Over a year.. - South Portland, ME

I have three children. I had my last child over 9...

I have three children. I had my last child over 9 years ago. All were delivered by C-section. I later had a hysterectomy as well as an open abdominal surgery another year later. I currently have the c-section/hysterectomy scar as well as a scar going vertically from that scar up to and through my bb. If the scars are not bad enough, I have extreme stretch marks! My weight flexuated with all my pregnancies but I am currently at a good weight, and just can't get rid of the excess skin with out surgery.

Well, had my pre-op today, blood pressure was...

Well, had my pre-op today, blood pressure was great! Blood work done.

I was surprised that I was given 4 prescriptions to have filled for after the surgery- 2 for pain- both oxycotin and oxycodone. That is a lot of pain meds : l . They also gave me one for antibiotics and one that is a blood thinner to take everyday for 7 days after the surgery. ( I had a DVT after c-section in 2003).

The surgery date can't come quick enough now!!! :)

The Nurse practitioner stated I would wake up with...

The Nurse practitioner stated I would wake up with my CG, and that I should not remove it or touch it until I go to my post op appointment which will be 7 days Post op. She also said no showers, only sponge bathes.... I see everyone posting pics 1 or 2 or 3 days PO..and I won't be able to even see the surgeon's work for a week?? :( WTF? LOL I will be like a little kid at Christmas.. wanting to unwrap my gift. lol

Next week at this time I will be in recovery- but...

Next week at this time I will be in recovery- but I sit here worrying about the weirdest things. I worry, what if the PS doesn't take enough skin, what if he doesn't go up on the sides far enough? What if my scar is to high? Why is it I only worry about how it will look? And not about the Surgery itself? LOL

Tomorrow is the day! I have done all my...

Tomorrow is the day! I have done all my "pre-shopping" I think I just need to pick up some bendable straws, stool softner and laxatives to have on hand. I'm very excited, and a little nervous. Not about the surgery, but more about my results, and how my stomach will look. I just can't picture me with a bb again, or a half way decent stomach. - I mean, I know I will still have some stretch marks.... but I can't picture how I will look at all.

Doctor rescheduled my surgery till the 5th because...

Doctor rescheduled my surgery till the 5th because I mentioned I had symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection... but can't know for sure with out a 48 hour culture- So they are postponing the surgery. :( I am so frustrated right now!!!

This counting down from 1 week again blows.. lol I...

This counting down from 1 week again blows.. lol I feel like a little kid that was dreaming it was christmas and woke up to realize Christmas is still a week and a half away :(

Okay, back down to two days! Two days from now at...

Okay, back down to two days! Two days from now at this time and I will be in recovery! I can't wait to start the healing process and get past all of this!!

I am headed out shortly! I have a few errands to...

I am headed out shortly! I have a few errands to run and then I will be at the Doctors office. It is so surreal! :) I'm getting very nervous.

Home . Sleepy but not bad nothing to see yet...

Home . Sleepy but not bad nothing to see yet wrapped up like a mummy

Well, I got home last night around 6. I went right...

well, I got home last night around 6. I went right to bed... and slept off and on till 9. My b/f got me out of bed, I walked around and was very proud that I was able to go into the bathroom and go pee alone. lol. I haven't been dizzy at all. I did have a little extra pain when I got home untl I got caught up on painmeds.

I had to wake up at 11 so my b/f could give me a shot in the butt - blood thinner lol. I slept in my bed with two pillows under my knees and two pillows behind my back. I slept good. No problems. I was actually surprised. I got up a couple extra times through the night to walk around. I don't want to take chances with DVT. All I have had was nibbles at saltine crackers with ginger ale each time I take my pain meds.

Doctor spoke to me after surgery said they were able to take more skin than originally thought, and that I did need MR. He and I were both surprised by that. My first Post op isn't till next week. My two drains are draining quite a bit.

Last night I woke up at 230 in the worst pain. I...

