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Just had my mommy makeover this past monday on...

Just had my mommy makeover this past monday on april 9th. Full tummy tuck, breast lift and breast aug with silicone implants. So far so good. I've had 3 c-sections (2003, 2005, 2010) and have also lost over 85 pounds since 2008. I had a lot of extra skin loose fat. I work out about 4 times a week with cardio and use the weight room twice a week. I've lost 65 pounds from 2008-2009. Got pregnant in 2010 gained 30 and since then lost 40 plus. I will say that the breast augmentation/mastopexy has been the hardest for me thus far. The best way to descibe it is that it feels exactly like massive engorgement from milk the first week your milk comes in after having a baby. My nipples feel as if I have been breast feeding constantly for over 24 hours...so they have that very sore raw feeling. My left breast is slightly more swollen and is sitting higher than the right. My doctor assures me this is normal for the post op stage. I have no bruising or excess pain from the more swollen one. I just have the INCREDIBLE feeling that I must breastfeed a child to relieve the swelling! LOL!! The tummy tuck is from hip to hip and I have one JP drain in. I have a corset like abdominal binder. My tummy tuck has been much much easier than any of my c-sections. I am completely surprised by this because I have been reading that many women say the tummy tuck is worse than c-sections. But I don't have the constant cramping I had post c-sections or the feeling of both internal and external stitches or a new born to take care of. I do have 3 children...ages 1,6, and 9. My mom is helping me and my husband as well. I am usually a very busy person and my children are very demanding so that is providing more of a challenge to me. But all in all, on day 3 I walked up the stairs with no problem (unbelievable) and I now walking almost completely straight on post op day #5. My abdominal binder is on 23.75 hours a day! I still have my drain in and will be going for my first post op visit on Monday. I am keeping very well hydrated and am eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables as well as protein. I also started taking stool softeners 2 days prior to surgery. All in all, I am praying for a healthy and good recovery. I like what I see so far but I am more concerned with healing properly and resting. I've walked down the driveway several times today for exercise and now am putting my legs up again to rest. Also, I rented a recliner from Rent a Center for $20/wk. I used this the first couple of days but now have made it back to my own bed and sleep elevated with lots and lots of pillows. Hope this helps someone. :) PS: My doctor is always available to me and has called me several times to see how I am doing. I had a concern about the breast swelling and just call her directly. I've even texted her pictures so that she can see what I am talking about. She has a wonderful bedside manner and is professional and very informative.

I'm now on post op day 8. Feel good. Except the...

I'm now on post op day 8. Feel good. Except the implants are bothering me. They are swollen and the left is higher and more taught than the right. They are nowhere near dropping as much as I'd like to. But the doctor said they look normal and to begin massage of the pec muscles above it to encourage the implant to drop more when the muscle relaxes. She also wants me to wear a more supportive bra (had a very comfortable sportbra from target with spaghetti straps) with wider bands. She also wants me to ace wrap the area to help with swelling. The belly looks good but she noticed the tiniest bit of lower belly swelling so she wanted to keep my drain in---though I'm draining less than 20cc a day. I'll probably get the drain out on Thursday. I have been cleared to drive and went to Target today with my mom to get a new supportive bra. I used the motorized shopping cart to get around. Highly recommend that. Still trying to take it easy but the belly does not bother me at all. When will my new boobs stop this swelling? I know it takes time, just don't want my boobs in my head--which is where they look like they are hanging! LOL!
Hi mom_me! Thanks for the comments!!!By the way, I didn't mention that I am a Registered Nurse for over 10 years but in Labor and Delivery. This is such a different ballgame for me. I guess every surgeon is different because I called mine and they told me not to ice. She wants me to do the massage to the top of the pec muscle/axillary area a few times a day for about 3 minutes or so. My friend is a women's health nurse at an Atlanta hospital and takes care of many post op breast augs as well as tummy tucks and tons more and she says that have the docs don't ice and the other half do. Maybe because of the mastopexy incisions they don't want to constrict blood flow? I have no idea! Just following my surgeons advice. My incision from the TT is very nice. Still has the glue/steristrips and is healing very nicely. I wear my abdominal binder all the time and care for the incision as directed. I do walk around my house and driveway for short periods and make sure to rest as much as possible with my legs elevated. It's funny because my last c-section in 2010 went extremely well in my recovery as well. It was the first time that I was that fit. I had exercised weekly to my level and incorporated water classes. I couldnt believe at how well I recovered. My second section I was very very very overweight and out of shape and that recovery was very long. :( Don't get me wrong...this TT feels good in the sense of where I am post op but I still baby it and have no plans on overdoing it. My hubby returns on Sunday and that will help as my mother doesn't drive very well and doesn't know how to get around in my town.
I'm trying to keep positive about the breasts and hope to make a quick visit in my motorized wheelchair to find a better bra. I guess I prepared for the absolute worst worst pain for the TT and thought the boobs would be less aggravating. I got mine behind the muscle and went from a deflated "imaginary" A to hopefully a B when all is said and done. Got 270 cc silicone. I just wanted an athletic "normal" look. Wanted more that my breasts were they belonged and not along my waistline but since I had no breast left...lifting would have created the perfect man boob if I didn't add an implant...LOL!! I will repeat "they will drop" at least 10x today!! ;) Thanks again!

Hello little lady, I see you are worrying about those boobrings you have going on...well I did too and lots of us do but I promise you they will not be up around your ears like a fashion statement forever. ;) Are your incisions heal from the lift? NO! lol they can't be it's only day 9 now so you still have time on that. I thought one spot on my tt looked like it was and they laughed when I told them that. What you need to do for these hot swollen breasts is ice packs. it feels wonderful to cool them but I know exactly how you feel. You are doing great and I love that you are so concerned about healing and resting because that is truly what you need. I can't remember when I started the massages but it wasn't until I was good and healed up from the lift. The actual way they teach you to massage is ROUGH and you can see then how it is pushing them down into the pocket of muscle (did you go behind?) If you really want to then just do easy gentle rubbing all out around them but I wouldn't push those boundries when it comes to opening up the incisions it's not worth it. Ice them and give them time they do drop I promise...look at mine. you'll see what I mean. 

Welcome to RealSelf.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us.  It sounds like you are right on schedule and doing really well.  

Glad to hear you have help with the kiddos.  You need your rest for the first couple of weeks so go slow.  The breasts soften and drop with time so just hang on.  Your very early in the process yet.  

Congratulations on all of the weight loss.  Hard job but well done.  Keep us up to date on how you are doing.


Post Op Day 12: My new belly is pain free! I'm...

Post Op Day 12: My new belly is pain free! I'm able to lie back in bed and I can stand straight but still baby the belly so I don't overdo it. My breast augmentation/mastopexy still seems to bother more than anything. The left implant still has not dropped as much as the right. My doctor assures me that they are healing normally. All my tape and stitches are still in and I believe she will begin removing sutures this upcoming week. I still notice swelling in both breasts but much less in my right. Any residual belly swelling is disappearing quickly by the day. My upper/middle back (where the bra line is) is just KILLING me! I feel like my boobs are DD's when I only had 270cc placed. I really feel as if I need a massage so badly!!! My doctor is very encouraging and I hope that my recovery continues normally. I am so very grateful for this website. I feel as if I have learned so much from other people's experiences. :)
Thanks for the idea of using renta center for a recliner great idea!
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