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Mini-Lift but Maximum Scars - South Africa

I am in my mid-40’s and had a mini face lift...

I am in my mid-40’s and had a mini face lift performed by Professor Donald Hudson at Renaissance Surgical Clinic, Cape Town, South Africa.

During my consultation appointment:
At my consult I told Dr. Hudson that I wanted the most minimal of mini-lifts, simply to tighten slight jowls at my jawline and address a tiny turkey neck.

He assured me that I would look totally natural, just refreshed. Dr. Hudson said that he would use the most modern techniques and that my incisions would be hidden in my hair and ear anatomy such that they would be imperceptible when I needed to return in two weeks.

Nightmare surgery:
My surgery was literally a waking nightmare. I experienced anesthesia alertness. I awoke on the operating table, hearing and feeling everything, although I didn’t feel pain. I could not move or scream out. I have since learned that anesthesia alertness may be caused by improper anesthesia protocol.

After surgery:
Mr. Donald Hudson was to remove my bandages one week after my surgery. During that appointment, he peered beneath my bandages and quickly re-bandaged me before I could see my incisions. He said that the plan had changed and I would now leave the bandages on until I returned home.

A week later I was home alone and removed the bandages. I will never forget that moment. I looked in the mirror was near fainting as I saw the barbaric Frankenstein-style scars on my face. I felt shock, repulsion, and the darkest despair.

My surgical results:
- Dr. Hudson destroyed my natural hairline at my temples. Prior to surgery we had agreed that there would be a small incision hidden in my hair. Once I was anesthetized I guess he did what he wanted.
- Dr. Hudson placed wide ugly scars on some of the most visible parts of my face. His suturing on my FACE was like the suturing a medic might do to save a soldier’s life on the battlefield while under heavy fire. One would get better looking incisions in any emergency room surgery. These ugly red scars matured into ugly wide bright white scars at one-year post surgery.
- He removed too much skin on the left side of my face making later revision almost an impossible challenge – even for the top facial plastic surgeons in the world.
- Dr. Hudson put incisions prominently directly in front of my ears and did all that was possible to make them easily seen and closed under tension to cause hypertropic scarring.
- Just below my earlobes, Dr. Hudson simply “tacked back” vertical folds and pleats of my excess skin.
- I was left with chronic pain in both ears which competent surgeons later told me was caused by incorrectly placed deep anchoring sutures.
- Dr. Hudson convinced me to have a “very small amount of fat grafting.” He injected sausage-shaped rolls of fat below each of my eyes. He also injected fat into my lower nasio-labial folds which is well known, by competent surgeons, to cause a bottom-heavy facial appearance.
- I developed a hematoma on my left cheek following surgery. I told by the physician I saw on an emergency basis that I was lucky that I narrowly escaped skin necrosis which would have necessitated a skin graft on my face. Hematoma may be caused by rough and improper treatment of the delicate tissues during surgery.

How I was treated when I complained:
I had one single phone conversation with Dr. Hudson shortly after he disfigured me. I had emailed him detailed photos of each of my areas of complaint to look at during our phone conversation. Dr. Hudson, in a haughty and superior voice simply denied, one-by-one, each of my complaints.

I was stunned because I had never imagined that Dr. Hudson would be so irrational and brazen as to totally contradict the photographic evidence. Dr. Hudson insisted that I had a perfectly acceptable surgical result. Then Dr. Hudson said, in a boastful voice as if suggesting that my concerns were trivial, “I am hanging up now. I’m going to go operate on children.” And he hung up on me.

I reported my surgery to Julie Colman, the Renaissance Surgical Clinic Manager. I thought that she would want to know about what had happened to protect other patients and their clinic reputation. She couldn’t have shown less concern for me or my complaint. Julie Colman said that the clinic “merely offers a surgical facility” and bears no responsibility for physician standards of care.

Finally, I reported my surgery to Dr. Des Fernandez, the head physician at Renaissance Surgical Clinic, where Dr. Hudson performed my surgery. Mr. Des Fernandez looked at my photographs and stated that I had a perfectly acceptable surgical result. He sent me an email enthusiastically approving of the scars.

Consumers should be made aware of the substandard level of clinical care that is considered acceptable at Renaissance Surgical Clinic. Potential patients need to be forewarned about how they will be treated by Renaissance should they have the need to report a problem with the care received.

