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So I'm going in to my clinic for my first...

So I'm going in to my clinic for my first treatment of fractional laser, which will be focused on acne scars on my forehead. I will also be getting PRP on my whole face. I live in south Korea but am British and caucasian. After reading reviews on here about the laser I got really scared and went today with my Korean friend who helped translate, and I am not so nervous anymore!

I have paid 1,100,000won ($1000, £600) for the whole treatments. This include 4 sessions of laser and 6 sessions of PRP!

I will try and upload some before pictures and keep everyone posted as to how it goes :) wish me luck!

I received the CO2Fractional Laser treatment and...

I received the CO2Fractional Laser treatment and PRP on saturday and I really dont know what I was worried about. I went alone this time, therefore could not communicate with the staff ad they didnt speak english, so I was a little nervous at times becuase I didnt know what they were doing. They did explain each step as they were doing it, but it was in Korean so I couldnt undertand.

I arrived at the clinic at 2pm and was taken into a room to lie on a bed. A nurse took a blood sample for the PRP while another nurse cleansed and massaged my face. This was quite relaxing and took my mind off the fact that there was a needle in my arm. The blood sample was a little uncomfortable as the needle seemed to be in there for a long time, maye 7 minutes. It was definately longer than a normal blood test and the band round my arm was really tight.

Next, the nurse rubbed some cool cream on my face and I later presumed it was a numbing gel as my lips felt weird when i moved them. I lay on the bed for 20minutes while the numbing gel did its magic.

The doctor then came and i was moved to another room for the treatments. He did the laser treatment first and I think this only lasted about 5minutes and it wasnt painful at all. The laser was only done on my forehead where the acne scars are. It felt like a small sewing needle being lightly pricked on my skin. It was definately less painful than getting a tattoo or a wax (ladies). He then started the PRP by saying "little bit ouch". My expectations of the PRP were that, I would get several injections into my face from a normal syringe needle. My eyes were closed so I didnt see the needle exactly but it definately wasnt what I was expecting. It seemed like it was lots of little needles in a circle shape, the size of a large coin. They were then injected into my face in a stamping motion (like how you would stamp a smiley face on a kids homework) very fast all over the area below my eyes to my chin. He didnt do it on my forehead for some reason. I found this quite painful, especially when he did my cheekbones, and he seemed to do this area more often that the rest of my face. Again the PRP only lasted for 5minutes.

A nurse then squirted some liquid from a syringe in a controlled way, following the doctors directions, while the doctor rubbed it into my face. This was done for about ten minutes. I then got moved back to the original room and the nurse put a freezing old sheet mask on me and rubbed some gel on top of that. I lay there for about 30minutes, until a nurse came through and tried to explain somethings in korean. I didnt understand anything so I told them my korean friend would call later and he could translate.

They sent me away with antibiotic cream, a syringe full of brown/yellow liquid, 2 ice packs and sold me a rejuvinating snail serum.
I arrived at the clinic at 2 and left around 3:45.

Immediately after the treatment my head felt a little hot, but was not painful at all and it was too red. I was able to walk along the street and didnt feel embarrased. It felt a little tight on my forehead from the laser. The area where the PRP was done just looked normal. If i looked closely i could see tiny blood spots where the needles were injected. As the evening went on, my head got redder and visable grid lines appeared, although it didnt burn and was not painful at all. I applied the anti biotic cream just whenever it felt tight, but they recommended to apply 3 times a day. I also used an ice pack on my head, but I didnt really need to as it didnt feel hot. I just did it because I had an ice pack there. Later on lots of dots appeared on my head that looked like spots, but they were not raised, however they disappeared after a few hours.

After my friend called the clinic and translated, I found out the liquid in the syringe was named PPT (dont know what it stands for). They told us I was to put half on my face before bed, put the rest in the fridge and use the other half in the morning. It also went out of date the next day. I really hope this wasnt important because when i tried to push half the liquid from the syringe, I ended up squirting the whole lot all over my friends bathroom ceiling. oops! I managed to salvage about 20percent of it and put that on my face hoping for the best. I also put the snail serum on before bed too. They told me I couldnt get my head wet for 3 days so I didnt wash my face before bed.

Day 2

When I woke the next day, my head was less red. The grid lines were still visbale but less prominent however it felt a lot drier. I was in no pain at all and the skin wasnt flakey. I applied the anti biotic cream through out the day to keep it moisturised.I also put factor 50 on my head as I was spending the day outdoors. I did not look too bad and was able to go shopping with no makeup on without feeling concious. I also felt there was a slight improvement to my forehead at the area between my eyebrows.

Day 3

Today the redness has further subsided and there is still no flaking however it feels dry to touch. The grid lines are still visable but not as bad as the first day. I am working today so want to wear makeup, but I might just cover my head with my hair as I dont want to risk affecting the results. I am also dying to wash my face or exfoliate or something but I will hold of until tomorrow. Il upload more pictures in a few days if there is a big change.

