15 Weeks PO....VERY PLEASED :) in SC

So, I have been reading everyone's stories for...

So, I have been reading everyone's stories for over a year now....contemplating making my "own" review. I am so addicted to this site, it is my "book" that I read before bed every night! I think it has become part of the reason that I decided to go through with the surgery, seeing everyones results are amazing!! Long story short....I am 38, happily married and have 2 kids, ages 10 and 8. I have struggled with my weight my entire life until a few years back I started "boot camp" exercise program, it totally changed my life!! I have lost 80 pounds, I do sometimes play with 10 pounds, depending on the time of year it is :)! Anyways....the 2 kids and the 80 pound weight loss has really took a toll on my body! I use to dream about having "that figure" that we all want, but really never thought I would come close to even looking like I had "that figure", even with clothes on! So, last August I decided to have a mastopexy (breast lift), that was a pretty tough surgery, it was VERY VERY worth it though!! My PS did an amazing job, my before and after pictures don't even look like the same person! Well, now that I have completely healed from my mastopexy and a small revision...my stomach is soooo beyond disgusting to me! Before, it all just kinda "matched", or you could say, kinda blended together? So I talked with my PS when I went back for my last visit for my breast lift and had my consultation for my TT. He informed me that he thought I was an excellent candidate for the surgery and that I should get great results!! He made me happy with some off his comments, my favorite being "you really do have a small frame underneath all that"...I laughed, I thought yea I have never thought of me having a small nothing!!! I trust him completely!! I am scheduled for my TT tomorrow in Charleston, it seems like it can't get here fast enough! I am nervous, a little scared but I want to be on the other side of this sooo bad! I cant begin to tell al of you ladies on here how much I look forward to seeing and reading all of your posts!!! Wish me lots of luck..and let the count down begin! :)

Well, I'm on the "other side"! Sugary was...

Well, I'm on the "other side"! Sugary was scheduled for 8:30 yesterday, got started about 8:45 and was done about 10:30, woke up in recovery with a little bit of nausea and some bearable pain...I think the burning sensation where the incision is is my number one complaint! Left the hospital around 2, got home a little after 5 because of ride home and getting prescriptions filled. PS said he took 3 pounds of fat/skin from my abdominal area, and only a few spots of lipo done...can't see my incision yet but have peeked at my BB and I can see it!!! Yes, I can see my BB! I have 2 dreadful drains, I think that was the worst part of my surgery last august with my mastopexy, but I know I need them to heal!

I need to correct my before pictures, I see that for sum reason all 3 pics are the same? I took 3 different ones! But got to wait till I can get to a computer, can't seem to figure it out on this iPad! Anyways...hope to post sum new pics soon, good luck and happy healing to u all~

Ok so I uploaded some more before pics....uggh...

ok so I uploaded some more before pics....uggh terrible terrible!!

Can't tell much yet, but I am thinking I like it...

Can't tell much yet, but I am thinking I like it already!! :)

Hmmm, almost 72 hours PO and the gas pains begin.....

Hmmm, almost 72 hours PO and the gas pains begin...uugh! I am clear to shower this afternoon, excited about that but it just seems like I shouldnt be getting my drain sites wet? anybody out there shower with drains and have a problem or is all good? I think i remember when I had my breast lift and had these same drains that I was not suppose to get them wet??? I know everybody seems to turn the corner when the drains come out...I totally agree from my last surgery i remember it very well. I go Tuesday for my check up and he seems to think he should be able to take one of them, :)

I know this might be too much TMI, but today was...

I know this might be too much TMI, but today was the day for the BM, all you gals had me worried about that so I was really stressing it!! All I have to say to everybody that scheduled for a TT, buy some COLACE! It was $18 a bottle at Wal-Mart, and I almost didnt buy it...it was worth it ten times that!!!!

I'm really beginning to think that my lipo areas...

I'm really beginning to think that my lipo areas are my sorest!!!!! Both sides of my hips HURT WITH THE SLIGHTEST TOUCH! I looked all around and found the 2 small holes where he did the lipo and can tell I'm bruised a lil. Getting up and down is getting easier day by day but I'm telling you I sure do hope I can tell where he did lipo, bc I am really debating it with the pain from it if it was worth it!

Well, tomorrow is my one week mark...I have to say...

