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Is it OK to have bruises like that (photo)a week...

Is it OK to have bruises like that (photo)a week after surgery? Have very sore breasts and they don't feel soft. I can feel the implants too. My breasts are very uneven :(((

I had few problems with my implants. First, is...

I had few problems with my implants. First, is that they were placed pretty low and I have nipples looking to the sky... for that I was able to get my money back. Right now I feel pain in my right brest...

But , I'm still happy to have my breasts bigger than they were. My advise to those who are just planning to get them done : FIND THE BEST SURGEON!!!

Almost 8 months after BA. developing terrible pain...

almost 8 months after BA. developing terrible pain in my right breast. Cant move while sleeping without pain. Hurts a lot while tuching too...

Revision after Three years

I can't really explain what happened to my boobs... Just see the pictures. Well, another doc i went to ask what can be done in my case advised to get my boobs redone. This time the clinic was specialized for breast revision and post cancer breast surgeries. Doctor seemed trustworthy and promised to correct them... The pictures of his work of redoing unnatural and ugly looking boob jobs made me feel I picked the right place...

Today is day 5 after surgery. I got anatomic, texture, MENTOR, 330 CC . I don't want to look sexbomb. Just want to have nice looking breasts.
Surgery was for about 4,5 hours as he had two different approaches to correct my breasts. Blood collecting pockets were removed right on the third day and left on the fourth.

Left one sores when touch from side with pressure. Right one doesn't give any pain. I'm still with tape and corrective bra. Even though I have got textured implants my breasts feel softer that three years ago after first surgery.
I feel very confident about myself and surgery I have done.

The doctor was nice to meet me for FOUR days in a row, checked my breasts and answer on all my silly questions. I'm getting laser treatment for them to heal fast. No pain. I really love the attitude of this clinic stuff. The tape should be removed week after. I'm doing all the job around the house easy.

This time it cost US 8 000 $
Performed in Seoul, S. Korea, (Gangnam) UBA clinic. Dr. Park

before revision

left one

5 days after

five days after

Sorry, don't know how to post all pictures together...
Seoul, Jewelry Clininc, Dr Sin

I did it in S. Korea. Even though I speak Korean pretty well, they can use the language difference againt you. The country has it's reputation as the best in PS, but I think, Koreans are just making it up. What I really enjoyed was the aftersurgery care: 1 day hospital stay with IV and drenages and 8 massages... But still, can't say I was sattisfied 100%

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             happy healing! revision looks good!
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Thank you, Violet! You are beautiful )))
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             thanks sweetie!
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Hey Tati-ana, Glad to see you got fixed and are doing well. What did the doc say happened to your breasts? And what was their fix? This information could be helpful to other girls who might find themselves in the same position.
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Thank you for your interest and support. You were right, it was capsular contractor of the right breast. The implants were under the muscle, so, somehow it just pushed the implant way up. Doc fixed the left one too as the pocket was too big. He said he had to remove all the tissue and put some stitches inside so this time implant doest fall that down. That's why pain bothers me. Gotta see him on Tuesday. May be ask more. What I really like now that my breasts don't feel that hard as they were before right after surgery. I really want them to look and feel as natural as breast augmentation can give...
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Capsular Contructure I mean. Sorry for some spelling / grammar mistakes )))
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No worries about the spelling/grammer mistakes, but I guess it's good to know you know the proper word. =) Are you korean by chance? I am just curious...I am half. Glad to hear all is good and I wish you the very best! His fix makes a lot of sense for the issues you named. Not that I am a doc or anything, but that is the typical fixes I have read for the issues you named. I'm sure you know, but just be careful you dont rip those internal stitches and have to go under the knife again. Did your doc say how long it will take the internal sutures to heal? I am not familiar with whether they use dissolvable or non-dissolvable.
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Scrappy, Thank you for your concern. I was reading your posts as well. Very informative and useful! I'm caucasian, but crazy about Korea. LOL Doc said two weeks from the surgery and they supposed to heal. Yesterday it was a nightmare! heavy rain and wind and i had to fight with heavy doors of pharmacy and umbrella and purse the same time... Hope my booby is not mad at me. LOL I found out he made a cut under my left breast ((( He said he couldn't put stitches inside without that cut. I had axillary approach... it just adds more scars on my poor body. Just don't get why i was not informed about it in advance?!! Both breast are still painful to touch. Left one is more. I have 10 days of antibiotics along with pain killers treatment And after, 3 month of meds relaxing the muscle... Cost me 300$ extra just to get them ://
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I wonder if they made the pocket too low? Might want to get opinions from other surgeons to find out. You have a nice shape otherwise and will look fantastic . You mention pain...have you found out what it was by now? I am wondering if it is capsular contracture.
I hope everything is allright...please update us.
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Jewelry PS. Well, may be he is better now ;)
I would recommend you to get free consultation with several surgens. They should speak English if you are not fluent in Korean. And find a someone who did the same surgery. It will help and with money discount too.
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So how did the resurgery go? I live in Korea and have been thinking about getting implants, so wondering how to go about finding the right doc. Do you have any friends who've gone to other docs there?
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I was wondering where did you go...I was seriously looking to make an appointment but not sure who is the best and who's the worst.
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Not happy with them. Going to get a resurgery. It's been a year. Nipples are looking different ways. And they are not smoth round. You can se the curves of implants below. When I work with my muscles they look disgusting... Try to hide them form my hubby cz thats a turn off! :(
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They look very nice to me. Very natural. It's suppose to hang a bit low. Unless you want it look like it was surgically enhanced. That means, it will stick up too high and point out like torpedos.
It will look fake.

One of my co-worker had breast implants. It look very fake. It was very round like a perfect circle. Natural breasts will hang down a bit. Her breasts were shape like two balls attached to her chest. It was distracting for everyone in the office. Men and women! They wouldn't stop staring at her chest even when speaking to her.

I hope your breasts turn out okay. How are they now?
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Something doesn't look right with them. How are they now?
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NOT sattisfied with them at all! It's been almost 2 months. I think they are too low. They don't look right, they don't feel right. Looks like the doctor ignores me. I'm talking to the manager who says all the time different things... Now she told me to wait for 3 more month. And that they will go half inch up!!! Don't know what to do... :(((
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Thank you so much! It helps! wish they could see my picture too....
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