity (sigh). But ultimately I want good results and I did hear about some women that ended up with CC and ugly results after doing too much too soon and I definitely don't want to go there. I guess we can always get back to working out - worst case I just shrink my calorie intake until I am back in the gym...mmmhhhh...want some boobs already!!! So impatient....

Pre Op Today!

Hi Ladies, Ok so here it is: Got my pre op this morning! Payment due in full. I guess there is no turning back now :) getting excited about boobies and more nervous about day of surgery! But before, I will head to the Caribbean for some well deserved R&R. Lots of packing to do today too. Will ask if I can try sizers today again too. I am still so nervous about the size 450-500 but considering how tall I am I would be very surprised if they turn out too big. Hopefully not too small either though! I did yoga last night and was wondering if new noobs will get in the way with that?
Hi there! I agree with kbftw, give yourself time to heal before returning to gym! Very important!! Choosing size is so difficult ... I recommend you go bigger if you can't decide. You lose some cc's if you go behind muscle. Good luck!!:)

Feeling ready for vacation!

Pre op this morning went great :) they really took their time with me and I was there almost 2 hours. Got my meds, soap and tried on the 450 cc in my sports bra. Kinda like the size but will like 500 cc too if that's what he ends up picking! The staff was super nice and I left there feeling more excited than nervous, which is great. Wohooooo....soon I got some boobies! Added some pics with 450 sizers....talk to you ladies again soon XOXOs!
Yeh hon don't be scared of 500 I'm 520 cc high profile unders it just takes longer to drop xlol but I know if I'd gone smaller I'd want bugger so I just went as big as I could for my Aussie size 9 frame xxx
Exciting! Either way you're going to look great! Don't be afraid of the 500cc as you always look a bit smaller once the implants are in. My sizers in the docs room felt big and then when they were in I was like...where did they go lol!! Xoxoxoxo
Hi hon x I bet ur so excited x have u got boob brain yet lol xx I'm 10 days post op and 520 cc high profile under muscle x I questioned my surgeon about reading losing cc's and he said seriously where would they go xx o can't lose cc's under muscle as ur muscle stretches to accommodate the implant x I was upset reading that as I wanted 600 cc min but don't have enough skin xxso I was only able to have 520 cc x but I'm one if I get to the point in a few years I want biggeraybe by then I can lol x just hope I'm big enough when these girls drop xxxx

Back from Vacation

Hello Everyone! Finally I am back in town and back chatting with all of you guys. Spend a week in the Dom. Republic with my son and had quite an eventful trip back (got stuck on my connection for 48 hours :( ). As you guys can imagine, the last couple of days have been crazy - still waiting for my lost suitcase to be delivered sometime today. Tomorrow it is back to work! Jeez, it feel like it hasn't been long enough. And of course, now that it is only 3 weeks until my surgery, I am also getting SUPER nervous and excited. Probably more anxious than excited at this point but as I can tell from all of your stories, this seems to be totally normal....so just hanging in there. It's my plan to go really, really hard in the gym for the weeks leading up to my operation so that I don't feel to bad about taking the 4-6 weeks off afterwards. Also started back up on my juicing and I am hopeful that I can drop 5 lbs before. Ugh....wish me luck!
Welcome back!! So sorry to hear your return was disastrous, ugh... :( Being stuck for 48 hours, AND lost luggage on top of it?? You poor thing, that sounds just awful. No wonder you feel the vacation wasn't long enough!! Well, I do hope your work week is off to a good start, I know it's always difficult getting back to the normal day-to-day grind. But woo-hoo for only 3 weeks until your BA!! That time between now and then will seem to go slowly, but somehow the day will also be here before you know it. ;) I'm super excited for you!! Best of luck with your fitness goals between now and then...sounds like a great plan, you can do it!! Go you!! :)
Thanks Tinka :) hope you and hubby are better!


Hi lovely ladies!!!!

As the day of my BA is inching closer and closer (less than 3 weeks now), I am slowly preparing myself for the big event!!!! Picked up all my meds and stocked up on Arnica, bromelain, turmeric, herbal laxative, etc etc...lol. Look at that stash! It's crazy - I think I really need to do a major detox to get these meds out of my system once it is all over! I don't usually take anything at all and hope my body won't act crazy on me while on all of this stuff. Oh well, let's hope it's worth it.

I am so happy this site exists, honestly, yesterday I had major doubts about my BA decision and almost cancelled the surgery! In the afternoon, I felt fine about it! Isn't this emotional up and down strange, seriously is freaking me out. So I am so glad to read all of your story on RS and feel much better since all of these thoughts seem to be a pretty standard occurance for women on here. Thank god! I thought I was going insane :)

So what else did I start doing 3 weeks pre op...

- killing myself in the gym and running outside :)
- started eating lots of pineapple (anti inflammatory and helps against bruising and speeds up healing process)
- started Arnica Montana
- using Bio Oil on breast twice a day
- drinking at least 100 oz water/day
- following super healthy diet (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, brown rice/quinoa - no added sugars, cheese, white carbs, etc)
- juicing every day

I sure hope that all if this will contribute to help me heal soon and have a beautiful result!

It's al worth it xx good luck hon xx
Gracias seniora!!! How are your boobies feeling?

More Preparation

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a quick update before work:

So, I am 1 1/2 weeks away from my surgery date (ahhhhhh!) - getting more excited than nervous at this point and looking so forward to my new boobies :)

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you ladies that are preparing for the big day as well. So as I am two weeks in, I am still working hard at the gym (especially my core and back), do a lot of cardio (running), and yoga. Still drinking 100 oz. + water/day and lots of herbal teas (hydrate!). Eat super healthy and I stopped drinking alcohol last weekend as well (love my glass of red wine!) and will not have a sip until after the surgery and AFTER I am off all the meds. Went to the Better Health Market yesterday and bought myself some more goodies to speed up healing (pics are attached)....

- Staphysagria (homeopathic remedy) - has anyone had any experience with that one? The girl at the store said that it is helpful after surgery. Apparently it is is useful when pain persists at the site of a surgical incision, or after procedures that involve the stretching of a sphincter muscle. It is also indicated after surgeries involving reproductive organs (prostate surgery, hysterectomy, C-section, episiotomy) or the abdomen, stomach, and rectum (including hemorrhoids). Staphysagria may also help after operations on traumatic injuries, such as stab or bullet wounds. --> got that from online. I guess it certainly can't hurt.

