Great results! I am 46 yrs old, 2 daughters I'm...

Great results! I am 46 yrs old, 2 daughters I'm their 20's and a 3 yr old grandson. I was a really late bloomer and developed in my sophomore yr in high school. I was a normal size until i had kids. After my first pregnancy I was a D and then after the second a DD. I have scoliosis and only 5 ft tall and weigh 125 lbs. The weight of my breast was causing painful dents on my shoulders which led to chronic migraines.

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I also have a review about the tummy tuck. More...

I also have a review about the tummy tuck. More pics there. The breast reduction wasn't that painful at all. One pound was taken off from each breast reducing them to a B cup. I had the anchor type incisions. The incisions were from my cleavage area out to under my arm pits. My breast were more to the sides so the ps had to make a longer incision. I had some discomfort under my arms. They were sore and numb. the ps just had to remove a couple of end stitches that kind of hurt. After a couple of weeks I mostly had issues with skin irritation. I got a burning rash and got really itchy. My skin started to settle down once all the surgical glue came off. My nipple area was also hyper sensitive until about 5 wks. I am now 7 wks post op and feeling good. the ps said I could wear regular bras but i'm still wearing soft sports bras. I'm a little sore still so I haven't gone bra shopping. I did go to the gym today for the first time. It wasn't bad. I am so happy with the results. So worth it!


Awww... thanks Ana. And thanks for the great tips. I'm trying to mentally write off the two months immediately following surgery (knowing I'll have a full-time job just trying to sit still and HEAL) and project forward to the bra shopping. So many little time. Have fun this weekend. Envious as hell!! (but in a good way!)
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Hi Piggles :). You are too funny. My ps is an artist that's for sure. With what he had to work with to get this result is amazing to me. I have a couple of tips from my experience. Use baby body wash that is soap free and hopefully fragrance free. I did not do that from the beginning. I got a bad rash and when I switched soaps it was much better. I would also recommend a soft seamless cami. With our shape you will probably have an incision extending under your armpits. I wore the cami under the bra and it helped me so much. Any seam over the incision is going to irritate it. I got about 475 grams removed from each breast. I feel so much lighter. At 8 wks post op I feel pretty good. Still have just a little tenderness and numbness under my arms. I am going
bra shopping this weekend :). You're going to do great and look beautiful ! I'm excited for you!!
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Hi Ana! If you added 20 years (even though I'm **only** 55 - lol!) to your boobs and let ALL the air out, we would be similarly shaped. Remember how I qualified that though, so if you look at my photos, you're not insulted. I just had to remark on what a beautiful job your PS did! Absolutely stunning! It's great to see, because I've hunted and hunted for photos of a shape that I think similar to mine and even though your "before" photo" shows breasts in beautiful shape - and mine are NOT - it's that little sideways tilt that I can relate to. Now, at least I know that, in principle, that shape doesn't prevent a fabulous outcome. Thanks so much for sharing your story and your photos! (Your tummy tuck is amazing too, but I can't afford - literally OR figuratively - to admire that!!! You look as though you're in your mid-late 20s. Can't even IMAGINE how that must feel! ) Take care.
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Posted pics. Bra shopping was a success! I am...

posted pics. Bra shopping was a success! I am officially a 34C. I purchased bras from Victoria's secret for the first time ever.
the young lady who helped me could not have been nicer. She was great and very patient. I ended up buying the underwire with very little padding. The name is Body by Victoria Demi Bra. It was the one that gave me the nicest silouhette and curves. I also bought these seamless hiphugger panties that are so comfy. Feels good on my TT scar and tummy. I tried on a couple of slight push-up's one and they hurt a little and did not give me a nice looking cleavage. not ready for those. Maybe later down the road I will give them another try. I went on to JCP where I found a strapless bra! I was so excited that I was actually able to where a strapless bra and it looked good. I had found these cute strapless tops earlier for $3.99, I bought every color they had. I was hoping to find a bra later and I did. I am just thrilled about shopping for new things and everything seems to look pretty good on me know. It is so rejunivating. I shopped for 6 hours straight and felt so normal again. Actually better than my old normal. Happier, lighter and more comfortable. My back held out too. The old me could not shop for 6 way. I must have tried on 40 bras and ended up with 5. I'm so happy that today turned out to be a good day. Happy healing ladies and best of luck to those who are waiting for their surgeries!


