Enjoying my recovery!!

Been doing way too much research that I'm possibly...

Been doing way too much research that I'm possibly freaking myself out, I was even thinking of switching my surgery to a TT instead. Anyhow I been getting support from a former patient of dr Casper and thank God for this site and her messages to me, I am actually less afraid now. Still looking to find more supporters that felt like me and are regret less about their BA's.

I'm 47, 5'5", 168 lbs, mother of 4, size 38b, trying hard to lose the weight, feel like a burrito sometimes since my boobs can easily blend with my tummy. I think a TT would bring my boobs out too but wanted to walk thru the BA first before working on my tummy since I'm still trying to drop the weight. I have wanted this for way too long possibly more after my last child 19 years ago but of course with age & gravity a lot more in the recent years as I see women my age dolled up & attending to their bodies. I got the fitness bug few years ago but not the courage to step up for this until this year.

I have gone to 2 consultations only but felt comfortable with dr Casper right away of course it helped that I had watched all his you tube videos before meeting him. I been super scared not going to lie but ever since I signed up here I have found support & encouragement that I desperately needed & still need.

Issiegirl stop researching! I freaked myself out by reading conflicting facts all over the internet and watching actual surgeries on YouTube....switch of youtube right now ;). Just go with it! It hurts. You will be uncomfortable. But it is worth it! 4 days after BA I am soo happy with my new twins. Good luck and relax! Looking forward to reading all about your journey.

I want to thank everyone thats been sending me...

I want to thank everyone thats been sending me messages and trust me my fear has dissipated ever since I started receiving them. Im glad I signed up on this site, I want to really thank each one of these ladies that encouraged me during the last few days, with work and college, i have not been logging on here but the email notifications were reaching me on my phone and i was reading them. So again I want to thank these supporters and any one else i may have not mentioned: Beth site manager, red23, jenjen77, Formeonly830, Sweetee, liilia, coffeeluvngmommy, bellamiagia3, Mega1975, eliz.kimzapata, Bubbles1980, mommav19, and grownaswoman. I went to see Dr. Casper again on tuesday and I walked in there with so much peace, I am done worrying and there is no more scared juice left in me lol, I can do this and with all you ladies that have gone before me and those that are following. We is powerful. I go in tomorrow morning at 7am is my arrival, I'm scheduled for 730am and God is walking in there with me cuz Im his daughter and as long as I include him in my plans he's right there, will never leave me nor forsake me is whats imbedded in me. I am highly favored of God and so is each and every one of you beautiful woman God sent my way during this journey. I thank you all for being my wingless angels delivering courage, strength and hope to me, i pray to do the same. I will attempt to log on tomorrow if Im not too loaded on these 4 jars of meds they had me pick up. I am looking forward to keeping you all posted. For the ladies getting their BA tomorrow God is with you, he loves you, he knows your hearts desires, his favor is all around you like a shield, my prayers and those of all the wingless angels we have met on here will also be with you. Till my next post love ya all.
I turned it off and you are right that world wide web can be our good friend in some things and our worse enemy in others lol. Anyhow I am at peace I go in tomorrow morning and I know God is with me and I want to thank you for encouraging me and supporting me in this journey. Will keep posting after I'm able to if not tomorrow ok

Ok ladies I'm here 7am soon I will down keep me in...

Ok ladies I'm here 7am soon I will down keep me in prayer :)

Im home now,pretty loaded on the pain meds and...

Im home now,pretty loaded on the pain meds and muscle relaxers. It went well ladies, thank you for your prayers today i really felt Gods presence and peace in that surgery room. Dr, Casper and his great team were so loving & kind to me and i know that was Gods favor over me today. Im not going to lie to you all, I was in pain when I first arrived home but after a couple naps, the pain is managable now unless i get up too quickly then i feel the pain. I will post my before and after in a bit but the one with the bra off after . Im so glad its over, thank you ladies and mostly THANK YOU JESUS!!
I'm glad everything went fine. Get some rest/take your meds. Happy healing.

We can't wait to hear you your surgery went! Happy healing!


3 days post op and experiencing less pain, when...

3 days post op and experiencing less pain, when I'm trying to stand up from a sitting position is when I get the pain. Other than that I doing a lot of resting taking my meds and wondering if using a cold pa k to reduce the swelling. My dr didn't say I could & I forgot to ask him yesterday on my 1 day op visit? Any ideas on that?

