17 days post op

I need help finding a good dr. I live in Texas and...

I need help finding a good dr. I live in Texas and I am willing to go to miami or anywhere in the US to find a great dr...HELP. I have been considering this for about a year now, I have seen dr mendietas work, but I know he doesnt do revisions on work that he has messed up on and that is a big concern for me, he is charging my friend almost the same amout to do revisions on work that he messed up and I think that is horrible, but his work is amazing, I was browsing this website and heard about dr salama and how great his work is so, now I am considering him, but dont know too much about him, Is he as good as everyone says? Has he had any deaths? ect... PLEASE HELP

Nicki86 when is your surgery?
Thanks ladies I have decided to go with dr salama as well I am scheduling for march 2013!!!!!! Im super excited!!!!!!!!....

Sooooo I am offically scheduled to do my surgery...

Sooooo I am offically scheduled to do my surgery 3-11-13 and in super excited!!!... Now I need help with finding a hotel or somewhere close to the beach for a reasonable price any suggestions? also if anyone has any information on things I will need to purchase before and after the surgery, and anything I can do to help me heal a little better and quicker..Thanks

Dr. Salama is my choice!! Im excited, if anyone...

Dr. Salama is my choice!! Im excited, if anyone has information on the best pillows to use on the flight home, and a good hotel please help my surgery is march 11 2013, but i want to get everything booked early thanks
lol thanks I just happen to find a site that has a condo on the beach, you should check it out it's called gavin on the beach in hollywood fl, the owner seems really nice
yea I stayed at the best western for my surgery last year, and it was decent enuf. Its good because u get free wifi and a fridge and microwave so you can plan ahead for food n stuff. its close to dr. salama's office too. Jus watch out for the gentleman's club right beside it tho lol u get a lot of attention walkin thru the parkin lot to get to ihop or denny's lolol omg that was interesting! Im getting a revision done oct. 6th, and am stayin at the best western again. :) good luck!
that's exciting I will be following you to see how your surgery went, thanks I will look into the best western as well

I am scheduled for my surgery for bbl march 2013,...

I am scheduled for my surgery for bbl march 2013, but im unable to make it, so if anyone hasnt scheduled and want this date and want to save some money on their deposit inbox me.. I paid 778. for my deposit and I am willing to give someone my spot for 600.00 so you will get an extra 178.00 for FREE!!!.... serious inquiries only thanks

Ok where should I start.... A few weeks ago I had...

Ok where should I start.... A few weeks ago I had changed my mind about having my surgery because I could not get my husband on board, so I decided to get my boobs done, but after calling an AMAZING dr in houston and finding out it was 10k I decided to keep my appt with dr salama and do the bbl. My husband still doesnt want me to do the surgery AT ALL, he is constantly telling me I am fine just the way I am, but I can not stress to him enough that im glad he loves me just the way I am, but this surgery is for me and I want a nice round ass lol.... I was starting to feel really selfish and confusted, but I want this surger really bad.....SO CONFUSED!!!!





yes we do I'm calling first thing lol.... I'll keep you posted
Well now we know that our own doctor does the lift without leaving a scar..keep me posted neisha..girl we gots a mission to go getting info..
me too I'm calling tomorrow hexadecimal thought dr horndesky was the only one doing that and giving a really good lift with no implant

Hello beautiful ladies, I guess I should post...

Hello beautiful ladies, I guess I should post before pics? March is soooo far away I guess I should post around january or february I need some info on pillows or anything I can purchase to make my long flight home better.... any suggestions
hey girly! Good Luck on your journey! I live in Houston and am doing my surgery with Dr. Wilberto Cortes, who did you see in Texas? mind sharing?
oh im the same way about sharing my images lol its in January so i think ill wait until dec. :)

Not yet...I've been so busy and tied up at work I havent had the chance but I will tho as soon as I can take myself away from work:/
I know... I had a tummy tuck a few years ago, but that seems,lIke a walk in the park compared to some of the pain I read about on here, did you call masha?

Does anyone know if the faja corset is better than...

Does anyone know if the faja corset is better than the squeem?????

Does anyone know if the faja corset is better than...