Well, tomorrow is my one week mark...I have to say I think it has really gone by pretty fast :). I have been off my percocet since 12:00 am Thursday morning, just been alternating Tylenol and Advil. He did put me on an antibiotic for 10 days so I have had to keep up with taking that. I am still sleeping in my recliner, scared to try and lay in the bed...think my big problem are these drains! I really don't see him taking both of them tomorrow, but would love to lose just one of them?? My lipo spots on my outter thighs are STILL VERY sore, I was not expecting that to hurt like it has :/. From what I can see and tell I think I am really happy with my results, the top of my tummy is VERY FLAT and tight and the lower part feels really numb and more soft? Hard to say what I think of that part yet?

Anyways, thought I might post my before and after pic of my BL from last August...same dr did that procedure too and did (in my eyes) a fantastic job. I decided not to go with any implants, he assured me that I had enough breast tissue that he didn't think I needed implants...my pre op size was 38DD and I am now a 38D. I thought with me having the BL done that I would be happy to stop with that, the TT was not even thought about really until he fixed the boobs and I was like OMG I can see my stomach now and it is NASTY! So my last revision appt that I had with the boobs, he also did the consultation on the TT...it all happened so fast after that! Oh by the way...my BL surgery (in my opinion) was way more painful and just more aggravating of a recovery the first week. That has kinda surprised me too~

So went for my one week check up yesterday, PS...

So went for my one week check up yesterday, PS removed one drain! :) still have other one, next appt is next thursday, boo! But I will have to say that my one and only drain that I still have is putting out a lil more than it was, so I guess it is making up for the one that was removed?? Glad he didnt take both! :/ He said everything was looking really good, he asked me what I thought, told him I was already happy with results, he laughed and said, you look nothing like you are going to look, it only gets better! That made me happy!! :) Did say I had some swelling and that it would subside in the weeks to come, have to wear my binder as 24/7, says I can take it off for 30 minutes couple times a day to rest from it, but I think I like it on better then off!! Hope to take some pics today, I want to post some of the whole tummy, show it off!!!!

Added a couple pics of my bruising from my lipo,...

Added a couple pics of my bruising from my lipo, it is looking alot better! Hope to get some pics with the binder off tonight, just scared I cant get it back on by myself right now! :/

So I am 9 days PO and I have not slept a full...

So I am 9 days PO and I have not slept a full night yet! is this normal for everyone else too? I mean I am not in any considerable pain? i think it had alot to do with this last drain that I still have, there is just something about a tube in your side!!!! I have also noticed that since PS pulled my left drain that the right one has picked up a little, wonder if that is ok?? He said that it had to put out less than 20cc for 3 days for him to take that one, ugh...and I was about there until the left one came out!

So I am 9 days PO and I have not slept a full...

So I am 9 days PO and I have not slept a full night yet! is this normal for everyone else too? I mean I am not in any considerable pain? i think it had alot to do with this last drain that I still have, there is just something about a tube in your side!!!! I have also noticed that since PS pulled my left drain that the right one has picked up a little, wonder if that is ok?? He said that it had to put out less than 20cc for 3 days for him to take that one, ugh...and I was about there until the left one came out!

So I am 10 days PO, incision is starting to itch,...

So I am 10 days PO, incision is starting to itch, I have been told that is a good thing? healing supposively :) never got the depressed days that I have read so much about from all the gals on here, Im thankful for that! But the impatient part is about to drive me insane...i know its only been 10 days and i have a long road ahead of me Im sure but i am just wanting to see end results, like the rest of us I guess? I did finally sleep in my bed last night, spent the first 10 nights in the recliner...it felt oh so weird to finally lay flat, but felt good at the same time. I also weighed myself this am, was scared to do it but curiosity was killing me!! I as down 3 pounds from the day of surgery, so I will take that!!! Still want to take some pics with binder off, I just seem to feel light headed when that thing comes off and I never get around to taking them!

Took a quick picture when I took a shower...

Took a quick picture when I took a shower yesterday...with the binder off finally!! Hurts me to look at that incision, hope it improves quickly, I think the drain is what looks so yucky!! 12 days with this thing, I am sooo ready for it to be gone! I dont go back till Thursday but I am hoping by then it will be good to remove! Still 3 pounds down from surgery date weight, waiting for the swelling to start anytime :(

Today is 2 weeks since my surgery, this time 2...

Today is 2 weeks since my surgery, this time 2 weeks ago I was laying in my hospital bed waiting on my PS to come mark me all up, thinking is this really about to happen, am I really getting ready to put myself through all this pain and recovery? And then, it was 8:30...it was time!
Glad I have those 2 weeks behind me, will be glad to get this other drain out and behind me too...I know from my last surgery (BL) that when u are drain less you tend to really start to feel on the normal side again! It is sore, aggregating and just plays on ur mind!!! I can really tell that my incision is starting to heal, I have already seen a few little spots were the scab is wanting to flake off...I have very little swelling, I am so thankful for that, although I know it can still happen for weeks down the road.
Anybody out there contemplating this surgery, I will have to say u need to go for it, it's not as bad as ur mind makes it out to be, at least for me I was blessed enough for an easy and not very painful recovery...you are worth it!