- A large box of Coconut Water - to promote hydration and vitamin/mineral restoration. Also, after surgery doctors recommended to intake liquid foods as an alternate for solid foods. During this time one can drink coconut water daily to help cure surgical sore wounds quickly.

- Smooth Move Tea - hopefully I won't need it, but reading all of your reviews on here chances are huge that I will so I picked up a box..LOL. Also have stashed up on my herbal laxative (Cleanse More from Renew Life) - this stuff is awesome to cure constipation quickly, works wonders!

- Bought lots of zip up and button up shirts as well (ordered some short sleeve hoodies from VS online and bought a lot of button up sleep shirts from the Gap and Target. It actually was kind of hard to find zip up stuff...I hit quite a few stores before I found something. Tip: Try online instead! I ended up at Victoria Secret which had quite a good selection of clearance items that worked.

So, yeah, I think this is it for now. Feel like I am forgetting something...lol. Will update again later this week!

Have a fabulous day everyone!
I'm not sure I'm gonna take 1 months leave when my husband comes back from Afghanistan and have it done then so hopefully I will be back to full mission capabilities.
Looking forward to seeing your results. I have the same concerns about getting back into the routine of exercising. I'm in the Army and I don't want to take much time away from staying in shape especially running. I can't wait to hear how everything works out. Praying for your speedy recovery....
Thank you Itty! Definitely will keep you updated :) Boy, being in the Army with daily PT must be tough to handle after the BA. Will they give you a clearance to not have to participate for 6 weeks? My ex husband was in the Army as well and I remember how strict they were with that kinda stuff.

Sleeping after Surgery

Happy Friday to All!

Just a quick update regarding a topic that I was a bit worried about: sleeping elevated after surgery. I played around with a couple of options last night and here is my feedback:

Went and bought armrest thingy from target (see pic) as I saw this being used by others as well ($20). I put it on my bed and added a few pillows but have to say that it was a bit too high and hard for my taste. So I went ahead and elevated myself about 40% with a bunch pillows and put a layer of soft down pillows on top - WINNER! I slept like that all night and it was really comfortable. I think the key is to make the pillow base wide enough so that one can't roll over (I am a side sleeper) and it also needs to be soft enough so that your body can sink into it. Also, adding a big, soft pillow under your knees will help wedge you in better :)

Just my experience....I feel a lot better about the sleeping part, now that I tested it :)

Do any of you have some more ideas/tips? I hear a lot of people buy recliners but honestly I am not willing to pay a lot for a recliner that I will not want to keep in my house after the BA. Also, already spend enough on everything else for now. What do you ladies think?
I found one of the soft neck pillows was great for sitting up and resting too xoxo
Like the ones you use on a plane lol x
Ahhhh yes! I got two of those! Thanks Shelly :)

Bras :)

I was just putting my laundry away when I opened my bra drawer and realized: OMG - all you bras are headed for the trash in 10 days LOL!!!! That put a big smile on my face....this is getting real :)
I had some great and expensive old bras...as we know we've all spent a fortune in the past trying to buy bras to look like we had boobs lol!! I bundled all the beautiful ones up and gave them to my girlfriend. ...she thought it was Christmas!!! The rest I took to a charity shop as alot of women in shelters or homes are in need of them xoxo
Excellent idea!!! I will drop my stuff off at the Salvation Army for future use, might have to throw in some shirts and tops as well - hopefully. Totally wondering if I am going big enough now!? Will tell doc to pick bigger implant in OR if in doubt..lol


Hello Everyone! Hope you are all well :)

So I am down to my countdown - 5 more days and super excited!

For those of you that are also getting ready, here are a couple of updates:

1. Bought soft step-in bras (Walmart - similar to Genie bras)
2. Bought a pill box that I will use to portion out my meds, especially for first 2 days as doc told me that you could easily overdose on the pain meds if you forget when you took the last one (YIKES)
3. Eating pineapple and taking Arnica Montana every day
4. 100 oz. water plus a day
5. Exercise, run, yoga, exercise!
6. No more herbal, diet or other supplements and no meds
7. No alcohol (to speed up healing)
8. Bio Oil Massage on breast twice a day (to make skin elastic)
9. Low sodium diet (aids recovery I heard)
10. Prepared a shopping list for foods and dishes that I will prepare this weekend so that I don't have to bother with it next week (thinking: fruit cups, salads, soups, white chicken chili...healthy stuff)
11. Put all my "supplies" in one place and will create a close "healing" station the night before (probably next to the sofa) - this includes: straws, ice packs, baby wipes, spray deodorant, dry shampoo hairspray, meds, drinks, coconut water, vitamins, lip balm, phone chargers, etc.)

So it doesn't seem real that the day is almost here! A month ago it couldn't go quick enough and felt like it was ages away and now it is almost my turn! Gosh, I can't even describe how I feel - nervous, excited, happy, worried, scared, thrilled...and all at the same time! Just praying for a good outcome at the end of the day, like all of you!

So happy that my period just started too so that means that I will not have to deal with it for 1 month post OP. Probably a good thing because I am sure bloating and constipation from meds will probably be bad, so I hear.

Still wondering sometimes about the size. Thinking that I definitely don't want to be too small and I still look at before and afters often! But again, there seems to be no real science behind what works for one person and than for the other. I guess I just have to trust the doc to create my wish boobs.

