I am currently a HH cup - 8 weeks post op - South Africa, ZA

Hi everyone, i have been considering a breast...

Hi everyone, i have been considering a breast reduction for as long as i can remember. My path with out of proportion breasts started in puberty and even in summer i was wearing cardigans to try and hide it. Throughout the years i never had the money to do it and i was too scared. Now i am turning 40 in Novembber and i have decided to give myself the gift of a breast reduction. I am currently a HH cup,i LIVE with pain in my neck,back,shoulders and headaches.I have to wear silicone inserts under my bra straps to prevent them from cutting into my shoulders, i cannot do anything remotely bouncy even with an expensive sportsbra on as it simply turns from 2 huge boobs into one uniboob which feels as if its going to rip from my chest. I am quite small around the waist,a 34, but i have to buy all my shirts in a 16 or 18 to fit over my breast which in turn makes me look huge. So yes,finally i will be seeing the dr for my pre op on the 18th of Oct and my surgery is scheduled for 19 November. I am very excited but also a tad nervous. My main concern is recovery time as i have only 14 days to recover before i go back to my job as cabin crew and even though people think we just stand around,we lift really heavy containers and bags and we have to stretch a lot with arms above the head, i am a shorty at only 1.63m! I also worry about opening and closing those heavy aircraft doors. So far, the pictures and experiences of others have helped me a great deal with regards as to what to expect.I like to know EVERYTHING, ignorance is NOT bliss in my case! Well,so my journey starts,if i can be of any help to anyone, let me know!

Hi all,its all getting real now! I am having my...

Hi all,its all getting real now! I am having my first pre- op meeting with my PS on the 18th!! So many questions to ask. I am counting the days now,in just a month from then i will be having my surgery! For now its weightloss and increasing my fitness all the way! Not easy...but my friends ensure me it will aid in recovery. So yes... Will update soon after my meeting with the doctor!

Hi all,so excited, Ive just met my PS, she is...

Hi all,so excited, Ive just met my PS, she is lovely and I felt at ease with her from the first moment,which I did NOT experience with the other PS I saw. So... My surgery is booked for the 19 th of November,ONE month from tomorrow!!! I have paid it in full today so there is no going back now. She has measured me and said that my nipple SHOULD be at 23 cm but is currently hanging at 38 cm due to the weight of my 34HH breasts!!! Now the countdown and Operation Fitness and Weightloss starts!

Hi all,desperately trying to loose a few kgs...

Hi all,desperately trying to loose a few kgs before 19 Nov! Not easy!! Still very excitedtly counting down each day on my calendar. Now i just need to get a mammogram done and thats it for pre-op. My tickets to South Africa has been booked,my accommodation arranged, its just last minute shopping for zippertops and pull on pants!:) Oh yes and i am downloading a few beach holiday reads to keep me busy during recovery! I cant cant cant wait for the first shopping session after the surgery!! Hope you are all well!

Oh yes, i am currently a 34HH and the PS wants to...

Oh yes, i am currently a 34HH and the PS wants to take me down to a full C. I want to be a D. Am i the only one who is scared they go too SMALL???

Was just wondering why everyone comments on...

Was just wondering why everyone comments on everyone's reviews and no one comments on mine? Feeling a bit like First Grade again:)

Soooo... That portion of days left until my op is...

Soooo... That portion of days left until my op is now getting smaller and smaller as i keep removing the days past! I feel a slight tingling of nerves now! I have just been diagnosed with a bad case of laringitis which has flattened me for 9 days and caused asthmatic symptoms,but yesterday i finally got antibiotics and the doctor said i have to stop flying for 5 days as i am not allowed to speak under any circumstances. I normally HATE taking meds unless absolutely neccessary,which seems to be a good thing when i finally DO take antibiotics as they help really quickly then. I will be done with them by the 5 th which is 2 weeks before my surgery,so that should be ok. My MAIN AIM now is to get well,eat well and loose as much weight as possible before my op. Its all systems go now!:) Yesterday i also renewed my US visa as crew and that means: Victoria's Secret shopping spree early next year!!! I have never never ever been able to just buy a bra off the shelf not even to mention an actual matching set!! Cant wait!

Went for my first mammogram today as recommended...

Went for my first mammogram today as recommended by my PS as i will be 40 on Nov 10 and she said after my surgery it might be up to a year before i can have one again. It hurt having my 34HH breasts squashed up ,but i am happy to say all is well. I just had to mention how amazed i was at the sheer weight of my breasts when she removed it from the platform on which it rested. You dont notice the relief when you are holding your breasts up yourself,but when its lifted by a second party,the relief is immense. So, another thing i had to do before surgery crossed off the list:) And i got a nice goodie bag as a surprise because its Breast Cancer Awareness Month!:)

Pre-surgery jitters starting to set in now. Scared...

