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Abdominoplasty TT. Want to Rid myself of this Kangaroo Pouch - South Africa, ZA

I have been walking around with a ' kangaroo...

I have been walking around with a ' kangaroo pouch' for so long , and became so used to the idea of a big tummy, and never ever considered a Tummy Tuck. Now that friends of mine have had liposuction done on their abdomen, it inspired me to consult a PS...well , imagine my dismay when I was told that liposuction would not benefit me, I would need a full TT. I was so scared and horrified! Needless to say, he soon made me realise and allayed my fears when he explained how more invasive liposuction is than a TT. Now my appointment date is for 16 August. and I cannot wait!

Hi! Though I'm self employed and I can take whatever time I need to heal, my job it's physical and I couldn't just go back now, but if I had an office job as you do I think I would be ok. The drains came off on day 13, the day after I didn't feel great, but after that it's been better and better everyday. It's been 18 days today and though I'm not in pain, as I said before I'm not feeling normal yet. I get tired very easily so don't push yourself, even if you feel with energy to do more, just give your body enough time to heal, everybody is different, some people tolerate pain very well which is my case. if you do office work you'll be fine, be careful with stairs, bending and lifting. :)
Thank you 'Drivenwoman'.... ha ha ...that is how I feel, even though I am soooo scared. I am having nightmares about never waking up! My Dr has assured me that he has done this procedure so many times and he loves doing it , and I am in good hands. I have placed my faith and trust in him so now my waiting journey begins. My one fear is that I have to be back at work 19 days PO....will I be ok? If you had to go back to work 18 days PO which you are now, are you strong enough to sit at a desk all day?
Hi! I'm glad you made a decision! If you chose the right doctor you will not regret it! I had mine done 18 days ago and though I'm still waiting for the day to feel "normal" again I'm so happy with the results! Just follow all your doc's instructions and you'll be fine. I wish you luck!

I am 48 years old on the 27 August , and have...

I am 48 years old on the 27 August , and have decided to spoil myself with a TT for my birthday present from me to me. Since I picked up 30kg with my son's birth ( 66.14 lbs), I have been battling to lose this extra weight for the last 10 years. It is so amazing ow one's body changes over the years. When I was 35 years old, I still sported a good figure, suddenly, my 'middle age spread' has settled with a myriad of hormones, and boom!! I cannot seem to shake off the pounds anymore. I am going skiing in France end of December this year, and do not want to look like a puffed up bear on the slopes.LOL..... Each day I feel so miserable that I have to carry this weight around with me all day, and working with all these younger women with their sexy little bodies just makes me feel old and tired?.. Not only do I feel that the extra weight around my middle is unhealthy, but I just don't feel sexy for my husband anymore. I have had a personal trainer for the whole of 2011 as I was off to the Islands on a vacation, and to my dismay, I still had this horrible belly I had to carry around and my bikini's stayed packed away in my suitcase. I feel as though the less I eat, no result will be seen on the scale. I have been feeling so demotivated, that I started adding a little more weight to my frame. I guess the frustration made me turn to food to spite myself, but I am the bigger fool for that! Now that I have decided to do this makeover, I am nervous, scared... mad?... all these emotions wrapped in to one. I have learned through this site that, with all the suportive women out there, and the experiences shared, this will be a journey of mine that I am going to embrace with all positivity... So! 15th August here I come, and I pray to God that my journey will be as successful and wonderful, despite the aches and pains, as all the other TT'uckers out there!!.
Goeie dag Marci!

Go for it girl! I'm from SA and have been living in the UK for the past 10 years. I'm having my TT in Poland on 14 Sep! Its not long to go! Every time I run and tum moves i think how lovely it will be once I have a flat tum.


My surgery took place on 15th August, and what a...

My surgery took place on 15th August, and what a journey. I am 7 days PO, and my Dr is really pleased with my healing progress. I am on a healthy eating plan , still very swollen, but am getting there. I am just so glad the worst is over. I know that the next three months are going to be very interesting with the different shapes my body will be experiencing, but one thing I must add. The satisfaction of not seeing a waves of rolls below my breast are so very rewarding. I am finally on the fat side Yay!!!..... I never thought I would one day be able to appreciate this day! Thank you God!.....
Bake Mooi! This procedure is so amazing.
Baie Mooi at least! Lol
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