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6 weeks PO... all is back to normal! London, United Kingdom

I am 32, married & mum of a wonderful nine...

I am 32, married & mum of a wonderful nine year old girl. Reason for booking a TT, is after a horrific birth ending in an emerg C section & giving birth to a 10lb baby as well as puttingon 5 stone, I have been left with a huge overhang which is causing my c sec scar to be bacterial infected all the time. This has been going on for the last nine years and after being told no from the NHS, my hubby said to look down the private hospital route. After my inital consultation in August, I am booked in for November 15th (only waiting as wanted a specific hospital close to home)

So my personal goals.. Just to not be itching and scratching all the time due to another infection. Although losing the overhang is a huge bonus, just to have my scar able to heal properly will make me so happy.

I dont have any tips as yet but will share as I learn them although I am finding this website so helpful!

My main concern and a subject that fills me with dread is the drains they put in and then have to take out. This seems to be the thing that is bothering me the most, so any tips or ideas on when they take them out would be appreciated. I also have tons of questions to ask, so bear with me!

So less than four weeks to go!!!! Really...

So less than four weeks to go!!!! Really appreciating the reviews and posts from everyone, it's so helpful!

Contacted yesterday for waist and hip measurements...

Contacted yesterday for waist and hip measurements so my binder can be ordered. Also asked about self injecting for clots when I got home and have been told if I dont have a pre existing condition that would require this there shouldnt be a reason for me to need to (rather pleased about this!) Now just to get through half term school holidays which is taking my mind off it...

Five days to go and Im on the emotional...

Five days to go and Im on the emotional rollercoaster ride.... eeek! Have my pre op appointment on Monday and am spending the weekend getting myself (and the house) prepared x

Had preop today, all set for Thursday. I'm going...

Had preop today, all set for Thursday. I'm going in for 7am and then waiting for my slot although don't know what time that will be. Trying to keep mind off it all but starting to struggle :o( Bag is packed ready to go. Roll on Thursday! X

So todays the day. Should have been at hospital...

So todays the day. Should have been at hospital at 7am but op time got pushed back so dont need to be there till midday. Just done a ton of ironing to keep my mind off it but as the time gets closer... at last I can now say... SEE YOU ON THE FLAT SIDE! Best wishes to everyone having surgery today and to all those recovering. K x

So finally home and what a two days it's been....

So finally home and what a two days it's been. Operation (tummy tuck with muscle repair) was a success and spent two days in hospital. So glad to be home! Drains taken out day after op as not much coming out. Got to have a look and so pleased with results! All in all I'm okay.. Will update again soon. Love to all x

Day 6 post op, still not sleeping properly but...

Day 6 post op, still not sleeping properly but getting flatter in bed after each night. Only only paracetomal and ibruophen since leaving hospital on day 2 po, which I haven't been taking full doses of. Got hospital po check on Friday can't wAit. Haven't taken cg off yet, waiting till Friday. Only real problem is I haven't had bowel movement. I've taken stool softener but nothing! Have been eating normally but small portions so just waiting :o( happy healing all x

Day 8, can't believe how quick the first week has...

Day 8, can't believe how quick the first week has gone. So much more mobile, still walk around with head down. Had 1st po appt with consultant who tells me all is looking good. Taken off all dressings and know just putting daily gauze along scar and a square on belly button. Have to squirt salt water on belly button and blisters on the scar (got a few of these, is normal so I'm told.) am now allowed to shower, just had one and feel much better. As for what it looks like... My mum and hubby say it looks great. I'm a little hesitant just wasn't sure what expect (yes really) I'm happy though... Just feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing today... Happy healing to all x

So end of day 12 po... Feeling so much better...

So end of day 12 po... Feeling so much better after day 8, my feeling low day. Can only put it down to seeing the extend of scar etc for the first time. But now, and it seems as every day passes, I'm feeling so much better. Trying to get out for a daily walk round the village which makes me feel great. Still getting tired come 5pm but still finding myself awake in the early hours for no reason... I just. Ant seem to get the right balance. Got Nother check with consultant/surgeon on Friday. Supposed to be attending company Christmas party on sat. Thinking just to go for meal and then head home but will decide on the day. All in all I'm happy with the results. I no longer have an infected c-section scar nor the large overhang which is all I wanted. Best wishes to all on their journeys. X

Day 14, started period which was due so perhaps a...