Pre-surgery jitters starting to set in now. Scared of dying while under anaesthesia. I know its not rational fears,but from reading posts here, i also know its normal to be scared. Luckily it comes and goes. STILL excited though,especially today while looking at all the beautiful lingerie sets out there! Now i just have to work on getting the hips in proportion with the boobs:)

Hi all, i am so glad that i have found this forum....

Hi all, i am so glad that i have found this forum. For years, well, for most of my life, i have been struggling with body issues. I think what makes it more difficult is the fact that as a culture we are not very open when it comes to bodies and sexuality and nudity and things like that. Its just NOT discussed in public. So for years i have been walking around feeling different and the odd one out because of the way my body looked because there was nothing for me to compare myself against. This forum made me realize there are hundreds of women out there with exactly the same issues as mine! Its as if i can finally exhale and say: Wow, i DO fit in. Its a relief and i thank you for being so open in sharing your stories. You DID change one woman's life and i am sure there is more out there who feels exactly like me.

Nerves nerves nerves nerves nerves!

Nerves nerves nerves nerves nerves!

11days to go and i am getting more nervous! But...

11days to go and i am getting more nervous! But its not a BAD nervous. Yet!Been suffering from a stomach flu bug this past week and I am sooo happy that its finally gone and I can eat again! And that I am well before the surgery. A cancellation would mean a 4 month wait for me to have another go. Otherwise, not much happening here. Will be leaving for South Africa in a week's time!

Only a week to go to surgery and i am now getting...

only a week to go to surgery and i am now getting more and more nervous! Just scared i wont wake up or something would go wrong with recovery. I have a history of runaway thoughts so I try to rationalize them and tell myself that its normal to be scared, I DONT have surgery every day. Not sleeping very well at the moment.

Its soooo close now! I am leaving for Cape Town,...

its soooo close now! I am leaving for Cape Town, South Africa tomorrow and my surgery is on Monday morning at 07h30! My last weekend with HH cups! I am nervously excited, but i am still scared of 3 scenarios: a) I wont wake up after surgery b)i wont be ASLEEP during surgery and feel everything and c) i wont be recovered enough to go back to work on 2 December. I KNOW they do these surgeries every day, but I dont. Just got to give myself over to a higher power and let go. The hardest thing for someone with control issues:) Oh well, here I go.

Getting on the plane this morning for SA,surgery...

getting on the plane this morning for SA,surgery on Monday morning! Will update as soon as i can! Good luck to all joining me.

Here i am on the other side and all went well....

Here i am on the other side and all went well. Just currently have the 2 'corners of sorrow', the place where the cuts meet in a T, which is healing slower,but thats quite normal according to PS. I am VERY happy with my results so far and SO glad i listened to the PS: i wanted a D cup,but she said she would make them to fit my body. My op was 19 Nov and i am currently a C cup and its PLENTY!!! It suits my frame perfectly and is still a nice full breast. Now just to get my incisions all healed up,then i will feel so much better about everything. Scars not really something i think about at this point, i was prepared for that. I am just concentrating on healing my T zones now!

I am healing well except for some delay in healing...

i am healing well except for some delay in healing in my T zone areas, my corners of sorrow as my PS calls them. Any advice, thoughts, comments to help me and to put my mind at ease? Otherwise i am still thrilled with the results. Just a bit scared as i am going back to quite an active job tonight, i dont have a choice. Thats going to be challenging too.

Have just redressed my T zones and it looks a bit...

Have just redressed my T zones and it looks a bit better than yesterday. Just hope it improves a bit every day. I am showering with Protex soap, removing the wet gauze dressing from the sites,cleaning with alcohol wipes,then drying a bit with the hairdryer on cool, applying Bactroban,then gauze and Micropore tape. I have to do this daily. I am also taking 2000mg Vit C a day as i have read some articles which suggest it has a positive effect on healing. I am also still using Arnica Montana tablets. I have quite a bit of swelling still, especially on the lipo sites. But the bruising which was blue black on the 19 th,has almost completely faded to a light yellow now. Just experiencing some itching all over the breasts which is also a normal part of healing i believe. Onward we go!

