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2 Children & a Saggy Belly :( - Southampton, England

Have a tt booked in for June the 4th two weeks...

Have a tt booked in for June the 4th two weeks today (scared) just joined to chat and for some advise really.
What is needed for after that you would say is necessary.
New to this site so bare with me :D any advise would be fantastic
I live in a house with the toilet upstairs kamode needed also people say to get a recliner chair? X

After garment

I'm seeing people buying there own after and saying the hospital ones aren't great. Do they need to be tight? And what are sizes like? Helpp :)

Recliner chair & kimode rented

So I have booked to rent a big recliner chair and a kimode as my toilet is upstairs(nurse advised) 6days today eeek
Any last minute things anyone can recommend that helped? Hope all you post ops are recovering well x :) x


5 more sleeps all payments paid all paperwork received just the waiting game aggghhh

So 3 days post op!

Drains out catheter out home today can't wait! Been a bumpy ride but fingers crossed it will all be worth it :D

Is so happy with what I can see so far :D

Well I'm post op day 5 man I feel great! Obviously still in pain so taking my meds very regular and resting up! But safe to say I'm on top of the world! From the couple of sneaky peaks under the binder and trying to see past the swelling I can't stop smiling and looking at bikinis :-)
Still on my recliner chair (life saver) if your bedrooms upstairs and you don't want to be stuck up there alone I like being in the middle of the craziness kids running around screaming and playing hubby pottering about I love it :D
London Plastic Surgeon

Nigel Horlock is a surgeon that works in Southampton spire, also Salisbury to I think! He's absolutely fantastic surgeon I can't praise him enough! His work is phenom annul! He's friendly his team are friendly. Anyone that's looking for a good surgeon he's the one, I wanted lipo he said I didn't need it therefore I didn't have it a lot of surgeon would have done it for the money!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congratulations! Your looking fab, you must be so pleased :) Happy healing xx
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I sure am thanks on cloud 9 can't wait to see my final results! :D x
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Congratulations!!! I hope you're doing well! I can't wait to see more pictures!! I believe my tummy is similar to yours and hope to get good results!
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Hey thanks I've had a look and see your going In soon, exiting stuff! Your be fine good luck keep posting x
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Hi and hope your recovery is going well and you are getting some TLC. Please can you say why it was a bumpy ride? Would you be able to do a review of this surgeon please? There aren't many UK surgeon reviews so it would really help please.
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Hey I think any surgerys a bumpy ride, mainly the back ache and drains that was/are my main issues! I'm resting up well and taking meds as I'm told! My surgeon is Nigel Horlock he works in Southampton spire he's amazing his work is fantastic he's so honest he won't let you believe your going to get something your not just for your money he's 110% honest!! He's also very friendly which makes every thing a lot easier! He doesn't just want your money! I keep repeating this as so many people go to the first surgeon they meet because there cheap and go along with what you want even if you don't need it ect... I'm healing great (i think lol) so exited to see my new tum!! Any more questions I am more than happy to answer :D xx
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Can't wait to see your results! Keep us posted!
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Hello I'm 36 and have had 2 C-Secs, i had my TT and Lipo done 2 weeks ago today in Swansea, I have yet to sleep in my bed.. but the sofa has been a saving grace i didn't have to battle the stairs i have had my feet up and pillows behind me, also having a downstairs loo helps!! Still one more week of no driving… thank god Tesco deliver!!! Just take it really easy and do nothing for the 3 weeks PO, i'm really glad i listened and have done exactly that, my scar is beautiful its straight clean and neat, the only problem is the swelling.. it'll go once i start walking lightly this week!! Good luck, keep us posted and no matter how low you feel just look at the end result…. Flatness!!! x
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I'm having mine done here in Southampton in spire hospital. Yes it was worried about the toilet situation so I hVe rented a kimode lol! Resting for 3 weeks with 2 children must be hard! Il be pulling my hair out lol! I can't wait I will keep you posted thanks for your comment always nice to hear from others xx
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Hey! How exciting, not long for you now :) I'm 24 PO and my TT has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! A bed wedge was one of the best purchases I made...you can make a perfect V shape in bed with right amount of pillows on top! A grabber was also a great purchase (I bought both from amazon). Everybody has a different experience, but I was fine going up my stairs when I got home (day 2 PO). And again everybodies PS may reccomend something slightly different but mine recommended a Velcro binder from Macom. Good luck and I'll be excited to see your results! X x
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Definitely do the bed wedges. I did not have a recliner or wanting to rent one. I got mine from Amazon. I am only 5days post op and they have been a life savor. If you will be alone, plan to have a cooler of water upstairs. Also, have all your meds and some snacks handy for when you have to take those meds. I did not need a raised toilet seat. It actually worked better for me to slightly bend and pee standing up. TMI, I know . . . sorry. :) You will be great. Have a tv and computer handy for all the hours you are going to spend recovering. Get low sodium foods. I didn't eat much the first few days, but I recommend things like applesauce, toast, jello, low sodium soups to keep your energy up. I am not a big fruit eater, but love these little cans of pineapple/banana/ orange juice. They have been a life savor too. Just sharing what has worked for me. Oh, and stool softeners. Good luck with everything!!
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Hey how are you feeling today? Thanks for your comment very helpful! Got the stool softners ready :)) am of to a mobility shop this morning to see what's going to be cheap an helpful :D il keep youl update ;) x
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Better today. I think I am getting to the point where I'm like . . . ok, let's wrap this thing up and I still have sooooo far to go. It's because I am feeling better. Just baby steps though. I forgot to mention a neck/ travel pillow. I use mine a lot. Especially since I am so prompted up when sleeping. I am still in the doctor issued compression garment. I will let you know what he says tomorrow. I was wondering if he will keep me in it, give me a new one or tell me good luck! :) He also has me wearing this thing from my under my boobs to my thighs with a hole cut out for bathroom visits. Hoping that will be eliminated tomorrow. The hooks up both sides can hurt if they are not sitting just the right way. Stay brave my friend. It will all be worth it!!
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I'm excited for you! I had mine on May 14th. One thing I would highly recommend is to get a raised toilet seat - it really saved me. You can find on Amazon for about $20. Also, you look into renting a hospital bed - I've heard that is helpful. I found I was ok with propping myself up with lots of pillows, and had a pillow under my knees. I'm not sure you need to buy a recliner chair - unless you were going to get one anyway. Also, make sure you have loose comfy clothes - as it's hard to get yourself in and out of clothes for a while. The first 5 days was the worst for me - just be prepared and let yourself heal. It does get better. I'm doing much better now at day 12. Good luck!!!
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Welcome to the community.   Take a look at my Tummy Tuck Survival Guide and this will answer many questions.   

Glad to have you here with us:)
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Thank you I've had a little nose :) x
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Thank you!!
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I'm scheduled for the 13th. My pre-op appt was today. Good luck and congrats!!!
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Cool good luck keep us updated I will too x
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Thanks, I definitely will. I'll post pics as soon as I'm up to it.
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Two weeks - the time will go fast! Mine is not until July 24. This site is awesome! Lots of advice, ideas, suggestions.. just keep reading and asking! I've heard loose clothing that buttons or zips so you don't have to raise your arms up, lots of help around the house. Extra pillows for holding against your stomach for when you cough, laugh, sneeze, etc. Keep us updated!
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Hey thanks for the first comment :-) god it's going to be so worth it tho! I will have a nose through and grab some more tips and advise thank you hope all yours goes well :-) x
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