Considering Micro Needling for Columella Scar After 5th Rhinoplasty (South Korea)

I am 1 year post op from my 5th rhinoplasty. All...

I am 1 year post op from my 5th rhinoplasty. All were open incision.

I am satisfied with the shape of my nose but I have one problem. The columella has a indented scar that is noticeable even with concealer. What is the best way to correct or improve the indentation on my columella? (Mederma and silicone sheets haven't been effective so Im seeking other solutions) Will micro needling induce collagen so that the indentation will fill in? Is the skin on the columella different in the amount of collagen it can produce? Are dermaroller's effective for this area?

Micro needling for Columella scar after rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a similar problem and a bit of Hialuronic Acid Fillers in that area have worked well..
How long did you wait for each revision? I just got my rhinoplasty and it's huge and bridge too high... I seriously just want it out! Whatbmaterial ru using now for the implant?thx
Thank you for asking this. I unfortunately am in the same situation as you and I want to once and for all get rid of this reminder of misery that my first doctor gave me. Best of luck and please keep us posted
Dr. Jong

Dr. corrected my enormous rib cartilage'd nose from a well known doctor in America. After several unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries, Dr. really matched my ideal nose to look natural, elegant and exactly what I wanted.

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