Day 14, started period which was due so perhaps a sign my body is getting back to normal. Since getting period have felt sooo bloated and swollen. Belly button is getting better with the salt solution, many bits coming away. Still got some corker blisters along the scar but they are not sore. Only grumble is that I still can't walk standing straight. I seem to get more hunched as the day goes by and by mid afternoon my back starts to hurt. Seeing the consultant tomorrow with more questions. Happy healing all x

Day 15, just had check up. All okay, he removed...

Day 15, just had check up. All okay, he removed some scabs in BB (eeeek) thank god I have no feeling in that area! Next appointment in two weeks. Told I can drive when I feel up to it, to start moving more and enjoy! x

Day 21/three weeks today. I'm back at work (office...

Day 21/three weeks today. I'm back at work (office doing administration) and finding my back begins to ache by mid afternoon, I bloat out and get really tired. Last few days I've also been struggling to sleep due to back ache too :o(

Today was first day driving. Drove a 25 min journey with a big sweatshirt wrapped round my tummy. I drive an automatic car but still found it pretty uncomfortable (not painful)

Also found my belly button has been a bit manky but continuing the salt water treatment as advised.

All in all progress continues day by day.

Happy Healing

So it's been just over 4 weeks. Had check up...

So it's been just over 4 weeks. Had check up yesterday with surgeon and all is brilliant! Scar is healing great, scabs from blisters now gone. Belly button healing well (still looks mucky to me but he said all good) I'm allowed to start using bio oil, begin basic gym exercise again but no swimming or baths as yet. Don't know about you guys but my skin is soooo dry! Im still swollen above the scar, he said that should reduce again by 50% or more.. Which is great news! Also got o see the before pucs... Wow the difference! Have asked or copies so i will upload as soon as recieved. Can now wear nice/sexy knickers which I haven't been able to for a long time (9 years!!!!) so have told my hubby to get shopping! Am still living in leggings as have found skinny jeans andI trousers with buttons hurt my tummy. Also found I don't have a muffin top :o) so trousers not fitting right at moment.

All in all I have found I've turned a corner and just can't stop smiling!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone.... Until 2013 x

So just over six weeks since I had my TT. Had...

So just over six weeks since I had my TT. Had slight set back on Boxing Day, a 'bump' has come up above my scar at the end on my left hand side. Ended up seeing consultant/surgeon two days later and he said its either fluid or I may need a bit of lipo there at a later stage (wont discuss until at least 4 months PO) So i keep looking at it but its not getting bigger... yet :o(
Rest is all going down nicely. I went and bought some new clothes..Highwaisted jeans and a top to tuck in!!!!!!!! I have found my confidence has gone up tons and Im finally standing straight!

Happy New Year to all! x
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Hi Kimmers - I too have a bump jus above my cut to the right, have a look at my pictures if you get chance. Is it the same kind of bump?
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Hi Kimmers - re your post from yesterday on still not standing straight, I was near the end of week 3 when I could and this week (8 weeks PO yesterday) I needed to hunch a bit, felt like something was pulling below my cut. But all just normal and I wish I'd stayed hunched longer to pretect not stretching too much......not sure if that makes sense but try not to be in a rush to be straight to quick too soon. X
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Good update and glad to hear you are doing so well!

