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11 day PO - South Africa, ZA

I am not nervous at all, just very very excited! I...

I am not nervous at all, just very very excited! I will update again after the operation. I am also doing a BA which I am also very excited about. From A to full C.
I have done all my pre-op shopping and tonight I will be packing by hospital bag. I have to stay over for 2 nights.
My mom is coming to stay with me for 2 weeks to help with my little one (4 years) and the older two will be able to help me (16 and 13).

Morning all. I am at the office and cant wait for...

Morning all. I am at the office and cant wait for this day to go by. Tonight I will pack my overnight bag and take the before pics. This time tomorrow morning I should be in theater.
I looked at some before and after pics again last night and really really hope that my results will also be as good.
I am not scared at all. Just very very excited. I am worried that I will be disappointed though, cause everytime when I am this excited about something, it goes wrong. So for now I am couping my excitement a bit.
I am worried about the pain, what people may say, what I will look like...but never thought about not doing it anymore.
I will come and update again.

OMW!! What a difference between day 2 and 3. Felt...

OMW!! What a difference between day 2 and 3. Felt like new person. Most painfull thing was the pressure on my breast due BA. Meds really doing their job well.
I even got up an looked for some movies to watch on my drive.
Still no appetite and nausius. Taking it bitr by bite :-). Dosing in and out of sleep the whole day so not completely rested nor tired.
The drains are currently the worts to deal with.
I can literraly feel how I'am getting better and stronger by the hour.
Thank you so much for all the kind words and wishes. I check in every now and again.
It means the world to me.


Feeling okay on day 8. Can not walk upright at...

Feeling okay on day 8.
Can not walk upright at all. Should I worry?
Hopefully the drains will come out on Monday, I really need to feel water on my skin again.
Pain not too bad as long as i dont do too much.
Worried if I will be ready for work week from Monday.

My pictures wont upload :-(

My pictures wont upload :-(

I am on my laptop trying to upload the pics...

I am on my laptop trying to upload the pics...

Still not able to upload pics from my laptop :-(

Still not able to upload pics from my laptop :-(

Finally able to upload my before pics. It's awfull!!!

Finally able to upload my before pics.
It's awfull!!!

Hi all, Finally I was able to upload some...

Hi all,

Finally I was able to upload some before pics. Yuck!

Seeing my PS tomorrow and hopefully my drains will come out so that I can take some after pics for you.

My sister saw me for the first time today PO. She couldnt believe how flat my tummy is :-)

I am feeling great, just unable to walk upright 100% and the drains are killing me. It's hurting and in the way, I just want them gone. Draining less than 50cc/24hours.
I havent seen my bb yet, and my boobs are still very very hard. I feel my PS went overboard with BA, he inserted 400cc instead of 325cc. He said he went as big as he could without me looking "plastic". Yeah right...anyone who knew me before the op would notice the "plastic"now, he he he.

I am moving around but do get tired quickly.Luckily my fiance was on night shift the past week and I could cuddle the whole day in bed with him :-)

Good luck and do get plenty of rest.


Loading some after pics

Loading some after pics

Hello all, yesterday was my 6 week mark for PO...

Hello all,

yesterday was my 6 week mark for PO TT and BA. My BA is healing so nice and I am very happy with the results. I hope the scarring wil fade too.
I had some up and downs with my TT. The wound teared and I had to get stitches as 5 weeks PO.Now I have some small tears all over my scar, which is healing but sore.
I am back at work for 2 weeks now and are extremely tired by about 4pm. I am swollen too and look a bit oblong as my one side is flatter and I have a more prominent hourglass on my left side. Has anyone experienced that?
I really enjoy my flat tummy and not having to feel embarresed anymore about looking 5 months pregnant. It's still winter here, so I cant wait for summer to put on my sexy clothes and parade around. *big smile*
I experience some odd pains and aches and if it's very cold during the nights I am sore in the morning and walk hunched over, but during the day I am 97% upright.
I will take some pics post them and would like to get some feedback from you all.

Enjoy your new bodies and happy healing to all.

New pictures and please be brutally honest.