Last night I woke up at 230 in the worst pain. I think I slept through a pain pill that I should have had, and it took a while for the next one that I took at 230 to kick in. It hurt so bad I had to undo my binder... it was the first time I touched it since the surgery. No way I will be able to get it that tight again... but it was such relief to undo it, but then I had even more pain... I guess there is no winning with this. The drains are starting to slow down and are looking clearer, and not so much like blood, I guess that is a good thing....

Yes, I peeked, and of course I took a picture :) I...

Yes, I peeked, and of course I took a picture :) I am very happy with what I have seen so far :)

I have a lot more energy and feel like myself...

I have a lot more energy and feel like myself today, now just trying not to over do it :). My back hurts and im gassy, my only complaints - and of course i cant shower so i have a bad case of swamp ass lol b/f promised to sponge bath me and wash my hair when he gets back from the gym and groceries- god i love that man :)))))

I have not taken any pain meds yet today- i had a...

I have not taken any pain meds yet today- i had a good nights sleep last night. I just want the drains out!! A bm wouldnt be a bad thing at this point : /

I am bleeding from the area that my left drainage...

I am bleeding from the area that my left drainage hole comes out of- i put some sterile gauze there for now, but im not sure if i should be worried or not? Maybe call doc? I just dont want him sending me to the er :(

I have not taken any oxy's since last night. I am...

I have not taken any oxy's since last night. I am now just taking tylenol. The pain isnt bad at all- just some muscle soreness and irritation around my left drain- drains are not putting out fluid anymore - i dont have a doc appointment till thursday- hate to think the drains will have to stay until then?? On a different note i still have not had a bm- that is with 3 stool softners a day and a dose od MOM 2 days ago and another dose again today- im feeling bloated and full :(

6 dpo- I am a little sore, and certainly sick of...

6 dpo- I am a little sore, and certainly sick of my drains that are not even putting out anything to speak of. I don't go back to the doctor for my 1st po until Thursday. Tomorrow I technically go back to work, but I am working from home for the next week... so at least I can take a nap if need be... I am dying for a shower!! But I don't get one of those until after the pesky little drains come out. I took my last anti biotic this morning, and it seems weird that I will have the drains in for two more days with out taking antibiotics. I have not had any problems sleeping.... but I became a back sleeper a long time ago... probably due to repeated surgeries that required me to sleep on my back. :)

I am overwhelmed on a couple of fronts after...

I am overwhelmed on a couple of fronts after looking at myself in the mirror standing with out the binder on.....
1) The scar goes pretty high on my hips which I already suspected.
2) I don't know how I will ever stand upright straight again... It doesn't look like there is enough skin for me to ever do this. :(

Has anyone else ever dealt with these issues? I was standing at about a 45 degree angle, and just do not see extra skin to stand..and when I do, I am sure it is going to pull my scar even higher :( I know I had a lot of skin and bad stretch marks to remove, and my PS did a fantastic job doing this.... but my scar will never be able to be covered by a bathing suit bottom :( I did even take a picture because I couldn't stand straight enough to do so :(

I want to thank all the women that stopped by to...

I want to thank all the women that stopped by to reassure me about my incision and how I was feeling. I think with surgery we all have days of doubt... lol.. Today I am feeling much better... after thinking about it I realize just how much bad stretch marked skin the doctor was able to remove..and if that puts my incision a little high..so be it.. its a good trade off in my book :) I am feeling a lot better physically today.. only pain is when I cough or sneeze.. and that is a real sob.. lol. Hope everyone is doing well!

Added two pics of me standing up finally- my...

Added two pics of me standing up finally- my midriff looks real short because I'm still bent over forward- cant stand . So I look mutated lol

Okay, my PS is a genius - but also a nazi- lol he...