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Thank you x
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Hey Kimbo, glad your starting to feel better. I was lucky and was the total opposite for BM to the other extreame! They said it was the antibiotics. The nurses said to ween off the pain killers as soon as I could as they bung you up. I stopped on on day 6. See how you go but failing that hot hot hot water and lemon, drink it so it makes you sweat and you'll be well away! Take care, Al, X
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Hello!! Well ive been (hahahaha) and felt much better for it. Today being a bit emotional... Had first po check and he took all dressings off and I nearly fainted! Got some blisters on the scar and an unhappy belly button. Allowed to shower which has been heaven and even putting binder on wasn't to bad. Hope your doing well xx
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Ahhh yes a shower.....how much do we miss those! I had to wait 2 flippin weeks before I could! I was kneeling in water then flannel wash. I'm ok, still got my bulge and today feeling mor numb. I'm still numb but feel more so today. I was at a do last night and had a bit of a dance and didn't feel quite right so sat for the rest of the night. I had a bit if a weepy tummy button and had an iodine spray to use after 3 weeks after a shower, worked a treat :) Take care and happy healing. X
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Good luck, be calm, easy said I know but you'll be reet. Thinking of you for Thursday. X
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Thank you!!!! Will keep you posted.. K x
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Hi kimbo, good luck with it all for the 15th, try not to worry your self too much as it's not as bad as you think it is going to be. I had my drains removed befor i came home one on day two and the other the next day. on removal the nurse got me to relax with my arms loose at my sides then do relaxation breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and befor i knew it was out just a little discomfort, get a little extra pain relief and its fine. xxx
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Thanks for your post. I think my mind is just going into overdrive. I had Better start practising relaxation breathing lol! X
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OMG a week tomorrow and I will be being wheeled in!! Luckily Im crazy busy at work to not let my brain think about to much. Feeling excited, scared and worried all at once. Going to get packed at the weekend and ready for pre op assessment on Monday! Arraaaggghhh!!!!
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Hi Kimbo - re injecting, where I was the nurses said they were very shocked that I had to come home with injections. They said it's common to have while staying in hospital but not to go home with unless I was 30 stone +, not able bodied and had family history of DVT to which none of these apply. I asked my surgeon when being allowed home and he implied its just what they did now. Since then, the nurses said the surgeons go on courses/seminars etc and learn stuff still and I was the second in a week to be sent home with it. And 100% honest it didn't hurt, I just couldn't do it myself to me! Fingers crossed you don't and from being on here ALL the clinics ar different too! X
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Good luck with your surgery darling. I'm having mine on the 15 too. As you were advice it is important to give yourself time to recovery, don't judge the result from the first day as you might experience swelling. Take the pills rigorously, eat protein, drink lots of water (with cucumbers and lemons on it) . If you read my old review you might find some interesting tips. Make sure you won't stretch the incision. Walk for the the first few days bended . Again good luck to you.
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Hi Kimbo, saw you had messaged me as I had my TT + lipo - thanks :) I too was massively worried about the drains. Truth - when walking to the loo and on it, it was uncomfy but that was the worst. Mine came out before I came home and like you I've seen many on here that are sent home with them. Apparantly my surgeon doens't allow it unless your filling the bottles (mine were the size of a milk bottle so very difficult to fill!) and I hardly filled mine at all, about an inch to 2 inches filled the most if that. Taking them out, the lovely nurse said deep breath in and slowy out and as you breath out they take them out one by one. To be fair I was a tad high on 2 tramadol which I believe helped loads but it was no where near what I was expecting. Ask for pain killers which I'm sure you'd be given anyway and if you can have them out before you come home you'll still be high!!! Looking at some of the drains on here more so the USA ones, they are tiny in comparison to the ones I had. I can't comment for other UK ones (can't remember what I've seen now!) but the USA ones are tiny so this is maybe why they're sent home with them. Take care and keep posting. X
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Hello! I've been following your progress and cant thank you enough as its been so helpful! IM praying for lots of pain killers but will be per-warning the nurse who has to take them out of my foul language and whatever I say I don't mean it! I've noticed lots of differences between those done in uk and USA but I would prefer not to have to take drains home... My daughter would freak if she saw them! Still... Looking forward to 15 nov.... One question, how long before you ventured out as normal? X
