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Paralysed and Confined to a Wheelchair from Botox Cosmetic - South Surrey, BC

I want to warn other people about my experience. I...

I want to warn other people about my experience. I have been diagnosed with iatrogenic (medically-induced) botulism from Allergan Botox Cosmetic injections. I was diagnosed by a team of physicians and had this diagnoses confirmed by a neurologist who is an expert in this condition, as she treats many other patients like me, who have been injured by Allergan Botox Cosmetic.

I was never told about the risk that Allergan Botox and Botox Cosmetic (which are actually the same drug, just named differently for marketing purposes) can cause paralysis and death. In fact, I was told the opposite, that there was no possible way that I could get botulism from Botox Cosmetic. This is an outright lie. If you look at the US Prescription Information Sheet, from Allergan's website, and registered with the FDA, you will see that it clearly warns that Botox Cosmetic can cause botulism and paralysis and death.

Physicians who do not warn their patients of the risks with Botox Cosmetic are liable for not giving proper informed consent.

I got my injections from a top Dermatologist in Vancouver, and later at a spa in South Surrey, White Rock BC. My neurologist explained to me that my symptoms started from my first injection when I got a severe headache and flu like symptoms after the injection. I was told by the Dermatologist's office at the time that this could not be connected to Botox.

Unfortunately I got Allergan Botox for a few years but over time noticed I was getting fatigued more often and had repeated flu like issues. I had no idea this was connected to Allergan Botox because often the symptoms would happen weeks after my injection.

Then one day I started to lose feeling in my hands and my legs. Within 6 weeks of my last Allergan Botox Cosmetic injection I began to fight for my life everyday. I struggled to breathe, to swallow and to move.

It has been 17 months since my last Botox Cosmetic injection and I am told I have permanent neurological damage. I do not know if I will be able to walk or care for myself again.

I had an amazing life before Botox. I had been working out at the gym for over 20 years and was in excellent physical shape. I had a very successful career and a wonderful family life. I now require full time care. Botulism is terrifying. I am sick every day. And I risked this wonderful life all for treating something as meaningless as wrinkles.

My neurologist told me that if Botox stays in the peripheral nervous system the body can handle it. However, because it is injected into the skin, usually inevitably some gets into the Central Nervous system, where it causes serious damage and paralysis.

Increasing evidence-based research (notably not funded by Allergan) demonstrates the risk of the toxin spreading into the central nervous system.

Allergan states that there are no confirmed cases of botulism from Botox Cosmetic, but they have paid out millions to people who have sued them. Allergan typically settles the cases before they go to trial according to "Botox Buster" lawyer Ray Chester of Texas (source: KFOR.com Botox Investigation). This investigation also notes that in an August 2012 Deposition, the Vice President of Sales admitted that Allergan trains sales reps to tell doctors that Botox could not cause botulism--however, Allergan's own internal studies had confirmed that it could.

Since I have been ill I have spoken to people who have settled legal cases with Allergan. These are people like me, whose lives have been ruined physically and financially for years by Botox Cosmetic injuries.

Other early signs that the toxin has spread into your central nervous system can be increased urinary tract infections, constipation, trouble swallowing, hoarse voice, and trouble breathing. It's important to note that you may not even know that it has spread and caused paralysis internally. You can read about all the FDA reported side effects from Botox (nearly 36,000 of them in the last few years!) by going to DrugCite.com and searching Botox. This is a real problem.

Botox Cosmetic has just been approved for the crows feet in the US. Consumers should know that 1% of clinical trial patients who received Botox Cosmetic for crows feet developed parethesia, which is tingling or prickling or numbness of peripheral limbs. I do not understand how a drug with such a serious side effect could be approved for something as medically unnecessary as wrinkle treatments. Consumers must be warned about this before getting the treatment so they can make an informed decision.

Botox contains botulinum toxin type A, which is considered a biological weapon. Think about it. What could the long term effects be of injecting this into your face a few times a year, for many years, let alone one time? It is ridiculous that we are falling for the scam that this drug is safe.

I urge anyone considering Botox to take my post seriously. I wish someone had warned me about it. I would be able to walk today.

I have attached a photo of me in my wheelchair.

A "Live blood analysis" will show what Botox does to you

As I have been diagnosed by a team of specialists with iatrogenic botulism from Botox Cosmetic, I encourage others to learnabout tthe risks before undergoing this procedure.

Many spas and natural health clinics offer Live Blood Analysis, where only your finger is pricked for blood and this is examined under a special microscope to give you an indication of what is going on in your body.

If you decide to get Botox, do yourself this favor: get a live blood analysis before and after your Botox treatment. It can even be a few days after your treatment. Then ask the practitioner to tell you what differences they see going on in your blood before and after Botox.

Then you will personally know that this drug is affecting your body, well beyond the injection site.