Day 4 Today the pigmentation is lighter and the...

Day 4

Today the pigmentation is lighter and the skin on my forehead nearly matches the color of the skin on the rest of my face. The skin on my head has started to peel off now so hopefully it will be done in a few days. Its not scabby or bleeding, just tiny little flakes and just loos like I have dry skin.

I dont see much difference in the area where the prp was done. It does feel softer and the skin tone looks more even but I still have redness around my nose and chin and this is what I wanted to fix.

Day 6 My forehead, the area where the laser was...

Day 6

My forehead, the area where the laser was done, has completely healed now. All the sandpaper like skin has flaked off to reveal brighter and silky soft skin. On day 5 and 6 I used a very mild exfoliating scrub which helped along the peeling. Although it feels softer and looks a bit brighter the scars are still there, however I wasnt expecting miracles after the first time. My doctor advised that I would see a 20% improvement after the first session. I feel like there is a slight improvement, and I have been able to wear less makeup. usually when i wore makeup on that area, the makeup would set into the scars and make them more visible. Now when iv been wearing makeup it looks a lot better and smoother. The grid lines have completely dissapeared and the redness has gone, to match the rest of my face (allthough my face is naturally quite pink)

With regards to the PRP, I dont think there is any difference. My face is softer and looks a bit brighter. I feel like my skin does not look as bad without makeup as it did before. However Im not sure of this is my imagination. Again, the PRP takes a few weeks to work and I have to get 5 more sessions of that so only time will tell.

I have uploaded photos comparing the before photo and day 6 photo. I tried to sit in the same position as the before photo, so as to get the same lighting in both photos, but I think the lighting is a little different, making my face look lighter in the Day 6 photo. However I think you can see a very slight imprvement. My next laser and prp session is on 22nd december so Il get another update for you then :)

I had my 2nd session of CO2 laser and PRP on...

I had my 2nd session of CO2 laser and PRP on saturday, 3 weeks after my first session.

This time round there has been more sweeling and redness and I found it harder to cover with my hair. The doctor also dod the PRP on my forehead after he had done the laser so that was a bit more painful than the last time.

It has been 6 days now since I had the second session and my forehead is still a little red and the left side is slightly swollen. I think this has been caused by the PRP.

After looking at before and after pictures I can see a slight improvement to the middle area of my forehead, however i dont feel there is an improvement to the scars at my temples.

I am happy with the results of the PRP on the rest of my face. Although I didnt have acne or scars on my lower face, the skin tone was uneven , dry and dull. After the PRP is is bright and soft and the skin looks more firm and toned. People have been commenting on how good the skin on my cheeks look. It is not flawless wihtout makeup but there is definatel an improvement. I fond myself wearing a lot less makeup than I did before the treatment and with a light layer of BB cream my skin looks flawless.

I have my next session in 3 weeks time.
Trend S clinic

I had a consultation in a number of clinics and this one seemed to offer me the best treatment for my desired results without my down time being too long.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow your skin looks great so plump and shiny especially in the day 6 after the second session
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Are you sure you had the Co2 laser? Usually, with that laser, you have quite a bit of downtime. It sounds like you had the non-ablative fraxel. The erbium fractional laser, which can leave little pin-pricks of red dots. They flake off. Good luck to you I am glad you are getting improvement.
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Hi , I'm from Singapore , I'm planning to head over to seoul for fraction co2 laser this coming march. I'm wondering if its possible to make an appointment with the clinic while I'm in Singapore and have the treatment done immediately when I arrive ? I'm planning to do 2 treatments and I'll only be staying there roughly 10 days , is that enough ? Also , do you mind giving me the exact location of the clinic ? (: thank you so much !
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Are you wearing makeup in your last pic? Can you take one without and close up now? Do you still get pink or have problems? Have you done any more?
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Wow! $1000 for 4 sessions? that's usually the cost of one your lucky.
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thank you so much