Does anyone know if the faja corset is better than the squeem??
good luck Neishia5!
thank you
thanks Ruben

Happy ThanksgIvIng everyone

Happy ThanksgIvIng everyone
Neishia5 as I said on my review Dr Salama is a master in giving head turning butts. Congratulations on being part of "Salama Team". I personally love the way he contour women butts. Good luck to you. March is here b4 you'll know. :-]
So I see you live in Texas too. I went to many Drs in Dallas and San Antonio and that was a joke. Didn't want to pay that much like what the Dr in Houston was charging. I've done so much research and the hubby agreed with Salama, So Salama it is!!! Good luck on your journey ;)
thank you I looked in texas as well with no luck

March is right around the corner and with all of...

March is right around the corner and with all of these bad reviews I am getting SOOOO nervous!!
hey girl hope to see u too im march 15th how r u doing with the whole preparation?? its getting a bit overwhelming...
Yes it does, I went to do some shopping the other day and I think I have all the main things I need but antibacterial soap, anything else I need I will get in Florida, how is it going for you?
i bought more or less everything i need ...have you receive the package from the office yet?? and how many mg of iron we got to take per day?? i think it would be a good ideal to start now taking the vitamin C and the iron I just dont know what is the right amount of mg per day

Hello Beautiful Ladies, Sooo I...

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Sooo I havent updated im awhile I was waiting for my time to get a little closer, my package came in the mail yesterday so I am super excited and reality just hit that I will have a BOOTY come March!!!! I went to purchase a few items a few weeks ago, and I am going to do a run through of the items I purchased and if anyone has any suggestions please input. I will be posting pictures later this week or next week ugh I hate to post these ugly pictures I HATE my back fat!!! I have a pretty face minus the body, so this surgery will make me feel complete. I would love to meet up with any of you ladies who will be in Florida around the same time.......I guess thats it for now...You ladies have a wonderful day!..oh I have started taking 1000mg of vitamin C and 35mg of iron a day because I think it is too soon to start taking 6 iron pills a day to get the dosage needed! what do you ladies think should I be taking 6 iron pills now or wait until closer to surgery time?
Yayyy girl! I'm happy for u wha sucks is that it would b nicer me bein happy w u together but change my date cus had no choice . Blah ....i think it's good that Ur takin only one iron a day good luck :)

Today I went to purchase a few more items ladies...

Today I went to purchase a few more items ladies would you take a look and let me know if I need any additional items thanks
maxi dresses
sports bras
lipoexpress vest
pill organizer
shower liner
non slip socks
2x2 and 4x4 gauze
triple antibiotic ointment
waterproof adhesive tape
dial antibacterial hand soap and dial body soap
Nivea q10 firming lotion
benadryl cream
arnica gel
wedge pillow
heating throw
heating pad
flushable wipes
If there are any other items I need please let me know
Hey hun showing imma text you
Thx hun
Check your PMs xoxox

Hello gorgeous ladies! I have one month remaining...

hello gorgeous ladies! I have one month remaining until I am bootylicious, I think I have all my supplies other than suction cups, peroxide and groceries which I will get in Florida. I think I'm going to hire a nurse for 48 hours because I'm taking a friend and I want her to still be able to have fun while I'm recovering. Oh I get my blood work done tomorrow morning so hopefully everything comes back great.... until later ladies
Hey girl I love talkin to u over the phone I have said it millions of times good luck I wish u the best and thanks for all the help u have given me ♥
thanks hun you have been so encouraging when I need to vent lol, your surgery is coming up soon and you will be gharamified lol
Im just 21 days out time to get Salamafied!!!!!! we will be there the same time we should connect I go in on the 5th

Hello ladies my EKG looked great now all I'm...

hello ladies my EKG looked great now all I'm waiting on is my results from my blood work!! Less than a month to go I'm soo excited

I'm super happy my hubby paid my surgery off...

I'm super happy my hubby paid my surgery off yesterday! The only thing left to do is find a good nurse!
Hey girl :) I'm so happy for u! And that ur ready with everything can't wait to see u post op ur goin to look amazing;)
Thx boo I'm excited!
Me too !

15 more days until I'm in Miami! my blood work...