Please let us know if you tried this experiment and share your results with this group.
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Dear Lisa, God bless you! I hope you eventually recover from this horrible experience! I personally never liked Botox! Had it done 3 times years apart because I never liked the way it looked no matter who did my injections. I don't believe these pharmaceutical companies like Allergan they will lie and they will hide all the lawsuits because they are making billions on this product.
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Wow. Just read your post. I am so so very sorry to hear about your case. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. Best of luck to you xxoo
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Hi there. First of all thanks a lot for your report, I am sure you've helped a lot of people. And I want to express that I feel deeply sorry for what happened to you, what a nightmare that must be ... However I've been researching Botox myself (as I'm thinking to get it around my eyes) and this is wat they say themselves "No definitive serious adverse event reports of distant spread of toxin effect associated with dermatologic use of BOTOX/BOTOX Cosmetic at the labeled dose of 20 Units (for glabellar lines), 24 Units (for lateral canthal lines), 44 Units (for simultaneous treatment of lateral canthal lines and glabellar lines), or 100 Units (for severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis) have been reported." So I was wondering, how many units did you get and where exactly ? Thanks so much and all the best !
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Lisa, I haven't had much botox in my life, but it makes sense that toxin would build up in your system just like any other toxin - especially if things aren't working properly to eliminate those toxin. This last year after having botox, I've had trouble with frequent UTIs (8 this past year) and now hoarse voice. I never made the connection but now I will stay away from botox! Thank you soooo much! It's people like you who share their story and help so many people. You are an angel and I pray that in time, you will get well. My thoughts and love are with you.
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Prayers to you... what a strong woman, thnk you for sharing!:)
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I regularly get Botox for Spasms and am very interested in potential health risks from Botox. I just read the kfor article you linked to. It contains a link to one of "Allergan's own internal studies" that you say confirms that Botox can cause botulism. I made the effort and read the whole study. It doesn't confirm any connection between Botox and Botulism! I am wondering if you could name or link to studies you are aware of that would prove a connection. That would in fact help me to make informed decisions as a patient.
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I've been thinking about getting botox, but after reading this, I think I'll skip it. I'll just grow my bangs a little longer so they hide my "11" between my eyebrows. I really hope you recover soon. God Bless!!
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Sorry Lis.botulism for your horrible experience and thanks for sharing this with, I just had my first Botox treatment and I wish I read your story before, I will not do it again for sure. My question, you seem is very good mental status, you are such a good writer and I am not sure how to you use your hand on writing if you are Paralyses, that seem to me good sign. Be Positive and keep faith that you can recover and you will.
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Dear ExposeBotoxSideEffects, thank you so much for your compassion. I do not wish to make anyone cry hearing my story, but i dearly appreciaye your kind words. Like you I want to warn others - and give them the fair warning you and I did not get about potential Botox side effects. So much of your tragic experience is similar to mine and many others I have spoken too - people being too I'll to work, and having to rely on family members to take care of them and their children due to the horrific complications of Botox . I have networked with many other women in our shoes. The physicians that post in writing online that Botox Cosmetic can not cause blindness or paralysis far removed from the injection site are blatantly negligent. Allergan itself acknowledges these risks in its Prescription Information sheet. One of my Botox/botulism friends has successfully sued Allergan and settled out of court. It is very interesting that based on this settlement, one of the top (in terms of volume) Botox physicians in her city, a large US urban city, has decided to stop performing Botox on his patients. Essentially this physician recognized the risk of his own liability exposure. In time, I expect we will see this happening globally as physicians get calls from their patients telling them they have been diagnosed with botulism from Botox. My own specialist at the hospital I was admitted to had seen Botox toxicity issues before. I am sure emergency rooms are no stranger to this problem. There was even an episode in the TV medical drama, "House" where a woman showed up to ER paralyzed and they eventually diagnosed the cause as botulism from anti-wrinkle injections. How's that for art mimicking reality? What I want other people to understand is that you never know which injection will cause you horrible damage. In my case, I had been getting Allergan Cosmetic Botox for a few years but it was my neurogolist who pinpointed the cause of my increasing health issues to Botox. Once I compared my medical records to my Botox records it was so obvious. Typically about 2-6 weeks after my Botox injections I would have new health issues. As an example I was getting unexplained UTIs frequently. I have learned this is very common with others diagnosed with botulism from Botox. Basically each time a person is injected, a small amount can migrate from the injection site. You never know where it is going or what damage it will do. The Botox prescription information sheet warns of possible cardiac issues and I have spoken to many women who are dealing with this, as well as two alternative health care providers in my province that are treating people with cardiac issues as a result of Botox. There are so many ways to remain youthful. And when you think about it, injecting poison into our bodies defies common sense. One day I hope to be able to walk again and to be a contributing member of society again. Until that time I am grateful to have this forum to share my experience and to meet other people like yourself. All the best to you and I look forward to keeping up to date with you on this forum. Xo Jade