Revision surgery:
As I began to seek out surgeons for revision surgery, I came to understand that, because of the severe errors Dr. Hudson had made, only a handful of top facial plastic surgeons in the world with successful revision experience would be qualified to attempt to perform my surgery, and even for them it would be risky and challenging. I consulted in person with 15 surgeons in person and at least 6 more by phone. I heard the same comments over and over, along with expressions of sympathy:

“The scars border on medical malpractice.”
“You got an old fashioned facelift using out-of-date-techniques - performed poorly.”
“Everything he did to you made you look worse.”
“He calls this a mini-lift?!”
“Do you think that the surgeon who did this to you was fit to operate?”

I had revision surgery one-year after my surgery. My revision surgeon is well-known as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the world. I am thankful for his great talent and for the professionalism and kindness of his entire team. Given the challenges my revision surgeon had to work with, my results are not perfect, but I know that all that could be done was done. The pain in my ears that I had suffered for an entire year was gone when I woke up from the revision surgery. I know I still have a tough road ahead, and my appearance will never be as it was, but I am lucky to even have the opportunity to rebuild my life.

The total cost of my revision surgery and a subsequent hair transplant to fix my hairline was approximately $30,000 USD; 269,295 ZAR; 18,829 GBP. These costs do not include what I paid Dr. Hudson for the surgery.

Giving back:
I hope that by sharing my story other potential patients are spared this physical and emotional pain and suffering and financial devastation.

I wanted to share a few very hard-earned tips for...

I wanted to share a few very hard-earned tips for investigating potential surgeons:

-- Start with a list of about the top dozen surgeons in your particular niche of surgical interest, not the top in your town, the top PERIOD. This is the #1 tip. Drill down from there. If you don’t know enough about this surgical niche to know the names of the top surgeons in this procedure, or if you think cannot afford them, then you are not ready to proceed. The best don’t necessarily cost more - - and there is NOTHING in the world more expensive than bad surgery. If necessary, wait. Continue studying. Save up more money.
-- Independently identify previous patients of the surgeon and contact them directly. Ideally meet them in person to see their results. Do not limit yourself to the referral list of patients supplied to you by the surgeon.
-- All the obvious stuff: check all professional titles/certifications/degrees, search court records, read every single on-line patient review...
-- Find examples of how the surgeon treats patients when things don’t go well. Even the most skilled surgeon has to deal with patient follow-up issues on a routine basis. How is a patient treated with he or she complains?
-- Study many before and after photos from any surgeon you are considering. Look at the photos with a critical eye - look for the incision sites/scars, does that patient actually look better to you, do you like the surgeon's aesthetic...?
-- Know that as a consumer, you are up against a huge marketing machine. In terms of Internet research, know that the level of online disinformation is high. There are fake-positive-reviews written by marketers. Actual real-negative reviews may be supressed and/or buried. There are companies that can be hired to assist businesses in this effort. Even so, the truth is out there! Be sure to connect with other actual consumers. There is power in numbers!
-- Try to find evidence of whether the surgeon is a decent human being. I know this is really challenging but, believe me, this will matter if anything goes wrong!*
* By digging around, I was able to find out that the revision surgeon I selected does charity work (but doesn’t promote this vs. all the PS's who use pro bono work as a marketing tool). Also, I found out that he did some extensive urgent surgery for one of his previous patients who developed an infection following surgery by another surgeon and he never billed her or her insurance. He did not take her type of insurance, and he never even mentioned it to her until she asked him about it much later. Learning these things about my revision surgeon helped so much in terms of being able to trust him after I had been treated so horribly, basically like a piece of garbage, by my original surgeon.

Here is something that I would like to share with...

Here is something that I would like to share with every patient who is considering a "Mini Lift:"
** There is no such thing as a "mini lift." **

What I mean is that, by clinical/medical standards, there is no procedure defined as a “mini-lift.” Mini-lift is primarily a marketing term. The physicians will all differ on what they define as a mini-lift. Many will go further and make up branded names for their own version of mini-lift.

If you get a botched so called "mini-lift" and go in to consult with top facial plastic surgeons to consult regarding a revision, you will quickly learn that you were sold a bill of goods. The "real" surgeons will roll their eyes at the term mini-lift. In the world of plastic surgery, you the ubiquitous botched mini-lift patient are almost a joke in terms of your gullibility.

