Well I have 5 weeks until my tt. Time has slowed...

Well I have 5 weeks until my tt. Time has slowed down. :( I will Post Pics soon. A little about me..... I am 31 yrs old in the army with 3 girls and 1 boy. My step daughter is 17, then there is 10,8 and my little boy is 5. I have wanted this procedure for soooo long but was scared about the scar. But after I got to my new unit and Always hearing ppl telling me Im fat but they dont understand that I had 3 nine pound babies and I was 98 lbs before. It is a struggle to pass my weigh and tape. I know if I want to continue being in the army I need to take care of myself first. I have always put others before me. I am sooo ready and am so impatient. My pre op is May 29. I will keep everyone updates on my progress as it come.

Well I have 3 weeks until I hit the flat side. I...

well I have 3 weeks until I hit the flat side. I went out today and got a body pillow, 2 tubes of madurma, sandles non stick gauze, and comfy clothes. Anything else I may need? all of it is already packed and ready to go lol. im so impatient. :/

So I cant stop looking at pics of everyones tt....

So I cant stop looking at pics of everyones tt. Its like an addiction and I want mine so back..... but.. My doctor said he doesnt have lipo tools here in korea and that I would need it sooo i can wait till i get back to the states and have it done all at once or he could just do the tt here. I have been wanting this for so long so no doubt i am gonna have it done here. My question is how would I look without lipo? Will it still look good? I wish I knew what my stomach would look like without the lipo. Will I be making a mistake or not? someone please help. sooo confused.

Well I went to see my doctor yesterday and i had...

Well I went to see my doctor yesterday and i had to go around the hospital and have different areas fill out forms and set up a date for my blood work and pregnancy test within 72 hrs of surgery. He told me I would be having a panniculectomy. I am wondering if my results will still be awesome even if i dont get lipo. Has anyone ever had this please inform me of ur results.I will keep u all updated.

3 weeks

3 more weeks and I will be on the flat side. time is slow yet fast :/ hurry up June 7th :) ready for a new me!

Almost Here!!!!

June 7 is right around the corner.... 11 days in counting. OMG cant believe its real. So nervous. So scared like everyone else that the results wont be what im expecting... :( Wondering if its the right decision. Well there is only one way to find out. Its got to be better than what I see now. Mixed emotions. AHHHHHHHHH

5 more days!!!

I have only 5 more days until I see the flat side :) im so scared it wont turn out right. But i see ppl up here complaining and they look great so hopefully I wont be like that lol. probably will. Come on friday.Moving my recliner into my room today. Bag has been packet for 3 weeks now lol.


Friday is almost here!! Yay Not nervous..........yet lol just patiently waiting.


Today was my day :) just tired but cant sleep. Hard to pee. Got a pain pump but not using much. Havent seen my results yet. Will post pics asap. Thanks for all the encouragement and support.

resting. going home tomorrow.

Hello everyone. I actually have no pain. Extremely sore and still hard time peeing but all in all im suprised at how i feel. Cant wait to go home tomorrow. Finally off liquid diet. Had small steak. Thats it oh and crackers. Still resting. Update again tomorrow

new post op pics :)


in swell hell and am so sore. think i walked to much the other day. drains just keep filling up. wish they would slow down :( ready to put on normal clothes again. tired of pj and this recliner. :(

so happy

Am so happy . My line is so thin. Will post more pics this evening.

here is some new pics

1 month and 5 days po this is after an 8 hrs work day

me today

1 Month and 12 days po :)
Lovingmy look in my uniform.

8 months later

Hey haven't posted in a long time.... I like my new look even though somedays I look 4 months pregnant lol. According to Army I'm still fat. :/. But here are some new pics 8 months post op.


Went to doc and was told i have a surgical hernia and may need to have it fixed. Belly button is painful to the touch. On a good note if they do they will fix my hips. thats what keeps me positive.