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Hi Kimbo - I had it done on the Thursday and first time out of the house was the following week on Friday to go back to the clinic to be re-dressed. While there I asked if I was ok to go do the dreaded asda shop. It was ok to go as long as I didn't stretch to reach for things and load the bags so my man mostly did it all. We were out and about on the Saturday and by Sunday morning I looked pregnantwith swelling so sat all day with my feet up. I felt down because I don't think I helped myself doing what I did albeit it wasn't a lot. Back at the clinic last Thursday and had to have a serona to be drained (collection of fluid on the tummy), it didn't hurt as I was still numb. But I was gutted as from what I undersand you can bring a seroma on by doing too much too soon. I went back Saturday morning as I thought I needed it draining again but didn't but they said no more driving and not to do anything, Even getting up too quickly can't help. If I'm understanding it correctly, it's to do with the muscle and the tummy lining banging together. The fluid mostly gets absorbed back into your body, it's not dangerous but what doesn't will show up like waves going across your tummy and needs to be drained........moral of this story.....don't do too much and rest rest rest! I go back to work tomorrow (Tuesday)and sort of feel a dread because I've slowed right down as in how I'm moving around and they're well nosey where I work and I don't want to have to go into it. I wish I'd had more holidays to book off as I would have booked 3 off which at the time of consults etc I did have available but as the year went on I took other time off, they said I needed 2 weeks. Yes lots of difference to the USA!!! X
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Crikey you have gone through it! Hope your return to work didnt go to badly. Im carefully wording what operation Im having but its hard I know, especially taking the recovery time off work. I have my husbands company christmas party two weeks one day after op and thought I might be able to go for just the meal part (probably not eating!) show my face then go home. Talking of eating, how did you find that after the op and now? Sorry so many questions :o) x
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Hi Kimbo - keep the questions coming! Work was ok. I was nervous and think I sort of held myself stiff panicking about banging into desks!!! And yes as expected I was asked questions and because not still 100% up right I went for "I've got backache" which put most at bay but not all!!! Today much better until after lunch when I felt exhausted and very pregnant looking! My scar is healing well now apart for 2 bits opening and bleeding but not bad like. So I was worried for nothing! Food has been fine. I was well off my appetite for the first few days then back to normal. I got weighed last night and lost 6.5 pounds since being weighed 02.10.12, Weighed at night time so shows as more on my scaled in the morning.............which I'm more of a fan! X
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Glad your first day back at work went okay... Are you driving? Another question ;o) this time about binders, how many did you have? Oh and how long till you could shower? Sorry, these questions come to me all the time (3 weeks to go today) and I'm driving myself mad! X
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Hi Kimbo, no worries:) Glad I can help you. Yes I started driving 2 weeks after surgery which was the Wed and then last Sat they said to stop and rest before going back to work so I did and drove again few days later to Tuesday just gone for work. When I first asked about driving they recommended at least a week if not more. Have to say I still feel every bump in the road on my cut now scar line. I could shower 2 weeks later, drove me scatty! First few days my man washed me, my hair and blew it too, spoilt or what! I said to him that although I was going nowhere I needed to feel better than what I looked so he blew it for me too, bless him, he's been dead good. When he was at work early and late I filled the bath and kneeled in it just so my dressings weren't in the water. Killer on the knees mind but worth it. The after care nurse who is an ANGEL :) said I could shower once she'd seen how my cut was healing. Pls if you ever want to ask me more it's no problem. X
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Sorry - forgot the binder bit. Well I had none except for when I came round from surgery I had one on with the jacket top type thing. I could have had it but when going home I asked my surgeon for the compression garment that's like magic knickers so I wear one garment that goes from just below my bra down to my knees. It has a hole for the loo......not ideal but for keeping the garment on its better than up and down each time. And I've learnt to aim as straight as you can! I tell you if there was an olympic sport for it I'd win it!!!!!!! Mind you not for a number 2! Everything has to come off for that. I do think that taking the garment up and down each time has given it too much "give" and made it a bit slack. The nurses said to wash on a hot wash to bring it back in but not sure it's helped. I started on large for the body and jacket, now in medium body and small jacket. The jacket does right up to say where a short necklace on your chest may sit and goes over my hips, zips up. Can by uncomfy aroud your "flower" because the zip bends and when you sit you almost like you've grown as a man if you get me!!! I found the binder very uncomfy as the velcro is hard and either way where it was around me, stuck out everywhere where it fastened, not sure how I'd of hid it back at work but it'd make going to the loo a damm site easier! When I go back on Monday I see the nurse too for photos and I'm going to ask about the binder again just in case and for a small in the body garment. Where they are stitched around the top and legs, they are well tight so I pull to break the cotton. I made the mistake of cutting the legs a little on the first one and that was a mistaka to makea :( Hurt my legs more in th end! X
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Thank you! x
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Hey there I'm booked in for full tt (fleur di lis) on 29 th oct I'm also worried about drains as my ps says I won't be coming home with them, I keep reading on here about ladies having them in for up to 7 days, I keep thinking where is all that fluid going?? Good luck with your op x
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Thanks Andrea, I know it's odd the differences between uk and USA for the same op! All the best for you to! X
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