The term "mini-lift" is, in essence, a meaningless moniker and I feel that it does patients a disservice. This term MINIMIZES the risk, the scarring, the recovery process. Nothing about what you are about to embark upon as a "mini-lift" patient is mini or minimal. The line between mini-lift, face-lift, mid-face-lift, lower-face-lift, etc. is just a blur.

Finally, please consider the scars. See photo number 4 that I have posted above. Regardless of the type of "mini-lift" you have, your PS will make these incisions at the ear (certainly not barbarically like in my photo, but still they must be made). Yes, an extremely small number of PS's will make these scars imperceptible on some patients. Even the top PS's cannot control the portion of scarring that is due to a patient's skin type - ex. forming keloids. Most patients WILL have some visible scarring. The party line among PS's is that most patients won't have visible scarring from a facelift or mini-lift - - That is just untrue. Try talking to other patients.

Please think long and hard about how you will feel about having obvious PS scars on your ears. Before you proceed with a mini-lift, you owe it to yourself to spend just one single day pretending that you had to hide your ears. Imagine needing to be conscious of your hair covering your ears at all times. Imagine needing to keep people at a certain distance. Imagine worrying about wind, light, etc.

All unscarred skin is beautiful. Natural aging faces are beautiful. Please think long and hard and consider EVERY alternative to surgery. If you do proceed do so only with the greatest caution.

I have received private messages asking my opinion...

I have received private messages asking my opinion regarding the other surgeons who work at Renaissance Surgical Clinic: Dr. Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skin Care, Dr. Theo Rousseau, Dr. Stuart Geldenhuys and Dr. Nerina Wilkinson.

Here is my response:
- I do not have any first-hand knowledge regarding the clinical skill level of thes surgeons other than Dr. Hudson.

- After seeing my horrific photos, Dr. Fernandes, the principal owner physician of the clinic wrote this to me regarding Dr. Hudson: "I think his credential speak for themselves and there is no doubt that he qualifies to operate at the Renaissance Surgical Clinic." Is this the level of skill YOU are looking for in your surgeon?

- I emailed my complaint to every single one of the surgeons at Renaissance Surgical Clinic. Not ONE of these physicians replied to say they were sorry that this had happened to me or that this atrocity is not representative of their standards of care. They each chose to support a butcher rather demonstrating ethics and honor and standing up for a patient.

My question to you if you are considering one of the physicians at this clinic:
- Knowing my experience, do you want to take this risk with your health, appearance, emotional well-being, and finances?

- How will you be treated if something goes wrong with your procedure?

- The RealSelf forum gives patients the ability to learn the TRUTH about the real personality behind physicians and clinics. We now have the knowledge we need to reward skill and humanity in our physicans. With a botox seller on every corner, why reward this treatment with your hard earned money? Just say NO to those doctors who treat patients simply as a source of cash to be used and thrown out like garbage!

It has been a year since I last checked in here...

I haven’t looked at my review on this for about a year now. I posted my review since I felt it was my responsibility to help others avoid being victimized. Once my review was posted my focus needed to turn toward my own physical, emotional, and financial recovery. I am so grateful to everyone who posted well-wishes. Thank you all.

First, I want to say that I am saddened to hear of the other patients that have added comments about their own “nightmare” results from Renaissance Surgical Clinic. Thank you for your bravery in speaking up. I know how emotionally painful it is to re-open the wounds and share your story – but if only other patients before us had shared their horrible experiences at Renaissance then we could have been spared. If you have the strength, please consider posting your own reviews with photos to further document your experience.

It lifted my spirits to read the comment from “skinjazz” below who had actually been scheduled to see a physician at Renaissance and then found this review.

I want to update that during the months since my last post I have still never received any contact from Dr. Hudson, Dr. Fernandez, or any of the other surgeons or management of Renaissance Surgical Clinic. Never have any of them contacted me to apologize, investigate, inquire about my revision surgery, or to ask me whether they could help with reimbursement for my >$30,000 in revision surgery costs. AS OF TODAY, 3-10-14, I PLEDGE TO THE REALSELF COMMUNITY: If anyone from Renaissance ever reaches out to me to follow up on my horrific experience, behavior that would be expected from any responsible medical providers, then I will post an update to inform readers. If I do not post such an update then you can assume Renaissance took my payment, disfigured me, treated me like garbage when I complained, and they never even looked back! Keep that in mind when you are selecting a provider. How do YOU want to be treated if things go wrong?

