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Hi everyone, I have finally scrimped and saved...

Hi everyone,

I have finally scrimped and saved enough to have chin liposuction. I am 45 and have always had a double chin. Admittedly I am 10 kg overweight, but even when slim I had a fat chin.

My Dr has not prescribed me to wear a chin strap, which is a concern as everyone else seems to have???

I have posted some before photos and will post the afters.
Thank Kirsty, No but I will ask on Thursday. I did order one from ebay, I just hope it is here in time. Cheers

Hi there, welcome!

Good luck with your upcoming procedure, I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery!

Have you asked your doctor about the chin strap? I've read that it helps with reduced swelling, but I'm not a doctor, so maybe your doctor isn't expecting you to have too much swelling?


15 Mins - no drama

Back home, the procedure took approx 15 mns. No pain apart from very minor pain from the local anaesthetic. Mild swelling and bruising, but it is only 8 hours post procedure.
Wow your bruising isn't as bad as I thought it would be! You look great 8 hours post op!
Hi, Exq, and congratulation with your procedure! I am sure you will be very pleased, -on your picture it looks like you will come out of healing looking fantastic! I am two weeks post, and have been wearing my chinstrap most of the time. The first 3-4 days I did not take it off at all, then it really needed a wash ;-) I still wear it when I am home and at night, it doesn't bother me that much. My doc mentioned that when it stopped being hard and bruised, it was mostly healed. That is when I plan on wearing my strap much less. Of course, I only had a minor procedure, but better safe than sorry, I say. It is still a tiny bit hard and tender, but I see myself not wearing it so much in about 3-4 days. Happy healing, -you look great!
Hi AidaCat, Thank you so much for your encouraging words. My Dr did not prescribe a chin strap. I did order one on line but it was an XL and far too big so i have not worn one. I do hope it will still heal well. Your photos look awesome, well done!

Very happy

One month out and very happy with results. Some lose skin which I hope laser will tighten
Looks really good, may I ask which doctor and in which state? I'm thinking of having the same procedure. How is the lose skin tightening up?
The results look very nice, I'm surprised you didn't have to wear a strap though. But I guess it turned out well for you either way :)
Great results and thanks for keeping up with follow up pics! I'm in Sydney And would love to know who you used
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