Hi All, I am a mommy of 2 girls. Age 7 and 12...

Hi All, I am a mommy of 2 girls. Age 7 and 12 years. Wanted a tummy tuck for the past 6 years already. Mine is scheduled for next month 18 Jan. Can't wait. I am having the tummy tuck under spinal with local sedation. Please advise if anybody has any info on this or has gone through it with this type of sedation? Will be greatly appreciated. Will try and load pictures later. Thanks

37 days to go before my long awaited Tummy tuck,...

37 days to go before my long awaited Tummy tuck, can't wait.

31 days to go. Can't wait. I will try and load...

31 days to go. Can't wait. I will try and load photos this weekend.

18 days to go. I did not add in the beginning...

18 days to go. I did not add in the beginning that I am 36 years old had 2 beautyfull daughters ages, 7 and 12 by ceasarian section, and are about 58 kgs (not sure in pounds) 1.55m tall. I have waited soo long for this tummy tuck and happy to finally do it. I am soooo nervous and are having nightmares about the procedure. I am generally a nervous person, hope it will not cause any complications for me. I do occationally get heart palputations but for the last 1 year have lead a more healthy lifestyle and drink less caffeine. Only get the heart palputations when I drink or eat caffeine. If anybody have any tips on how to relax or put my mind at ease will be greatly appreciated. Or are also a nervous person that had a tummy tuck done if they can please tell me their story? Luckily I am on holiday at the moment so it helps a little. Just want to also check can I take any type of tablets before the opperation? Vitamins, iron tables etc. To help with the recovery afterwards? Is there any tablets I need to avoid? Your kind comments would greatly appreciated. I also need a list of what I will need to have with me for the opp aswell as the recovery. The PS office is closed until next year and I am unable to ask for a list so that I can get all things together. Clothing wise, what will I need etc. Please please any help will be appreciated. Will post a pic as soon as I can.

10 days to go! I am sooo nervous. Have my preop...

10 days to go! I am sooo nervous. Have my preop visit on the 15 Jan 2013. Please can anyone tell me what to expect at the pre op visit? thanks

8 days to go and now I am sick. Sinus and aching...

8 days to go and now I am sick. Sinus and aching body. Doctor gave me antibiotics to drink for 5 days. Please hold thumbs you guys, don't want to reschedule my opp. Won't be able to. I have paid the hospital aswell as the doctors fees completely. Has anybody else been sick before their opp. Please can someone respond and tell me their experience. Thanks a million!

I still have to buy all the things I need, but don't have a list. If anybody has a list to send me it will help alot.

6 days to go. Nervous as hell. Worried because I...

6 days to go. Nervous as hell. Worried because I am a bit sick. On anti biotics so hopefully I will be better next Friday. Please advise if anybody knows if they will operate if I have sinus & a little cough?

Just loaded a before pic. I am soo depressed did...

Just loaded a before pic. I am soo depressed did not think this is what my tummy really looks like :-( Looks like I am 6 months pregnant.

Hi there, 3 days to go. After the antibiotic I...

Hi there, 3 days to go. After the antibiotic I still have some sinus. Was at the PS office this morning for my preopp visit and he advised that we cannot proceed with the opp if I get worse. I have started to take vitamins and iron tables aswell. Will also be visiting my GP tonight and ask him what he thinks about the opp on Friday. Should I postpone or not. I don't feel sick at all, no fever, slight cough but not really it is more clearing of my throat. No anxiety attachs as yet, thank you lord for that. Just 'n bit nervous. Please hold thumbs I get better by Thursday. If not I will have to postpone. This is the only time of the year I can have off at work so can't really afford to postpone this opp. If anyone had their opp with some sinus allergy and all went well please let me have you thoughts on this. I really don't feel sick just this silly sinus drip. Thanks so much!

2 days to go :-)

2 days to go :-)

Hi everybody, Tomorrow morning is my tummy tuck...

Hi everybody, Tomorrow morning is my tummy tuck opp. I still have sinus but luckily no cough and no fever. The anesthesiologist says I should be fine if only a sinus drip as I will be having the tummy tuck with spinal and local sedation. Please pray for me that all will go well. Thanks so much :-)

I am so tensed up, just asked hubby to please give me a neck and shoulder massage tonight. Hopefully it will help a little.

My prayers to all my fellow ladies that will also have their opp tomorrow.

Hi I have made it to the flat side :-) I am very...

Hi I have made it to the flat side :-) I am very lucky not that sore just uncomfortable. May not open the binder. Only next wednesday. Will take photos as soon as I can. Doctor cut off 1.2 kgs.

Hi All I am 3 days post opp. I was so nervous when...

Hi All I am 3 days post opp. I was so nervous when I went in on friday but it was not that bad. Went in at 6h30 and got home 7 pm same day. No nausia. So far I am not that sore at all. Just very uncomfortable. My drain is giving problems. Stopped sucking and now it looks like dark blood where the drains come out. Doctor said I should come in tomorrow and he will remove the drains. Is it normal. Only 4 days of draining. Hope all is ok. I don't feel flat at all. Under this CG I feel very swolen. Is that normal? And no bm yet. Have already taken stool softners :-( I really hope I am not dissapointed tomorrow when I see my tummy. Any comments on the above will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to anybody having their surgery.

