Upcoming Tumescent Liposuction of Uppe and Lower Abdomen and Waist (Love Handles) - South Carolina

In 7 days I will be having my procedure for...

In 7 days I will be having my procedure for liposuction. I have always wanted to get this procedure done because i have never been comfortable with the extra body fat that my body has carried around my stomach and my disgusting love handles. I gave up on buying clothing and black became my favorite color. I am ready to be happy about the skin i am in. I have had a few consultations some doctors told me a tummy tuck may be a better option but i always though why cant try liposuction first and if my skin doesn't contract the way it should then i would consider tummy tuck.My procedure is May 11,2012 at 9:15am I truly cant wait to tell this belly goodbye!

Well 4 more days and it is bye bye belly I will be...

Well 4 more days and it is bye bye belly I will be having tumescent Lipo of upper an lower abdomen and waist under IV sedation.....i wonder whats all behind IV sedation the doctors assistant explained it to me as i will be asleep. I think im kinda nervous about that but I will be ok! I keep watching videos and looking at other before and after pics I hope mine turns out the way I want it to be....

3 more days and I just cant wait! I have been so...

3 more days and I just cant wait! I have been so self concious the last 5 years delaing with my stomach and love handles and now its gonna be a reality when i wake up and see that it is gone (tears) i just cant wait!

Well tommorow is the big day! You guys says a...

Well tommorow is the big day! You guys says a prayer for me and I will post tommorow!

Ladies, my surgery was a sucess I am kinda out of...

Ladies, my surgery was a sucess I am kinda out of it because of the pain killers but i can tell you when I changed my dressings I have a waist now I wanted to cry!!! I will update again very soon thanks for the encouraging words pics will come soon! muah!!!!!

Well 1 day post op it has been interesting I do...

Well 1 day post op it has been interesting I do see some lumps and swelling but I am massaging them and taking all precautions. I will post pics soon Thanks again for all the encouraging words

Well Im back at work today, I didn't want to get...

Well Im back at work today, I didn't want to get out of bed but I had to come in. It wont be a problem I am istting down for 8 hours but still I would prefer to be in my bed. Well day 1 I had a lot of lumps. It looked a little disfigured then i figured out the garment they gave me was not on right it was shaping my skin very funny do I took that off I have a excellent gurtle I had bough from Walmart that shape beautifully I put that on and then put the doctors garment on under it. I massaged and massaged and all the lumps are out WHEWWWW thank goodness. I just cant wait for the swelling to go down so that I can see the final product so do you ladies want to see the photo with all the lumps????

I havent been on in a few days im going through...

I havent been on in a few days im going through the worst part of the surgery....swelling, abnormality, puffiness, and regret.....i think im even a little depressed...i have to just remember its going to take time....i did great day one and two but day 3 o now i just swelled up! :( im doing a little better just staying in this garment and still massaging I cant wait for this to be over

Well Ladies im back it has been a hell of a week I...

Well Ladies im back it has been a hell of a week I have went form happy to sad to doubtful to mad to regretful and today I can say its a process do not get discouraged. My swelling is what hurt me the most It made me think that my desicion was a mistake but It wasnt I made it to week 2 a nd i can say the swelling is subsiding stay WRAPPED IN THE GARMENT!!!!!!! I am in two garments actually the tighter it was the better I felt and all of a sudden the swelling i subsiding so fast. I will not post pics again until Friday!

Hey Ladies, Still going through the healing...

Hey Ladies,
Still going through the healing process but my swelling haa went down 80% looks like im gonna have loose skin.but mior i dont think i.need a mini tuck.with muscle repair just need the skin cut away but i still.cant tell yet!!!
Dr. Brian Widenhouse

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omg you give me so much hope...you look great!..i have a big stomach and I pray that it goes down!! thank you for posting pics of your sx it really helps to give ppl like me an idea of how thing may turn out. if you don't mind me asking what was your weight before sx?
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did your doctor tell you to lift the skin up while u in your garment so you wont have sagging skin my doc told me to do that now i dont have sagging skin.
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Thank you :)
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Yeah. Just do what makes you happy. I want implants too I have two different sized breast. Not fun. Well my surgery is tomorrow morning at 0545. I feel sick thinking about it. Can't wait to post after pictures.
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Please don't stress out everything will be OK. Surgery will be a success!!!
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You look great. I mentioned that I was doing a makeover from lipo to implants and it was a lot of negative feedback. So when I get my procedure done I'm remaining anonymous too.
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Exactly!!! Only a few people in mh life know I'm even doing this. You know how people like to talk bad about others. So I don't even want to go their.
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Ahhh you look so good! Btw I don't show my face either :)
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Yea wanna remain anonymous LOL!
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I will thanks!
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I'm looking to do a mommy makeover as well starting with the lipo and finishing with breast implants. I can't wait to see your results. If you don't mind, who is the doctor that performed your surgery? I'm from Ohio and I don't want to get it done here. Thanks!
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A week from today! May 30, 12
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thats why I am doing this... I thought by seeing my stomach flat it would motivate me too lose the rest of the weight. I may have to try the double binder thing ;)
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When is your surgery?
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how do you move with two binders on? You look so great! I hope my results are as good as yours!
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thank you...its not that bad it actually has helped with the swelling it went down tremendously so im gonna stay wrapped up. i cant wait for the entire process to be over and im gonna do my best to make sure i stay healthy so that I will never have to worry about troubled areas anymore!
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Missy, Be patient, Patience is the key! Be positive. What you need to do:
Wear your compression garment daily except when taking shower;
drink a lot of fluids particularly water to decrease the swelling;
eat healthy, avoid food that contain high sodium;
massage your body!
You went too far to feel that way! It will take time but you will be happy when you see the final result. I am still swelling but I could see the difference in my shape the first I removed my garment to take shower.
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thank you so much...it is coming along slowly but surely i appreciate your words so much.
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Don't mean to rain on your parade, but I had it done, local annesthesia is a simple ambien (sleeping pill) WILL NOT PUT YOU TO SLEEP, felt every bit of pain and results were awful
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wow congrats post pictures brink arnica tea for the bruises and for the muscle pain and bloating i hope you feel better
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Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon
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Best of luck today. Your in my thoughts.... Dont worry all will go perfect x
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