Okay, my PS is a genius - but also a nazi- lol he took my drains out and then have me a very stern speech about not doing anything at all- and that he didn't want to see me in here all full of fluid. I guess he knows me lol so, I still can't do anything- I even have to wait 24 hours before I shower - getting the drains out hurt like a sob- as did the stitches on the bb- I looked at it- and it looks pretty gross at the moment, but he didn't seem too worried just told me to put anti bacterial cream on it tomorrow - it hurts a bit right now. Well, I think that is it- comfort level is a bit better with out all the hose And drains, but nothing else different :).

My 2nd post op was moved up to today after I...

My 2nd post op was moved up to today after I called the PS office yesterday with some concerns. As it turns out... everything is looking good and nothing to worry about, just normal swelling going on here :) He took the steri strips off the belly button..so the little triangle is gone...its weird looking at my belly and seeing a real belly button... :) Its still full of dried blood and a bit gross...but if you look at my before pics.... my belly button was hidden..

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since my surgery, and it is my first official day back to work. I have worked from home for a week... but it isn't the same as getting up and putting my "real" clothes on and driving into work... I have a pretty good idea that I will be very tired. I am finally at a point that I can stand 90% erect for short periods.. I can't wait for the day I can stand up and feel normal again.. I'm hoping I can hide the hunching at work tomorrow.

First day back, just did desk work... and I got...

First day back, just did desk work... and I got home, took binder off and saw that I had swelled to the worst proportions so far :( Taking it easy for the evening.

I spent the day home with my feet up yesterday. ...

I spent the day home with my feet up yesterday. It did wonders for me. I am back to work again today and will try to put my feet up at lunch and hope for limited swelling.

I'm 16 DPO still only standing about 90%, sometimes 95% but my skin feels too tight at that point. Looking in the mirror I notice that the way the PS did the Tummy tuck gave a nice lift to the skin on the front of my hips.. which I am very happy with. All that pregnancy skin was hiding what I forgot- I am high hipped and short waisted.. lol I havn't seen this body in 20 + years. lol

Is anyone else finding that they are crying over anything and anything? I think I am driving my b/f crazy with my emotions.

Swollen after work but still happy with what I am...

Swollen after work but still happy with what I am seeing- cant wait for my belly button to finish healing looks yucky!! Lol

Well, it's the holidays ! Drank for the first time...

Well, it's the holidays ! Drank for the first time since surgery, and ate crappy food for the first time- all yesterday and today :(. Not good, but the good news is even with swelling and bloating from surgery, food, alcohol I was still able to wear my normal pants all day today- with my cg under the pants :) feeling good , was up and about like a normal pre surgery day :) only mild discomfort here and there - :).

I will knock on wood before asking this or...

I will knock on wood before asking this or explaining.. lol. I will start by saying that so far I have been lucky to have very minimal swelling. in two days I will be 4 weeks po. At night I still sleep on my back, with 2 pillows under my knees. When I sit on my couch I put my feet up. Through the holidays I did a lot of cooking, and went back to work at 2 weeks Po. My first day I swelled pretty bad, but then I was fine. I am wondering if continuing to sleep on my back with two pillows under my knees is part of why I am not swelling or are you girls that have significant swelling sleeping this way as well? ( I know I probably just jinxed myself into swell hell.... lol ) :) Happy New Year everyone! :):) here is to 2013 flat and fab :)

I took these tonight after New Years drinks /...

I took these tonight after New Years drinks / snacks last night and feeling "puffy" today- I can feel the tightness from the swelling - high sodium snacks, and alcohol :( I'm not used to either - they made me sick :( oddly enough I swell on the sides right above the incision not so much on the front of my belly but definitely on top of my lady parts !! back to my healthy eating! Holidays are a killer !! Lol

I had my four week Po this afternoon- no more...

I had my four week Po this afternoon- no more binder and I have been released to start back at the gym- he til me to just listen to my body :).

As far as scar treatment he recommends vitamin e oil. I go back to see him in 6 weeks :)

You all seem to have the same question concerning...