I don't know if any of you feel this way, but I have looked at so many titties the last couple of months that I am almost sick of it! LOL...I never realized how many difference sizes and shapes they come in until I did my "research"! Definitely "boobed out" for a while :) Hopefully mine turn out the way I want so that I can just stare at my own breasts going forward! LOL...anyone felt like that?
I thought I was the only one feeling like an emotional wreck with all of this! Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts...I wish you the best with your surgery! I am also 5'11" and about 170lbs. Although, you are in a lot better shape than I am. But I just had my 3rd child a year and a half ago and have lost 50 lbs since. So really, this BA and with my recovery will be a bigger motivation to tone up good! I have chosen to go with a 500cc with an additional 25 to prevent rippling. But by looking at your photos I am a lot "flatter" than you...lol. I have a friend who is 5'6" and has 500cc and they are huge on her so I think 450 or 500 cc will compliment us great! My surgery is next month! Look forward to hearing how your surgery goes and everything thereafter. Take care!
Hi Rainy82, thanks for the encouraging words :) hoping that 500 will be just right on us - huge is definitely not the look I am going for lol. The emotional roller coaster is a killer, isn't it? I have been having crazy dreams the last couple of days about all of this too lol. What profile did your doc chose for you? Also swinging by your site in a minute to Find out more about your experience to date :)

Before Pics

Last night I decided to ask my boyfriend to take some more before pics of me. Reason for it is that I am worried about how my breasts will look like right after surgery (loopsided, swollen, weird frankenboob look, etc.) - so I thought while I am going through that stage it might make sense to remind myself of how small my boobies used to be and why I am doing this LOL (sort of minimizing the freak-outs). In the attached pics my breasts don't look as small as usual because I am PMSing right now - so trust me when I say that once my cycle is over - they are much smaller and empty looking :( Although my breasts are not really tiny (b cup) looking at the pics you can get a pretty good idea about how small my breasts really looks on my taller frame - I have very wide shoulders and a wide chest and, although, my current breasts are not misshapen or super saggy, they are still very much out of proportion (especially from the side) with my overall body frame. Especially when we take the butt into account as well - it is very curvy! I definitely will post some more before pics this week, also with clothes on and full-body. That way we can see the change going forward....

Getting closer! 5 more days!!!
Good idea on the variety of pre-op pictures! It sounds like you're ready, but just in case, here is a helpful list of recovery supplies. Good luck on Monday!
Thank you Beth :)

Got the Call!!!

This afternoon, at work, the PS office called and confirmed my surgery time on Monday. I am scheduled for 2 pm...ugh. I was hoping for early morning...don't know how to survive without food/water all day! They told me to be there at 1245 pm so that means leaving my house at 12 pm. It's getting real ladies! Crunch time :)

Anyone that has any suggestions on how to deal with the water and food withdrawal on surgery day, please let me know!!!!
Good luck! Can't wait to see you will look awesome!
Thanks mom - I am keeping my fingers crossed :)

Excitement is building!

Oh my gosh ladies! Today was my last day at work until 8/4 and I feel like a teenager with butterflies in her stomach. I am so excited for Monday - also very nervous and I cannot believe that the day is almost here. Not sure how I am going to survive this weekend! Probably will clean A LOT, do all my grocery shopping and finish laundry, then prep meals for next week. Maybe a movie? OMG, I think I am going to explode from all of this anticipation LOL.
LOL its like you are describing my last weekend before the Big Day. Watched a movie Transformers (was like 2,5hrs :) then cleaned house like this surgery was to be performed in my house :) super super clean hahaha all adrenalin was helping :) thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and will be waiting for more updates
Planning on cleaning thoroughly as well :) definitely don't want to deal with it anytime soon after surgery lol. Will keep you posted with my crazy thoughts and hopefully soon some beautiful boobie pics!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Hello Everyone, so this is it: tomorrow is the BIG day. Jeez, I am so anxious now and I barely slept last night. Thoughts of surgery and boobies on my mind! I am very nervous at this point and hope that all goes well tomorrow.

Will finish my coffee and then head to the gym one last time for a spinning class. I honestly have pushed my body so hard the last 3 weeks, it will be happy to get a bit of rest from working out. Super glad that I stuck with my diet and exercise plans though :)

House is clean: and I mean super clean! LOL. Grocery shopping is complete and I will prep some meals for next week later today. Also still need to prepare my "area" and take loads of before pics for comparison!

Oh my gosh ladies, seriously, I am so nervous that my stomach is slightly upset. What the heck!? Hoping that pain won't be too bad and that i can get some rest tomorrow night....ugh. I wish I already was in love with my new, squishy boobies :)
Thinking of you today. ..go get those boobies!!! @@ hugs shelly xoxo
Thanks Shelly :) XOXOs!!! Will keep you posted with pics tomorrow!!

This is it!!! Going in soon...

Hi Lovely Girls - today is the big day! Yikes! Anesthesiologist nurse called last night at 9 pm and since my surgery is not until 2 PM today, she told me I can have food/coffee before 6 AM (YEAH coffee! That made my night) and water until 8 AM (thank god!). I was soooo happy with these news that I slept pretty well last night :) Spend this morning arranging pillows and things so that everything is in its place when I return later. Also took a couple of before pics last night that I will post now for comparison purposes (yeah I know they are boring :) but I want to be able to compare the progress)!.

Actually feel unusually calm this morning - weird...mmmhhh oh well, I guess its better than totally stressed out. My friend is coming at 12 PM to pick me up and then its my turn.....eeeeekkkkk. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies! Will try to update everyone later on tonight, if able.

How did it go?! Fingers crossed....
Yaaay glad u feel calm xx how ur healing quick x here's some more sparkles for ur healing xx can't wait to see ur pics and read another update xx talk soon xx yaaay congrats ur in the happy booby club lol xxx
Praying for you! Looking forward to your results.

On the other side!

Made it - drugged but ok! 450 cc moderate profile.
They look amazing. Are you happy with them? Congrats. Here's to a quick, trouble fee recovery. Will be checking your blog. Take care.
They look lovely. ..no snoopy boob for you!! Look after yourself hugs Shelly xoxo
You look great! I also have 450cc saline mentor smooth round moderate profile. I am almost at week 6. Around week 2/3 I became very sad and depressed because my boobs were lopsided since one didn't drop and it was also more swollen. Please be patient!!! Now I 5 weeks 5 days and I took the girls for their first run post op.... 3 miles....they are almost even and look round and full...I'm happy and you will be too....happy healing!!:)

Correction on Profile

Just looked at my Mentor boob serial number card and I actually got moderate + profile :) yeahhhhh, that's what I wanted all along. Actually pretty happy with the look so far.
U look great and I after 6 weeks post op have just been strapped like u xx all good x isn't it a relief when u take it off lol xx
Yay! Mod +! I do love mine. Very natural shape.
Hi Country - thanks! Love the shape thus far but realize it will probably change over time.

1st Night Update

Hi Beautiful Ladies! Finally a more thorough update from me :) and pics!!!