Had my drains out this morning. Was not sore at...

Had my drains out this morning. Was not sore at all. Doctor closed my cut with some tape and pulled my top down and put the korsert over it. So uncomfortable. Feel very tired not sure why. Had a bm this morning. That went ok. Overall experience not bad so far just uncomfortable. Will post a picture as soon as I can. I am only allowed to take the korset off on Saturday.

Hi there, I am 6dpo and my doc took the drains...

Hi there, I am 6dpo and my doc took the drains out 2 days ago. I am allowed to take the cg off on Saterday and shower. But I am not sure what to do with my incision afterwords. Do I put some of the M3 tape over it after I showered and dry it? Or do I leave it open. I still have stiches and will only be taken out next Tuesday? Please can somebody give me some advise on this. Thanks so much!

Otherwise I am doing fine. Boredom is setting in. May only lay down or stand up. By when may I sit. Going back to work only next Friday 1 Feb. So hopefully I can sit by then. I have a desk job :-)

Anyway goodluck to those having their opps this week. All my prayers to you.

Hi guys PO day 8 today. I had my first shower...

Hi guys PO day 8 today. I had my first shower today. Almost fainted. Could not breath properly. Is that normal. Felt better after putting die cg back on. Am in a bit of pain. When will I start to feel normal. I start to work next week.

Hi All sorry I took so long to upload photos. I...

Hi All sorry I took so long to upload photos. I am very swolen,and still feel sore.But nothing that I can't handle. Po day 11 today. How long does it take for the swelling to go down? I am going back to work tomorrow and will be sitting the whole day. Hopefully the swelling won't be worse. I had a bit of an extended tummy tuck as I told the doctor I don't want doggie ears :-) Hopefully it will help. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi , How are you doing ? See by your post that you have met SWELL HELL , it gets better slowly. I am now 12 weeks P/O and my tummy is still swollen in the evenings. I would suggest taking a pillow or 2 to work with you to tuck in and use as support wherever you need it. Otherwise remember lots of rest in the evenings and be careful getting into and out of your car , slow movements ! Have you posted any pictures yet ?
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I was told to wait a half hour after taking off the CG laying down before a shower to let the blood pressure stabilize before taking a shower to reduce the risk of fainting. Good luck to you.
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I felt a little light headed after my first shower. Actually after my first few showers. It has to do with the temperature of the water and the steam I am sure. Just take it easy. And make sure you aren't alone when showering just in case. And if you continue to worry about it, call your PS. I am sure they will be helpful in this area. Good luck and don't worry, it is worth it. I am 4 weeks PO and I still don't feel normal, but I think that takes a while longer. You will do fine returning to work. Just take it easy and rest when you have a chance. Good luck and welcome to the flat side!!!!
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I always just left mine open to air and never had a problems arise from that. I did however have a tendency to feel light headed after removing the garment and getting in the shower the first few times. Take your time and be careful :)
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After the shower just keep the incision clean and dry.  Leave it open to air and heal:)

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Thanks Kimmers25
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Hang in there you are tough.
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Sounds like you are right on track for Day 3. Hang in there! Rest, take your pain meds and don't stress. I'm not quite 5 weeks and this is a lonnnnggg process. :)
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Yes swelling is so normal! The swelling was probably the most uncomfortable part of this whole healing time. You will notice you will be less swollen in morning and more at night. Stay away from salt, i think that helped me alot. If you haven't had a bm yet take something cause i went through hell for 7 hours after an enima and suppository. I wish i would have started mom right after surgery. Good luck, i'm sure you look great.
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Thanks so much for the advise. I will defnately get something in the morning.
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you should try milking your drain- mine was dark like that, and after I milked it, I started to drain again.
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Thank you not sure how to do it but I will try. Thanks for the advise :-)
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You'll look great....happy healing!
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Hey , Happy Healing : )
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Thank you very much!
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Keep up with your pain meds and start your stool softener. Congrats!
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Thanks will do :-)
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Good luck to you my thoughts are with you
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Thank you very much!!
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Good luck tomorrow I go tomorrow as well. We can compare notes!! Will say a prayer for you :)
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Thanks so much :-)
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Hi , great to see a lady on here from SA , I was beginning to think I was the only member on here from SA. I went through pretty much the same sinus , Post nasal drip and cough episode before my TT. Would love to chat , will inbox you my number.
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Wishing you well for your op. the only thing I will say is that if your cough develops after your op it is so so painful to cough or clear your throat. plus you wouldn't want to pop a stitch with heavy coughing and compromise your overall results. I'm not putting a downer on it coz I really really do hope that you get your op. i too was fighting off a cold before my TT. whenever I get sinus drip (eww TMI) I always get a cough to go with it.... Wishing you a lorra lorra luck my friend. Why do we always go down with these things when we have so much riding on a date. I blame people that dont bother covering their mouths when they cough and spreading their germs !!!!! grrr..... take extra special care my friend. suzi
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Hi Suzi, Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel much better today. Doctor says no need for further anti biotics yay. He did all the tests, ekg, bloodtest and bloodpressure and all is normal. I was given an nasal & throat spray to use until the surgery just incase. Opp in 2 days. I will however cancel surgery tomorrow should I feel worse tomorrow. Wish me goodluck.
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