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For about 5 years or more now, I have wanted this...

For about 5 years or more now, I have wanted this surgery. Most would say, "it's not that bad", but to me I hated it and I had to see it everyday. Bags under the eyes run in my family, so I knew that it would get worse. I decided to see a surgeon and decided to do it! My surgery was June 7th, 2012 and I am 4 weeks post op. Very thrilled with my results and do not regret it at all! All went well. Surgery was about 2 hours, (I also had my left ear lobe fixed where I had a tare and my ear ring hole was too big) Healing of eyes was fast and bruising went away sooner that I thought it would. I did get Chemosis in my right eye. It is irritation and prolonged edema of the white part of the eye. Fluid builds up in the lining of the eye and protrudes some. I was prescribed steroid drops and its cleared in about 15 days. I have to say, it's so nice not to have to see the bags anymore or to have to worry about wether people were looking at them. I'm so happy with result! I was out of work for two weeks due to my job I do. First week spend with ice on eyes. Second week was much better. Best of luck to anyone getting it done. Be sure to check your doctor before having the surgery to be sure you have a good one.

Sorry, I failed to mention how old I am in the...

Sorry, I failed to mention how old I am in the beginning of my review. I'm 41.
J. Lovette

The doctor and staff were fantastic. Would recommend Lovette to anyone needing any plastic surgery. I was referred to this doctor by two family members who talked highly of all the staff and doctors there. Would go back to Lovette for any surgery needed!

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I'm a 52yo male who had upper bleph in Dec and lower bleph in Feb. All I can say is be very careful in picking your PS. Mine hardly looked at me much less talked to me. I'm in Colorado and did about 11 consults. Anyway my uppers went well, but my lower were done the transcutaneous method and one eye was left mildly droopy. Thank goodness I massaged the hell out of it. It much better now. Bottom line please be careful and keep in the mind the old adage, money talks and BS walks....... :)
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Hi, Did you feel like swelling decreased more rapidly after day seven? I just had a lower bleph five days ago and am trying to gauge my recovery… Thank you for any insights… Your results look great!
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I had my surgery on Tuesday morning at 8am, and I'm on day 3.
I'm so excited by your results; I just turned 40 and this is my gift to myself.
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Dayna, I'm so happy for you. I know you will love your result. Just follow everything doc says and you'll have a great results. The key is keep cold compresses on to keep swelling down. I massage my eyes daily too which helps with overall healing. I hope you might share your healing process with us on here. Good luck!
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Hi Tina
wow great results. Not feeling good about ourselves suck in any way. I am a firm believer if it is bugging you do something but do your research. I also had hereditary fat pockets and at age 42 I had them removed. I felt so good. Like you
Now age 60 my fat pockets still gone but everything has fallen with jowls. turkey neck and mudflap eyelids . Also loss of volume.
So off I went again to Cancun this time as I just couldnt afford Canada. Excellent results for a facelift. Superior doctor and private hospital.
So when you get to this age there are options and I didnt want fillers as they dont last that long. Also something permanent that would take me back 15years.
Just wondering what is the bandage across the bridge of your nose?
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Hi. The tape is to hold stiches in places so that I wouldnt snag them on anything.
Gosh, that awesome you still dont have any fat under eyes after all that time. I understand that they wont return, so I'm thrilled about that. Thanks for sharing.
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Congrats on your surgery, Tina. You look fabulous!

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Wow!! You look 10+ years younger!! I'm so glad it turned out well and you must be SOOO happy with the results because you look GREAT!! I don't have bags under my eyes, but I have hollow, dark circles. Like Cody21, I have no idea how to go about finding the right surgeon here in Nashville. I've had a bad experience with a Laser Spa, so I'm really afraid of what kind of mistakes could be made on my eyes!! I would almost be willing to travel to S. Carolina to see your doctor!! How did you go about finding your doctor and maybe I could use that information in my search for a doctor here?? Anyway, beautiful results!! I want to get my eyes fixed so bad, but I'm so afraid of a botched job like the laser procedure....
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Thanks Tina. I'll check out that link. I'm in NC near Raleigh.
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Cody, I have included a site here for you to check out. I hope it helps you in your search. Please keep me posted on what you end up doing. Take your time if your search and you'll know when you have the right one. Where are you located?
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"I have to say, it's so nice not to have to see the bags anymore or to have to worry about wether people were looking at them"

I can't wait for the day when my bags are gone. I dread looking in the mirror. People ask me "are you ok?" for no reason. I just can't find a doctor I feel confident with. I don't know how anyone who has had plastic surgery, so how do you really tell if the doctor is good? One doctor I consulted with, who has a great reputation, reeked of alcohol (liquor). I found one doctor I really liked, but read 1 very bad review online. I sure wish I knew some people locally who have had this done.

But back to you! ;) You look great, and I'm glad you're happy with your results! Congratulations
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great results! You didnt get much swelling huh?
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Not too bad. I'm so happy with everything!
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