Arrived at PS office at 1230 pm yesterday and started the check in process. Was pretty nervous at that time but had a lot of fun joking with my friend while waiting. Took the pee/pregnancy test, vitals, weight, etc. and talked to the anesthetic nurse. They gave me some meds to control after surgery nausea. Then doctor came to mark me up. He is so calm and relaxed that it really made me feel better. Very gentle. I told him that if in doubt about the final size to go with bigger size rather than small but it seemed as he thought 450 cc mid + was going to get me to my wish pics (which he thoroughly inspected). After that I walked into the OR and laid down on the bed while they were starting my IV. Did a little small talk with staff but dozed out of there rather quickly - from that point on, don't remember anything until the nurse woke me after the procedure. Got dressed and my friend drove me home. She said I asked her the same questions over and over for the first 20 minutes :)
lol. Got home and sat down, and was feeling pretty good for the rest of the night. Didn't go to bed until 12/1 am and must say that I probably only got like 5 hours of good sleep.

Pain in chest is minimal (just feels tight) but my back and sides of ribcage are killing me. Took pain meds and muscle relaxers every 4 hours and am in a position to keep the discomfort minimal. Last night at 130 am my boyfriend woke me for pain meds and I got so nauseous that I started panting and sweating. Thought I would pass out and have to throw up but immediately took the anti nauseous pill (dissolves on tongue) and it worked very quickly - thank god. So back to bed until 5 am and then took another 1 hour nap on my sofa (was hoping back would get better when switching sleeping spot/position).

In regard to food, haven't been very hungry. Just ate fresh fruit yesterday and some crackers. Drinking lots of water and tea but somehow I don't have to pee very often. I wonder if my bod is retaining the water because of swelling?

Feeling a little better now than last night, just still very groggy and dizzy. Really hope that I can soon stop the pain meds and drugs. So far Also happy with what I can see regarding results. Calling office today to see if I can take off strap for a little. Nurse had not put that in my discharge papers but I think they decided for it because my chest muscle according to doc is very strong and big. Maybe they trying to keep it restrained because if that? Who knows...will update you guys later.

Wishing you all a wonderful day :)
Ps..they look alot like your wish boob pic :)
Thanks Shelly :) I thought so too, although they are very swollen and tight right now but maybe once they settle they are even closer?!

Off Pain Meds :)

Hello Ladies - hope that everyone is well! Here is my 2nd night/day update:

Barely took any of the narcotic pain meds yesterday, which is nice because I feel much clearer in my head now. Doctor advise to start 200 mg of Motrin/4 times day and I am also still taking the muscle relaxers and antibiotics.

Took my first shower yesterday night, which felt very refreshing! Plus I got to take the strap off for a while - it felt so good! Last night I slept very well - went to bed at 9 PM and got up once to use the bathroom. Breasts were really tight and sore but it was OK once I got up so I didn't need to take any more pain meds. Went back to bed afterwards and slept until 5:30 am this morning - not bad!!!

I noticed that my chest is very tight and sore after I have slept for a couple of hours and I have been icing like a crazy person, which feels sooooo good :) Icing definitely helps! If I would have to describe the pain/feeling, the best thing I can compare it to is to the feeling you have when the milk comes in after you have had a child (I didn't breast feed and was in pretty bad pain for a week). Honestly, I remember that pain to be worse than what I have with the BA, strange. I thought it would be the other way around.

Also, yesterday I went for a 20 minute walk outside. I was so sick and tired of staying in and sitting on my bum much longer so I took a short trip with my boyfriend through the sub-division. It felt good :)

That is pretty much it thus far - wishing you all a happy healing journey and good luck to all of you that are getting surgery soon!
Hey hon u got some sensational looking girls going on there xxx how r u feeling today xx hope ur taking it easy xx glitter sparkles to u for happy healing xx don't stress about the gym too much x look at it like ur giving ur body a rest and when u get back into it like me baby steps one day at a time x I have t worked out for seven weeks gggrrr I've put on weight around my middle x not a lot but enough for me to notice zap I started yesterday with a bunch of crunches then today crunches n squats x then Monday crunches 30 squatted n my half hour video workout x then two days off then hit it again then two days off then the following week crunches squats half hour workout and one day off then do that all week then the following week all that and add my 15 min hard out core workout xx. Then throw in my a swing n bike xx I'm on my way again to a fab nod x I haven't put on a lot but I'm not happy with my middle x my profile pic is what I am usually but I've put on a little not much but I can notice xx anyways enough of me lol lol hope I didn't bore u lol xx how do I feel today x oh yeh and my point of time off x when u go back u won't have to do extra for a result xx the break does u good xx glitter bomb for a magic healing xxx
Hi Tinka - thank you :) I am pretty happy with the way that they look, although, they are pretty stiff and swollen still and definitely up high. Hope they drop soon and soften up. The strap cuts into my skin now and it is itchy and uncomfortable - plus i cannot wear deodorant :( . Good to hear that you are back to working out - I am jealous! But I realize that my body really needs to rest to recover all the way - still feeling a little weak and frail. I am sure that you will be back in shape fast :) don't worry lady - throw some glitter around and you gonna look amazing in no time! Muahhhhh :) XOXOXOs

Day 3 Update

Hello ladies, I hope that everyone is feeling okay! Here is a day 3 update:

Sleeping has been improving every night. Although, I'm still uncomfortable sleeping on the incline, I get about eight hours of good sleep now. Breasts are still stiff but definitely improving. I was very tired yesterday, after I attempted to make myself some breakfast. I was so exhausted that I had to lay down and sleep for three hours. So definitely my body is very Exhausted still. But overall I am feeling very good.

My upper chest is still very high and Swollen and I am wearing the strap pretty much 24/7. It is a little bit uncomfortable and my back definitely still hurts too. But it is manageable. Also my incision sites are a little bit tender and swollen. But again, everything very much within manageable limits. I'm actually kind of surprised how well I have been doing. I thought this process was going to be much more painful. And trust me when I say that I do have a very low pain tolerance, I almost passed out when I went into labor with my son LOL.

In regard to BM, I have been taking my Cleanse More pill and also been drinking the smooth move tea. At first I thought this wasn't working, but let me just say that yesterday afternoon and in the evening I probably went to the bathroom like 12 times ... Lol!! Probably too much information, but I definitely felt very light in my stomach area afterwards. I am happy that constipation is not an issue for me during this process. Probably also has something to do with me getting off the pain meds so soon :)

Planning on going for a longer walk outside today. Hopefully it will not be raining like yesterday.