Just got back from a 5 day trip and i had to take...

just got back from a 5 day trip and i had to take it very easy which is hard in the job as cabin crew. People dont realize that we have to work with carts and containers weighing upward of 20kgs and everything is stowed in these! Also opening and closing of overhead compartments and those huge aircraft doors! But i survived with the help of my colleagues. I had to however, sleep a lot as i could feel my body needed it. In 2 days time it will only be 3 weeks since my surgery. My nipples and the vertical cuts are healing well,but the incisions under my arms where i had lipo and drains as well as the T zone spots are slower. I am still dressing the T zones daily with gauze,bactroban and micropore,but i didnt put the bactroban on last night,so i will see this morning if it looks any different. My PS is 9000+ km away so i have to communicate to her via email but luckily i have found a Wound Care Clinic here if need be. I have to be so careful at night too as my cat loves to sleep on my chest,now i am covering my chest with a pillow and it seems to work,she doesnt like squeeshy surfaces! So far so good!

Today is 3 wks post op. Finally starting to feel...

today is 3 wks post op. Finally starting to feel better. Just itching quite a bit. I have now migrated to the couch as i just cannot sleep on my back in bed anymore, i manage an average of one and a half hour at a time only,my lower back is killing me. I bought a memory foam pillow but no relief. Otherwise all is well. Scared to change my Micropore tape in 2 days as last time half the scabs came off! Any advise as on how to remove it without any trauma? Will try Vaseline this time.

Little update: had to change all my dressings...

Little update: had to change all my dressings today as it started to come off. This time it came off much easier and didnt stick that much to the incisions. Didnt even have to use Vaseline. Ive been applying Bactroban through the tape to the parts of the incisions which has been painful and this seems to be helping too. Had some bleeding though this morning,but i think it was a scab that came off. I must just remember to breathe when i change the dressings, i think i am so nervous about what i will find that i hold my breath and i had to lie down halfway through as i felt about to faint. Still taking extra Vit C,A and D,seems to have improved things too.

Hi all,my boobs are fine but i can for the likes...

hi all,my boobs are fine but i can for the likes of me not sleep at night. I am exhausted today after spending another entire night awake. I CAN NOT sleep on my back. I have tried all known advice, i have googled, i have bought memory foam pillows, i have propped up all my appendices until it looks as if a starfish is sleeping on my bed... The only thing i havent done is to knock myself out with a sleepingtablet as I dont like taking meds. But yes, desperate measures ....Does ANYONE have ANY advice??? I will be dead at the end of the 3 weeks minimum of backsleeping I still have to endure. This is faaaar worse than the surgery was! Ok,no, I might be exaggerating a little, the drains was bad. Help? Please?

Still struggling with sleeping on my back,so i...

still struggling with sleeping on my back,so i took a sleepingpill last night. Still got up halfway through the night though to change from bed to couch. I am hoping to sleep a bit later on as tonight I am working a shift to Washington DC,which is a 15 hr flight, and stretches to a minimum of 21 hrs with the duties and drive before and after!! Then only 19 hrs in hotel before we do it all over again. Looking forward to it though as i can get all my Micropore tape, bras etc etc in the US. Today i found a stretch bra which i bought 5 yrs ago and could never wear,tried it on and with my new boobs,it fits like a glove! It goes a long way in helping while i have to wash and dry my ONLY two other bras! Yesterday i got rid of all my old bras,empty drawer now! PS have also advised me to change dressings on T zone now every 2,3 rd day instead of every day as it has healed quite a bit and the daily changing may disturb new tissue. I cant wait for all the scabs to be healed and gone! Until then i will still feel as if i am going to split open at the seams like an old teddybear! Almost 4 weeks now! And i still love them!! Very glad i did this for myself.

Hi all,was just thinking of a few things which i...

hi all,was just thinking of a few things which i found really helpful after my surgery and thought i would share it with you. First of all I was told 10-14 days would be enough time off to return to work. It would be: for a deskjob. However, if you are in a job that requires any type of stretching, pulling, pushing, twisting, etc, i would definately recommend 3 weeks off. Its not that its painful,but i was very uncomfortable and not able to do the majority of these things until the end of week 3. Secondly, Arnica Montana helped me greatly post surgery with bruising and swelling. I went from blue black to yellow in just over a week. Bromelain also helped with swelling. Clear this with your doctor first, i had to wait 48 hrs before i could start taking these. Thirdly, it hurts when you are in a car and go over any kind of hobble or bump in the road. I had to support my breasts with my hands and still has to after almost a month. But the first 2 weeks especially was painful,so during this time i would recommend letting someone drive you,or to take public transport so you have your hands free. The first few check ups I used a pillow to support my breasts in the car, it helped a lot. Lastly, you will have to wear a non- underwire bra 24/7 for a few weeks and i greatly recommend a bra which was recommended by another Realself member: Bali Comfort Evolution. I just bought 6 at Macy's and I was working a 16 hr shift and barely felt as if i was wearing a bra! Its soft but supports in all the right places and gives a nice,seamfree look under clothing. Just be sure to try it on as i was actually a medium even though the guide on the packaging recommended a small for my measurements. Hope you find these tips helpful!