Im 4 days post surgery and feeling great, still on...

im 4 days post surgery and feeling great, still on my meds, I'm going in to see my dr this coming thursday and i can't wait to take a nice long shower for now its been bird baths and asking my daughter to wash my hair as best she could with dry shampoo spray. pain has decreased significantly but I'm still being careful not to lift my hands over my head nor lift anything over 10lbs. believe it or not I'm already researching tummy tuck surgeons & reviewa, any recommendation?
I'm 5 days post op and feeling alot stronger, trying to not nod out as much over my laptop or book lol, I'm going nuts looking at how slow to clock moves when off work, I sure look forward to meeting you my appt is at 430pm text me or calle once your out at 323/371/8980 so we don't miss each other ok, I owe you a hug girl!'
Ok girlie will do :)
Hi Issiegirl, Oh how I do remember those bird baths :) I'm glad your pain is decreasing. That's always good to hear. My f/u is @ 3:30. I might see u there. Take care

Feeling alot better off my muscle relaxers but...

Feeling alot better off my muscle relaxers but have some sharp armpit pain bling on at times. Is this normal?

Today Im 11 days post op, thought of returning to...

Today Im 11 days post op, thought of returning to work today but decided to take an extra day off after experiencing sharp armpit pin on my right side, found out it was normal part of my healing process so Im here resting one last day. I am so excited with my results my girls look amazing, I REALLY GOT BLESSED with such a great surgeon. I am looking into a tummy tuck next for july of this year so keep me posted on great referrals.

I wanted to post some before and afters but Im...

I wanted to post some before and afters but Im having a hard time loading them up, help

I'm 4 weeks post op and still recovering well, I'm...

I'm 4 weeks post op and still recovering well, I'm happy with appearance just not sure when I can return to working out or even regular sex life, my hubby's been supportive but it's killing us, any tips on the sex subject?

Im coming up on 5 weeks post op soon and I feel...

Im coming up on 5 weeks post op soon and I feel great! No more pain, or itchiness, swelling, or that uncomfortable feel of something inside my chest that didn't quite feel a part of me yet. I just noticed they are becoming a part of me. I still am leary about bending over in the shower (braless) feels weird but less by the day. I want to encourage anyone newer than me to just hang in there its all truly temporary. I can't wait to get out of this grandma wireless bra and shop for some nicer looking bras but Im doing what my doctor advices because he knows best and I want great results long term. So ladies listen to your surgeons they are truly looking after us when they tell us our restrictions. Abide by them it has brought me peace of mind to know that Im in the safe zone cuz I'm following direction. Will keep posting updates.
Im 7 weeks and a day post op, and Im wearing a regular bra now, seen my dr on monday, he said go shopping for some pretty bras, and I can return to the gym yeah!! I feel so fluffy (fatty) since Ive been recovering. I have no pain, no discomforts, no complaints and some very nice looking breasts, I got blessed with my surgeon. I want to say to everyone thats just starting this journey to stay excited and lose the fear, trust God and know that the pain and discomfort does go away. And when it does you will be glad you did this for yourself, thank you all that walked with me closely you know who you are. Love you all, now tomorrow morning Im off to the gym on my 1st day back, gotta lose some of this fluffiness before my TT on July 8th, Im excited and will be fearless this time around.
I was referred to Dr Casper by a nurse that told me Dr Casper has performed the prettiest boobs that she has ever seen. I had so many consults with so many doctors. Then I went to see Dr Casper and The nurse I met was right. His before and after pictures I loved and I got to see two patients that were in for their follow up appt. I booked my surgery and it was the best thing I did for myself my friends are going to have their best implants redone by Dr Casper because the love the way I look. And you can tell the difference. He did such a great job. Thanks Dr Casper. Dr Casper is the best he is really kind and listens to you. He cares about his patients and he is the chief of plastic surgery at huntington memorial hospital and is highly recommended .
I wanted to check on you, how are you doing?

8 weeks post op

Just wanted to update everyone, Im 8 weeks post op, feeling great, so glad that Im able to work out finally, been back at the gym about a week now. My girls are looking great and not a big problem at the gym, I got started on the elliptical and taking it slow but working my way up lil by lil. Well I just want to wish everyone the best and tons of favor swell, good nite reals self pals.
Hey issiegirl Thanks allot for that talk we had back in October I was thinking of going with Dr kim and still considered dr daniel but reading over your comments once more made me realize I should just go to your doctor. ...Your advice helped allot. ..
Coming up on 7 months post op soon, all I gotta say is "I still love them" just wish I'd done this sooner. Had a text from a wonderful young lady yesterday on researching dr Casper, I was quickly reminded of how scared I was prior to having my BA and watching all them YouTube videos only fed my fears. I recall being told to get off there & relax, it was here in realself that I found strength, support, encouragement & peace one week before surgery. I only regret not doing this sooner like younger lol. I love my dr Casper, he also did my TT and although I'm 3 month out on that treat I still see him once a month. I encourage any one looking into getting their BA or TT to meet with dr Casper you won't regret it...my hubby tips his hat to him for what he's done for this sexy momma :)
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