Wishing everyone a happy recovery!
Here here xxx

Day 4 Update

Hello everyone, here is my day 4 update. Truthfully not much has changed. I feel a little bit clearer in my head now that I'm almost off all medications, except for antibiotics. Today I went to the gym for 45 minutes and walked on the treadmill, which felt great. Still wearing that strap and hopefully I will be able to take it off on Tuesday when I go to my first post op. My upper pole is definitely still very swollen. Overall I am very happy with the results. The breast look very even and they seem to be dropping equally as well. However when I take pictures naked my breast look weirdly small. In person and once I put clothes on they look much bigger, isn't that strange? Here is too quick dropping and fluffing LOL. I think that my body could've accommodated a much larger implant without doubt but I do feel that the doctor picked the perfect size for me considering that I am very active and was mostly looking for proportion and creating symmetry in my body. I have played around with Bras and it looks like it will definitely end up being a D cup, maybe DD? I guess I will find out soon :-)
Wearing the strap is the hardest part for me! It cuts into my skin under my arms and causes more main the surgery it's self! I have tried putting cloth under it and gauze pads.. Have you tried anything?
Hi Ittybitty, I totally hear you! I actually went to the store today and bought a big pack of Stayfree maxi pads, which Michele50 recommended to me. It feels sooooo good :) Just buy the extra long ones and remove the tape protector than fold them over the strap and adhere them with the soft part facing outward - feels like paradise :) granted, you cant go out like that, but you can certainly wear that at night and while you are at home. Let me know if that works :)

Start Falling In Love :)

Still swollen on top with slight frankenboob look but I can see and feel the change :)
Ur girls look Amazing girl xxxU should be very happy with ur results so far they look great xx I'm back on pain mess as the pain from being strapped down after 6 weeks is on about 8 and a half outta ten ATM x mainly first thing in the morning and between midnight n 3am xx I don't care it's all good x I'd rather take meds than put up with the pain xx glitter bomb to u x would lo amazing the glitter sliding off u while swearing working out lol xx oh that's if u sweat x lol
Oh Tinka, I am sorry you are back on meds and in pain! That sucks :( I really hope that your twins drop very soon and you can get rid of this torture band! UGH...I hate it myself. Glady letting your glitter sparkle me up :) blowing tons of kisses and hugs your way girl XOXOXs - here is to QUICK dropping and softening!

Day 6 Update

Hello Everyone! Here is my Day 6 update:

Last night, my boyfriend took me out for dinner to celebrate the new twins :) let me just say that I have zero outfits that hide this god darn strap so I decided to take it off for 2 hours and wear something sexy instead :) of course I let my boyfriend pick the outfit (see attached dress) - after all, he is supposed to have some fun with this as well. So this white dress I am wearing, I have had it for several years but only wore it once and my boobs looked so bad in it that I never wore it again. It is really short and has a cute asymmetrical hem. Tried it on last night and "surprise": it now barely covers the boobies LOL - so that's the outfit he wanted. OK fine....

We finished our dinner, which was lovely, and as we were riding the elevator down, there are two other couples in the elevator with us. One of the girls made us all of these compliments about how cute of a couple we are and stuff and at the end she says: By the way, your boobs look amazing! LOL....ladies let me say that no one ever said that to me before! That was definitely a first and made me feel so happy :) also my boyfriend stared at them all night and said that he cant believe how good they turned out and that my PS is like the most amazing artist ever :)

Believe it or not, when we got back home, I couldn't wait to put the strap back on however. My boobs felt really tight and a bit sore and were like that all night too. My incisions seem to really bother me now and I hope it is only temporary. Maybe that bit of walking around on heels was a bit too much? This morning they do feel better for sure but it feels like the steri strip is tugging on my skin :( well, I guess its only 2 more days and they will remove the darn thing at my post op. Can't wait to start massaging either!

XOXOXOs to all! Happy healing and fast recoveries :)
Congrats on the night out but sorry you had to pay for it later. They really look good in that dress!
Mwah u just made me feel soft n relaxed with ur MSG thank u xx yeh I started workout today and feeling great x I'm just use to this band now but truelly needed those pain meds x it was that way I was feeling nauseouse xx I'm about to do some squats n step up machine xx thank u for my hugs n kisses u needed that x love catching up with u x. How u feeling honey xx much glitter to u as u need it makes I feel sparkly happy hey xxx mwah hugs n kisses to u x ur a hottie for a chick lol xxx
Thanks Tinka :) feeling good. First night sleeping flat on my back and it really helped my back pain a lot. So slowly back to normal :) still got avwhile before I can workout again but taking long nightly walks with my boyfriend, that helps. He is a major gym rat (bodybuilder) but has taken off since I had my surgery so he can be with me..So sweet XOXS darling :)

1st Post Op and Back at Work

Hi Ladies! Two days off the site and it feels like FOREVER LOL. Here is a one-week update:

- Physical condition: Excellent! Since Sunday I feel like 100% again. If I would be allowed, I would be running on the treadmill already - I feel so good :) Boobie incision site hurt a bit. It feels like something is poking me, but it is tolerable.
- Mental Condition: Excellent! No boobie blues and was actually happy to return to work! Can you believe it? But honestly, I feel very happy.
- 1st Day at Work: was yesterday and it went very well. I felt full of energy all day and was happy to be back. Although, I do admit that at night my head was hurting and I did take some Tylenol. Nobody at work really noticed the new twins. I covered them up in a skilled way :) and honestly I always wore push ups before so they don't look that much bigger now...maybe a cup size or so.
- 1 Week Post-Op: was today! I went on my lunch break. The doc is very pleased with my progress and outcome. Here is what I was told today:

*Wear strap 2 more weeks - EEEEEKKKKK :( and wear it tighter! Double EEEEEKKKK :( Overall they are descending but he said that he had never seen as thick of a pec muscle on a female patient before and since it is so strong it wants to squish the implant down, rather than releasing it down. He said it is generally important to make sure the implant drops as soon as possible as the pocket on the bottom apparently will only take it so long before it won't allow the dropping anymore. I guess it builds some internal tissue? I am not sure but I will wear that god darn strap. Here is to dropping!
*Was shown how to massage and started with the exercises today. It doesn't hurt, just felt a bit weird at first. I can already move my boobies together and create some cleavage now :) Already way softer!
*Cleared to sleep anyway I want.
*Steri strips were removed and incisions look great per doc. They are very raised still but he said that goes away as the double layers of internal stitches dissolve. Incision are directly in the breast fold :) PERFECT!
*Cleared for walking, no cardio until 3 weeks to avoid bleeding. At three weeks I can start bike and ecliptical (no arms), butt and leg exercise (no arms). At six weeks no restrictions. Running not until six weeks either as boobies would bounce too much before.
*Cleared to wear any bra I want! That was a surprise. Honestly don't feel like underwire yet but will stop by VS this weekend to see what my size will be :)
*Doc predicts final cup size to be D/DD (I figured)
*Next check up in 2 weeks

