So Sad After my Eyelid and Nose Surgery (South America)

Please, if somebody had the same experience as me...

Please, if somebody had the same experience as me and then the swelling went down and it correct ifself let me know. Thanks  and God bless to you all.

this is wrong !!! you cannot breathe properly! your eyes are not functioning and have not been placed properly... God bless you that your nose and eyes be redone as a functional ( working )and aesthetic ( beauty) because both are equally important and surgeons know you do not sacrifice function for beauty nor beauty for function. I hope your surgeon is kind enough to make it up to you somehow ..... you deserve your dreams of beauty to come true and to feel wholesome again. LOL I am not sure how to Lord I doing the same for myself. I am sorry that you had to suffer, you are not alone : ) may your new results come as quickly as white lightening.... with illuminations : ) God be with you Morenitachiquita.
M, thanks for sharing, from what I can see you are lovely still even with the surgeries. How do your eyes and nose look to you now that a couple years have passed? Did they self correct?
Does any one know a good doctor in Dominican Republic I want to get my nose surgery next month in july please let me know thank you

I had 3 surgeries at the same time, eyelids, nose...

I had 3 surgeries at the same time, eyelids, nose and breast. I am soo depresed because of the surgeries (specially my nose and eyes). My right eye it looks like its pulled down a little bit, they don't look even and normal like the did before.

It has been 30 days since my surgery and not to mention my nose, it looks crooked to the right. I don't know how to express how I feel. I am already thinking about a revision but its too early. To wait 6 months to a year is tooo long... My surgery was done in South America, so I can't even go see my Doctor.

You need to pretty yourself up with your hair and make up like in the "before" picture. I'm sure you will look really great. Give youself lots of time to heal and let all the swelling settle. I've read of risks by doing another surgery too soon; so give it time and you will most likely come to see you don't need it. Hang in there.
Thank you for your reply. I will try to wear make up. I touhgt that by doing surgery I was going to feel great, but on the downside I am feeling very down lately due to the rhynoplasty. It bothers me to see my nose leaning to the right side of my face and breathing obstructure. I will give it time, cuz I have no other choice. But just in case I am looking for a good revision surgeon in the future. I am embarrased of going to work everyday and I have no other choice since I have three kids.
Sorry for your issues. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.
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I wouldn't recomend my doctor at all, I am so unhappy with my results..:(

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