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My husband and I have 4 beautiful babies. All were...

My husband and I have 4 beautiful babies. All were born via C-section and were breastfed at least a few months. So needless to say, it has taken a toll on my body and the way I feel about myself. After going thru 4 pregnancies, I am so ready to feel good about my body again. I am 5'3 weigh 155 and am a size 8. I have about 10 more pounds that I would love to lose before having this done, but I am also impatient and am ready to do it now! The last 10 lbs always seems the hardest to lose! I am self employed and keep pretty busy with my kids, so I try to make it to the gym 2-3 times a week on a good week. I am having a TT and BA with lift this Saturday and am very excited. I haven't told any family or friends about the procedure. I really dont want to have to explain myself to anyone or hear comments about how much I am spending. It was a hard enough decision for me to spend this amount of money on myself, that any negative comments would just make me feel worse. This site is a great way to get input from others that have already had it done and to share my excitement with someone other than my fabulous husband:)

So, I am having a hard time deciding what size boobs to go with. I am a small C now, and really just want a natural lifted look. I am considering silicone 275cc high profile. I am going into my PS office tomorrow to try out more sizes....hope I find the right fit!

I think that's great! I scheduled my MM for Jan and I'm kind of going nuts with all this time to obsess over everything! It would be nice to get it over with and start the healing process! I also heard toilet seat riser are awesome to have PO! I wish you the best of healing & congratulations again on such an amazing journey!! Can't wait to hear from u:)
Thanks ShellBell! I am so excited for Saturday. I didn't have alot of time to prepare. I scheduled my surgery for 3 weeks after my first consult. So I am hoping I have everything I need. I still need to pick up Arnica and Bromolein. And find a wedge for after surgery. I also plan on posting before pics sometime this week.
Congratulations!! Can't wait for an update

Ok, I went to my pre-op yesterday. After talking...

Ok, I went to my pre-op yesterday. After talking with my PS, we have decided to go with silicone Mentor 325cc. He said because I have enough of my own breast tissue 325cc will give me a nice natural look and should make me a full C or small D. I feel good about the decision, but am still nervous...from everything I have read saying to "go bigger" , I just really dont want any regrets.
We went over all the last minute questions my husband and I had, the meds i will be taking, I was sized for my compression garments, and before pictures were taken. Today I have been cleaning like a mad women! Finishing the last little bit of laundry, organizing everything, working on last minute work details and playing with my kiddos as much as I can. I am so freakin excited!! Come on Saturday!!

Tomorrow morning it is finally going to happen :)...

Tomorrow morning it is finally going to happen :) I am excited and nervous. Worried mostly about being confined to my bed for a few days and not be able to be up and helping my husband with our kids. I am not one to sit around, and I never watch TV during the day. Who knows, maybe I will enjoy the break from my hectic schedule, and finally catch up on much needed sleep!
Im off to bed, have to be up at 4:30 and in my ps office by 5:30..... :)))))

Thinking about you today! When you're able, come back and let us know how it went!

Your one lucky mama!! The weekend will fly by and before u know it you'll be walking around with a perfect body & full of confidence:) talk soon!
Jan will be here before you know it! Lately, I've been thinking if I should have waited until after the holidays. But I am ready to get it over with and be rid of this belly! I am hoping to be kinda back to my normal self by Thanksgiving...we will see!

My surgery for Saturday was cancelled due to my PS...

My surgery for Saturday was cancelled due to my PS being up all night doing emergency surgery. So I had surgery the following day. Sunday 13th. I am one day post-op. I was in alot of pain coming out the surgery, and was very nauseous, they gave me fenagrin to help with the nausea. I dont remember the ride home, just arriving home around 10 at night and going straight to my bed. Woke up around 2 needing pain meds, and took them on an empty stomach and then started eating crackers. Learned my lesson to eat BEFORE taking the meds. As I vomited it all up. This morning I felt better, not alot of pain just soreness, mostly under my boobs. My appetite is back! MY husband made me pancakes, then I got up to walk around and go pee. I feel a bit loopy from the pain meds. But all in all, not to bad, just sore. I already love what I see even with the compression garments on! Well, back to nap time for me.
I know your surgery was a year ago but I do have a question. I am also a resident of Columbia SC. I am definitely considering a TT and Lipo. Can you send me your doctor's information. Also, I'm new to this site, can you send pics of how great you look. Thank you TRS
Hi j'sgirl, checking in on you. How's your recovery going? I hope all is well:)
Yes get plenty of rest. I am a week out & feel tons better than I did the first couple of days. Keep us updated!
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