Healing up nicely,just a few scabs left. PS told...

healing up nicely,just a few scabs left. PS told me to leave them to fall off on their own. She also said to keep taping my incisions w Micropore which i change every 5-7 days,and to apply Dermastine through the tape once a day. This regime i have to follow for another 6 wks,so till Feb1. Last night i built a nest with pillows and turned more on one side than flat on my back and put a pillow between my knees. I felt an immediate improvement in my lower backpain.
I slept better than i have in dayyys! I have tried so hard with the back sleeping,ive got 9 pillows on my bed,but to no avail! Hopefully it all gets better from here. Otherwise,my breasts are still quite firm in the bottom half,which is normal and will soften in time. My friend had her surgery a year ago and she showed me her scars yesterday: they were almost invisible. Thin,white lines, even thinner than a pencil line! Well,thats my 1 mth update!

Still very happy that i have done this. My...

still very happy that i have done this. My incisions are healing fine,the T zones are scabbing over now as well. My nipple sensation before surgery was a 2 on a scale of 1-10, its now a 9!! The thing i am suffering with most of all: backsleeping! I have unbelievable backache, i cannot get comfortable. I have tried everythibg! Just counting the days now till i can turn on my side again.

Every time i look in the mirror, i smile! This is...

Every time i look in the mirror, i smile! This is the best thing i have ever done! It takes time to heal, i still have scabs where the drains were and on my T zones and i still have swelling and tenderness in the lower halves of both breasts, but for the first time in my llife i look in the mirror and think: i LOVE my breasts! I dont even see the scars and stretchmarks. Luckily i am a tattoo lover and i have already found some beautiful designs( used by a mastectomy patient) which i will use to cover up the sacrs below the breast,IF it should ever bother me. But even now, in all its thick purpleness,i still love my breasts. SO glad i found my PS, SO glad i listened to her and trusted her when it came to size and so glad i have found this forum! Be patient, recovering ladies. It takes a while to get used to a change. Dont compare your results too much with others, dont google too many complications, it just made me paranoid. Just follow your PS's instructions,keep a close eye for infection, take things easy physically and give it plenty of time.

I have just changed my tape and, at 6 wks, the...

i have just changed my tape and, at 6 wks, the only scabs i have left is a tiny tiny one on my left breast T zone wnich will probably fall off within the next week!! I am SO happy! The double dose of Vit C,plus the dose of Vit A,D and E which i have been taking daily from 10 days after surgery ,made an immense difference to the T zones which were still open and oozing at almost 4 weeks. It took a while to kick in,but then it improved daily. Now i will just keep it taped up and apply my lotion through the tape once a day till further notice from my PS. Just a tip ladies: i bought the Bali Comfort bra as well as the Genie bra, and the Bali is definately more comfortable by far. Genie's waistband still rolls over,where as Bali is mire stable. Just be sure to try them on before buying as the recommended size guide on the packaging recommended a size too big. Happy healing!

I have recovered really well, the extra vitC,D...

i have recovered really well, the extra vitC,D seems to have done the trick with my T zones, they healed up beautifully, my incisions are smooth and the vertical incision is already not even visible. I am still wearing tape(micropore) on my incisions as my PS believes this is best to prevent thickening of scars- and she is right,it looks amazing. I can now sleep on my side which makes a huge difference. I am so so happy that I have done this for myself. The pain was minimal in comparison with the satisfaction,pride and relief I feel now. Well worth it!
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I was told about this doctor by a colleague who has been a patient of hers and who has had a breast reduction as well as several other surgeries to correct the effects of major weightloss. She is very happy. I have also googled her and she seems to be one of the top surgeons in the country.

