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I'm from Indonesia and i'm 23 now, around March...

I'm from Indonesia and i'm 23 now, around March 2012 i have a penis enlargement therapy that my friend introduce to me as a traditional treatment like just the therapis will sting your penis with some kind of root that Soaked with some oil, when the procedure process, the therapis ask me to not look at what they doing as i lay down and face upward, after the procedure i have been given a bottle of oil to doing "jilq" every day, after the therapy i feel unease because it's more hard to clean the gland as i was uncut, so i decided to take circumsize procedure just around May or June, after the circumcize all the things going ok ok so so.. But around a month ago i have doing masturbate with a massager, after few times, i feel some pain just above the pubic bone and appear a little bundle under the pubic skin area, the next week it appear more bundle under the penis towarding the testicles... And within 3 weeks i feel so painful and so i go to a doctor.. And he said this was some kind of siliconoma, cant be removed 100%, but he will try to remove as much as possible and keep the important part to keep the reproduction system still remain... I take the operation on 27 sept 2012, after the operation all the things going smoothly as the doctor expected, but on 2 Oct 2012, the operation line or wound became necrosis, and i'm still under treatment, and i feel the silicone still expanding and sometime i feel very hurt and i can feel the nerve pulse while its hurting me, also i still feel the pain every night while my penis erected by it own in the middle of my sleep and this have been effected my sleep quality.
I hope one day i can have an another operation to 100% clean out the siliconoma, in this case, my doctor tell me if i want to clean it out i will lose my reproduction capability, i think the siliconoma effected my Vas Deferens already, i feel very stupid to trust some unlicensed practice, and i feel very angry to being fooled by traditional treatment and it's turn out as silicone injection, so i'm not recomended any kind of silicone injection because when the alien things injected into your body, it's very hard to take it out again...
Regret always come too late...
Hope there's no more silicone injection victim, i hope there will be a world wide organisation will try to ban the silicone injection from medical options, because it bring no good to human...

Here from Indonesia,

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I am so very sorry to hear what has happened. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story so others can learn from your experience.

Please continue to keep us updated on how you are doing and what is going on for you.

Hoping for a complete healing for you!


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