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Omw!!! 3 days to go !!! Having my tt, m.r and lipo...

Omw!!! 3 days to go !!! Having my tt, m.r and lipo done on the 7th!! I am so excited.i am a mom of 3 and due to carrying very large babies I have a muffin to.i love my body but would like to feel good kn all my clothing snd not hide it sll the time i am the most miserable person in the summer and cant wait for this summer.i have so much confidence in my ps. He is the best. I cant wait for Saturday! !! Yay!!!!

Sorry for typos still on pain meds.lol
Tell is it normal at 5days post op to have no liquids in drain
Yes. I had my drains removed on day 5 as there was no more liquids !

day 6

Drain out yayyyyyyyyyy!!!

gratefully thankful

Very happy with my results dr.K.Hoestra you are an absolute genius.When I went in today I was slouched when I cam out I was straight up like a needle. Lol! Feel amazing.
Still a bit swollen but will post some more pics soon.thank you to everyone who have shared their stories you have made my journey a pleasure. Will be enjoying every minute from here on.mwahxxx
Happy healing! Looking great!

1 month post op

Loving my new body

more pics

Loving it
You look awesome you go girl!!! :D xxxx
Thanks hun.mwahxxx

6mnths post op

So loving it.Thank God for the strength...

tummy tuck and lipo

This is love!!!
omg....you look stunning!! Congratulations! You should be very proud!! xx

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