You all seem to have the same question concerning the binder so I thought it easier to post a general response here. As soon as the doctor said I could go with out that sucker I tossed it into my purse and strutted my stuff right out the door. :) I stopped at the store and picked up vitamin E oil, then went home and did some laundry and put wood in the fire- granted I went from my doctor telling me since the surgery to not pick up anything heavier than a 1/2 gallon of milk- and don't bend over or do house work to - do what ever you feel comfortable doing and work up to what you used to do at the gym. So, a month in a binder that did all your core stabalizing for you for the most part..and now I am just doing house work, and being "normal". By the time it was bed time I felt like I had done a million crunches.. my core was exhausted and just felt naked with out my security binder. Not too much swelling, so that was nice. However today I sit at work..... yup you guessed it...wearing my binder.. lol. I figure each day I will go longer periods with out it until I am free of it .. Then just use it during the gym and martial arts. ( which my boyfriend has forbidden me to start back for the moment. lol ( too many high kicks, rolls ect.. its a great core work out... but too much for my new tummy right now :) Hope everyone is doing well with their healing.. :) :) :)

Okay, for starters... I went the whole weekend...

Okay, for starters... I went the whole weekend with out my binder. I went shopping at the mall yesterday, my intention was to take my binder with me for when I got tired, but I forgot it at home. I did fine, shopped all day- and was wearing my normal jeans :) I felt normal... except that when I got tired, my stomach felt very tight, and I went numb from about mid thigh up to my ribcage- I didn't expect that.

Today I wore leggings with a sweater. (no binder) The leggings elastic waist hit literally right above my scar. I was surprised that it didn't bother me. By the end of the day the elastic of the leggings felt tight on my waist. When I went to shower tonight, I did notice one surprising thing... the area on my left side which my PS and I suspect may be a dog ear...was deflated and almost non exsistant. I am not sure if the leggings elastic "compression" right above the scar made the difference or if it was just coincidence... but I was pretty happy, its the first time I actually felt like there was a chance that it might "settle down" and would turn out to just be localized swelling.

Over all..not too much swelling for the weekend at all.. and just a few days of awkward tightness and I think I am free from the binder and all compression. :) Its a good feeling.

5 weeks post op do not bring many changes. I am...

5 weeks post op do not bring many changes. I am completely free of my binder. That has turned out to be liberating. I still can't truely stand straight and arch my back in any way, still have a skin shortage. My belly button continues to change everyday, and I hope it will continue to change- so many on here worry about their belly button being to small, mine seems huge. lol I'm hoping it will calm down a little and take on a cuter shape. I continue to have localized swelling on my left where my nice little dog ear has taken up camp. My lady parts are looking a little more lady like... and best of all I am feeling like my energy levels are back to normal, but when I push it my stomach still feels tight from the usual swelling and over doing it. I will post new pictures soon- I have my cruise in 2.5 weeks and I am relieved to actually feel like I will be ready for it :))) Hope everyone is doing well!

The picture is close up of my belly button - hard...

The picture is close up of my belly button - hard to understand just how big it is- but when you look from a distance it looks huge , not sure if some of that is caused by the scaring?

So, yesterday afternoon I was at work and my bra...

