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My current stats are 35yo, 5.2 tall, 128lbs. I...

My current stats are 35yo, 5.2 tall, 128lbs. I have 2 beautiful children (7yo girl & 3yo boy) but unfortunately they did a number on my body. They were both full term, 8 lbs babies. Well, my husband and I have decided not to have any more children so the time has come. I've been planning this ever since I was 8 months pregnant with my dd and the first ugly stretch marks appeared. My ds came 4 yrs later and put the final nail in the coffin.

I've been working really hard on my body for the past 3 years and I'm finally ready to go for surgery. I've been going to a personal trainer twice a week, bootcamp once a week and ballet once a week (I secretly still want to be a prima ballerina...note the sarcasm). I've also struggled with depression over the last 7 years (starting with post natal and graduating to full blown). But I have worked hard on my mental state with the help of a brilliant psychologist & psychiatrist.
I've been reading mm reviews for months and they have inspired me immensely. Now I can finally join the community...

Welcome and congrats on taking care of ALL of you . We are here to support you in any way we can.

Yay, so glad you're here! This is a great group of ladies and we'll be here for you throughout your journey. If you haven't already, check out JenBob's great article about Mommy Makeovers. Keep us posted on how you're feeling as the big day nears!


So, it's only another 16 days before I get my new...

So, it's only another 16 days before I get my new tummy and ta-ta's. Can't wait. But I am getting anxious. I've posted a few before pics. Taking the photos reminded me of the reasons I'm getting this MM. I hate the stretch marks and the loose skin on my tummy. And I'm tired of trying to get a bra to accomodate my 2 different sized boobies.
What did you guys tell your kids about the surgery? I've been trying to teach my dd to love herself for who and what she is and now I feel like a hypocrate for doing this. But I really think of a MM as more of a reconstructive than cosmetic surgery. Am I just trying to justify my decision?
You must be excited!!!

Q> What did you guys tell your kids about the surgery?

Your kids are very young so i dont have the answer for that. MY youngest is my daughter and she is 16... I did like you Teach them to love themselves... BUT  you are not a hypocrate.. Loving the things you can not change is one thing.. I have brown hair brown is a lazy eye. We ll actually it is odd. when I move my jay my eye lid moves.. BUT I have learned to love that.. But to say I am overweight (or whatever) and I need to love that is different. I think we need to love the things we have no control over. and love ourselves.. Getting the surgery isnt going to make you LOVE yourself more.. maybe be more comfortable in a room with your husband or not cringe when you look in the mirror..but if YOU dont LOVE YOU wont change that... does that help? I mean did you understand that?

Love WHO you are as a person what makes YOU unique.. but it's ok to not be happy with things we had no real control over..

I did tell my daughter, but she knew how I felt. I DID love me just not the tummy ( look at my pre op pics) I worked hard like you did. I did everything I could do.. so the choice was live with the skin or have it removed..

I didnt make a big deal over it or a big fuss..  I dont know that you should especially at their young age....

i do hope someone who has younger children can help you with this a little better. I would at that age maybe just tell them the dr is going to fix your tummy... I dont know that they need details


Q.  Am I just trying to justify my decision?--

No I dont think so.. But I do think these are all normal feelings and we ALL go through them in one form or another. and I agree it IS reconstructive.. it was for me! cosmetic I guess but I did not do this to impress others with my looks. THAT would be cosmetic in my opinion.. 


Now let me just say that if you and your husband are fine and agree then that is the most important and helpful thing you can have.

Of course we are here to support you too.. be sure to read our reviews and ask any questions you have ok..

NOW STAY EXCITED!!!! I think it helps you heal :)
Thanks for making me feel soooo much better. I do love me now, just not the tummy and boobies. I feel that they don't reflect all the hard work I have put in. I also don't want to impress anybody. This is purely for me.
The kids are going to stay with my mom for a week, so they don't have to see me at my worst. But you are right, I'm just going to tell them that I'm going to fix my tummy. My 3yo constantly asks why my tummy is so wrinkled. I always tell him it's because I was lucky enough to have big, healthy babies but that my short body had nowhere else to go but outwards. He thinks it's funny. In fact, he told all his little friends at the day care that 'Mommy's tummy went pfffft like a balloon'.

Ok, so it's only another 8 days. Let the...

Ok, so it's only another 8 days. Let the countdown begin. Anybody else turn into a complete monster the week before mm? My husband said 'good morning' and I almost bit his head off. 10 Minutes later my daughter and I had a minor disagreement which turned into a full blown tantrum (me). I'm eating up a storm. I think I might have gained 3 pounds in the last week. Trying to contain myself but failing miserably.

It doesn't help that I'm working from home at the moment. The fridge is 10 steps away and the pantry 12 steps. Do those steps count as excercise? I've just found out that my little boy might have his tonsils removed before the end of this week. Seeing the doctor in an hour.
Getting my MM on June 8th and feel the same way! Alternate between really happy and super excited, to totally scared, then depressed. Such a mix of emotions. Hang in there!
I am excited and I've finally accepted it. Thank you. I actually did sit down and count to 10. It helped more than you will know. 4 MORE DAYS!!!!

3Dee.. YES it is normal but in the emotions just remember this IS A GOOD thing.. so just really stop sit down and like Beeba5 said just accept it and BREATH.. in and  The emotional rollercoaster is something you need to get a hold of for the sake of the hubby and you.. remember this is hard on him too.. EVEN if he doesnt tell you.. so like we tell the kids. Stop, count to 10 CALMLEY, and breath them address the issue or whatever..

STAY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i'm 1dpo. Wow. Still can't believe it. I didn't...

So i'm 1dpo. Wow. Still can't believe it. I didn't need any drains. Whoo-hoo. The pain is manageable. I'm just finding it very hard to do the simplests of tasks. Like reach for my mobile. The nurse is coming to change the dressing in the next hour. I can't wait to sneak a peak. And then I'm going home. I need to see my kids. Will post pics as soon as i can reach my laptop. Good luck to everybody on the 8th. And to the ladies on the 7th... Welcome to the other side.
Congrats! So happy for you! Good luck in your recovery.
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