8 Sessions in and Only Little Result - Southampton, UK

I had this stupid tattoo on my wrist done about...

I had this stupid tattoo on my wrist done about 12years ago and didn't really think this far when I had it done. Over the years I kept regretting it and wanted to get rid of it. In 2011 I started having laser sessions down a tattoo shop. After the 1st session I decided to have a second tattoo lasered off aswell.

I went down there about 4 times and could just not see any result. The tattoo looked the same every single time.

I thought this shop might just want my money. Cause even tho they turned up the laser it didn't do anything to the tattoos so I then decided to go to another shop.

They' ve got a different laser and we keep turning it up too.
The tattoo now started fading a little but still not the result I was hoping for.

The tattoo on my wrist, the chinese symbol, was done twice so its also twice as much ink that needs to be removed. The other one on my belly has only been done once but still not the result I was hoping for.

Today I went to a Skin Clinic to ask if they could help. They were kind enough to give me a free consultation. They said straight away the ink by where I got scar tissue won't fade much more and neither the bits where I got Hypo so I will now have to think of other ways of getting rid of them. Not sure yet tho what I wanna do. I just really don't want this ink there any more. So before you get another tattoo make sure you think about it very well. Nothing worse then getting something done you wish you never had done in first place.

This is £400 down the drain for now. (I'm in the UK but the page won't let me add £ so had to put $ so don't get confused ;) )

Here we go again... I've had session #9 on May 1st...

Here we go again... I've had session #9 on May 1st. The numbing cream didn't work this time because the dressing had moved so it was quite a painful experience. The laser had been turned up to 4.60 and the result was lots of blistering and not much change. Saying that it only just happened so I suppose this will change (hopefully!!) over the next couple of days. So far my camera is trying to trick me as both the tattoos look really light in the pictures but they they're not when you actually see them yourself.

9 sessions on and still nothing..

I've had my 9th session just over a month ago. Still there is hardly any result.
I will now pause my laser removal and wait for better ways of treating it. I felt its just too much money for too little result so I will look out for little scarfs to cover up the tattoo on my wrist for now and start again at a later point.

Sorry for the late update..

Sorry for getting back to all of you so late. For most of the comments I didn't get a notification so didn't check the website :(

My tattoos still look the same, not change there. I've decided to pause my removal and to keep an eye on new methods as I still want to get rid of those two tattoos. Its definately frustrating that you can't see that much of a change esp when there are people who's tattoos are gone after just 4-5 sessions.

What do I say, there are things for everything now so why shouldn't there be anything for tattoo removal. Heads up and keep it going I guess. Will defo do that at some point.

Good luck for you guys :) think positive ;)
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Just found out that there are now 2 clinics in the UK working with PicoSure and Im just about to find out wether that would work for me :)
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May be you must try PicoSure Laser .
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Sorry to hear your frustration. I am 5 treatments in and very fatigued of the whole process. I have had a little fading on my 24 year old ankle tattoo. I have wanted to get rid if it for so long, and finally deciding to do something about it wasn't easy. Now I, too, am frustrated at the expense, pain, blisters, scabs, and the prospect of another summer trying to cover it up in pants. Hang in there.
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Sadly time is the rate limiting factor so what appeared in minutes could take a year or so to go. Make sure you are as healthy as possible. Drink lots of water.
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How did the one on your wrist go? I also want a tattoo removed on my shoulder but going to research it before getting it done straight away. Hope it all went well for you

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I can see the difference , It isn't going fast , but definitely there is ... keep doing removal treatments , may be 20 treatments will be enough ..
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I think the one on your belly has faded pretty significantly.

I'm assuming you handle the actual treatments pretty well and don't experience too much pain since you didn't mention that much, is that correct?

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It was actually pretty painful first but then I discovered numbing cremes and with them its not too bad. I didn't think that it would take this long to get rid of the tattoo on my belly but 7sessions in you can still see it very well.
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Thank goodness for numbing cream!!

Yeah, I guess when I'm just looking at the pictures it seems pretty good but when you put it into context that is was 7 treatments (ie payments, discomfort of the treatment, healing time, etc) that does seem like quite a bit. It is fading away though, so hopefully that is encouraging to you.

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I'm not too sure at the moment about the encouraging bit.. I was thinking of getting a skin coloured cover up on my belly but not too sure if its light enough to do that. And for my wrist I might get some small scarfs or a wrist watch with a scarf to cover it up. Its just so much money that I could use for other things but of course want the tattoos gone too. If I ask them to turn the laser all the way up at the next session at my own risk, do you think they would do it or is it more likely that they only do what they think is right? I would like to give it a go rather then plotting along?
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Hmmm, I don't know. Personally I would be cautious about having the laser turned up too much. It might be fine, but you should definitely ask about the risk of burns/scarring.

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Will do and then update this page. Thanks Megan
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Sounds good - hope all goes well!!

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