SO...I went back to PS today for my check up,...

SO...I went back to PS today for my check up, didnt have alot of hope that he would remove my other drain, (still draining about 35 cc in 24 hrs) and he didn't! :( I completley understand why he doesnt want to remove it but yet I was so hoping after 16 days that it would be ready! I noticed last night while taking my shower that I can tell that I have some fluid/swollen to the right of my belly button, he said that it was fluid and was swollen and that is why i still have my drain in, it is all now trying to find its way out through one drain, instead of 2. He also said that the lipo caused extra fluid too drain too, uuugh! Good news is that he said that my incision looked great and he saw not problems with that or the BB!! Wonder if me being on my period this week makes the swelling worse in the TT area?? hmmm...just hoping that it will ease up, he said to call the office when it was less than 20 cc for 3 days...his opinion is at least another week :(

Pretty bummed that I still have one drain! But...

Pretty bummed that I still have one drain! But even more bummed that I cannot even think about getting my pre op shorts or jeans on?! And I have been very good with my eating habits since surgery :(

Today is 4 WEEKS PO, I will have to say it has...

Today is 4 WEEKS PO, I will have to say it has gone by fast even though I still have one drain. I go this Thursday and feel very very good that he will remove it then (30 days, really??). I will have to say that the drains were the worst part of my recovery, they are just plain pain in the a$$!!!!! Happy with results so far, I do have some swelling even tho I have the drain, hope it keeps going away with each day that passes, my swelling is much worse in my hips and thighs than in my tummy! :/

So, I am 8 weeks PO...I still have some swelling...

So, I am 8 weeks PO...I still have some swelling in the afternoons right above my incision, and my hips and thighs "I hope are still swollen! I did have lipo on the outter thighs so I am hoping I continue to go down in those areas :) Overall I am VERY HAPPY with my results, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctor, I could not have asked for a better surgery or recovery (he did my breast lift too)!!

15 Weeks and counting....still very numb all...

15 Weeks and counting....still very numb all around the BB, started the silicone strip scar treatment about 3 weeks ago and I am getting GREAT results already :)
MUSC, Charleston

LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctor and his staff, so laid back but so honest. Would highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a GREAT PS in the Charleston area, I traveled 2 hours to have him do both of my surgeries...well worth the drive!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi there! I just had an abdominoplasty repair with Dr. SCHIMPF 10 days ago. I would love to talk with you more to see when all the swelling finally goes down and when the weight is normal again. I'm having a rough couple of days. I think from being home so long!! Can we chat sometime?
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I had my BL first, it was a MAJOR transformation (as you can see from my before and after pics)...I had 2 drains, one was removed after 7 days, the other was taken out at 14 days, the removal was a piece of cake, never even knew they came out!! I spent a week in my recliner, didnt feel like I could lay flat in my bed :/ Recovery was pretty rough, it was not a walk in the park for sure, but its like having kids, you soon forger the pain and you are ready for more! When I went back to PS in February for my last visit from my BL, that is when I decided to do my TT, I was so happy with the results from the first surgery I couldnt stand looking at stomach....so I had that surgery in March! He removed 3 pounds of fat/skin from my stomach and YES he did do lipo of my outer thighs. I came home with 2 drains, one was removed at 2 weeks and the other I had to keep a lil longer because I was still draining too much for him to take it out...which in the long run was a GREAT decision because I had no seromas or no leakage when the second one came out. I never had any incision open on me from either surgery, no infections and my scars are looking good. I recently started the silicone strip scar therapy on my TT scar, anxious to see the final results from that....OOH and if you have already talked to other PS's then you know the costs....GO SEE DR. SCHIMPF!! you will not be disappointed A+ I will try and take some pics and get them posted, nothing is better then work of mouth for a referral and some pics to go along with it, especially if you live right there in Charleston, I am 2 hours away from my PS and it was worth every trip for both surgeries.
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Thank you for the info...I've been surfing this site for a few weeks now and don't really know where to begin. I'm very nervous and want the best results. I will definately check out Dr. Schimpt. How long was your recovery for the TT and did he do lipo? I also want to get a BL too. Yes, please post some pics!!
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Hi, you look great! I live in Charleston and researching great PS in the area. Do you mind sharing the name of the doc who did your surgery? He/she did a great job!
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CHARLESTON?? you have got to have a consult with my dr then! Dr. Dennis Schimpf, he is with MUSC. I cannot say enough GREAT things about him and his staff. I had my BL last August and had my TT this past March, both surgeries were done at East Copper Hospital (which was AWESOME!) I am 100% happy with my results from both surgeries~ If you are looking for the best of the best you need to call and see him for a consultation! Please feel free to ask me anything...I have not updated with any recent pics but I need to! Goodluck!
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hi :) wow we live real close to each other, I live in the NE so you are only a few min. from me. I looked at your review, updates and photos, YOU are looking GOOD!!!!! I found it funny that you also were having the same issue with the pre tt clothes. I am really looking forward to being able to get back to crossfit i miss everyone and I miss getting to punch stuff :) hey, have you ever had botox or anything? I wanted to do the blue peel and botox I figure doing that in like a week would be a good time, I wont be up and out of the house much so the blue face and peeling wont scare anyone. I would like to use a place in town. I know sometimes they give discounts on partys of 2 or more, or at the very least many give credit to ya if you refer someone.
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You look Great. :)
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wow time flies so fast...looking good
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OMG a month of drains, holy crap but be glad you had them cause now I have this little problem and I think it i making the swelling worse! Yeah man the hip and butt swelling is unreal I guess it is all gravity at play, you look so amazing though keep holding to that!
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You look awesome girl!!!! Your results are fabulous.
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Congrats on 4 weeks po! I hope that you get the drain out those thing are so bad! I say this and I only had one and it was gone in less than a week but my ps puts them in the top of the thigh instead of the waist. Looking hot btw!
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You look amazing. Fingers crossed that you get your drain out this week.
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Okay ladies, it's officially a couple of hours away....when I wake up in the morning I will take that anti-bacterial shower, put that patch behind my ear and with only a sip of water, take my nausea pill and head to the hospital. Next time I come back here to comment, I will join my illustrious sisters on the flatside. Wishes to all my twins having surgery 4/18 and well wishes for those recovering! *muah* and goodnight!
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I just read this, and am thinking of you now Pinkvegas12...lots of luck and prayers. I'm going in tomorrow!!
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Everytime I look at the before and after shots of the girls on this website I am just flat out amazed...A month of a drain qualifies you for some kind of award...I would have flipped out! You look great!
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I'm your 1 drain dragging sister! I cancelled appointment today b/c not consistently putting out under 30 ccs just 1 day and I too am shooting for Thursday! Fingers crossed for us both! I'm only 2 weeks and a day with mind so I can imagine your irritation level with it! And my swelling is worse in hips butt then tummy too! Hoping on e the drain comes out we will start to see the more southern regions calm down. You look good though! We drop kicking these drains Thursday!!!! Deal? Lol!
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It sucks that you still have one drain in but WOW you look great
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Hello Steph. Sorry you did not get your drain out yet. It will be going soon. I don't have to wear my binder anymore. It feels kind of strange with out it at 1st. I have been wearing my jeans. My bigger sized ones are big on me but my smaller ones fit me now. Good luck
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I am right there with you on the jeans, at first I thought that I would drop a pant size right away. Little did I know that was very wishful thinking! I went out today and bought one pair of bigger jeans and on pair ob bigger shorts because none of mine fit and I didn't want to wear yoga pants all the time. I hope that your swelling goes down soon and you can get you jeans back but you do look really good!
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I had my drain for 29 days and I hated it but to be honest I have little swelling. Hang in there you will get it out soon. Take care and happy healing! God Bless!
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I saw you were upset on another thread, ny seroma is a giant PIA, my drain was in 17 days I guess that wasnt long enough, so although they are terrible it is better to have that in as long as possible. I feel the frustration on the clothing, I could barely fit in my clothes I had stopped wearing before, I was wearing 12;s and I barely fit in my 14's and had all that hacked and have lost weight, it is the swelling, it will pass, just relax, and try not to think about it. You are going to be fabulous, think how hard you worked getting all that weight off, now let your body heal and it will reward you!
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That sucks, it will be over soon hopefully
We are all pulling for you
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You really do look great and want to give you some encouragement on the drain issue! I am now 11 days post op and my doctor only gives 1 drain. One of his patients reached out to me on here ro advise she had to get her drain put back in at over a month post op because once hers was removed she kept getting seromas! She said she was too active once drain was removed and told me to be patient and keep in til draining less than 20. She said getting the drain put back was very unpleasant! I am also not interested in getting shots! Big baby over here! I hope your drain can come out soon, but each day you keep it is probably more helpful! Good luck and again, you look fab!
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You look great. Here's to a quick recovery!
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