So, yesterday afternoon I was at work and my bra kept slipping down over my rib cage. It was annoying me to no end. I decided to leave work early and take a stroll through the mall and maybe go to Victoria Secret. I am usually a 36DD however lately I have noticed that the band is slipping and I have to hook it all the way in, and it is still loose. I have suspected for a while after doing some internet research that I am now a 34. The tricky part which I just discovered is that when you go down a size in band - you go up a size in cup- Yes that is right, making me a 34DDD. Oh my. Well, as you know the staff at VS is always super helpful and willing to help you with proper fit and even give you a bra fitting. In the past before my surgery I always felt awkward because well, lets face it- all these young cute girls see me with just a bra on and all my extra skin made me self concious. So, here I am yesterday in the fitting room trying on bras... I have just my leggins on.. and I am checking myself out in the fitting room mirrors which used to make me want to cry- and I found myself calling the girl into the room as I stood there with just a new bra and my leggins on... opening the door wide with women waiting in line.. and asking questions... lol. I was not self concious and felt like actually pointing out my new BB that was bought and paid for. The upside was feeling confident in my body, with no need to hide or be ashamed of folds of skin- The downside was... the Victoria Secret store does not carry 34DDD in the store- you have to order online. Oh, sure I could buy some "full coverage" 34DD that the clerk was able to stuff all my boob into... but I was like... well, some of my shirts the bra is going to show.... the young girl looked mortified.. like a 41 year old woman should not wear anything other than a turtle neck. lol :) I will order some nice demi bras offline thank you very much :)
Okay, on a physical note- I worked all day yesterday, then walked around the mall for 2 hours, then went home and cooked supper- I found I was a little swollen last night, and I only suspect this or could tell because the elastic on the leggings waist was now leaving a mark at my waist and hurt a little bit. To look in the mirror I didn't see much of a difference except that my waist looked a little thicker on the sides. :)

I am just about 6 weeks po- and I think we turn...

I am just about 6 weeks po- and I think we turn into our own worst enemy right about now. lol. This weekend I was feeling completely normal, like I didn't have surgery... and then I would find myself doing stupid "normal" things... that quickly reminded my idiot self... that I am not quite "there" yet. examples- bring your trash out to your dumpster and swinging it up and over like its an olympic event... that got me a stern lecture from the boyfriend... Another example is.. not to give too much info.. but while in the bedroom.. things getting a little too energenic... some skin just isn't stretchy enough yet... and can remind you quickly that we must crawl before we can run.. :) Again... a reminder that patience is a virtue... and that Rome was not built in a day... I am willing to take all the time needed... and still think that this surgery, pain, and inconvienence was well worth every penny and tear spent. I asked my boyfriend and he is in agreement- thought he should have input, after all.. he was my caretaker for those first weeks and had to pick up the slack around the house. :) Of course he is now reaping the benefits of my new body.. :) Happy healing to all of our new TTer's .

Last night while doing my nightly massage with...

Last night while doing my nightly massage with vitamin E oil I was massaging in circles along the incision. I felt/heard this snap like a rubber band snapping- and felt it in my skin as it moved more freely like it was "released". I am still numb in that area.. but it almost felt like my incision had let go and opened, I freaked out and ran to the bathroom to look under the lights- Everything looked normal and my boyfriend now thinks I am going crazy.. lol. Has anyone experienced anything similiar? Was that just scar tissue releasing or a desolvable stitch letting go? is something going on that I should be worried about?

Not much has changed at 6 wks po. Time has flown...

Not much has changed at 6 wks po. Time has flown though! Funny when I was waiting for the surgery how slow time seemed to drag and now I m already 6 wks po. I am still getting burning and soreness behind my belly button from the muscle repair. I think it is because I am not engaging my core muscles and starting to work out. I have very litte swelling now. I had read that at 6 weeks you can start to get an idea of what your final results will be- I have to say that I am very happy with where things are. I have no complaints. It is still looking like I will need scar revision on my left side for the dog ear but otherwise the scar is thin and healing nicely. The scar on the belly button seems to be slipping into the belly button as my skin adjusts and the swelling goes down. Hope everyone is doing well with their healing! :)

I needed to go shopping for new gym clothing, as...

I needed to go shopping for new gym clothing, as none of mystuff fits anymore... and I was just so very happy when I tried this on! I could have never worn this before the surgery!

I just got back from a week long cruise. Life was...

I just got back from a week long cruise. Life was pretty normal on vacation. It was nice to forget about the TT and the healing process and just feel normal. Other than putting a ton of sunscreen on my bb and scar all seemed normal. I went to the gym on the ship, did cardio and weights with my fiancee' who always pushes hard... I think I had a little swelling from that but not much..and it could of been from the junk food on the cruise just as much..lol. I am now 9 weeks post op and feel totally normal. The numbness is gone, but body seems to have adapted to the changes. Tonight I will put my body to the test by going back to martial arts class, which will include a lot of core work for balance. I will not do any full contact yet...as I am not that crazy. lol :) Nothing else has really changed.. the scar does seem to have flattened out and become part of my body rather than a foreign thing- if that makes any sense. :) Happy healing all!

