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Hey , ladies I am new to this site. I want to get...

Hey , ladies I am new to this site. I want to get a tummy tuck and bbl done. I am a 28 year old mother of 2 kids. . I am currently on my weight loss journey . I have lost 40 lbs so far and as soon as I reach my weight loss goal I would like to get my tummy tuck than I would like to get the bbl. I don't have a doctor yet. Just on here to get some support and some advice. I have been wanting a tummy tuck since my second child. I have gone for a consultation with 2 doctors already butt that was 2 year ago I want to loose some weight before I got my tt.

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Hey ladies ! Really needing some support and...

Hey ladies ! Really needing some support and advice from y'all. My husban is one of few very few people who support me in wanting a tt and a bbl. just wondering about what's a good weight to be when getting a tt and a bbl done . What's the average recovery time and all that. Just want to make sure I am fully prepared before I make the big step.


I've never had either procedure, but I think the SMALLEST you'd want to be is maybe 10-15lbs above your goal weight. I've read about girls on here who are 150 and their dr's want them to gain weight. I'm 5'2.5 and weight 168 and my dr said I'm a perfect candidate for the bbl.
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Thanks for the info. Will you be getting a bbl?
yea, I have 1 more consultation on 4/29, but I think I already found my dr. I hope to have mine done between early December and whenever spring break is depending on how crazy i get woth my Christmas shopping.

Going for a consult.

Hey , so I have been stalking the web site. Lol Really enjoy getting to see the pictures and reading your journey for the whole bbl and tt surgeries. I called and made an appointment for a consult with a local doctor I have so many question. As far as weight and could I get both done at once? I will be going next Thursday and my hubby is going with me so excited!!! But I def. want to meet some different doctors to see who will work best for me and give me the shape I want. I am not looking for an easy way out . I am still on my weight loss journey and will not get anything done till I reach my goal weight. Now ladies is their any doctor you would recommend for me to check out!?!?!? :)

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I found my doctor!!!!!!

So went for my consult today and first off I have to say doctor was amazing. He took his time to break down each procedure to me and answer all my question. My husband was also very Impressed with how kind he was and how he took time to go over everything with me. I was so scared and nervousness to go in because thought I was going to be told that I need to loose another 50 lbs or more before I can get anything done. He told me that it is up to me if I want to loose more weight but he said he already won't have enough fat from my tummy to do bbl that he would need to get some from my thighs if I didn't mind. He said he likes to put as much fat as my butt can take because up to 50 % will Absorb .I was good with that my thighs are huge. So I will be getting bbl done and tt at the same time. So excited!!! And i have also decided to do breast lift and Reduction at a later date. So I am going to start making payments until I am ready. I have decided to try and loose another 15-20 lbs . Don't want to loose to much want to have enough fat for that bbl????. I am so excited and can't wait !!!!

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Deleted all my wish pics! :)

I got rid of all my wish pics , the reason I have done this is because as I have been reading all these rs blogs and looking all the the girls before and after pictures it really had me thinking. I really just need to keep my goals realistic. Like one girl said in her blog these doctors are not gods , and they are not mirical workers. Every ones results are not going to be the same . I just want improvement on my shape.

On another note I have found the doctor I will use for my surgeries. Now I am just saving money and trying to eat healthy, workout, and loose some more weight. Thanks to all the ladies who give us newbies theses amazing detail blogs and pictures to prepare us for the journey we will some day take too. :)

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A recent picture of me.


Good Luck To You!!!!
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Thank you sagogetta!! And good luck to you also on your journey. I am looking forward to fallowing you and see how everything goes. Wishing you all the best.
Thanks A Bunch, We Are Going To Be Fabulous!!!!

I set my date!!

I am so excited ladies!!! I paid my deposit and I set my date. a little sad cause I might have to wait on my BBL. But date set for TT !!! April 21,2014. hoping that I can save up and maybe move my date up! so glad my hubby is so supportive of me and helping me save up. I know its a long ways away but I am supper excited!!!!!!


Fantastic! Hope u get ur desired results
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Thank you azzu wursaying!!! Best of luck with the your journey. And I hope you get your desired results too
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