I'm in Miami. That's good!

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I took some pictures this morning of the incisions. I'll get them posted soon. My skin Is super sensitive so the slightest thing makes my scars a little irritated and red. Mederma has been working really well for me. Where in FL are you? My PS is excellent and specializes in breast and tummy surgeries. He has preformed thousands of breast surgeries. He told me he has only had to do drains in 5% of his procedures. No drains and no bruising for me :)!
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Yes, I definitely want to get a breast reduction and lift so I'm doing my research now. I don't want my nipple detached as I don't want to lose sensitivity and I want to be able to breastfeed when that time comes. I want as few scars as possible and if it could be done with the laser technique that would be great.Do you know whether he detached your nipples or used a laser?

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Updated pics. 9 wks post op. My skin still gets a...

Updated pics. 9 wks post op. My skin still gets a little irritated and my incisions get a lttle red. The laundry softener my be the culprit now. Not sure, I have really sensitive skin. Other than that the scars are lightening up. The incisions around the areolas are not even visible. My PS used glue and no stitches. Doing good and feeling better everyday. I'm wondering when I'll be able to lay on my stomach. Not there yet. I do need to go bikini shopping. My old top it too big now :) I'm so happy I did this. I feel so much better about my body. I feel more proportioned now. Hope everyone is doing well.


Awww thank you Kate :). Life is better with smaller girls, isn't it? Yours are beautiful too!
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Your breasts look incredible. Wow.
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you look amazing and to be 42 wow you look great i am getting a breast reduciton but i sure could use a tummy tuck gosh i wish i knew who could give me one how much did it cost....
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I over did it this weekend. I went to star wars...

I over did it this weekend. I went to star wars weekend in Disney Orlando. Way too hot, too much walking and too much sitting in the car / 3 hr drive. Had fun but my tummy is sore and swollen again. Darn it! I felt so good but I now realize I am still healing. On a very personal note and I hope I don't offend anyone... My Hubby said to me last night that the view of my body from on top is beautiful. He says my breast were looking back at him instead of hanging to the side. He said he can't believe my flat tummy and how amazing I look. He got a little misty eyed. It was so nice to hear those words :). We have been married for 23 years. He's a wonderful man and I'm lucky to have him.


You look AMAIZING !!!!!! Makes me want a tummy tuck too. Maybe next summer
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New tummy to go with the new perky boobs? Sounds like o good plan :). Thank you Zing!!
You look great! And you didn't offend me, it so nice to hear that your husband is so in love with you and enjoys what he sees. You should be very proud and happy .... so shout it from the roof tops!!! :o)
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Time for bikini pics :0) !! 11 wks post op. I may...

Time for bikini pics :0) !! 11 wks post op. I may try swimming today and get some exercise. hope everyone has a good weekend and happy healing!


Thank you so much busy! I really am happy with my results. I was not expecting this. Looking forward to the big 50 now :). Hope my face holds up ;). How are you feeling? Is the bruising better now?
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Hi Ana, you look amazing!, not even like the same person. After having the lipo with my br I said no more elective surgery...ever. but after seeing you I am re-thinking that seriously you look great..enjoy!
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Thank you Iowa :). I went swimming! Felt so good.
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Hi ladies :) felt more like myself today than I...

Hi ladies :) felt more like myself today than I have since surgery. Baked cupcakes!! PB&J - vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling topped with cream chs an peanut butter frosting and a nutter butter cookie for decor. Oreo cookie - chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling topped with cream chs and Oreo crumb frosting and a mini Oreo for decor. Made the for my nephews grad party. They were a big hit. By 7:00 pm I had to lay down for a little bit. Tummy was starting to hurt. I wore my jeans for the first time. They were my tight ones that are now loose :). Everyone complimented my new figure except for one lady who said I looked wider. Whatever! Tummy has been more sore than usual and a little more swelling. I think when I'm on my feet too long it aggravates things. Boobs on the other hand are doing marvelous!