I see that there are two posters, “Lynn Green” and “ugly like you,” that made comments illogically critical of me and enthusiastically supportive of Dr. Hudson, the surgeon who disfigured me. I clicked on these two usernames and saw that neither has ever posted anywhere else on RealSelf except on my review. Based on this, I am assuming that these fake posters are in all probability Dr. Hudson, or another physician or staff at Renaissance. Thank you to the poster “tweep” who is a voice of reason and logic and doesn’t let these fake posters get away with anything!

The potentially fake poster, “Lynn Green,” wrote this statement about Dr. Hudson: “This brilliant surgeon has done amazing work and he needs to be acknowledged for that.” When I read that it made my skin crawl. No way would anyone; including any other PS, ever refer to Dr. Donald Hudson a “brilliant surgeon.” That comment sounds so much like the verbiage that Dr. Hudson used to brag about his own brillance during my pre-surgical consultation with him. I suspect that this fake poster is Dr. Hudson. It is nauseating to think that Dr. Hudson may be on this site pathetically bragging about himself in the third person.

For everyone who has asked about how I’m doing… Well, I cannot say that I will ever be the same, but I am better. Life goes on and you either find a way to go on, or not. I am so extremely lucky to have found the talented and kind revision surgeon who gave me the ability to go on. My results from the revision were as good as could be expected considering what the surgeon had to overcome. I know that there are so many victims who could never afford the level of care I was able to receive and I count my lucky stars for this second chance.

What stays with me most from this experience, beyond the remaining physical scars, is the enduring visceral lesson in nature of evil. The net profit Dr. Hudson would have gained from my surgery would be perhaps equivalent to one mortgage payment, or the cost of a designer handbag. For that tiny bit of dirty money he would permanently disfigure someone and then treat them like garbage. What more apt example of “the banality of evil” could there be?

Good luck to you all! Be extremely careful out there!
Donald Hudson

Professor Donald Hudson claims that he is the head of the department of plastic surgery at the University of Cape Town. He promotes himself as a pioneer in mini-facelift surgery. He claims that he taught his advanced surgical techniques to most all of the other plastic surgeons in town. During my pre-surgery consultation, Dr. Hudson pumped himself up and he even criticized another local plastic surgeon for his old-fashioned surgical techniques. I am sad to say that at the time I was naive. I was actually impressed by Dr. Hudson's monologue of his own accomplishments. I failed to grasp how inappropriate that behavior was. No truly competent plastic surgeon brags like that during a patient consultation. It was a sign that there was something very wrong with this person. I missed that red flag and I will regret this lapse in judgment for the rest of my life.