New pictures and please be brutally honest.
Dr. Kritzinger

Revered to by my friend. He is very kind, and helpfull and sincere. Very very good doctor. Knows his field and what is best for me as individual Kind and soft spoken and good listener. Not taking chances and always ready with advice. Thanks doctor.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Ana313, thank you for your feedback. It helps to know that I am not "abnormal" in what I am experiencing.

Oh yes, I am sooooooo happy with the BA. If I knew what boost of confidence it would give me, I would've done this ages ago. I really enjoy seeing my clothes fit properly since ever and my silhouette also improved and helped with my self image. I am happy with my size too, although I first thought it's too much but now I see that it fits my body shape.
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Hi Lu :). You look really good!! Everything you describe sounds like me and my aches and pains. The swelling is still there and will go down. Don't worry about one side being different just yet. You have swelling and it may take 6 months for things to even out. I'll be 6 months post next week. Are you happy with your ba?
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Luluwan, you're still very early in terms of p.o. I think you look good. Give it time, and try to rest when you're not working. I think you'll be pleased. Happy healing !
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Hi all, today was my first day back at work. After about 4 hours I was in so much pain and decided to go home about 2 hours later. Relaxing in front of my laptop now.
I am still very swollen and wish it would go away.
I got 15 stitches on Saturday after my scar teared - I was too busy. But no harm done luckily.
I am not sure if I am happy with my results.I still seem to be very big - big tummy! I am so down about it and crying as I think all this pain and money for nothing?
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Hi luluwan. I'm glad you feel better by day . It is normal to get emotional about it . Wait until you'll go shopping . I think there you'll really want to cry seeing how good clothes look on you. :)) I wish you speedy recovery
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luluwaan, are you trying to upload photos from iphone or ipad, if so my understanding this site wont load them you have to use laptop or desktop................
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Hi all pretty ladies,

I am doing pretty well. Moving around too much I think though. TT almost painless now except for drains. BA bit sore on the sides and skin still very tight and hard.

I hope what I'm seeing from TT is still swelling, else I don't know if I am going to be as flat as I hoped. Will be seeing the PS later this week and maybe shed some light.

Sleeping still problem for me. Doing 30mins at a time.

Today is Tuesday, 6 po. And as I said very little pain, more just discomfort.

I will try to load before pics later today.

Oh yeah, I am very very emotional and seem to cry about almost everything - is this normal? I am not usually the emotional/crying type.

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I have been VERY emotional, it is starting to get better but for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery I cried about anything, it was really strange, I am not a cryer either, I still cry a little but nothing like those first few weeks, guess it effects us emotionally also, so dont feel bad about it, just go ahead and cry, I wish i knew this before...........I thought I was going nuts !
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It think feeling "weepy" is pretty common. I know I had several good cries, and I'm not even sure why!
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Hi lulu :). Congratulations on your procedure! I had my TT 13 wks ago. But I had a BR with mine :). I was a dd and now a C. Hope you are resting and comfortable. Pls keep us updated.
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i think a good c cup would be perfect ! i had a tummy tuck 6 weeks ago, since your at 13 weeks Ana313, can you tell us, has all the swelling stopped, does it get better each week, anything we need to know ? thanks Kathy
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Hi there. I still have my swell days. I had Chinese food yesterday. The sodium puffed me up bad. If I over do with walking or cleaning I swell a little too. I'm still wearing my compression garment with legs...doctors orders. My swelling is mainly below my bb and the hip and thigh area. I think I saw the swelling really go down significantly around week 7. My ps said 6 months for the swelling to all go away. 1/2 way there :). Hang in there ladies.
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really ana313, i did hear that but i guess was hoping not true, someone said you can swell up to a year, so at 13 weeks you wear your compression garmet all the time ? thanks for your response.
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Hi Kathy. During the week i wear it all day until I go to bed. On the weekends it depends on what activity I'm doing and how my belly looks. I'm wearing spanx assets right now. It's pretty comfy.
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I like the Assets line. The mid thigh shaper is really good. I also got the compression cami but that doesn't work It rolls up. Swimming will feel good. It really stretches your abs.
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Kathy, I got the spanx that is a body suit. It kinda looks like a bathing suit. It has a snap crotch. It stays in place, you don't have to worry about it riding up. I think they say it is "moderate" control. I got a small and it does the trick!
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best of luck to you and cant wait to see pics !
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good luck!❤
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