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Ive never contemplated having a tummy tuck did not...

Ive never contemplated having a tummy tuck did not enter my head, but booked an appnt to have lypo on my tummy and was told I needed a tummy tuck, I said no way and come home and thought about it for a good long year, and realised yes it was a tummy tuck I needed, so here I am writing my review. Feeling rather anxious angry and happy and every single emotion you could put in a bag all I do is read about tummy tucks. But feel I've made the right decision, god I hope I come out the other end!!. Sometimes I think just get me out the other end no matter how bad the recovery is just get me through please god. Anyway lovely ladies will write a review next week when I'm on the flat side hopefully happy healing ladies.


Good morning Fiona , blessings coming your way and prayers.You will be fine okay .Stay strong .Surgery is in and out .So we will see you on the flat side .Relax it will be the best thing yet that you would love for yourself .
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Thank you 35look, just in hospital room now surgery at 2 , so soon to be on the flat side .
Almost time! I bet you're getting just as excited as i am!!! :-)
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Well this is it 2day po just had drains out so...

Well this is it 2day po just had drains out so feel so much better nurse is coming back to help me with a well needed shower and then home I hope it will be ok from here on . It's not been as bad as what I thought , I think I am still a bit swollen still , well I hope I am a bit less is always a bit more anyway will take more pics later .


Hey there, you look like you're going to have awesome results. I saw you you post on Kimmie's page about your scar being high. I disagree. I think its in a good spot. Check out some more reviews and pics and you will see that yours is very much in line with the standard procedure. Take a look at my story and my first surgery and you will see what a high scar looks like! Good luck and happy healing!
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Wow we do look about the same size and you have fantastic results. I can't wait
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Hey Fiona! Thanks for stopping by my page and for the kind words. You made it to the flat side and look great! I hope your recovery is easy and you are back on your feet doing what you love soon! Keep updating us!
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