Breast Lift and Implants, 350cc ultra high profile mentor implants under the muscle, ridiculously happy!!!!- South Africa, ZA

So ive been considering plastic surgery since...

so ive been considering plastic surgery since march last year, im 25 with a 32 DD (used to fit in a E) but becoz of rapid weight loss and stress they are very deflated and saggy, doesnt help that my skin is very loose naturally either, i went for 2 consultations yesterday with 2 very good doctors, both where shocked to hear im a DD as i look like a B in a shirt and both wherent expecting me to be so saggy at this age not having had any kids before, one even said it looks like ive had 2 or 3 XD. i decided on one and today booked my appointment for the 6th of feb which is so soon, so glad i got an appointment fast as i want to do it and heal up as soon as possible. im having a lift and then 300cc high profile mentor implants. cant wait =D

one week!!!!!

yay one week, so excited!! ive been gymming while i still can =( and this weekend is the last time i can do archery for quite some time, ive been doing archery for a year, needless to say my coach wasnt happy when i told him about my surgery =p

i thought i would add more stats. im 5'8 / 1.77m tall and weigh 65 kg's / 143lbs, i have an hourglass figure so wide hips and very small waist, so i wont be going too big, dont want to look top heavy. my doc ordered 3 sizes, the 300cc high profile and then also 350 and 375. im not so worried about the size as i find even smaller breasts so attractive, im more concerned about the shape, only reason im doing a lift and an implant is becoz i love the shape you get with an implant and even tho i do find all breast sizes attractive, im also used to being the size i am so if i come out of this with the same size or a bit bigger i will be sooooo happy =)

some photos of shapes i love

update day after

so had my surgery yesterday, i only started getting nervous the night before on and off and then i got so nervous i wanted to cry while the doc was prepping me, only other surgery ive ever had done was having my wisdom teeth removed and that was a few months ago, ive never had stitches or borken bones or anything major before then but i went under pretty fast and woke up feeling quite fine, i was just groggy but i wasnt feeling sick and only had a burning pain by my cuts, the nurse said im a perfect patient XD coz im pretty easy, no fuss or problems and she even said to me im going to be so happy coz they already look amazing.

so far pain has been pretty good, some burning pain here and there but mostly muscle pain, we went for 350cc ultra high profile smooth under the muscle so i feel like i bench pressed a truck but its been hardly much pain, just sometimes where the drip goes in pains a bit and it gets itchy from the skin pulling, i am struggling to sleep tho, i cant sleep on my back, i hate it and the drip is so annoying XD when my mom and bf saw them before i got discharged they where gasping and so amazed and my friends and other family they where just so happy and excited for me so im really so insanely happy and cant wait to see as they start softening coz they are insanely hard.

Day 3

Been doing fine, yesterday was a bit rough, threw up a bit but I think it is becoz of all the meds, I don't take medication often but apart from that not much pain just stiffness

Today was much better, very mild pain, I have noticed tho in between my breasts when I touch the skin it feels like tiny bubbles or something like that. Going for my 1st check up tomorrow but just wondered if this is normal?

Some pics

Almost 2weeks

Doing well, big bandages off and a bit bruised but was expecting that, I stopped taking painkillers a few days ago, don't like meds, other than mild occasional random pain all has been good :) seeing doc on Friday then I'm going away on holiday to the coast for 2weeks :D

just over 5 weeks

so its been awhile since ive updated, been on holiday and all has been good. i went to my doc on the 24th he says its all going well the only thing is my right breast (left in the photo) he says we might have to take some more skin off, but he said we will wait and see after 3 months, im hoping we wont have to since i want to get back to archery as soon as possible

other than adjusting to the profile, which sometimes i wonder if its a bit too much boob, but i know they might still go down a bit, ive been very happy with them =)
Dr Franz Birkholtz

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Hope your appointment went well today! Have fun on your trip...try to take it easy as you're still healing!
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I had a mommy makeover on the same day. I just noticed that bubbly feeling that you're talking about yesterday! My breasts are so swollen and hard. Also very high. I hope that's all normal. Sounds like you're doing well. You look great!
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I saw my doc and had my drip removed today, he says its normal and it'll go away, mine are also swollen and rock hard and high, it takes quite awhile before they drop and soften :) thank u, I hope u recover well!
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Wow!!! They look great!! Congratulations!! I have the air bubbles too at the tops of my implants, which is just cause from having the muscle opened up and air getting trapped in behind the implant. It should be absorbed within a week or two by your body :)
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Ah thank u so much, it feels so weird but glad it's normal :)
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Wow, what a difference already! Hope recovery goes great! Happy healing
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Thank u so much :)
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Congratulations! You look great and you're only 1 day post op. I can't imagine how happy you're going to be a in few weeks. Yes, the itching is normal and your breasts will soften up as the drop and fluff over the next few weeks. Take it easy and keep us posted!
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Thank u for the support, I'm so happy, I don't have much pain and I can tell they are going to settle soooo nicely, going to my doc on Monday to check up and maybe remove the drip then I can take a better look but I feel so lucky to not have much pain
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How did your surgery go? Looking forward to an update to your review. Happy healing!
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Thank u very much, will definitely update soon, it went very well I'm a very happy (sore) girl right now :p
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Ohhh, hang in there! Hope you're almost over the hump and that your recent appointment went well. Keep us updated!
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You so close know :)! It's amazing! I'm looking forward to get mine done aswell in SA! But looking for prices and reviews it's not easy, not many info in google :s! Coud you maybe help me about prices and suggestions of good surgeons in Pretoria? Hope you have a good surgery and revolver very soon! :))
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Sorry I'm only replying now I didn't even get notified of your comment. Surgery went so well I'm so happy, I went to a doc in pretoria his name is Dr franz birkholtz he's by little company of mary hospital, such a nice doctor, my consult with him was awesome he didnt stop talking once, he just explained everything so well, I did it in his own clinic type thing coz hospitals are ridiculously expensive they charge R200 per MINUTE at some places, which makes the surgeon feel pressure to finish fast instead of taking his time, my surgery was just under 50 000 including anethetist
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Wow! What's that in US dollars? I paid just over $12,000 for a anchor lift and implants. My ps is out of a private surgical clinic. I've never had such amazing care before
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Hi! Thanks for replaying :)! 50.000 rand? It's quite expensive no? I've got Somme info since then, and the peace range is 30.000 to 48.000 ( the highest one performed by an eminent Dr in one of the poshest hospital I JB)! Thanks for your info, I appreciate! Good recovery ;)
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I got a quote from another doctor who I know is incredibly good and very "famous" in the field, he's big part of the plastic surgery association in SA, dr leslie berkowitz, he's in sandton, quoted me 60 000, the hospital fees are crazy, they where 24 000 just for the hospital and 21 000 for the surgeon, but also remember I had a lift and an implant so more work and time which means it costs more
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Its just under 4500 dollars :)
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So exciting !! I also go in for my ba and lift on feb 6th. We're pretty close in our stats. I've opted to go a bit bigger, I think I'll be going around the 450 cc mark, but we'll be deciding morning of (it's an 8 hour round trip , so I didn't want to make another trip!) best of luck with your surgery and recovery!!!!!
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Ha that's awesome that we are going the same day!!!! I didn't want to go too much bigger just wanted to fill up a bit to make up for lost volume, I really cannot wait!!!! best of luck to u too!!!!!
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