Sorry for being so forward but your tits are the bomb. You really look phenomenal. I really believe at some point in our lives as women we want to feel, look and be attractive as we get older. It has absolutely nothing to do with a man. If you don't like it you fix it and that's the bottom line. I don't know any grandmothers who look like you right now!!!!! Keep shining and thanks for all your support!!!!
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Your awesome!! Thanks again :). Every time I take my bra off I'm amazed. I'm still expecting them to drop like before. They just state up and perky. It's a beautiful thing :).
Thank you so much summer girl! Hope you are doing well and rocking those cute bikinis!! :)
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Nothing to report, just sitting in a hot sauna...

Nothing to report, just sitting in a hot sauna right now. Got my dates mixed up and my ps appt is this Friday. So I'm in the gym trying to shed a few pounds before Friday. I know I'm stupid like he notices. But that's me :). I got a couple of issues to discuss with him but I'm sure he'll say wait until the 6 months. Hope everyone has a nice 4th. I plan to be in my bikini swimming tomorrow :).


Hi ana i don't even have to ask! but i so know your enjoying your day today showing off that new figure even more and more! Enjoy your 4th and be safe!
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I went bike riding and swimming. Burned some calories today :). Hope your day was nice.
I'm getting there ana313 just still sore and swelling.
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Hello all :). I had my 15 wk post op visit with...

Hello all :). I had my 15 wk post op visit with my PS yesterday. It went very well! The issues I had to discuss with him will be resolved. First main issue was with my right breast. I have to confess now that I have a dog ear. I didn't want to say anything until I knew what the outcome was going to be after this visit. You can only see it when my arm is in a certain position. It was hard to get a pic of it. He said that it is not going to go away on it's own now. I was willing to wait longer and see if it got better on it's own and was hoping that if I lost weight it may improve. But he shooked his head, no. He said that happens sometimes and it's no big deal to fix. He explained it's hard to see how your skin ends up because you are lying down on the table during surgery. ok, so no problem it can be fixed but how much is it going to cost me? he said zero, nothing, that his work is 100% gauranteed. He will fix whatever is needed at no cost. HUGE relief!! I was so happy to hear that. So August 14th I will go in for the minor procedure that is done in his office under local anethesia.It's 30 minutes and I can go straight to work afterwards. More cutting more healing but I'm ok with that. The other main issued I had was with my left hip. I won't bore you ladies with that and will post it on my TT review. I told him I wanted to lose more weight and he said not to loose too much. I told him my goal was 10 lbs and he said that was ok but no more that that. He doesn't want for my skin to sag too much. He said try to tone up also and build some more muscle because that will help maintain the tightness. Makes perfect sense. I told him how happy I was with the results! he was really impressed on how good my scars looked. He said it was really amazing and ran his hands across my TT scar an really admired it :) He looked proud...yay!!! He said my nipple scarring is really very minimal and it will continue to improve. The hardness on the T junction is very typical and it takes the longest to heal. He said that will also improve. All good news and I am so happy I chose him. Hope you ladies have a good weekend and happy healing!!
PS I added $315 to my cost because appaerently I hadn't met my out of pocket annual expense :(


Yet another "that's crazy!" moment. My 20 year old daughter borrowed my bra. It fit her perfectly!
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Hi mrs Thomas :). If I had to pay I probably would have lived with. It just looks a little funny when I'm naked. I'm hoping he can make the scar a little lower. That would be marvelous! When do you see your ps again?
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Hi Ana, I have the same problem as you but I didn't know what they where called until now so i have dog ears on both sides I hope my ps is as kind as yours and fixes the problem at no cost.
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16 wk pics. Girls have settled and scars are...

16 wk pics. Girls have settled and scars are fading. They look smaller from the side shots. I love them and I'm so happy I did this. I hope all the upcoming BR ladies are excited and preparing for the new chapter in their lives. Big (((hugs))) to you all !!!