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I can assure you that I am not a fake poster and I am definitely not Professor Hudson in disguise. I don't understand the logic in assuming I am a fake poster, just because I recently posted on this website? I came across this website purely by accident, while I was searching to see if Professor Hudson had added anything to his website. I was absolutely shocked and saddened by this attempt to crucify this brilliant surgeon, and yes, he is brilliant. I know other people who have had very successful operations performed by him, including a family member, and on the strength of that I had a tummy tuck some time ago. My results are amazing. It has changed my life in such a positive way that I have booked a face lift with Professor Hudson for this month. When I was in hospital, the patient in the bed next to me had a face lift performed by Professor Hudson and she too looked amazing. I contacted her in London recently to check on her progress and she is very happy with her results. I have absolutely no reservations about having a face lift performed by Professor Hudson. I have also since chatted to other surgeons who have worked with him and everyone has very positive things to say about him. He has vast experience and he is well respected. As far as I am concerned, your situation is unusual and certainly not the norm and I want people to know this. I know that some cynical people out there will think that Professor Hudson has in some way put me up to this, but I can assure you that my reason for doing this is merely to let people know that I am one of hundreds, if not thousands of patients who have been operated on extremely successfully by Professor Hudson, over many years. I cannot comment on your experience but it honestly seems as if you are talking about a totally different person. In my dealings with the Professor, he was at all times a perfect gentleman and took the time and trouble to explain the procedure and the possible risks involved in any surgery. The person described in this posting could not be further from the truth. He is quietly spoken, caring and totally unassuming. He has worked at Groote Schuur Hospital for many years and anyone who knows what it is like at a government hospital will know that if you work there, you must be caring and compassionate. The Professor not only performs cosmetic surgery but many of his cases are reconstruction on various cases such as people who have been involved in car accidents, burn victims and patients who have had cancer. I have been to this hospital and seen his work. It's a well known fact that people do not often hear about or talk about the success stories, especially when it comes to plastic surgery but when something goes wrong, the vultures all come in for the kill. I have done a lot of research into cosmetic surgery and the reality is that if you look at how many Hollywood stars have been "disfigured" by so called top American Plastic Surgeons, common sense will tell you that there are no guarantees when having a face lift or any other cosmetic procedure. If you go ahead with it, you must know that no matter how good the surgeon is, you will be cut and you will have scars. How well or how fast your body heals, depends on the individual but it is common knowledge that the body takes at least a year to heal. We live in a world of instant gratification and some people expect a miracle recovery, which isn't going to happen. What patients also need to realise is that doctors are not machines, nor are they God and all doctors have made "mistakes" at some stage of their careers. They are human beings who have gone into this profession to help people. Sometimes things do not work out as planned. So, anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery must know that you can do all the research and think you have found the best surgeon in the world, but be aware that it may not turn out the way you expected.
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The fact is, Lynn, your favorite surgeon is a victim of his own arrogance and conceit. This big stain on his reputation will no doubt linger on page one of Google for a very long time. And in my mind, it is something he more than deserves, as it is a mere consequence of his untoward actions towards pe.ces, coupled with his failure to rectify the situation in the form of a retund, a referral or even an apology. His behavior after her surgery was pretty disgusting, and he even denied that the problem existed (which is a clear sign that he has a personality disorder as well). All of this is HIS FAULT and therefore he must accept full responsibility for the presence of this review, rather than seeing himself as "victimized" by an ex-patient of his online. If Prof Hudson isn't as stupid as I suspect he might be, this will hopefully teach him a LESSON and show him that he can no longer get away with doing things like this. And he should be WELL aware that any future unhappy patients who come across it will no doubt be emboldened by this lady's post and end up writing their own experiences down too. The test of a surgeon's character is his behaviour after a surgery "goes wrong", as you so glibly put it (things do not just "go wrong", BTW - these doctors are being paid huge amounts of money to do these surgeries PROPERLY - in what other profession can you muck up like this and get away with it?) Also, I take issue with your assertion that plastic surgeons "are human beings who have gone into this profession to help people". The vast majority go into this profession to make MONEY. This can be readily seen on medical student internet forums, where new graduates discuss their desire to "make money in plastics". That - alongside the prestige, power and validation they seek among peers and patients - is a primary motivator. Even darker desires exist among several of them. They are - after all - human, as you say. And human nature is inherently selfish and greedy.
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Dear Tweep. You speak with such authority about Professor Hudson, so please explain where you fit into the picture. Have you met him? Been operated on by him? Or are you merely going on what one patient says about him? Everyone knows there are doctors who go into the profession for the money, but seeing as Professor Hudson does a lot of work at a government hospital, it is pretty clear that he is not one of them. I stand by my opinion that he is not the man described in this post, that he is a brilliant surgeon and I have the greatest respect for him.
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This breast operation below was not done by Prof Hudson but does highlight that even the best surgeons make "mistakes". Having cosmetic surgery is risky business and the final result is down to many factors, not only the skill of the surgeon. If you have had a successful face lift performed by Prof Hudson then please share your story. This brilliant surgeon has done amazing work and he needs to be acknowledged for that.