Okay- martial arts results- swelling. Not the...

Okay- martial arts results- swelling. Not the puffy kind, my stomach got hard, tight and just a little bigger than normal. I did all my kicks. as well as my floor work that includes heavy core work out. No pain at all, just the tight feeling after class like my muscles in my core could not relax. Life is pretty much back to normal. Recovery- a thing of the past. Ready to think about a breast lift and augmentation lol.

I'm trying to read up on medical deductions... can...

I'm trying to read up on medical deductions... can I claim the expenses from my Tummy tuck ?? Anyone?

I went in for my appointment last week ( 2 months...

I went in for my appointment last week ( 2 months post op/10 wks) I was surprised when my PS looked at my dog ear on my left side and said " well, if it isn't gone now lets just schedule that little procedure now" So, in 2 wks I am scheduled for an in office procedure. He will numb the area make a little incision and cut that little sucker out :) I thought he would have to wait till 6 months - i'm very happy to get rid of it early !! :) Here is to March 2nd! :)

Do you guys notice a change in your weight for the...

Do you guys notice a change in your weight for the next couple of days after working out? After my surgery my weight stayed even and steady. Now that I am working out my weight seems to keep spiking upward for a couple days after a hard work out..... OR.. am I putting on weight?? :(

A week ago Friday I went in to have the dog ear on...

A week ago Friday I went in to have the dog ear on my left side removed. I was surprised that he was doing it so early in my recovery as I am at about 12 weeks PO. So, on the day he was running an hour and a half late. I was also scheduled for a consult for my BL and BA. He brings me into the procedure room and quickly does a numbing, and snip snip I am done- He is answering questions about the BL and BA as he does his work.

Up until this point I have been completely happy with all of my PS work. I have not once complained to him about anything. While I was trying on different sizers he came in to talk to me. I noticed in the mirror that where he had put the stiri strips from the dog ear removal there was still a substantial "shelf" and the curve on my side still wasn't natural. He told me that I "had a shelf" on the otherside too and basically gave me the attitude of "tough sh!t".

I was a little put out at this point and wasn't really feeling like giving a down payment for another procedure with this attitude he was giving me. I left their office with directions on how to "treat" the procedure site- but NO FOLLOW UP- Nothing... basically thank you for your money- we are now done.

So now its a week later, the stiri strips have fallen off.. and guess what? I still have a dog ear- oh, its further back now, but that side still looks unnatural. That side has looked unnatural from the day I got out of surgery, but I wasn't worried because I was confident that my surgeon would fix the issue and it would end up looking like the other side. It doesn't . Not even close. Now I am left feeling like some how I had too high of expectations to assume that the curves on my side would look natural. I was able to live with the high scar he left me with because I understood how bad my stretch marks were, but I am very unhappy with how he blended the procedure into my sides... My PS's office doesn't believe in doing Lipo during a TT, and now I am feeling like i will have to pay another PS to fix the Dog ear and lipo my flanks in order for me to be happy with the results. Maybe I am just being too picky??

Over a year- hard to believe

Life seems to keep speeding on by! Its been over a year. I feel normal, my stomach no longer seems "alien" when I look at it. It is now a part of me. I am now looking forward to a BL/BA with lipo at my waist and flanks. My PS wouldn't do lipo at the same time as the TT- so I will have it done while I am under for the BL. I have yet to schedule a date, but have already had my consult.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