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Thank you. This has been very informative.
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Hi again! Thanks for replying to my questions and giving us the update - your skin does look better! There are a lot of plastic surgery clinics in South Korea, and especially in Gangnam. Plenty to choose from but not easy when you can't read or speak Korean:( The scars on my forehead are from acne, and then picking at them. Everytime I look in the mirror they drive me nuts! I am scared to do CO2 lasers because of the risks and the downtime. Have you explored other options before deciding to do the fractional laser? Thanks!
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I think the places in gangnam would have a lot of English speaking places and some have translators! I will try and find out some recommendations for you. I really didn't spend much time considering the treatment at all. When I lived in the uk I was unhappy with the scars but never thought of any type of treatment was an option as its too expensive, and my doctor said my case was not extreme enough to claim it from the free healthcare system. I just had some free time one day so went to 3 dermatologists in my area in korea and showed them my scars. 2 of them wanted to do laser, chemical peels, Botox every month for 6months and the downtime for this was impossible with my work schedule, dono ruled that out. At trends clinic they offered me the fractional laser and prp and the cost was so low (in my opinion compared to uk) that I booked it there and then. I hadn't explored any other type of treatments before. I had heard that laser could treat acne scarring but i just asked the clinic what they thought was the best treatment fot me. I hadnt read up on the risks or downtime of the laser at all until I got home from the clinic that day and looked on this website. I then did panic and went Back to the clinic the day before My treatment to ask a million questions. However, my experience has been positive to far. There was literally no downtime and it wasn't painful after the treatment. I went outdoors and socialized on the same day as treatment and went to work on the Monday having had the treatment on the Saturday. :) have you looked into other treatments? What are your biggest fears about the laser? Thanks x
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If there was no downtime it can't have been CO2. Could have been another. Right?
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Nope was definitely co2. Are there different kinds of co2? I think he must have done a really mild session of laser on the first as I didn't find it painful and it wasn't that hot after. It's difficult for me to find the exact details as I don't speak Korean. Iv just put my trust in my doctor :/ have you had CO2 before if your saying the downtime is long? Or just from what your researched?
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CO2 is powerful. Now if you had it on a very low setting and widely spaced (not too many ablation holes) then maybe it would be less intense a recovery. -- It does remove skin (ablate) though fractional ablation allows healing faster. (Some lasers pulse but don't ablate because they don't break skin; Sciton has this capability as well as ablative fractional capabilities, for example). A lot of average people don't call fractional ablative lasers ablative though, because the older ablative took off much of the surface of the skin and they think this is the only kind of ablation. It's not. Ablative just means "to take away" and fractional lasers usually do that (depending on which one), but they do it in columns instead of along the surface.
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So from what you have just explained, it would seem that fractional laser can have a less intense recovery if done on a low setting, despite your previous comment stating that I couldn't have had laser because I didn't have any downtime? My skin definitely did ablate and I think it was done in columns down my forehead from what I could feel.
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Right. It's less intense but it has downtime. Sometimes it's pink for a long time, too. Yours wasn't?
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Yeh it was really pink on day one and day two. By day 3 and 4 the redness lessened and day 5 and 6 the skin had completely peeled and had my skin returned to its normal color. I have bangs so it was easy for me to hide the redness and peeling, so maybe that's why I felt there was less downtime. If I had the laser done on whole face and wasn't able to hide the redness and peeling I wouldn't have socialized or went outdoors until day 6.
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Okayyyy. So that's what you should update your main comments to. Otherwise, it can't have been CO2. See my point? :)
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Have you read my comments? I have explained in detail, the condition of my skin each day and even mentioned that I used my bangs to hide the color and peeling. There are numerous photos showing the color of my head.
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Yes, I meant your comments that there was no downtime. There was -- or rather, would have been, if you had had your whole face done.
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Maybe our definitions of "downtime" differ. I think of down time as not being able to go outdoors, go to work or be in severe pain. I wasn't in pain and I was able to function as normal. Like I explained in my review, there was redness but anyone that didn't know me would not have noticed. Also i was replying to a girl who had asked about laser on her forehead, not her whole face. Why would I comment on the "assumed" downtime for an area I hadnt had treated. So if your quite finished telling me what treatments I have and havnt had, it would be nice if you could stop clogging up my comments with your irrelevant information.
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I didn't mean any offense! I was checking with you by saying it seemed from your description of NO downtime that it wasn't CO2. But you're right: if you mean redness and you could hide it, then it makes sense why you said what you did. But now you realize what CO2 laser downtime can mean and stuff ... so thank me don't get angry! :)
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No offense taken. I wrote my review to talk about MY individual experience and everyones experience can be different. I never once said there was NO downtime and I already knew the different degrees of downtime of CO2 laser from other reviews on this website. You havnt given me any information, other than a definition for "ablative laser" so sorry but i dont think i have anything to thank you for. Anyway thanks for your interest in my review. I have another session of laser next weekend so il get an update with how that goes. Maybe the second session will be more powerful than the first. :)
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Okay -- good luck! I just meant not to rush to upset. I didn't mean anything by what I was asking or saying; was just questioning you, that's all. :)
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Wow, things looked greatly improved on the 6th day photos!! Has that been the way it has stayed, or was there still some residual swelling at that point that has lessened now? Please keep us filled in!!

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Hey Megan. No it seems to have stayed that way :) il get more photos up of the recent condition later today. Thanks for your comment :)
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Hi there, I have scars very similar to yours - mainly localized on the forehead, and unfortunately, one right between my brows. I live in BJ but will hop over to South Korea for a scar treatment that is effective. How is your skin these days? Can you please provide the name and number or website to the clinic you used? Thanks so much for your review!
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