BA, Lipo to the Arms, Tomorrow 10/3 - Texas, TX

So ready for this, had a tummy tuck on 12/1/12,...

So ready for this, had a tummy tuck on 12/1/12, tomorrow @ 6:45 am I'm going in for BA and lipo to my arms. Stats: 45 year old; 4'11", 140 lbs, 36b, will be getting 500 HP gel on the right, my much smaller breast and 275-393 cc moderate profile gel implant on my left bigger breast. A little nervous, but ready. Will post pictures or update tomorrow if I'm up for it. For now, here's the much dreaded before pics.

We'll I did it, 3 day PO

The first two days are a blur I was in pain, keep in mind I had several things done though. BA, lipo to the arms and scar revision to my BB and dog ear revision from my precious TT, also lipo to my tummy. I like the results so far of all my procedures especially the lipo to the tummy. However, I don't like my boobs. I know it's too early to judge but I feel the look the same only bigger. I knew I needed a lift but my PS didn't think so and so he didn't do it. My areaolas are way too low and one is still looking down and the other is straight just like before. They are riding really high to my color bone and I look like a football player with clothes on. I hate it. I fount some blouses I can wear to hide this deformity for now and they close just fine. I don't look bigger than before bit I think it's because they looks squashed against my chest. I guess this is what they call frankenboob. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff so I an get a better view of what they will really end up looking like. Right now I don't like them one bit

Feeling regretful : (

I've been reading up on how long it takes for boobs to drop and fluff and it can take weeks up to months! I don't want to have this deformed looking boobs for that long! I look terrible in plain t-shirts, which is what I normally wear at home. My chest looks puffed out from my collar bone to the lowest part of my boob, straight down no curve or anything. It really looks like i'm wearing a chest plate. I didn't want my kids to know, but I just don't see how I can hide this. At work, I can wear jackets and scarfs, thank God for the cool weather coming soon, that's at least 3 months that I can use jackets and scarfs to hide this. I'm praying they drop sooner than later. I paid a lot of money for this, I expected something better. Some of you ladies see great results right after, I don't know why mine are so high and ugly : (

PO day 13- a little change

They have dropped a bit, left is still much bigger then the right, bit the right is higher and has the bigger implant , hoping the even out once they D&F.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel- PO day 13

Well, I can finally see some improvement on my boobies. They are dropping slowly, and starting to take shape. I went bought my own workout bra which helps to lift the droopy bottom part of the boob where the implant hasn't reached yet. So my clothes don't look so weird on me anymore, it also helps that they are no longer high on my collar bone. My left still looks wider and bigger than my right, that one is 425 cc Moderate, right is 500 cc HP. The doc thought the HP would compensate for my deflated smaller breast. He has been doing this for over 12 years, and this is his specialty so, I'm trusting him, not giving up hope that they will eventually be what I wanted.
As for my tummy...I LOVE it! I had a TT back on 12/1/12- and the left side of my tummy looked rounder than my right, I gained weight and things just got worse from there, my tummy looked rounder minus the hanging skin. So, this time around I asked my PS to do more lipo while he was already doing my BA, which he did for only $500! and its probably the best results of all the procedures I had done.
Arms- not crazy about them yet, I had huge 13" arms on my small 4'11" body. I don't know how much fat he took from each, they are still swollen, and are now measuring 12", I'm praying that it's too soon and that they will go at least 2 inches smaller. I'm wearing my compression garment on them 24/7, except for when I wash and dry the garment.
Belly button- I didn't like the shape after my TT is looked like a vajay! and then I made the mistake of using a marble to make it rounder and it just made it look like a overused vajay...yuck! He made it look smaller and I'm not putting anything in there, just letting it heal, the scaring around it will fade and hopefully it will eventually look like a real BB.
Pain - I must say that my BA was not painful, I don't think I have felt any real pain in my boobs at all from the BA. Most of the pain I felt was from the lipo he did on my tummy and my arms. The BA was mostly just a tight feeling and sometimes feels engorged. They do hurt when I try to sleep on my side. Which I hate, because I am a side sleeper. I'm so tired of sleeping on my back! My scars were underneath my boobs they look straight and thin, however when I touch them they feel VERY hard, I'm thinking he put sutures to close it up? I've never heard of scars feeling hard like that, I will ask my PS what that is, when I see him tomorrow.
I know this was long winded, but I am trying to cover as much as I can remember from my experience for others in my age group to see. I know that's what I looked for when I was searching. I think surgeries for the young ladies on here are a little different from us older ladies. God bless everyone, I will update as soon as I see something different going on.

22 days PO- small changes

They've dropped a little : /
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I seriously had the worst case of "frankenboob". You aren't even close to mine. You are so early on and they have a great shape already! They will get better, I promise. Once they D&F you are going to look great!
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thank you! I went and bought a different type of sports bra that lifts the bottom emptiness up a little so it looks a little rounder, or maybe they are already dropping because today they don't look as bad under my clothes. You give me hope : )
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Hang in there, it can take months for them to D&F! The waiting sucks but it will happen.
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I know they don't appear too different looking at them from the front, but you can see the difference sideways, my right is much smaller. I was still very worried about the big difference in cc's, but I trusted his judgment, and he ended up putting 500 cc's on my smaller right breast and 425 and the larger left side. I hate the way the look right now. with clothes on there is no way to hide them, I look like I am wearing a chest plate, they are long and flat, kinda like wearing a bullet proof vest! I don't know how long it will take for them to drop. Thank God for colder weather, I can hide them under scarfs : (
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Why such a CC difference with the implants? Your breast don't look that much different from the pics.
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