The pictures speak for him- he does amazing work- better than i ever could have hoped for!!! After surgery he checked in on me multiple times- it was money well spent!!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Good luck with your BL/BA!!
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Do you have any photos one year later??
  • Reply
I will take some. Not much has changed, except the scar is now fading and the skin has relaxed and looks more natural.
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:-) I can't wait to get to a year!
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Looking good
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Nope I wouldn't be happy with that either but overall you chose your ps for certain reasons and I think you shouldn't let your recent experience sway you unless it's on top of other bad experiences. Maybe it was a bad day for him :( ask him to correct it at your ba appt and I he gives you grief go somewhere else
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I don't think you are being picky at all! I have a spot on my one side I am not happy with but I am not as far along in recovery as you so I haven't had to have that discussion with doc. My doc also said to let it go and it will get better after a few months. Have you considered getting a consult with another PS, if you are doing a BA then maybe you could find one who would fix the side for free with it. They are free consults so it wouldn't hurt to ask. If you are not happy i def wouldn't give him more money. Just a suggestion! Good luck
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You are not being to picky! I am sure you may still have some swelling, but what you are seeing may still need revision. Schedule appt and let him know you want this stage complete so you may move on satisfied with your TT .
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I called my PS today. The nurse wanted to schedule an appointment for me and I told her to have the doctor look at my pics first. I don't want to go into his office so he can tell me that I need to "let things settle for 3 months" before he is willing to revise it a 2nd time. I just want to know that they will be willing to fix it when the time comes. Does that make sense? lol
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Yes that is a great idea. Gives him time to see your area of concern without having to make a quick decision. I am sure he can come up with a plan for resolution.
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Definitely post something to the docs on this site for their opinion on how to deal with that. You should not have that bump!!
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I posted, but I guess it takes a while before the site looks over your question and posts it for doctors to answer the question. :(
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Whoa! Your concern is completely reasonable. It is as noticeable from a distance as it is close up. Request an appointment with him and ask him point-blank how he thinks what you look like is acceptable. Ask if he is using it on his website. Is he proud of that work? Because you share your experience with all of New England (; )). That could be scar tissue that could be massaged out, you think? I hope it gets better! Your expectations are reasonable, these results are not. Hopefully that's not final. Hope you're doing well otherwise!
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Yes, I am doing well other wise thank you- I really should not complain- over all I am very happy with how things have come out- but I just have a ton of anxiety about that one area and how unsymetrical it looks with the rest of me. I also sent the photos to my PS's office and I am waiting to hear back from them. It is frustrating because I took time off to have that procedure done.. It was uncomfortable.. and now it is looking as though the issue isn't even corrected. :(
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Hi girl. I'm so sorry about your dog ear. Are u saying the recent pics u took are after the revision? But, you are right....it does not look natural & u are NOT being too picky.
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Yes, these are AFTER the revision. :(
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Oh no. Don't go see another surgeon. I agree with Missy. U need to have a sit down with him. Let him know u are on Realself. And asking if he would use ur results on his website is a damn good idea. He needs to make it right & not be half ass about it. I really hate people's customer service. The deal isn't over as soon as payment is rendered. There is a relationship that should be established for REPEAT BUSINESS!!! Geez, to businesses not get that any more?
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Well, I am definitely holding off on my BA/BL now. I just don't even want to attempt it until I am satisfied with my TT results.
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I am having a full TT and a BA by Dr. Vaughn on Tuesday. It is nice to read about someone who has the same doctor. You look amazing! Thank you for sharing.
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Good luck! I wish I would have had my ba done at the same time !
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Oh its the thorn in my side right now. The short of it is yes, swelling causes weight gain. =(
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Yeah, I'm seeing that- my weight is down 3lbs from yesterday- I was so swollen last night after martial arts- a lot more demand than my weights or cardio in the gym.
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Haven't had my TT yet, but maybe it is muscle you are building? Muscle always weighs more than fat. Thanks for the information!
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I thought about that, but 5lbs of muscle in a week would be wishful only :). You are welcome! Glad I could assist :)
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My weight (eating) seems to affect my my swelling more than swelling effecting my weight, does that make sense? I basically need to step away from the table and spend more time at the gym. Even a few pounds shows now on my new tummy.
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