Yippee! Hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well as well!?
Truthfully, I feel that I could wear the strap another week. The upper muscle is also pretty strong. I was also surprised my PS said any bra. I want to save intimates shopping for my final size. My anniversary is next month so I can't wait to find something special for my hubby! Your girls look good!
Thanks Gigi :)

Super Irritated :(

Ok, so I have to seriously vent today. I am so irritated with this freaking strap! Ever since my doc told me to tighten it up, the implant puts such intense pressure on my incisions that they hurt and sting all day long :( It is so irritating at work and I can't even control it with Tylenol. It just feels like the internal stitches are poking me :( it gets better once I take the strap off for a while but once it is back on, we are back to square one. It is extremely uncomfortable and actually bothers me more than any soreness I had right after surgery. I was in a board meeting today and couldn't stop tugging on my shirt and rubbing the incision because it was so bad - super EMBARRASSING LOL.

Has anyone had this problem before? How did you guys handle it? I urgently need some advise!!!
Hi hon I'm on week two of the strap I've been taking tremadol for that pain stingy thing every 6 hours xx good luck hon and I'm depressed as I'm 8 weeks post nearly two weeks if the few skin strap and nothing's happening ggggrrrr glitter sprinkles to u for less pain and more comfort xxxx
Awe Tinka I feel you 100%. Where are yours stinging? On the incision or up top? I am so irritated with this stupid thing. My incision is burning and my rib cage is bruised now. Son of a gun...and here I thought I was off to a good start. Pffff, need a glass of wine and a glitter bath girl! XOXOs lady... Wishing you best dropping wishes ... Muahhhhhh (hers a big kiss)!

Bruising and massaging

After calling PS office yesterday and adjusting my strap a little, the stinging in my incision is now a bit more tolerable. It's definitely not comfortable but manageable. However, now I noticed another problem that affects my massages/displacement excercises. I have two huge bruised on my ribcage left, right and below my breasts. That makes my massages sooooo painful LOL. Oh my gosh, I almost feel like I was beat up real bad :( not that I ever experienced that but that's how I imagine it would feel like. I didn't notice the bruising until Wednesday. Do you guys think this is because I started massaging or it is just now hurting because I started massaging? So weird....hope they drop and soften ASAP LOL. Happy Friday everyone :)
Wow that bruising is strange! It's looking kind of yellowish too and that's usually the end color of a bruise, could it be from them holding or picking you up at some point before or after surgery and just now showing up?! You'd think it'd have been sore there all along tho huh? I never had to wear a strap with my first BA and as far as I know I shouldn't havta with my revision with Dr. Revis either and it sounds like those things really suck so I'm very thankful about that, but so sorry for you girls that gotta suffer those damn things :( I do think yer boobs look good tho :) just hope the strap thing gets better and they start dropping and fluffing so you totally love them and all this was worth it...good luck hun!
Thanks Ms500 :) I hope for you that the doc will hold the strap! That is awesome actually. I kind of wonder how good it really does. There are so many women that don't get it and still look great after. But ok, I will listen to my doctor. The bruising actually has gotten worse since yesterday. I now also have it under my boob. Strange and painful. I almost wonder if my massages help my body to transport off some of the internal trauma that occurred during surgery. Maybe the bruises are just the leftovers of all of that!? It almost seems as it is so spreading too. But the discomfort is getting better, so I am not really worried. Plus boobies are much softer after 5 days of massaging. I love it :) what have you planned for today? Was it the Harley Day???

Softer by the Minute

Hello Lovely People!

Just wanted to check in for a Sunday update :) So today is Day 12 post op and I am doing great. Still on the strap for at least another 9 days or so (thats when I have my next post op visit) but I can see some huge changes in my boobies. If you look at the pictures, I am almost wondering if I should still be wearing that strap still. I feel that they have descended A LOT and they are sooooo soft now from all of the massaging. You can see on the pic where i squeeze my left boob how squishy they have gotten. I love that! It feels now like real breast tissue. You can only still tell closer to the rib cage that they are a bit firmer. So overall, very good progress.

As for lack of working out, I am surprised how little my body has changed after two weeks. I definitely didn't gain any weight but feel that I actually lost some! I think that this might be muscle loss? My arms and legs and butt have been getting a bit smaller/leaner and truthfully, I don't mind that at all LOL. Nevertheless, I am walking about 3-4 miles/day and look forward to starting back with cardio a week from now. Plus I will be able to do lower body exercises as well, yippee!!!

So I have one questions for you guys: I found out last week that I have to fly to Asia in 3 weeks (the flight is anywhere from 24-32 hours long - depending on the route I will take). I hate loooong flights because they always bother my knees a lot. Does anyone know if it is OK to fly long-haul 5 weeks post op? I mean can it damage something? I plan on also asking my doc in a week too but thought I would check with you guys first.

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Sunday :) Lots of Love!
Should be fine on flight...just wear your compression stockings to safeguard against dvt esp after surgery. If you don't want your boobs to drop anymore then I'd ditch the strap lol! Hugs Shelly xoxo
I did a 13 hr long international flight 5 weeks post op, no discomfort or weirdness whatsoever.
Oh great :) thanks for the good news! My doc said that flying wasnt an issue but I wasnt sure if long flights would be an exception. Glad to hear that you had no issues.

Loving my new gym look :)

Hi Ladies, everything is well here, massaging is going great and bobbies continue to soften. I am still having a hard time sleeping on my side and hope that the rib discomfort continues to get less. Still feels very bruised :( my breasts have gotten used to the strap and I think that most likely I will not have to wear it much longer! Yeah!!! That means I can start showing some cleavage. About to hit the gym for a long walk on the treadmill (it's been raining here like crazy so I can't walk outside) and thought I would share my joy with you that I experienced when checking my boobies without padding (!) in my gym outfit!!! Haha. I love it :) perfect size to balance out my hips. I am super happy....