15 more days until I'm in Miami! my blood work came back good so everything is a go! Good luck to all you ladies with up coming surgeries

Hello bootylicious ladies and bootylicious ladies...

hello bootylicious ladies and bootylicious ladies to be, I ordered this chair a few months ago thanks to another bbl sister and I finally pulled it out of the box today and I love it so far, it holds my weight well and I'm 175, and its very sturdy. one thing I thought would be a problem is the height of the chair but it's not a problem so hopefully after surgery it will work great when I want to sit... I have high hopes of going to the beach and advice?
Aw hopefully I see you out here. I'm Miami already and have met another realself girl who had surgery last week. Made me feel a lot better as her recovery was really smooth. xx
Good luck yes we should all get together!
conratz mamaz you are so close!!! I have mine on april...

What should I wear the day of surgery? clothing...

What should I wear the day of surgery? clothing wise I'm taking maxi dresses and fitted tanks should I take anything else?
Hey girl so where did u get the chair
Hey girl we still getting together on through 10th? We have 4 other girls coming we can meet for lunch
Yes sounds good I think my consultation is at 2 on the 10th but I will let you know for sure.. but I'm there

Good luck to all the ladies having surgery ...

Good luck to all the ladies having surgery this month.. Sunday can't come quick enough!

I have no idea on what to wear on the ...

I have no idea on what to wear on the long flight home, I really don't want to wear sweats but I will if I have to. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
im here just left the office filling out paperwork surgery at 2pm today will see you on the other side
praying for you hun see you Sunday
I agree w the bbl sisters, maxi dresses with a jean jacket to cover garment...or leggings the take sweat pant too n hoody just in case

HELLOOOO ladies, as you can see im overly excited...

HELLOOOO ladies, as you can see im overly excited and ready for my surgery!! I figure with going to florida a day early I should make the best of it and do things I know I wont be ablt to do right after surgery. My friend was on line finding things to and this is what she found Hollywoodbeachcruises.com it is a 2 hour cruise on a yacht around town for 20 dollars!!! so I plan on doing that after lunch with the ladies! Feel free to join if interested. Oh I also plan on going to the beach early so im able to enjoy it and get in the water before surgery.... I have never been to a beach.... anyhoo I will post more pics this week....Goodluck ladies....Oh im so sad my yahoo locked me out for 12-24 hours I think it was so no instant messages from rs for me:( I have to get on my computer now and it sucks!
Neish! A few more days, best wishes girl...and keep me posted :-)
yesssss! I can't wait, thank you and I will keep you posted... how are you?
I'm good! Need to begin a workout to maintain my weight and stuff lol

Omg I'm running on no sleep since yesterday ...

omg I'm running on no sleep since yesterday but I'm determined to have a fun filled day today! I've been at the airport since 4--am and my flightdelayed until 9-am.... tomorrow is the big day!


OMG I HAVE BEEN AT THE AIRPORT SINCE 4-am and I'm still here with a delay until 1130am which from the looks of things will be delayed again! I am beyond pissed! this is going to ruin my whole day

After a long day I made my pre op visit and ...

After a long day I made my pre op visit and having my surgery tomorrow!
Good luck girl! Will keep you in my prayers and look forward to your updates.
Good luck tomorrow! I hope you're all settled in and resting up for your big day. Happy vibes!
Hope you made it fine, I'll be in Florida on tues morning see you there:))

Made it will update soon

made it will update soon
Hey can't wait to see ur results xx
im happy for u hun cant wait to hear from you!!
Hey honey I'm glad u made it now rest and walk a lot drink drink drink Happy Healing!♥

I'm very sore I have post op appt at 10 I ...

I'm very sore I have post op appt at 10 I Will update as soon as I can keep my eyes open long than 10 mminutes to Y
Neishia doll how you holding up?
Congrats on the new bootay
Glad you made it and doing well :-)

Thanks for all the well wishes, I haven't ...

Thanks for all the well wishes, I haven't been able to get on here much because I'm soooo tired all the time. Today Is my first massage so I'm trying to prepare myself for that. after my massage I will post more pics. Good luck to all the lovely ladies and their surgeries. I will try to update tonight hopefully pray for me xoxox to
Please update us on how u are feeling...did u speak to ur doctor?
I had the same problem Gateraid water it is the percs they dehydrate you
Make sure your blood pressure is not up! I hope u feel better...

