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I just had active FX about two hours ago. It was...

I just had active FX about two hours ago. It was an hour drive home. I am experincing pain and drove home with AC on face. I just turned 55 and wanted to address a bit of slacking on lower face, lip lines and a few crows feet. I'm having a bit of anxiety right now and called Dr. for something for pain. He did not want to give me anything said it should pass and to use wet compresses on face.

Hopefully that is all temporary. Keep us updated on your recovery!!


2nd day post procedure. Terrible first night. No...

2nd day post procedure. Terrible first night. No one should be sent home from this procedure without pain medication. I had to take pain meds I had from an abscess tooth to make it through the night. I am so frightfully swollen I dont recognize myself. All was expected as I had read about procedure as much as possible before taking the plunge. Its going to be a rough weekends to get through but I am looking forward to getter great results. I would post pictures but they are frightful. Eye lids were done and Dr. says I can expect to have a more open look once healed. Hope hes right.

I'm glad you had some medicine on hand that was able to help you through. You are right, that the swelling seems pretty normal from what others who have had the procedure write about in their reviews.

We'd love it if you would post the photos if you feel comfortable doing so. Even if they do look scary it is good for people to have a realistic idea of what to expect during the healing phase.

Let us know how you are doing tomorrow.


This is day three if you count day of procedure. I...

This is day three if you count day of procedure. I still have significant swelling under eye area and lids. I can tell skin is ready to peel and resisting the urge to scrub my face to get it off. Jury is still out on this one. As was posted here many times before the first couple of days are the worst. Probably not as bad if eyes are not done but I am hoping for improvement in that area as Dr. had mentioned. Its tough to be patient when your expecting miracles right? LOL. I'm sorry but I cant manage to post pictures. And unlike most people on this site I will not abandon updates when procedure is completed. That is the most frustrating thing I find here, no one seems to post at the three and six month mark intervals as to there progress or lack thereof. Promise to keep anyone interested in my thoughts and progress.
Ok I just had Active FX done last Tuesday so 4 days later my skin is more like a lizards and very slow to slough off. Doc did a once over and then he did say he did another light pass. I am reading that that is not usual I think. I was going for getting rid of dark spots, light wrinkles and an overall subtle "fix" for now at age 54. Not wanting to do anything more drastic. The itching started and I find myself washing several times a day. Between the greasy after cream and the tiny pieces of skin, yuk! I feel compelled to wash my face. I know I am not supposed to help it along but has anybody had a case where the old brown/dark red yukky skin jet sits there? At this rate it'll take me 3 weeks before I am down to just new pink skin. So far I am not judging, my face/neck is blotchy, very red and darker in places, the pattern is noticeable and I am worried this was a mistake. BUT only on day 4 if I don't count procedure day. I look like a lot of the pics but my Day 4 doesn't look like much sloughing is occurring. The heavy after cream kind of holds the skin there seems to me. Any suggestions? Thanks.
The worst is the first day after procedure. I would advise anymone to make sure they have painkillers for the first night no matter what the facility says. Over the counter doesn't cut it. It is day 5 after procedure and I could return to work tomorrow without a problem. Right now I want to say that the procedure was not worth the money. Anyone paying up to 2 thousand dollars is being taken. I'm hoping that I continue to see improvement as promised. Right now my skin is a tiny bit pink and there is still some sheading to take place along the hairline. My skin looks smooth, soft and refreshed. As for wrinkles they are still there. I could be wrong but if this is the final result it looks like I'll need another go and mind you I had soft wrinkles nothing major. I may have another go round as I've invested this much and my provider gives discounts for additional treatments. Maybe thats the hook. I will continue to update on my progress.
Well it is day 3 or 4 defending on how you count them. My eyes are still swollen upon awakening. I left the house yesterday covered in sunscreen a hat and big sunglasses. Three quarters of my face has already flaked off. I wish I could say I see miracles...but I guess only time will tell at this point if I feel it was worth it or not as I'm still swollen. My skin is a tiny bit delicate that is all. Keep you posted.

Well it has been two months since my procedure. I...

Well it has been two months since my procedure. I am scheduled for my follow up tomorrow. Yes it's taken this long because it is an hour drive and I have just been too busy. I'm a bit up set that there was no follow up to my treatment. No calls nothing. No one concerned if I came back or not. I can honestly say I see not the slights inprovement in my skin. Mild crows feet stil there. All this talk of collegen rebuilding I think is bull. It was a lot of money for me to spend, quite painfull and one would expect at least some result. Im interested in seeing what the doc has to say and eager to see what improvements he can so me in my after picture that I dont see my self. I am truly dissapointed.

If there is anyone out there that is a patient of...

If there is anyone out there that is a patient of the Bucks county Dr. I would appreciate it if you could get in tough. I dont see any improvement if there is it is very slight and he is trying to talk me into package to have procedure done again. I'm uncertain about all of this and wondering if I should save my money for a different procedure.

I just read your update for today and just wanted to let you know I'm not sure your review contains enough info for anyone to be able to answer your question. There are a few things you could do to try to get the info you are after, you could update your review with the name of the doctor you used so other members would know who you were referring to, you could upload photos so people could comment on if they see a difference or not, or you could search for other reviews of the doctor you went to, then reach out to those people and ask about their experience. Hope those tips will help you get the info you need to make a good choice.


Well it is now 7 months post procedure. I can say...

Well it is now 7 months post procedure. I can say now that the procedure was definitely NOT worth it. It's painful. Took off the top layer of my skin and it was glowing for the first few weeks. I was advised by doctor to have another about now. I think this collegen rebuilding is a bunch of bull personally.

Well it is now January six months after the...

Well it is now January six months after the procedure and there is absolutely no difference. Chemical peel would have provided same result and not have been so expensive. Save your money.
Would I do it improvement in skin...colligen rebuilding is least in my case a total waste of money

Thank you so much for being so diligent with your updates. I'm really sorry you didn't see any results from the treatment. I know many other people will be thankful that you shared this so they can be aware.

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