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I wiegh 117 kgs - am 1.61cm tall and live in South...

I wiegh 117 kgs - am 1.61cm tall and live in South Africa - I have three very active boys - a dear friend of my mothers passed away last year - I think that was when I seriously started thinking about having a gastric bypass. If I don't I will have end up the same way as she did. I have absoloutely zero confidence in myself - at the moment - NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE

I am really battling on this pre-op diet ............

I am really battling on this pre-op diet ....................... its day 3 - got another 4 days to go - am so tempted to hav something tasty to eat - am trying really hard - but whats this not more than 2 liters of liquid a day - and divided up over 16 feeds during the course of the day - I think the last 3 days will be much worse - I haven't stopped smoking - my surgeon didnt tell me to - actualy he didn't even ask me if i did or didn't - the anaethetist and the physician asked me. which i answered truthfully - the anaethetist said that i need to quit 24 hrs before and that it does hinder the healing process, after surgery.
Dr Du Toit

I found him on the net and he is the closest specialist to where i live

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Hi Lisa, Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Wow, your surgery date will be here before you know it, are you all prepared? Have you had to do any pre-surgery preparation, like losing some weight before surgery, changing your diet, etc?

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the diet befor the surgery (one week before) - I've been to a specialist physician, seen the anaethetist, phycologist, specialist and the dietician twice - been for a scope and blood tests - I'm quiet anxious - as i have a very busy schedule with running a home and family and working full time - leaves very little time for myself - I've joined a gym - but struggle to get there on time as i work far away from it and then its the balancing act of caring for the family before myself - quite pointless because if i don't make time for gym then i would need to make time for being ill. Will i be able to drink coffee ? as i have read many conflicting opinions on the net. I don't really know how much wieght i can expect to loose in the first few months - am hoping it will drop off and maybe if i am not so focused on everyone else then i will make time for myself and find myself again - am tired of being miserable and dissatisfied with myself - i am hoping things is going to give me wings to fly - and be the person i am ment to be - i do realise that it is no quick fix and is going to be tough and a lifestyle change - where it will be up to me to make it work for me.
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I'm so excited for you Lisa. My surgery is scheduled for May 9th so I totally understand how your feeling....In the seminar I went to they said you could have a cup of coffee in the morning but not sure about more than that. I don't drink coffee so that isn't my issue...I drink diet soda and I'm having a hard time giving up the one I have during the afternoon.....I had no problem giving up drinking in first thing in the morning and at night but lunch and when we go out is much more difficult. Best of luck and keep us posted. I'll be anxious to hear how your doing.
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Hi Lisa,

I totally understand not having time for yourself, but you do need to look after yourself, in order to look after your family. If you can't find time to get to the gym, can you work out at home instead? Even if it's just jogging around your neighbourhood, or even doing laps around your garden, if you have one?

As far I know, and I'm not a doctor, there's no reason to not drink coffee. Lots of post-op people drink coffee, you just have to make sure not to put fatty things like cream in it.

Most information on WLS says that you will lose 60-60% of your excess body weight in the first 12-18 months, with the majority coming off in the first few months.

The WLS is only a tool to help you lose weight though. You have to make sure you make time for yourself, to eat right, exercise and hopefully you'll get support from your family as well!

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we are alowed to drink 'flat' diet soda - which suites me fine - as i actually liked flat drinks before - strange isnt it - coffee in the morning - well that sounds mighty fine ;-) am trying desperately to stick to the diet the detician gave me to follow before the diet i have to go on a week before the op for the keyhole surgery to take place - i am starting to get very nervous - hopefuly this week i can realy get into it. thanks for your support & good wishes
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It's normal to be nervous, but I'm sure you'll do great! Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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have been googling the net and found out about a mini gastric bypass that is safer and cheaper - but haven't had chance to see /speak to my surgeon yet - seems the results are the same - yet there is alot less risk and its cheaper - anyone had this surgery and what have thier results been ?????
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Hi Lisa,

Below  are a couple of links to some questions about the Mini Gastric Bypass, which have been answered by WLS surgeons.

Gastric Bypass Vs Mini Gastric Bypass

What is a Mini Gastrc Bypass

I've also posted some links below to a couple of Mini Gastric Bypass reviews.



Hope this helps!

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Hi Lisa, Can you send me this information too please, I will really appreciate it. Ansa
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