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For 3 years I've kept quiet about my "nightmare" at Renaissance Clinic. In light of being a rather vocal activist , to end up not saying anything to anyone, including family and friends is beyond irony. But when you have been disfigured as a result of surgery, and the fault lies solely on the surgeons shoulders. You feel too mortified , shocked and ashamed. So I will keep it brief, there is a very publicity driven female surgeon who has her name splashed all over the media. A friend of mine referred me to her as I was a cup size A in my late forties and wanted an "B" cup. I never wanted big breasts, what I wanted was some breasts as mine had shrunk after having children. My husband was with me the whole time during my consultations. I had a few, I wanted to be very sure there was no misunderstanding. So you can imagine my distress when I realized I was given a " c cup" . She said that the anetheaist , suggested to her I would look better with a " c cup". So that's what I ended up with and some. My one breast was a lot lower due to the pocket incision being to big. To add insult to injury , the surgeon said she would insert my own body fat above the lowered breast to make it look full on top. We were in disbelief , my husband is in the medical field and wanted to expose her and bring her lack of professionalism to the public. But I,m far to conservative , proud and shy of personal publicity. I ended up going to see a surgeon in Somerset West, who specializes in reconstructive surgery. He was visibly shocked when he saw what she had done . What a remarkable , kind , professional surgeon. I,m so sorry I never went to him in the first place. So if there is anything I share from this experience, is rather go to a reconstructive surgeon, and run a mile when you spot a doctor with an ego, it will cost you twice as much in the end. I did however let him, know that if he has more of her botches to fix and there is someone out there who wants to go legal and needs an affidavit . I will come forward.
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Tweep, the scars you see on the images provided by this patient is fresh scars.She did not even give it a chance to heal properly before she complained!Facial scars heal better and quicker than any other scar on the body.PLease correct me if I am wrong.Plastic surgery is not a perfect remedy for old age.Yes, it helps but you seldom get a 100% result.You get good surgeons and bad.I went for surgery around the world.America, Japan, Thailand, England.And Prof Hudson is one of the best surgeons alive.The worst surgeon in South Africa is Keith Cronwright from Claremont Cape Town .He damaged my chest with liposuction done in his office with a primitive apparatus.In general South African surgeons offer the best value for money.My operation with Prof. Hudson is February and I will keep you posted with the results ...if you interested.
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When is your surgery in February? Please let us know how it goes. I am sure it is going to be a great success. You seem to have a very good attitude. Good luck.
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You i sooooo shocked to see that Keith damaged your chest hey because i had a tummy tuck & breast augumentation by him in 2009 & everything was perfect. Im so scared to go back to him for breast lift now that you've mentioned the damage. Eish
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I have just read the above post and will comment asap.
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Well, Prof. Hudson is not only one of the best cosmetic surgeons in South Africa but highly regarded in the world of cosmetic surgery.I think that the complainant is psycological not fit for surgery and there is something she hides. Why not show your face? Prof Hudson will operate me in January 2014 and I can not wait!
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Unless you haven't taken the trouble to scroll to the top of the page, she has graciously provided several pictures of her face so that others can (hopefully) be better informed. On the off chance that you're a real poster and not a shill for Dr Hudson, I genuinely feel sorry for the fact that you are prepared to risk having such bad results. I would not wish the experience of botched surgery on anyone. You clearly haven't had surgery with Hudson anyhow - so who are you to sound off about how good he is? The photos certainly suggest otherwise. The worst part about the review was the appalling treatment she received afterwards, so I guess you can look forward to great aftercare. And, if you're getting a facelift, I suppose you can also prepare yourself for incisions which may look as if someone smashed you on side side of the head with a glass bottle. If this so called doctor happened to be a professional fish gutter, I'd say the boy done good. However, if this is the work of one of the "best cosmetic surgeons" in SA, I'd like to see what the worst ones are churning out. Finally, I'd like to wish you the best of luck with your surgery. I think you'll need it.
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Please let us know how your surgery went with Prof Hudson. If you had your operation in January, it's early days but your experience would be helpful. Thanks.
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Hi I also live in Cape Town. I am so so so sorry you went through this terrible ordea.. It is absolutely the worst assault on one's self confidence. I can relate and the trauma it caused me is unbelievable I too had surgery also done by Dr DF's crowd, although it was before they moved to the Reneisence clinic. The result of the operation was terrible, my self esteem plummeted, and I got depressed. I still dont like to see myself in a mirror and to this day will stilll not allow myself to be photographed. Fortunately, slowly over the years one learns to accept and live with it. I did not have the finances to go and have it fixed at that time, but am now in the position now to have it fixed. I can't wait. . I would be eternally grateful if you would give me the name of the surgeon or surgeons in Cape Town who you would recommend, and the one you chose to do your operation for you. I thank you again for sharing your story. I think there are many of us out there who have been disfigured but have just accepted it. I had made an appoinntment to see Dr Luckhoff at Panarama in Cape town. But I would rather go to the doctor who helped you. Thank you.
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I've heard good things about the last dr you mentioned.
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Sorry to hear about your story. I have also been a victim of a completely botched operation 5 years ago. My surgeon was at least apologetic as he was aware I could sue him. To be honest the experience was so stressful I just could not even think about opening a lawsuit at the time. However his attempts to undo some of the damage have in many ways just made it worse. I identify with your experiences of finding it very difficult to find a revision surgeon who is qualified and willing to try and repair some of the damage done to you. Have you at least come to a point where you are able to accept it now after your revision surgeries? That is where I want to get to. Best of luck!
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"With a botox seller on every corner, why reward this treatment with your hard earned money? Just say NO to those doctors who treat patients simply as a source of cash" This is such a good piece of advice. We have so many options and "cheap surgical fixes" are literally on every high street. I would rather pay a beauty therapist $100 to not do a botox injection properly, than a plastic surgeon several thousand dollars to really do a number.
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i'vr read when shopping for a face lift doctor always request post-op pictures of the doctor's patient's ear and ear lobe areas where the main incisions are made - at least 6 months after surgery. qualified surgeons agree this is an excellent indication of the doctor's experience and skill with face lifts. distorted ear lobes and hypertropic scars means the doctor did not close the incissions correctly, placing too much stress on the adjoining tissues.
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Could someone please recommend a good doctor for a facelift. Thank you!
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Could someone recommend please a good doctor for a facelift. There are so many of them,but I don't know which one to go to. Thank you
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Hi Mira,

