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These are the pics of them girls. Am currently...

These are the pics of them girls. Am currently wearing 46DD. Very huge, started developinbreast on the 5th grade and when I was at high school, people who laugh at me that I am too young to be having such boobs. I used to wear big t-shirts when I finished high school I was already on 38d. Looking forward to the surgery. The time is funning slowly. So I have been booked already and my pre op appoinment is on the 17th of june. That where my ps will go further with the details, what not to eat and where to get things for after srgy.

can't wait

I am 33days post op, and I can't wait for the surgery. My shoulders are complaining everyday and I can't take it any more.....ladies I have a question for you, especial for those who are on waiting like you also dream having small ladies like me????? The dream has become a daily thing, I think am getting nervous

date changed

Date a call from my PS' secretary that the dr won't be around on the 25th of June, so a m scheduled for the 18th June, am so nervous my heart pounce double when I think about it. I was so relaxed but now, am shakey. Hope all will go well.

12 Days to go

Hello gals since my surgery date has been changed to 18th of june iam only 12 nights to go, funny it has just flushed my mind and I had total forgot about the surgery coz I guess I am tired of the count down. Nway visiting my PS on the 13th to get to the final touch..dos and donts. Can't wait to be normal like other ladies out there, not having to worry what to wear, wearing a bra(BIG) where ever you are going, even just to get out of the apartment. Pray for me ladies that my PS can do the best job and I will recover well.
Will update soon after the visit to the hospital.

dreams And Nerves

Only 6nights to go and I am dreaming myself having small girls. On my dream my boobs were so beautful,perky. I loved them so much,hoping they will be like that.

Pre-op Appointment

So finally my appointment was today, and it was all nice had a long one my PS told me all the procedure and I will spend the night at the hospital oh so glad, will have the drains that will be taken out the following morning. Am so happy my PS was asking which size I want to be and I got so confused that he ended up giving me days to think about the size. He will use solvent stiches. And I dnt have to buy anysurgical bra, I must only get sport bra, he also said he will use special plaster tht I can bath with for the first 5days. He was so nice, asked how I was feeling and to be honest I have mixed feelings. I want to be a C cup anywhere. He told me to stop eating omega 3&6 fatty acids food, galic alcohol n ciggarette thanx God I don't . Also asked about lotions and soaps and he said I can use anything but make sure I wear cotton panties. He also said he will give me some special tape for the scars nd prescribe some ointments. Am so happy ladies and am so wanting to do this like yesterday. 18th of june is too far....

got the sport bra

So finally I went to the mall, I bought open up pjamas,sleepers,cotton panties and sports bra.

count down

Count down starting now only left with 9hours to go. It just happens that I am not nervous, mayb I am fooling myself, hope all will go well. Pray for me ladies. Thank you and see you on the other side.

on my way

On my way to the hospital, the surgery is at 8am.


Update, well still waiting and these are the pics of the markings


Oh yeah ladiesfinaly on the other side now. Will update later

on the other side

Ladies am happy I survived, am on the side of the world, my opp was at 8 so I checked in at 6:30 got admitted, at 9:19 I went inside the theater room, it was cold the docter camto mand said have a nice sleep, the next thing I remember I was crying the whole ward asking where am I, saying am cold and I am in pain. They gavme something for the pain then I dozed off. Slept the night at the hospital. So was discharged today. The pain out of 10 I am on 7. Especial if I want to go the bathroom. Here are some of the post -op pics


So my breast happens to be itchy like hell, called my PS, went to the hospital and he's checked and say there is no infection, its just normal and am not reacting to the tape, and went home, he prescribed me something for itchyness. So my next appointment is on the 26th of june, will be removing these tapes and putting new ones. So happy for now

2 weeks post op

So I am two weeks post op
My journey has not been nice. The first week has been hell to me, I was in lot of pain, I didn't enjoy the girls but was happy coz of relief of back pain. So I have been drinking to many meds and been sleeping a lot. I have gained a massive weight. And I have got a yeast infection, the pharmacist said its caused by the amoxicillin and too much antibiotics that I have been taking.
Nway I am also using some cream for my yeast infection. I will post pics for now. Hoping to be getting soon well.
My left breast isn't getting well as the left one, hope it doesn't have an infection.
Dr Van de Walt

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Well, it's a year later. How are you doing now? Are you happy with everything? You really do look great.
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Congratts hun!! Your boobs look great!
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Thnx barbie, but I have through great pain and suffer
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Thnx CS56 the only irritating thing is the itchy part, besides that, all is well for now
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You look great! Happy healing!!
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You look so amazing! It's amazing what doctors are able to do! Feel better sweetie!
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Thnx niki, do not know wat was happen soon after the surgery with pain, but am feeling quiet better now,
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Im so happy for you. Rest well.
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I will thank you
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You look amazing already! They did a great job and you very good for just a couple of hours after surgery. Happy healing.
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Thnx ladies, so much in pain, but better
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Wow, what a difference! Congrats.
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Wow you look outstanding so soon too. Best of luck. Get some rest.
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Yeah niki 8hours now. Thank you
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Its excitement. U will love the new you. Can't wait to hear what happens. Try to rest and not to worry. It will bw over soon. Good luck.
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Almost there! U will b pleased with the results. Good luck it will be fine.
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Best of luck to you. You will be in my prayers
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Thank you so much me950
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All if your dreams will come true! Best decision I ever made. You are going to fall in love with them. I did. Lol. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Yes Niki haha thank you and will keep you posted. Just cannot wait.
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Mrs S I will be the happiest girl ever. Lol
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You will be very surprised at how your dreams will be a reality!
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Thank you Barbie
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Good luck honey!!
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Thank you ladies, so glitter are you back at work? I will have 5weeks before I go back to school and work, just hoping I will be fine by then. I will try adopt (PMA) lol.
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