Lots of love to all of you!
I'm at the gym on the bike right now and....I LOVE THAT OUTFIT !!!
Thanks Michele! Go get some cardio in for me too!!!

1st Shopping Trip

Finally made it to the mall today! Got sized at VS and ... Drum roll please .... Was sized at 36 DD!!! Woahhhh when that girl pulled out the DD bras they looked huge!!! Lol, I was thinking NO way! But, they fit!! Jeez...I wonder if they get bigger in a few weeks/months? Anyone with experience on that? Also stopped by Bebe and bought a cute new dress :) fits like a glove top and bottom!
You look fabulous! Cute dress!
Thanks Michele - hope your arm feels better. It seems like you have been a bit MIA the last week and a half, hope all is well :)

Girls Night Out!

And with girls I don't mean my new sistas lol! Heading to a 5 course dinner with my BFF :) quick pic attached to show why I really needed these boobs: my butt is huge!!!! Much more balance now :) so happy.....muahhhh to all of you lovely ladies!
Congratulations on your beautiful new look ! I think the size is great for someone very athletic ! Looks nice on your body,
Thank you!

Strap Free & Cleared for Light Arm Work!?

Hi My Boobilicious Friends! Just came back from my 3 week post up. Doc said all is well but right pec still a lot stronger than left. I am officially done with the strap and now have to put pressure on my pecs with fists instead to losen them up more...they are still kind of puffy on top and the right is a bit empty on bottom. He also said to start arm excercises and swim!? I was like: hu????? He said to use very light weights and then I can do arm and shoulder exercises because that will help loosen up the pec muscle. I am super confused. I didn't think it was safe to do upper body anything for six weeks and as much as I wanted to go back to working out I just don't feel safe doing it from what I read everywhere else. It seems like everyone else says at least six weeks no upper body. Anyone has any feedback? Also, isn't swimming superhard on the peck and the arm and shoulders? When I went for my initial consultation with him he actually even said no upper body full six weeks but now he said that I should loosen up the muscle by doing upper body?! Ahhhh....wth? Anyone started light arm workout at 3 weeks? I am so worried I will damage something!
Yay! Bye bye strap from hell ;) I can see how you'd be confused, but you gotta rem a good qualified PS goes on an individual examination and what's right for you might not be right for me or someone else. So maybe put yer faith in the PS you chose and follow his recommendations. If anything goes wrong you can place blame but if you don't follow what he says and then something happens he won't fix a problem down the road if it occurs. Hate to be in yer shoes hun :/
Hi Ms 800!!!!! :) Will just ask him for detailed, allowable exercise tomorrow I guess. Want to be sure I do exactly what he wants me to :)

Various Pics

Ahhhh ladies, forgot to mention that I have Mondors Cord-thought something was tugging down there! Doc said it should disappear within 6 weeks. Actually have it on both sides but the pic shows mostly on right :( on a positive note, before and after comparison is great :)
You look great
Thank you!

Getting softer each day

Hi Ladies, since I am off the strap now and the nurse recommended to massage more frequent, my boobies are getting softer each day :) my boyfriend has been great about using his fist to stretching out my pec. Feel like I am making progress although right side is still so much tighter/higher than the left :( especially in the morning. Also talked to PS office about arm excercises yesterday and started doing isolated biceps/triceps with garbanzo bean cans lol! Feels good :) hope you all are well XOXOXOs
Sorry to hear about the Mondor's cords. Hopefully they aren't too painful. Results are continuing to look great and very natural indeed!
Thanks Tempe :) the mondors cords seem to get better each day. Been taking turmeric pills against inflammation. You excited to start the school year?

Too much massaging?

So I have been religiously massaging my breast and pec muscles. Every time I'm driving and I'm at a traffic light I basically squeeze them LOL. The nurse said I should do that. I am just wondering is it possible to actually overdue that? Because my right pec muscle feels kind of sore. That is the site that is a little bit tighter and I've been doing a couple of extra squeezes there. It's not really hurting now but it feels a little bit like a muscle strain. Is that normal? Otherwise I am happy with the progression, lots of dropping and scars are also healing nicely :-)
I squeeze mine all the time too. Less and less at time goes by buy I'm still sore at times and I think that's why. I'm 4.5 mo po
Oh wow ok! I guess it's all normal than because your boobies look fabulous :)

Didn't upload...

Your aug 24 image is terrific! They look beautiful - size is just right with your frame.
Starting to get a really nice slope there lady!
Thanks Tempe...massaging like a crazy person...jeez, it's like a workout ;)

Almost 5 Weeks Post

Hey lovely ladies! I hope that everyone is healing well or getting excited for the upcoming surgeries. I have been really busy with work as well as getting my kid ready for school. I can't believe the summer is almost over! Also getting ready to fly out to Asia next week which will be exciting, however, I really do not look forward to the 24 hour flight there ugh :(

So how are the boobies doing? Everything is progressing really well and I am very pleased with my results. Still struggling a little bit with mondors cord but it is getting better, not really painful anymore. I have recruited my bodybuilder boyfriend to take care of the nightly pec pushing exercises LOL... And let me tell you since he started they have dropped and softened out a lot!!! Honestly I think they are almost done dropping now. I am still waking up with a stiff boobs in the morning but it usually goes away the moment that I get up. Once I do my morning massages they are very soft again.

In regards to working out I have slowly stepped up my game. I am now on the stationary bike for cardio as well as the ecliptic all without arm movements. I started lower body exercises such as squats and leg presses and also , per doctors orders, do some isolated super low weight arm exercises (biceps, triceps only...2 lbs max). I am extremely cautious with everything at the gym which is so weird for me because I'm used to going really hard. But I am also so surprised how good I feel not working out as I used to for the last five weeks and surprisingly my body actually has not changed much which is great. Over all I actually feel like I have lost weight, and who has a problem with that LOL!! My energy levels have been back to normal since one week after the surgery and truthfully if I was allowed I am sure I could do whatever exercise wise that I wanted to but obviously I will listen to the doctor.

Other than that I don't think at work anyone has noticed the new sistas , I always used to wear push-up bras anyways and most of my normal clothes still fit me because they have a lot of stretch in them.

