So Thankful to Be in the Process of Removal

I had my implants put in 10 or so years ago. I was...

I had my implants put in 10 or so years ago. I was not originally wanting implants but I did want a tummy tuck after losing all of my baby fat and having saggy tummy skin. A friend had that done and the dr threw in the implants for a reduced amount. So I asked about it and talked my husband into the combo deal. Initially, I loved how I looked. I'm a small girl and my tummy looked great and my breasts were now beautiful. I assumed I would be able to wear clothes better and look sexy even as a momma. I did fill out the clothes but differently than I thought I would. I no longer fit into xs or size 0 tops. Sometimes I had to go up to mediums so that I did not feel like my chest entered the room before I did. I know I wasn't huge but I am pretty modest and I felt huge. I struggled with the modest-but-I-chose-this-chest issues, but knew they were pretty. I do not usually spend money on myself, so the thought of paying again to have them removed really never seriously occurred to me. I just figured I was stuck with them (first world problems!!) even though they were emotionally uncomfortable and sometimes physically awkward.

Then, a few weeks ago, one slipped out of the pocket. I panicked at first and started reading. But then I realized I could have them removed! Yay! So I called and made an appointment with my original PS. He was surprised I wanted them out and told me I'd be a good candidate for the newly approved implants and that I could just go smaller. But he asked me to let him deflate and let me see I would be ok with that. So that's what we did. I had read so much on here that I was somewhat prepared. It was strange feeling like the same person until I looked down. Leaving the implants in was uncomfortable and I called the dr back the next day and asked for an appointment to remove. It's getting better as I keep them pretty strapped in to a very comfortable sports bra with comfy straps. I get the implants removed next week and am very excited.
Last weekend I was talking to a girl about working out and body image as we get older. I made some comment about always being unsure about our bodies and she laughed out loud and told me that my body is fierce. I just loved hearing that. I feel strong and lean and fierce and I'm happy to just revel in that. :)

Thanks to all of you who posted and especially those who were brave enough to post pics! You really helped me prepare myself for this journey!

How common is it that a dr will deflate the implant prior to the explant? My left is deflated right not sure if it is all empty or not she seems to think it is pretty empty. How high was the cost for this procedure? It sure would help with my decision. thanks!
I think my doctor wanted me to make sure I would be ok with the size. If I'd wanted new implants, he would have needed to do a full surgery and capsulectomy under anesthesia to make a new place for new implants to adhere to. He was very surprised I didn't want new ones. But he was supportive. We joked when he was sewing up the first one. I told him he'd better not let ANY of my breast tissue get away. It ended up costing less than $600.
Wow that was a reasonable price! Since I already have a deflation I know I will need the capsulectomy on that side. Not sure about the right as it is still intact. Mine better not let any breast tissue get away either!!!

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to...

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to update. The surgery went well. A friend drove me to the office but I only had local. A little bit of discomfort on one side but otherwise pretty easy. I love how I feel! They are small but soft and squishy.....and mine! I probably never would have had this done if not for the slippage, so here's to being thankful for the little things. Haha!
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