Where are you located? You can click the "Find a Doctor" link at the top of the page and it should take you to a list of specialties (such as facelift) and cities, so you can choose one near you. You'll then see a list of board certified plastic surgeons. You obviously want to do your research all the doctors you're considering, but it's a starting point. Reading reviews here on the site should help as well! Inbox me if you need more assistance.

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Well Im located in UK, but i don't even mind to go to another Country. I was speaking to few doctors, in USA, Brazil... All of them saying different things, the costs also vary a lot and all of them have some bad reviews..
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I would like to beat that doctor up! !!! I can't believe what he did and then denied!! but just from the hair transplant picture it looks as if you have had a beautiful revision/./I am so sorry for the pain and anguish you had to go through. That doctor and his hospital are pure evil and it's great that you share your story here to save others the unkindness. I had a mini brow lift years ago, and I was very unhappy with the result, and had the same problem with big scars, loss of hair and I didn't like the result with my face- now 13 years later it's really worn off, and I look like myself again, but it was so traumatic and I cried and cried. I was lucky to have the scars inside the hairline, I can't imagine how awful this must have been for you. Wishing you beautiful healing and thanking you for the great advice your review contained.
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Hi- l also live in Cape Town, and l was about to go in for a consultation at that very clinic, when l read your sad story! l have also been the victim of a bad fraxel treatment, so l can relate to your suffering. After all your subsequent research and experience, though, is there a surgeon here in cape town that you would recommend, or feel is competent? Many thanks for sharing your story and pictures!
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I had massive scaring too from my facelift but I just got MiXto laser and it REALLY reduced them. I will have probably one more treatment on my scars and I think they will be undectectable. Hope this helps and gives you some encouragement. Ask the doctor maybe he will do it for free or at a discounted rate at least :)
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I found a link to a website that provides some explanation about the difference between mini facelift and full face lift. Hope this help. http://www.seattlefacial.com/procedures/3d_procedures.html I had a mini face lift 12 years ago when I was 48 years old. I recovered very quickly, in only 1 week. The scars around the ears slowly disminished but still remained somewhat visible during the first 3 years. I used make up concealer to hide them. By 3 years, the scars almost disappeared. During the last 12 years my upper eyes lids, cheeks, my jowls slowly drooping and sagging again .When I reach 62, my face looked old , sagging and angry with deep smiling lines. 4 months ago I underwent a full face lift and upper eyes surgery. It took me 3 months to recover as I had lot of swelling and bruises. Now I look the I was 40, even more beautiful with new Latisse long lashes and sexy full lips with Juvederm. Now I am learning yoga facial exercises ,avoiding direct sun exposure and use good suncreen, hoping to prolong the new young face as long as possible.
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