I am not sure about where you are but the weather here has been extremely hot the last two days and now it is going to start storming and raining :(they are predicting a wet mess over the Labor Day weekend :( let's hope that the weather changes it's mind before the weekend is here! Wishing all of you ladies a wonderful Labor Day weekend XOXOXOXs
Your looking fabulous!! Haha that's what I do at red lights and on the freeway, squeeze and massage my boobs!
Sometimes I wonder of other drivers are watching!? So awkward lol...the things we do for squishy boobies ;)

Night out in Town

Yesterday night me and some friends went downtown Detroit for the annual Jazz Fest - super cool event if any of you are ever in the area on Labor Day weekend. Decided to try out a VS light push up bra....love how big they look :) they got a lot of attention LOL. Wishing all of you a great week - probably won't post for a while due to travel but will check back with you all sometime soon! XOXOXOs
Your boobs look just like your wish pics now!! Wow!! Perfect results!! Welcome to pretty boobland!!! What a great place to be, huh?!!!
Wow we have really similar post-child booby issues, I love your results!  This makes me want to bite the bullet and get some!

I'm really curious to know how the workouts go as you start to do more upper body stuff.  Thanks for writing such a detailed review!

Did you tell your doctor about the smooth move tea or did you drink it with all the meds and it was fine? Just curious- I'm having surgery (not a fun one unfortunately) in a few weeks and am dreading the anesthesia/pain meds BM.  Looking for anything that will help!
Hi Jill, thanks so much! I did talk to the nurse about the smooth move as well as the Cleanse More laxative before my surgery and she said that it would be OK to take. Also, they said arnica and bromelaine are good to go to! Not sure what kind of surgery you are having but I can highly recommend bromelaine (against swelling/bruising), arnica montana (bruising), and staphysagria (after surgery, especially involving the muscles). One thing that I also found helpful was drinking lots of water and eating really healthy before and after the surgery - my healing/recovery time was very short and I quickly felt like myself again. It made such a big difference :) In regards to my workouts (one of my biggest fear pre BA) I have been doing great! I pretty much just walked for the first 2-3 weeks (outside and treadmill) and strated light cardio and leg/butt work at 2 1/2 weeks. Also my doctor told me to start light arm exercises at 3 weeks, which I did (VERY light weight, isolated moves). At six weeks I strarted back up running (barely lost any endurance) and today I was cleared to do whatever I like!!! Yipie :) I was worried about losing my shape and gaining weight but I was surprised to find out last week that I actually lost 4 lbs since July 28! WOW, good news :) also didn't lose any muscle definition at all - maybe my butt is a bit softer (but barely noticeable). My advise to you is: take it easy, tae your time/rest, listen to your body and slowly ease back into it if your doc gives you the green light! You will be fine :)

2 Month on Monday

Hi Lovely Ladies! It's been a crazy busy three weeks for me but I am finally back for a 2 month update. I had my last post op yesterday and I am cleared for any type of workout now. I started running at 6 weeks and it feels fine (although I strapped the boobies down to prevent too much bouncing). Last night I attempted my first set of chest workout and it felt OK too. I guess all is good :) I am also happy that I didn't lose too much endurance and actually I lost lbs since my surgery! I am not sure if it is muscle or just extra calories burned because of higher metabolic rate after surgery, but either way, I am HAPPY :). My right breast still is a bit firmer than the left. You can't really see it from the front but when I lay down, the left breast is a lot softer looking and falls more into my armpit then the firmer right one. The right one also still feels like it is "sticking" a bit when I do my massages. It is kind of a weird sensation. Did anyone else experience that?
Hey hon ur looking amazing x no strap yaaaay I can't wait for that day 8 weeks in the freak in thing now and still no drop ggrr x so happy for u x u go girl rock those girls xx magic days to u full of sparkle n shine xx
Hey Tinka Mommy! Have been seeing your pics on your profile :) have you found out yet if twins or not? So sorry to hear you are still on the god darn strap...man, what a drag! Hope they release you soon!

A continuous journey

Hi Ladies, just a quick update: this BA experience definitely is a continuous journey! There are days where I feel strange about my boobies (especially the right) and sometimes they will small and other days huge! It is so weird at times :) I think the best I can do is to be patient... I know this is a journey! And overall, I have to say I am pretty satisfied :)

Spell check

I meant to say that they feel small vs huge! Sorry :)
i think yer girls look good! I know we're our own worse critic tho aren't we?! Looks like yer abs are rock hard...jealous :) keep doin what yer doin cuz I think you and the girls look HOT! XXXXXX
Thanks Lady :)

Fun Night Out

I went to the mall last night to look for an outfit for an event I was invited to and while I was at the store, the stores associate hands me a top and says: try that, you have big boobs, this will look great on you. LOL, I was like: what did you say???? Seriously, I was almost a bit stunned because I have never heard anyone say that to me before. But she is right, they definitely are not small! I feel like they have rounded out a lot now and somehow they look bigger, especially if I push them together. This is also the first time that some of my friends seem to notice that I got new boobs, 3 months later LOL, funny, must have been hiding them well before. My left is definitely lower than my right because my incision moved up about 1/2 inch and is not in the crease anymore. The other incision is still in the crease. I am a bit freaked out by that, although, they look symmetrical and hope the right will catch up soon. I am sure it will but just very impatient! I will try to post a pic of it sometime next week. Other than that, still super happy with outcome :)
thanks for sharing your journey. :)
Holy boobies! Looking good lady!!!!
She was def right on both, you have big boobs and that top looks awesome on you :) glad you are looking so fabulous and got to enjoy a night out...XXXXXX
Dr. Rouchdi Rifai

I consulted with Dr. Rifai for my BA after he was recommended to me by a friend. My experience with Dr. Rifai and his staff was wonderful. The doctor is very calm, gentle and will listen carefully to what you want. He will give you his honest feedback on your wishes and expectations and lets you know if they are realistic or not. One thing I liked about him the most is the fact that he is fairly conservative and will not create any unnatural looking results. He very much promotes a beautiful natural, balanced look and he is extremely good at creating that. Dr. Rifai has almost 30 years of plastic/cosmetic surgery experience and he is very skilled at his art. I felt like I was in very good hands and trusted his final size judgement as well as his professional surgical skills. I am only two weeks post but I am very happy with my results thus far. I can highly recommend Dr. Rifai to anyone that is looking for beautiful results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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