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Dear Expose, my heart goes out to you as well as to Lisa. PLEASE let us know how you are doing now. Has your eyesight returned? We women need to say ENOUGH, these cosmetic procedures do nothing except make plastic surgeons rich & forever impact negatively the lives of those of us naïve enough to have had them. I never had Botox but I, regretfully, I had plastic surgery that has changed my life forever for the worse.
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Hi Lisa, my heart goes out to you and so sorry you had to find out the negative impacts of Botox at the cost of your health :( !! I think it's great that you are positive and expect to walk.With that being said, I truly believe in staying positive and visualizing.... It is so important for a healthy mind. I would like to share the awesome benefits of flooding your body with nutrients to revitalize your health -- with what I believe can be a full recovery. Please educate yourself on the benefits of eating" RAW " ! As well as juicing fresh fruits and vegetables( preferably organic ) if possible. This will detoxify your body, and will nourish in return. The properties of leafy green vegetables and wheatgrass are amazing. The variations are limitless in creating a new way back to health. I pray for you and please do give this a try !! There are people who have reversed cancer, MS , diabetes , and much, much more ! Getting that toxin that is taking over your body out, may be a chance to a full recovery for you :) blessings !!!
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I realized after researching last night it is not for me even though i am in the entertainment business.It was a wake up call for me.I will continue to pray for you.
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Thank you missca. You are so kind. There are so many healthy and natural ways to remain youthful. Putting poison into our bodies is not a good idea. I wish you well! Xo
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I really got scared after i read people's stories.So I have been using better products:clayton shagal elastin and collagen.for important events I use freeze27 instant targeted wrinkle treatment. ( i don't get paid from those companies or for using those products.)it has really helped.
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Is this permanent?
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How scary! Is there any chance you can fully recover?
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Dear Lisa, and all Other Affected - thank you very much for sharing your story... I have have just been researching places to get botox in Calgary (just moved in here) but I won't. I got once before, four months ago before my wedding. I work beautifully, and now I start seeing the effects wearing off, so I wanted to get it done again. However, after rading your stores, I won't. I don't age nicely around my eyes (not sure why as I am keeping my beauty regime and women in my family generally age well...) but I will not risk my good health and active life for few wrinkles... It is astonishing how naive we can be, when it comes to easy solutions....as they say - when something seems to good to be true, it actually is..... I was really impressed by effect of botox the first time, but now I think botox is much more scary than few wrinkles.....I wish you ALL THE BEST and keep fighting - I recommend a book "Power of your subcoscious mind" by Joseph Murphy, which may seems a bit silly when you first read it, but it is now my "bible"...and it works!!!! Take care and thanks again for posting it! Jola
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Pic says 1000 words. I am the eternal optimist, so since botox injections are only temporary is there a chance your paralysis can be? I sure hope so. I have the opposite problem, or so I call it a "problem". Botox doesn't work on me. Zero. Nada. Zilch results. With 3 attempts
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I wish I could say that Botox didn't work for me. if you tried Botox for cosmetic reasons, don't try the 4th time. May be God is sending you a message. stay away from Botox...what ever name/brand it is sold under. they're all poison!
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OMD so sorry about your condition. Did you ver have any problems like these before Botox? Doctors will never admit their cash cows create huge problems for some people. (I never had Botox but I have had a plastic surgery nightmare.) As far as Functional Medicine, I know some naturopathic doctors -- is that the same thing? It sounds like you're doing a lot right now as it is (exercise, meditation) so it certainly can't hurt. As for myself I believe most of these prescription meds do nothing except cause more problems. I had to take a neuromodulator after my plastic surgery and I gained 8 lbs. in a month and it did nothing for the nerve pain. Anyhow, I really hope you find a relief very soon. All the best to you.
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How is the doctor able to confirm that it's the botox that caused the issue?
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Dear Lisa, I am SO very sorry for your devastating experience. I remember seeing something years ago on a news show about a married couple who had Botox at the same time and they both wound up paralyzed. (If I remember correctly, though, the injector was not a qualified medical professional.) Also I know that if Botox is injected into the wrong area between the eyes it can cause immediate and permanent blindness. I wonder how many people who get this crap regularly injected know anything about these risks? When it comes to cosmetic procedures, let the buyer beware. There are so many lives that have been altered forever by these supposedly "low risk" procedures. Please do not give up hope; no one knows what the future holds.
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omg im so sorry this happened to you :(
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Thank you for sharing your story. I too had a horrible headache accompanied by flu-like symptoms for a week after a very low dose for the frown lines between my eyebrows. I was in bed for a week, and i had two young kids to take care of! (I told my derm to go with a light amount, I can always come back for more if it wasn't enough, as I was new to it and wanted to be conservative.) There is so much they don't tell you! Since then (4 years ago) there have been many comments to an original post I made on this site warning people of my experience, with their shared experiences of horrible headaches or worse. I am so sorry for your life altering experience and hope you will get your functioning back as your body rids itself of the toxins and rebuilds over the days and weeks ahead.
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