Hey Ana, just stopping by. Your transformation looks great! Dont' worry too much about the dog ear.. your PS is right. Its not a big deal to fix in time and after that, you will be perfect. Your top looks much better and closer together and your TT is flat. You go girl!
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Thanks so much cheweb :). I'm looking forward to the revision. Still on the fence about the hip. I started doing my exercise videos yesterday. Hope it helps my hips :). Hope your ps appt goes well. Good Luck!!
OMG Ana you are looking absolutely wonderful. Look at that great figure and the boobs are wonderful. I bet you are so pleased with the results so far. You look absolutely amazing....... Can't believe how quickly you are healing too. Keep putting your photo's on and updating us. Keep in touch. xx
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Got a new dress, posted pics fully dressed for a...

Got a new dress, posted pics fully dressed for a change :). Wearing a push-up bra for the first time and it was pretty comfortable. when I took it off I had dents from the padding but it went away...phew! Went to a baby shower on South Beach. Talk about beautiful bodies wearing close to nothing! I felt so much more confident and actually got a couple of compliments from perfect strangers. I thought it was so nice to be noticed in the land of the beautiful people, LOL!
Got a tight hug from the host when we left. He didn't know. Ouch! boobs are still soar, thank goodness I was wearing the push up. It helped lessen the squeeze.


Hello, I'm wondering if he performs surgery in the office or in the hospital.
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Hi rocky, surgery is done in the hospital, Memorial west on flamingo road.
Hi Ana you look HOT HOT on that dress wow nice dress too.
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My revision surgery scheduled for tomorrow has...

My revision surgery scheduled for tomorrow has been rescheduled to 8/28. Some appt mix-up. Oh well, a couple more weeks. I asked how much pain I was going to be in afterwards and she said none at all. I have a meeting the next day that is a big deal for work and I would hate to look like I was a pain. That area is still very numb so hopefully shes right. I caught my skin on a zipper the other day and didn't feel a thing. Why is this stupid zipper stuck! Lol!!


Looking beautiful, as usual. I've missed you girls so much! I hope all is well with you.
PS: You look fabulous in that dress!!
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Thanks GG!! You're so sweet :). I miss you! Getting my rev on Thursday to remove the dog ear. Will update soon.
I'm here to stay this time, lol. Def let me know how the dog ear removal goes.

Finally got my revision done today to correct the...

Finally got my revision done today to correct the dog ear. My appointment was at 2: and I was out the door by 2:30. It was a super fast procedure. Since I'm pretty numb in that area still the local anesthesia pricks weren't too bad. After 5 mins he started cutting. I asked if he could possibly make the incision lower and he said he would do his best. he said let me know if you feel any pain. He started cutting into me and it was freaking me out a little. I was waiting for pain but didn't feel a thing. relief!! he cut out the fleshy section and showed it to me. Yuck!! looked like chicken fat. He stiched me up. Alot of pulling and tugging. Put some tape on and done. I have to go back in a week to get the stiches removed. I can shower tomorrow morning. Posting pics. Hope you are all doing fabulous!!


Yay! I'm glad that there were no crazy complications. Can't wait to see :)
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Thanks GG :). It's been pretty smooth so far. No real pain. Yay!
Me too, thank you.
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Hi ladies. Got my end stitches out this morning...

Hi ladies. Got my end stitches out this morning and it was totally painless. Last night I took off the surgical tape with a little help from my friend, palmers skin oil. It came off pretty easily. He did the same stich procedure, dissolvable internal stitches and glue for the top layer. It has been just a little uncomfortable but last night I slept on that side and it was fine. It usually stings a little for about an hour after I shower but for the most part the revision has been a piece of cake! It took the nurse about 30 seconds to snip the end stitches. So I'm done with the dog ear and it looks so much better now. It looks like he was able to lower the incision a little so I'm really happy about that. I now have a better understanding of why the incisions feel hard and lumpy at first. There are so many layers of stitches under your skin. Each layer of stitching will have some scar tissue so massaging is really important to help smooth things out. I'm typing this on my phone so I'll post pics in a minute. Happy healing ladies :).