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So glad you're happy! This surgery can certainly be a blessing!
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It was worth it!:)
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The only thing I could do for insomnia was Ambien. I don't like to take stuff either, but I HAD to sleep and that helped so much. Sleep is so very important for healing and recovery so I would highly recommend taking something to help you sleep!!!
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I took something last night,Piggles. I still woke up frm backpain and moved to the couch. I am off to Washington tonight,will try to get something there frm a pharmacy. Our Tylenol PM is just not the same over here.
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This is a long shot since it sounds like you've tried every pillow configuration known but here's something that worked for me. While on my back, I put a pillow lengthwise along my body and sort of laid half my body on the pillow and half on the bed. This tilted me so I wasn't flat but also wasn't on my side. Then, I propped pillows around my head and neck for support wherever I needed it. I had quite a nest built but it got me off my back. I feel terrible for you as I'm not a good sleeper either and it's just miserable.
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Will def try that,thx:)
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Reading helps me get back to sleep. If that doesn't work, i hear there are some herbal medicine sold over the counter that help with insomnia.
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Reading helps me get back to sleep. If that doesn't work, i hear there are some herbal medicine sold over the counter that help with insomnia.
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A pillow under my knees really helped with the lower back pain from lying on my back.
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Not helping,Doxielover:(
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Weldone on the progress DDoubleH (no more). Is there any pain though? I can imagine clearing the area and some movement might cause you some pain
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Hi Hauzy,surprisingly the cleaning doesnt hurt,but removing the tape on the long incisions did as it was stuck to the scabs. Luckily this is only every 7 days. Yep,about the pain,its mostly discomfort caused by movement. I had to open a bottle of wine at work yesterday and my nipples hurt! I never thought that nipples were involved in opening wine:)
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Lol who would have known
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HAHA! This conversation made me laugh! I, too, am surprised at what makes my (overly sensitive) nipples hurt! I also unconsciously put my hands over my breasts (protective?) which is a habit I need to break. My family loves making fun of me by imitating me.
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Yes Doxielover,i automatically make a little cage around my chest with my arms when i am in a crowd to prevent anyone from bumping into my chest. That will hurt like hell and the thought scares me. Otherwise i just still get these stabbing pains in my breasts and my nipples are sensitive to the point of borderline pain. But i guess it is great to still have sensation.
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I'm 6 1/2 weeks out and the stabbing pains have subsided greatly but are still there so that's normal. On my page I asked for advice about the sensitive nipples because the slightest touch would have me through the roof. I was told to gently rub them and through over stimulation, they would lose their sensitivity. The thought of it was unappealing because of all the pain I'd been through but after a couple of days of gently rubbing for a short period of time I'm noticing less sensitivity.
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My t-junction took about 3-4 weeks to completely heal, but now you can't even tell there was a problem. The scarring looks just like the other side. This is one of those things you have to be patient with. I took my normal multi vitamins, extra vitamin C and also extra Vitamin A. I think that is what has helped me heal so well.
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Exactly what i am doing,Piggles! Hopes it works for me too!
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I have researched extensively about breast reduction procedures and actually found a canadian lady doctor that uses the lollipop procedure to performe reductions on even large busted people. I have searched tirelessly for a doctor to perform my reduction using this procedure which will mean no cutting of the T zone but no joy. I haven't given up though. DDH I hope you can avoid heary lifting which will also help the wounds heal quickly, best of luck :)
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Maybe this will teach me to overcome my inability to ask for help! I NEED to put my recovery first,so my motto for December is: put your recovery first!
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Hi Doxielover,thanks! Yep,this T zone... I am cleaning it once a day gently w alcohol wipes,then cover it w Bactroban ointment,gauze and micropore. Then i pray:)
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I think of you often and was wondering how you made out. My T-zone is slow to heal as well. I've heard it may "seep" for a month or two. I was told to wash with antibacterial soap and use an antibiotic ointment for a week or so then switch to vaseline. So glad you're happy with the results! Take care!
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So glad you are back with us and doing well! Review after review, it seems the majority of people experience some sort of delay with healing at the T-junction. I wanted to be a C myself but I am really more like a D/DD still, BUT I think that is perfect for me. I have about 15 more pounds to loose so I have a feeling they will decrease in size as I loose more weight. Just take it easy and you will heal fine. My scars are barely noticeable and I am at about 4 1/2 months out. Well, many thoughts for a speedy recovery sent your way! Happy healing!
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Thanks Piggles! I hve to go back to work tonight and i am very scared as my job is very physical. I am just going to have to overcomemy inability to ask for help. Lots of help. Taking more time off is not even an option for me! Jip,this T zone is giving me nightmares as i hve no idea of what normal is ! Going to attend a woundcare clinic here regularly just to make sure. My PS is 10 000km away and i can only send photos to her by email.
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Thanks for your message DubaiDoubleH. I'm glad to hear your op went well and you are happy with the results. Now I can't wait to have mine done. I'm try to get my head around the scarring but I guess the relife of finally having normal sized boobs out weighs everything else. I just hope I can over come the self conciousness everytime I have to take my clothes off infront of another person
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