Hi ladies I promise when I get home tomorrow...

Hi ladies I promise when I get home tomorrow to do a day by day review, tomorrow I get my massage and the back drain out and go home finally! I need help for ways to sleep more comfortably! any advice vets? My butt is HUGE so im ready for the swelling to go

I am having shortness of breathe and a very...

I am having shortness of breathe and a very rapid heartbeat and hotflashes... is this happen to anyone? I'm waiting on Dr s to cl me back now
Hey girl hope ur doing ok
Hope u are doing ok. I will continue to pray for you!
Has anyone heard anything?

Helllllooooo ladies thank you for al your prayers...

Helllllooooo ladies thank you for al your prayers and well wishes during my rough recovery. I was released from the hospital after receiving two pints of blood which worked wonders, went to the office to get a stage 2 garment and my front drain out then on to the airport to go home.....My flight was horrible from florida because it was full so I had to sit the whole time using my arms and boppy pillow to hold me up to prevent all the pressure from being on this round booty lol....After finally getting on the next full flight I decided to put the boppy on the floor and kneel on it and relax on the seat and it worked wonders... After a 6 hour flight I finally made it home and OMGGGGGGG this stage 2 garment feels like its cutting off all circulation to my butt and trying to rip it in half it is soooo painful! So after about 20 minutes of my hubby and I trying to get the garment off and over my ass I was able to shower... Has anyone else experienced a rash on inner thigh after taking off stage 2 garment? because it broke out my inner thigh so after my shower I put my stage 1 garment back on..

And called Noemi this morning and she told me that...

and called Noemi this morning and she told me that I need to be in the stage 2 garment to prevent fluid build up and to start shaping my body... sooo with that being said im home alone and have to put the stage 2 garment on alone!!! it was hell so Noemi advised me to use baby powder and that worked great... I baby powdered my inner thighs really good as well as my butt and to work I went and after about 30 minutes im in my stage 2 garment with foams!!!!!!!!.....yea meeeee.. im going to my massage therapist today to get a messasge im soo looking forward to that.... any hoo I will continue about previous days after my message and post a pic before message and after..... I really love you ladies for helping me through this tough time xoxoxoxox
So sorry to hear about your blood transfusion but glad it wasn't and embolism...also glad to hear your doing. Better. I hope the rest of your healing process is quick and as painless as possible
I'm so sorry you had to go through all that but I'm glad you made it through. I'm having the same issue with my stage 2 garmet. It's a beast. Maybe I'll try to get it back on tonight instead of tomorrow.
yes it is I ended up cutting the thong out was killing me! How are you

Hello ladies I have had a rough recovery but...

hello ladies I have had a rough recovery but I am doing alot better now... for the last 3 days I have been trying to get into this small squeem with garment and foam on but it has been a complete failure sooooo today I put it on with just a t-shirt and it fit like a glove! do far I love my shape and my Waist is small and butt is big, the only thing is I have a dent on the top right butt cheek but it looks natural.... I love my shape!! I'm going to post a few pics that I took myself I will have my hubby take some for me later happy healing laides and good luck to the ladies with upcoming surgeries.... Oh I love Dr s and his staff
hello ladies, realself won't let me updated do I will do it here, June 11th I will be 3 months po, im healing well and loving my results, there are a few minor things I would love to get fixed but no more surgeries for me. as soon as I can I will post new pics
I'm loving ur results and thanks for everything neishia u have been the best help for me girly. Ur always in a good mood when I talk w u on the phone n sooo helpful I wish u the best I know this recovery has been hard for u. Good luck hun I'm glad ur very happy n got what u wanted . U deserved it :)))
thanks hun

June 11 I will be 3 months po

hello ladies hope all is well, I'm heading healing beautifully and loving my results, they're a few minor thinks I want to have corrected but Im sure I never will. I'm almost 3 months po and here are a few pics
You look great!!!Congrats!!!


Love your results!
U look awesome!!
You look great!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr s and his staff

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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