Breast Lift with Augmentation - Portland, ME

I had a TT on 12/05/2012. I am extremely happy...

I had a TT on 12/05/2012. I am extremely happy with my results and am now looking into a BL with BA. I am a 34DD/DDD depending on the style of the bra. I would like to pretty much stay the same size maybe a little bigger, but back up where they belong and fuller- specially in the upper pole. I am still in the phase of "looking" and figuring out what is best for me. ie. saline vs. silicone. I am pretty definite on sub muscular on the implant- all else is up in the air. I go for my consult on 03/01/2013.

Scheduled my consult- but ready to schedule surgery

I have already done consults in the past. I know what I want done and I know which Doctor I want doing it. Now that I got the green light from DH to spend the money- I want it done yesterday. The doctor gave me their earliest consult- June 4th. I asked if they have a last minute cancelation to call me. I was hoping to have the surgery before I leave for France in July- but it is doubtful.

Got a call from PS this morning...

They had a last minute cancelation. I went in for my consult today, I have my pre-op tomorrow, and my BL and BA is scheduled for May 27th 2015. I am having 425 cc in left and 350cc in right- Silicone. Talk about things moving fast all of a sudden. I am very excited. I am sure the next two weeks will crawl by.

Had my pre-op appointment yesterday-

I asked more questions, and now know that my silicone implant is mentor smooth moderate plus profile. 350cc on my right 425cc on my left. I told him I want to go back to a full DD. Hope that isn't too big. Less than two weeks until my surgery. I can't believe the doctor was able to get me in this fast! :)
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