My doctor was so awesome. As soon as i got to the hospital i was sent back and all i remember is waking up. I was in little pain which was taken care of immediately. The nurses were so nice and corroperative. I am so glad i had my surgery there. I would deff recommend him if asked. 100% awesome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am also active duty and will be in Korea soon and plan to have a tt there. Are there any requirements to notify your coc or take leave? Also which Dr/hospital did you use an is it hard to find? You look great!
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I went to 121 hospital in Yonsan Seoul and all i did was talk to my pcm and he set me up with a referral. It is none of your coc business to know what the surgery is for nd the doctor will give u a letter asking ur commander for permission for u to take at least 2 wks convalescent leave(non chargeable)> the doctor will tell u that u dont have to give out ur medical information to no one unless u want to. i did just so there was no attitude to why i couldn't have the surgery. I love my new look but am still gaining weight but it is a totally different look. Flat belly but the downside about doing it in Korea is they dont have the tools to do lipo on ur side and suggest u wait to do it in america. I was so determined and worried i would never get this chance again i said F*ck it i dont care i want this so bad. When i get enough money if the army wont do it i will have lipo on my hips. I would do it all over again if i had to. Dont regret it at all.I recomment Dr/Major Kim if he is still there he was so nice and caring and awesome and made my incision so thin and it is perfectly on my bikini and underwear line. Good Luck!
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Omg tabby u look soooooo good!! Ugh nov 2014 hurry up n get here!! I miss u!!
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You look great!
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Found u sis!! Love u soooo much n u look more beautiful than u alrdy did...if that's possible :)
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I am very happy for you. Happy healing girl
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So happy for you! Cant wait for the pics :)
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Glad ur recovery is going well. Can't wait to see pics
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I am glad you are on the other side. Speedy recovery and happy healing. Cant wait to see your results.
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awesome, hope u have a happy recovery!
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Yay!! Hope your resting and feeling good! Stay on top of those pain pills! Don't wait for the pain to kick in! Congrats and can't wait to see your pics!!!
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Happy Healing
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Good luck! :) xx
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thank you! got my blood drawn today and had to have a prego test done even though my tubes are tied lol. I am nervous but excited nervous. I gets its anxious nerves lol. If that makes since. one more day :)
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I am very happy for you. Good luck and happy healing.
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thank u and i will post pics asap.... :)
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well i have my pre op Wednesday. Dont know what to expect. Just know I ready to show my "real " body again.June 7th cant get here soon enough. I feel like I should be doing something to prepare for my surgery but I dont know what, if that makes any since. Well as they say in the army, its a sit and wait game
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I didn't have lipo and it was fine. Good luck, not long now!!!!
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thanks ladies. I feel allot better seeing other pics with no lipo. I was so worried my outcome would be crazy but now I know it will still look good.
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I had a TT with MR and no lipo. My doc doesnt do them together because of the risk of tissue death with lack of blood circulation. You can check out my pics, I may have some done around my hips in the future but from what I looked like before I am very happy. Not everyone has lipo done with a TT.
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Yeah I asked my PS for lower n upper abdominal lipo and for exactly those reasons she rejected my request.
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So has anyone had a panniculectomy without lipo. My doctor said he doesnt have the tool in korea for lipo. Im so scared the surgery wont come out as good without lipo but i want to have the panniculectomy so bad. I am so ready for a change. I keep questining myself about the procedure thow. he said i can get the lipo in the states but i dont want to wait that long(2yrs). Someone please let me know if it is worth it without the lipo or not.
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26 days and counting. Oh how time is going fast yet slow at the same time. Ready for my pre op to get here. Last time I saw my doctor I was so happy he said yes to the procedure that I didn't even get to ask him the important questions I wanted to. I have so many now and want to ask him. I'm so impatient and excited. Just a few more days. whooosaaaa... lol
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Woo hoo! So excited for you!! Make sure you write down all of your questions and of course take it with you!! :-)
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I recommend more pillows ! I slept on a leg wedge (37 degrees) and then a pillow under my legs. It was less pulling. I also don't think I walked hunched over after four days. I did step gingerly :). My dr had very small silicon band aids the entire length of my scar. I'm 5.2 weeks and I peeked under the band aids today. I think it's an amazing scar. It should be invisible in no time. I have two "snake bitr size" areas from the drain tubes. Butterfly Chica, Good idea about the vitamins. I haven't had any since my surgery so with that reminder I'm starting today! The only other thing I have is scar cream to rub in twice a day. I don't know where to get this gel except my dr...bioCorneum scar supervision. Good luck and we are all pulling for you!!
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