Looking good Ana.Looking at your incision.I has the same technique.I love incision on my tummy is looking great!glad your dog ear is gone!!looks great
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Thank you so much Ruger. You made my day :). I'm really happy with the new me. He made me look like I did when I was 19. That's not what I expected but I'll take it!!
Sunny!!! So nice to hear from you. I'm finally losing some weight and tummy is looking good. I'm happy with the boob rev. Healing hasn't been bad at all :). How are you doing?

Had my first spitting stitch! It was poking out of...

Had my first spitting stitch! It was poking out of the revision area. Got it removed today and it stings just a little. No problems other than that. I'll post updated pics soon. I scheduled the hip revision for next week 11/13. I hope that goes as smooth as the br dogear revision.


i have a dog ear thingy too....i am only 6 weeks so im hoping massaging it will help that out. we shall see. did he just cut it off for u???
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Hi sassy. I had dogears on each side at first. One went down and the other didn't. Keep massaging for sure. It may help. He made like a pizza slice cut to remove it. It was quick and easy. In and out in 40 mins. Good luck :).
thanks anna i will see about doing that after it seems all is settled. its only been 6 weeks so we will see!

New pics. 9 wks post revision, 8 months post BR...

new pics. 9 wks post revision, 8 months post BR and TT. I'm so happy with my C cups :). I don't miss them DD's at all!!


u look good
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Thanks saint Jo :). I feel good too! Best decision ever!!
Wow, you look so amazing! Congratulations!
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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. 2012 will be...

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. 2012 will be remembered as my rewind year. Surgery was the best thing I could have done and I am so grateful to Dr Morales and also to all of the lovely ladies on here who have shared their stories. You are all brave and amazing women! Best wishes to all in 2013. I posted a recent pic. Notice the big smile? :). I am in a bralette!


Thank u anna sooo much as always ur a big help. I have to get that glamour issue b4 it's too late. Spring is coming then after that shirts off lol my arms have to a be a little right for the summer lol
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Hey Ana how are you? I checked out your VS pics. You look soooooooo good girl! Thank god for PLASTIC SURGEONS. Hope all is well!
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Bless those miracle hands of theirs!! I'm doing good. I think I found a good chiropractor. Fingers crossed! My chronic pain from scoliosis gets me down sometimes. Will see how it goes after a few weeks. I haven't had an adjustment since surgery. 24 yr wedding anniversary tomorrow. Spending the day with the hubby :). Hope you have a great weekend with the rocking hot body of yours ;)!!

Hi lovely ladies :)! i haven't updated in a while...

Hi lovely ladies :)! i haven't updated in a while but i have been reading some updates. I finally got around to taking some new pics. I celebrated my 1 year post op on 3/23/13 and my 47th birthday in March too. I'm really happy with the surgery and trying to get more active now. Started walking/jogging and it's going well i think. it's so much easier now with smaller boobs!! I also started doing a little yoga. My low back has been acting up again from my scoliosis so i'm hoping the excercising will help with the pain. if i strengthen my abs and back it may help. went off my dieting for a while and gained some weight but i got back on my healthier eating routine and dropped the added pounds. I absolutely love my new boobs. they make me feel young and sexy and they work for me. they are so easy to deal and live with. The old boobs were always working against me, if you know what i mean. My nipples are a little sore/sensitive these days. Hard to explain how they feel. When the hubby goes near them I always cringe. it just doesn't feel right. I have to try and relax and then it calms down. not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. All in all life is good and the hubby and i are now doing date nights :)! After 24 years, it's about damn time!! Happy healing :)!


Who did your reduction? I have been trying to get the surgery for years. It was only $815??? Please contact me if you find time (
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You look great ...I have a scar revision coming up..on my side..same area as yours... How was that far as recovery?? Thanks...
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Thanks kkarmel ! The rev surgery was no problem. I'm numb in that area so there was hardly any pain. I just had one spitting stitch that's all. Good luck and you look amazing!!!
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